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Imperial Eagle wrote:Office of the SecretaryofDefense, Pentagon

"These moves being made by The Republic of China (Duma).....are we certain they won't pose a threat to the Marianas and other parts of our territory in the Western Pacific?" Secretary Fulmer asked. Fulmer was new to the job, having taken over from Secretary Miller following his final retirement to his ranch in Montana but Fulmer was more than capable of running things, it was why he called this meeting in the first place.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General John Abell, looked at some data reports before replying

"We're confident if their moves do become a threat, we can counter them with naval and air forces. Plus our work in armed unmanned drones is showing great promise as General Morrell's people have been working day and night to develop the new UCAVs. Though one research tried to copy the Hunter-Killer design from the Terminator series and was told that wasn't happening, thing wouldn't work correctly anyway. Morrell and his teams are currently working a stealth UCAV and it should be entering the testing phase in the next few months. If it works, we'll have yet another tool to use against any threat that should arise in the Pacifc. Ground wise, it's not a major concern for us but some of our new allies in the region could benefit from a closer relationship in that aspect. Islamicanfor example offers a good base to work from we've begun to cultivate ties with that nation due to concerns over China's Belt and Road initiative. Not a threat to use per say but would be a threat to them in a big."

Fulmer looked over Intel reports regarding the Belt and Road initiative and its impact on both trade and military in the region. Nodding in agreement, he looked at the gathered generals and admirals.

"Gentlemen and ladies, I am of the opinion that we should work more closely with Islamican both militarily and economically. I'll speak with the State Department and recommend they make trade inroads so as to invest more in their economy and should we start butting heads with the Chinese, we have a secure base and we can strangle the ROCKS economy in a hopefully bloodless way as we're their largest provider of most goods. General Abell, get in touch with Morrell and see where we stand in regards to some of our UCAV projects. And speak to General Landry over at NORAD about that orbital drop shuttle project he mentioned. If we can perfect it, we might have the ultimate weapon in any conflict. With that said, this meeting is concluded."

Ministry of foreign Affairs

Islamican will be jointly building Ignite Electric Cars with Infiny which will be for the social welfare purpose. The EV will be launched in The Arab-African Republic Of Egypt, Infiny, Islamican, Tirpit, The Republic of Dhan and Imperial Eagle at a price of only $24,000. We will also ask the government of the following countries to let us set up Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS). The total number of Refueling systems that will be integrated are 285,000 for 2 billion USD for each country which will be paid by Islamican. Islamican will be opening VOLTAS showrooms which will be the dealer of the Ignite EV. The features of the car are as follows:
1.36 mins QUICK CHARGE TO 80% AT 50KW
2.181 Hp 0-60 MPH IN 6.9 SECONDS
The Car takes only 2 dollars on Voltas Stations to charge full battery and will last a complete day easily. And the Yearly charges to charge the cars will be $720. And in future the price will go down by $1.20 and the yearly charges will go down to $432 only.
Infiny will be investing 5 billion USD and Islamican will be investing 3 billion USD.

Islamican will be exporting 7 billion Dollars worth Consumer goods to Imperial Eagle and will further strengthen the relations with the country.

With Regards
Fahad Khan
Minister of Foreign Affairs

Eulumia wrote:Indonesia Responds to Spratley Islands Claim

Earlier today the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic delivered a speech regarding social programmes and infrastructure projects planned around major cities of the nation which was summarily followed up with an onslaught of questions from countless media personnel. One particular question kept ringing throughout the crowd, "How will Indonesia respond to the controversial claims made by the Republic of China (Duma) regarding the Spratly Islands?" Taking a moment to sigh and rub her temples through her hijab, the Supreme Chancellor began to speak, slowly at first, her words becoming fiercer as her speech became more passionate, her movements vigorous and full of life.

"It is with a heavy heart that we here in the Indonesian capital have debated arduously about the claims made by our ally, the Republic of China. The Spratly Islands lie directly off the coasts of our Palawan, Sabah, Sarawak, and Brunei. The Spratly Islands additionally lie entirely within our exclusive economic zone. We in Jakarta will not negotiate the legality of our jurisdiction over these islands when they are over eight hundred kilometers from China itself. If any sovereign nation were to have a say in the jurisdiction of the Spratly Islands, it would be Indochina (Vashnal) also due to their proximity. This supposed 'nine dash line' is nothing more than mere malarkey and utter nonsense. Traditional fishing grounds from centuries ago is not a viable argument in this modern day and age. We will protect our claims in the Spratly Islands as we have protected our islands before when illegal Chinese vessels were apprehended in the North Natuna Sea, Indonesian waters. They were boarded, deported, and their vessels blown up and sunk to the bottom of the sea to create artificial reefs and ensure the security of the region by forcibly dispersing perpetrators. We will take appropriate action against all vessels illegally encroaching upon Indonesian waters, regardless of whom the vessels belong to. Indonesia will not stand down and allow foreign nations to trod upon its territorial integrity or to threaten its sovereignty! Bhinneka Tunggal Ika!"

The Chancellor shouted these last two sentences amidst the crowd cheering and shouting in approval as she stood tall with her arms outstretched towards the crowd, breathing heavily from the adrenaline rush. Camera flashes went off as the media took pictures and videos to document this moment; mere minutes later this address to the public was going viral throughout the nation and trending hashtags were #PersatuanIndonesia, #TendangCinaKeluar, #Pancasila, #KepulauanSpratly.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Islamican Foreign Affairs spokesperson request Duma to reconsider the decision of taking Spartly Islands and maintain the peace and order in the South China Sea. Islamican will support Eulumia and will do what ever possible to safeguard the sovereignty of our ally. Islamican has a good relation with both the countries and wish to settle the dispute with holding table talk in Islamican. Whether taking the Island by force or talks won't hide the truth that the Island comes under the Exclusive Economic Zone of Eulumia and they have the right to secure the Island. If a war broke out between the two countries the trade will also be impacted and will lead to economic breakdowns.

With Regards
Fahad Khan
Minister of Foreign Affairs

Responds to the statements of Eulumia on the spratly islands

As previously stated, China has every right to control the archipelago, with a sufficient historical and legal basis.
The Islands, which were Japanese during the Second World War, were given by the Allies to China after defeating the Rising Sun in the Second World War, and therefore belong exclusively to China.
President Tingguang also accused Indonesia and all its inhabitants "for complicity" in criminal acts, involving Chinese fishing boats that were present in the archipelago, even outside the Eulumian EEZ.
China will not hesitate to use force to defend its vessels from senseless attacks against them.
Once China has full control over the Spratly, Pratas and Paracel, it will be happy to discuss a possible agreement for fishing and oilfield concessions with the Eulumian government.

No statement was made following the Islamican's position.

In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told the Imperial Eagle, which had previously expressed concerns, that there is no problem with the sovereignty of their Pacific possessions, and that the ROC would indeed intend to undertake joint naval exercises with the Navy 'Union.

Central News Agency

President Tingguang went to Guangxi Shipyards today to inaugurate the construction of China's first Typhoon-class aircraft carrier.
The president said it was a big step forward and thanked the Americans for their invaluable help building the ship.
The ship, the first of 3 planned, will be built in 5 years, the other two will begin to be built in about 9/14 months.
The ship will be named ROCNS Sun Yat-sen, in honor of the Republic's founding father.

Tag: Imperial Eagle

International News Agency

Kari Christina Ingles set to sweep to victory in next weeks’ second round presidential election.

BUENOS AIRES - 22/06/21

Kari Christina Ingles of Spanish / English descent has spent the last few weeks charming the urban middle class across Sorlyset’s central belt, which stretches east – west from La Plata and Buenos Aires on the Atlantic Coast to Santiago on the Pacific. These central belt voters are by far the largest single group of the electorate and were key to electing José Martines Balonso of the Monteje Nacianales (Forward Nation) 6 years ago.

Balonso leaving a party meeting

In an effort to oust the handsome and charismatic Balonso, Ingles, a left leaning centrist, already has the backing of the regional parties, most large agricultural co-operatives, and trade unions as well as the support of the left wing parties who were eliminated in the first round. Balonso’s election was considered an electoral fluke when he was elected 6 years ago, as the choice in the second round was between him and the Trotskyite Trabajadores candidate. But his populist, libertarian and culture clash messages clearly cut through to middle class central belt and regional city voters, many of whom still see him as a man of the people.

Although voting was close in the first round, polling predictions suggest that Ingles and her de Marcha party could win by as much as 60% to 40%. With support in the Assemblé from centrist / left coalition elected 2 years ago, her ambitious programme could yet be realized even with opposition in the Senate.

First round results

Balonso's record
Balonso’s track record on the economy has been poor with lessaiz-faire approaches leading to wage stagnation and higher corruption. Balonso himself has been at the centre of a number of corruption scandals, the most recent, a damming and well documented succession of government contracts which were let to his business partners, allies and family. If not re-elected, he can expect tax fraud and money laundering charges to be brought against him.

Ingles wooing voters
Ingles is running on a simple ticket of ‘Fairer for All’ and has committed to:

    * Fighting corruption with new laws and procedures
    * Spending less money on the military and identifying savings from corruption
    * Better healthcare and pension reform (raising the pension age, but increasing pay-outs)
    * Huge energy and transport infrastructure investment including the renationalisation of rail
    * Better tax collection from the very wealthy (although stopping short at raising taxes)
    * Re-instating rights for indigenous peoples, minority languages and environmental protections.

Healthcare and infrastructure in particular have played well with the middle classes and young people and while its quite normal for candidates to stand on an anti-corruption ticket, Ingles appears to have a strategy for doing so.

Read dispatch

Strong Mozambique military responses

The Mozambique government has responded harshly to recent events in Tete.
After the coup in tete, the Mozambique government released a notice to the local insurrection. The ultimatum stated that they were to lay down their guns or face the Mozambique army. The Leader of the Rebellion , Marcos Antionio de Habenero de Blanco , has not responded.
It has now come to journalists attention that a military force is making its way to Tete following the Zambezi river. It remains to be seen how the insurrection will respond.

Marwan Sa'id emerges on top of an already controversial election

June, Cairo - Despite the initial polling showing him as more of a dark horse, it was the Arab Socialist Marwan Sa'id that ended up becoming President-Elect of Egypt after winning 52% of the eligible vote, with young Liberal Islamist candidate Ibrahim Abdullah coming second with 34% of the eligible vote, with the remaining 12% divided on the various other candidates, with the low amount of votes that Amir Ramadan managed to get a real surprise considering his perceived popularity.

Egyptians took to the poll over the week to vote in what most has called a 'free and fair' election, although not without its critics, with a turnout of around 64% or about 37,810,008 voters. This turnout marks one of the highest in Egypt's history, owing to many voting campaigns that emphasized not repeating the 2012 presidential election mistakes.

Marwan Sa'id was announced President-Elect this morning and his supporters took to the streets to celebrate his victory, mainly in attendance were working class Egyptians and the youth who compromise most of the country. "Sa'id gives us hope, he is educated and is well-spoken, he also emphasizes the importance of us the youth" one of those celebrating the victory of the new President of Egypt.

However, despite this, many have already alleged that this election was undemocratic, with many saying that many of the voters were bribed with food bags, an old tactic used by the ruling regime for the past few decades, and that the results were tampered with by the military owing to the close links between them and Sa'id. However, out of either fear of farther instability or maybe genuine belief in the integrity of this election, no one has truly challenged the result or called for further protests. For now, Marwan Sa'id has the benefit of the doubt on his side, and the support of many Egyptians. He and his cabinet will be sworn in next and week, where he will also give his inauguration speech, which will be surely anticipated by many.

Department of Defense Internal Memo

It is in the interest of the Union to further secure the Western Pacific against any and all threats, even if said threats are not directly aimed at the Union and it's territory. The ROC intends to fully seize the Spratly islands and though not a major threat at this time, given a few years, they can be sued as a staging ground for strikes anywhere in the Western Pacific. Therefore, it is advised that an increase in naval patrols and air power be conducted in the Marianas with additional missile defense sytems installed and anti ship weaponry such as missiles and railgun batteries as the technology for larger railgun defenses on shore has matured slightly more. Such efforts are expected to take the better part of 5 years to complete while Naval and Air Force units can be transferred in the coming months to Apra Harbor along with a planned expansion of the Ship Repair Facility located along the harbor as well.

The People's Media Agency/人民媒社/인민미디어대행사/ピープルズメディアエージェンシー/Агентство народных СМИ

Consumption Voucher Scheme Launched

SHUNTIAN — The Supreme Soviet has announced the Consumption Voucher Scheme will be formally opened for registration to the public.

The Consumption Voucher Scheme provides successful registrars with electronic consumption vouchers that have a total value of $5,000 USP in 5 instalments. Registration is limited to permanent residents, nationals, and holders of student visas, who may register either online, in person, or with forms that can be dropped down to designated drop boxes at 100,000 collection points, including Far Eastern Unionist Party Offices, post offices, and designated brank branches during office hours. Vouchers will be distributed 3 weeks after their eligibility is confirmed. The CVS is also means-tested, and priority is given to those who make less than $60,000 USP per annum.

The disbursement of the $5,000 USP electronic consumption vouchers hopes to encourage the public, particularly low-income demographics, to spend in local retail, catering, and service sectors. The CVS will also help local small-and-medium merchants explore potential business opportunities by adopting electronic payments. Upon disbursal, members of the public may choose one of the designated stored value facilities, namely Samsung Pay, Naver Pay, Kakao Pay, PayPal, Alipay, and UnionPay that best fits themselves to receive the electronic vouchers. The value of the vouchers will be directly injected into the public's designated stored value facility account.

The consumption vouchers all expire within 2 years of issuance. They can be used to pay for a wide range of commodities and services, including:

  • Payments to the Government (e.g. taxes, fines, licence fees, tunnel fees, parking meters)

  • Payments to public utilities (i.e. payments for water, electricity and gas)

  • Payments to public organisations (e.g. payments to hospitals)

  • Education expenses (i.e. payments to tutors, schools, universities)

  • Purchase of financial products or services (e.g. insurance)

  • Direct purchases from merchants (i.e: online purchases, in-person mobile payments)

  • Person to person payments

  • Encashment for the remaining balance upon expiry

Al Masriya TV

Inauguration speech by President Sa'id

Beginning of transmission

"My fellow Egyptians, today I stand before you not as the President of Egypt, but an ordinary citizen concerned about the state of his great country that has for the last 40 years lost its importance on the world stage and stagnated domestically. An ordinary citizen concerned about the skyrocketing poverty rate, the lack of true economic development, the outdated education system, our failing healthcare system, and our fall from a regional leader into a country that is a shell of its former self.

However, that's not to say the future is not bleak, in fact it's quite the opposite. The future for this great nation is nothing but bright, and it is by the hands of Egyptians that we reach this bright future. It is the citizens of Egypt that will make its future, it is the citizens of Egypt that will rebuild our broken infrastructure brick by brick, it is the citizens of Egypt that will fix our education system to ensure that the future generations will prosper, it is the citizens of Egypt that will lead this great nation back to the great heights it reached before. I say this because it has always been the citizens, the heart of this nation, that has always made this nation as great it is. Not a random politician or autocrat, but the teachers, workers, doctors, lawyers, and all regular Egyptians that ensure this nation runs every day.

It is through I, that the people will execute their will, and I promise here and today to work every day tirelessly to ensure that the will of the people is met to the highest standards. The road is tough and there will be hardships through the way, but I assure every fellow Egyptian that I will, God Willing, restore this country back to it' great self, and ensure that it returns to its rightful place as a leader in African, Arabic, and Islamic affairs. I promise that the need of the average worker will be met, and that no Egyptian will have to go a day without food on their plate. I promise that the youth will get the education they deserve, without having to pay an extra Egyptian pound. I promise that whoever is sick will be able to go to his local hospital and get treatment without having to pay all his money on medical expenses.

I am not gonna lie to all Egyptians, this will not be easy, and hard times may indeed be ahead. But if we Egyptians stand united with each other, and work together, we can comfortably overcome every setback, every hardship, and every adversary. As history has shown, whenever we are at our lowest, whether it is colonialists imposing their evil will on Egypt or foreign invaders who want to subjugate the Egyptian nation, Egyptians have come together, united hand in hand to successfully overcome whatever setback they face and drag this nation back on its feet. This time it will be no different, we will successfully overcome this setback and ensure that Egypt will prosper, so the future generations will be able to enjoy this country to it's fullest and look back at this time as the starting point of the great Renaissance of the Egyptian state.

This is not blind optimism, or wishful idealism, but in fact this is all based on realistic goals that has been shown to be easily achievable if Egyptians stand united together. So my fellow Egyptians, it is at this crucial time that I must ask you to bury the sectarianism that has plagued and divided this nation for decades, and stand together united as one for the future of Egypt. Thank you"

End of transmission

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