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Geopolity contains 131 nations, the 118th most in the world.

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The Highest Average Tax Rates in Geopolity

Although some nations have a flat tax rate for all citizens while others tax the rich more heavily than the poor, the World Census used averages to rank the world's most taxing governments.

As a region, Geopolity is ranked 10,201st in the world for Highest Average Tax Rates.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Constitutional Monarchy of United Arcadian RepublicDemocratic Socialists“For The Republic!”
2.The Empire of LabyrnnaLeft-wing Utopia“One Emperor, One Nation, One Labyrnna!”
3.The Socialist Republic of FurstiaDemocratic Socialists“Proletarios de todas las tierras, únanse!”
4.The Imperial Federation of InfinyDemocratic Socialists“Istyna y Yustitiya”
5.The Federal Republic of EulumiaLeft-Leaning College State“Molitva Digernia!”
6.The Hegemonic Directorate of Southwest ChinaLeft-wing Utopia“Perseverance”
7.The Kingdom of Ein TirScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Byddwn yn ymladd tan y diwedd”
8.The United Kingdom of FosnaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Kringsatt af fienden, gå inn i din tid!”
9.The United Socialist States of PacifiquaLeft-wing Utopia“Peace, Freedom, Equality”
10.The Armed Republic of CedonniaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“May your heart beat to a drum of glory and honour...”
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Geopolity Regional Message Board

Orange-Bourgogne wrote:Official correspondence
To: Her Imperial Majesty The Empress of Infiny, Lady of Zanzibar
From: The Royal Household, Orange-Bourgogne
Subject: Congratulations and invitation
Classification: Public

Your Imperial Majesty, Our Good and Friendly Cousin,

May it please you for me to say that I am happy to be able to congratulate Your Imperial Majesty with your election as the incumbent Empress of Infiny and Lady of Zanzibar. On behalf of the whole of the United Kingdom of Orange-Bourgogne, I seek to wish you a happy and prosperous reign over a nation that we are so closely allied with.

To re-affirm the strong bond between our two states and peoples, it is my pleasure and honour to invite you for a state visit at Londinium Palace here in Orange-Bourgogne. If you are pleased to accept this invitation, we will arrange for the necessary preparations to start immediately.

I look forward to meet with Your Imperial Majesty, and various other persons from the Imperial Federation, about which my dear son and heir, Prince Edmund, as talked so much with great admiration and respect. I am also confident that this state visit will help to strengthen the ties of friendship even more between the countries and people that we love so dearly.




The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Sussex
Lord Chamberlain of the Household

His Excellency The Rt. Hon. James Courtenay MP
Secretary of State for External Affairs

Official Correspondence
To: The Royal Household, Orange-Bourgogne
From: The Empress of Infiny, Valeria II, Lady of Zanzibar
Subject:: RE: Congratulations and invitation

Your Excellencies, Your Royal Highness,

I sincerely thank you for your kind words and wishes. They will certainly reinforce the strong ties that already exist between the Imperial Federation and the United Kingdom. Especially in the face of uncertainty that the earth currently faces, it is vital that we recognize mutual trust. As such, it should be clear that I completely agree with your commitment to reaffirm the strong bond between our states and our peoples, and I'm honored to receive an invitation to a state visit at Londinium Palace, which I naturally accept.

I am equally looking forward to be meeting with you and Prince Edmund, which whom I and many Infinians share a most special connection. I am positive that this state visit will greatly benefit the relations that already are so very strong between our realms, and will brighten the future between our states.


Valeria I
Empress of Infiny, Lady of Zanzibar

Ms. Xitan Minenko
Minister of Foreign Affairs


Ureen has been cleared to RP.

Infiny wrote:Imperial Palace, Mogadishu-Xamara

As the President arrives alongside the Empress and the Prime Minister, they are greeted by the Imperial Palace Guard, who take them into a secure meeting room. There, the Empress quickly jumps to the point of the meeting.

'I hope you enjoyed that small journey through the heart of the capital itself, your Excellency. Did you know that officially, the capital's name of Mogadishu-Xamarais a combination of Mogadishu, the name for the old town in the heart of the city, and Xamara, everything surrounding it? Mogadishu always has had a bit of a special status in Infiny, not unlike your own home, correct?

Nonetheless, let's focus on what has to be discussed, that is, the future between our relations. Personally, I am looking for a future in which the Imperial Federation and the United States cooperate more closely than ever before. The world situation not only allows this - but mandates it - I feel like an oppressive ideology has swept through the world in recent years, and our response, us being the free nations of the earth, has been disorganized. I think it should involve cooperation in the fields of science, economy, our citizens, and above all, military matters. Before I continue, I would love to hear your vision.

Dawes would nod her head in agreement before speaking

"The subjects you have brought up are the same one that I and several members of the federal government Defense Department have spoken about over the last year and a half. In regards to matters of science and economy, I feel that both our nations would benefit from working closely, as the Union is a major leader in new breakthroughs but also seeks to aid other nations reach those same breakthroughs. Sec. Miller told me once that there isn't much point in making such advancements if only one nation benefits from them."

Athens, Hellas
In the office of the Basileus

Basileus Nikolaus: “How many offices do they hold?“

Archon Alexander Metraw: “The Byzantine Workers Party holds offices in 20 different cities currently around Byzantium. They hold the offices of the mayors of those cities, and local councils.”

Nikolaus: “What’s the end goal?”

Alexander: “The party platform is ultimately autonomy, and a re-establishment of the Byzantine Empire, built around strict Christian principles.”

Nikolaus: “The good news I suppose is that we know who they are, and where they are at. Get the intelligence community to dig deep. Get a full list together. Ramp up security on the canal.”

Alexander: “Anything else sir?”

Nikolaus: “Do not lose our grip.”


Congrats to Donau-Bundesreich for becoming our new Roleplay Coordinator!

Furthermore, if you are interested in running for the now vacant position of Regional Historian, please be sure to message me either by TGing me, Labyrnna, or by messaging me on Discord.

Board of Revenues

The Board of Revenues will be collaborating with various tech companies across the country as it aims to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into the State's banking system.

Part of the plan is to use the power of Big Data and AI to transform the way banks manage the risk of lending to small to medium sized business enterprises, as well as enable lenders and creditors to better monitor how those loans are actually used. The Bank of the Board of Revenues, the Qing's central bank, will be rolling out pilot AI technology to automate and accelerate how operational performances for borrowers is tracked, as well as helping borrowers spot potential problems earlier. The integration of these technologies can also be used to ensure that loans actually support businesses and livelihoods, instead of having the money be funnelled to real estate or financial market speculation by borrowers.

The Board of Revenues has also authorized financial technology (fintech) companies to distribute relief funds to small to medium-sized business enterprises, as the government aims to ensure that critical financial aid gets to small firms. Currently, such small firms comprise up to 90% of all the nation's companies - ensuring that such businesses receive support will absolutely be critical to economic recovery. Previously, the Qing government had released plans for a monumental path to economic recovery following the Southern Rebellion, as part of the government's economic recovery plan.

The scale of fintech companies’ networks allows them to reach the small and micro businesses that may be ignored by banks, which are focused on loaning to larger borrowers. Said company's wealth of data, and strength in AI-driven risk management and user-friendly platforms, can also be useful due to their ability to process and deliver loans to the right recipients at speed.

The Hellenes League wrote:Athens

Working in conjunction with the Bureau of Food Distribution, Athens will be testing “neighborhood fridges” in local grocery super stores.

These fridges will contain products that are close to expiration, donated items from locals and the store, aS well as farm fresh vegetables provided by local farmers.

The fridges will consist of various pantry and refrigerated items. These items will be free to those who need them, and will be policed by the stores to ensure fairness and quality.

10 of these locations will be placed in the Athens area. The goal is to help those who need food get food if they are unable to go to a homeless shelter or food pantry at a religious institution, as well as provide higher quality foods.

Athens, Greece

After a long test run, it is found that this program was successful, and continues to be successful.

The main point of the program had been to drive hunger down in poorer neighborhoods, with hunger being described as inadequate access to food, or inadequate access to food with good nutritional value.

Those rates dropped by almost 25% in poorer neighborhoods surrounding the 10 test sites.

These locations will be expanded to 25 more locations across the Athens Metropolitan area. The government in Byzantium has also opted in for the program, with 25 sites of their own to be set up over the coming months.

We will be working with supply chains to identify additional areas of concern across the country, and gain greater access to food items for the “neighborhood fridge” initiative

The Hellenes League wrote:Aegean Development Council

In coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, universities in Athens and Byzantium, the ADC announces the following: $35 million in research into the effectiveness of “Urban Farming Structures” and their possible use in the Aegean Islands.

The Aegean Islands have a population that is growing, and is also faced with several million tourists every single year. The use of such farming structures have seen success in various parts of the world, and we plan on conducting research on them to see if they prove fruitful for use in the Aegean islands.

This will put less strain on farmers on the mainland, and could help supplement mainland food supplies as well.

This research will take place over the next two years (104 RL days)


The “Urban Farming in Aegean Islands” project has come to a conclusion: that it is indeed useful in the islands with its growing population, and it shows huge promise in various climates across Hellas.

During this research phase, 3 small towers around 30 feet tall were constructed based on designs submitted by architectural firms working with universities and the ministry of agriculture.

These small towers constructed on the islands of Naxos and Lesbos produced enough agricultural goods to sustain several restaurants and hotels, and hundreds of families on the islands.

The Ministry, based on these findings, is moving forward with constructing 20 more Urban Farms across the Aegean’s, with supporting infrastructure. These designs will be based on the surrounding aesthetics of the islands that they will be on so that they blend in, but also serve their main functional purpose.

Part of this initiative is that they will operate on solar and wind energy, with getting close to 100% energy independence as possible to reduce the carbon output.

It’s expected that this initiative will take an additional 2 years to complete and $350 million.

The Hellenes League wrote:Bureau of Infrastructure Development (BID)

Following years of research and development, BID and other agencies have approved the Byzantium Canal Project.

This project is large in scale, and is anticipated to take 4 years (208 RL days) to complete, with costs being projected at up to $23 billion dollars.

We are working with our partners in the USSR (Novaya Rossiyskaya Imperiya) and they have agreed to invest $10 billion into the project (they will be working with private companies to secure these investments, as well as various amounts of government money that will be disclosed by them if needed to USSR media outlets)

The other $13 billion is being invested by public and private corporations and by federal and state governments.

The project details include the following:

The waterway will have a length of 45 km (28 mi), with a depth of 20.75 m (68.1 ft). Its width will be 360 m (1,180 ft) on the surface and 275 m (902 ft) wide at the bottom.

the project will pass through Lake Küçükçekmece near the Marmara Sea. It will pass through the districts of Avcılar and Başakşehir before reaching the Black Sea in the Arnavutköy district north of the city. Seven kilometers of the route passes through Küçükçekmece, 3.1 kilometers goes through Avcılar, 6.5 kilometers goes through Başakşehir, and the major 28.6-kilometer part of the route goes through Arnavutköy.

The largest ship sizes that can pass through the canal were determined as 275-350 meters long, 49 meters wide, draft of 17 meters and an air draft of 58 meters.

We have begun the process of employing those who will work on the project, already having secured 6k people. An additional phase of hiring will include an additional 7-9k workers. The Army Corps of Engineers and local reserve units will play a role in the construction of the canal, with 2,000 units being deployed to assist.

When the Byzantium Strait is completed, it will employ 900 to 1k workers, and is estimated to bring in an additional $8 to $10 billion per year in revenue.

This project will help relieve ship traffic in the Bosphorus and reduce time in the canal, enabling the Black Sea community and Hellas and others who utilize the canal to save time and money, and increase overall trade.

The Byzantium Canal has also been determined to not be subject to the Montreux Convention Regarding the Regime of the Straits. During its development agreements will be reached with members of the international community regarding the new Byzantium Canal.

Basileus Nikolaus Atreidai is excited for the completion of the canal, and the many benefits it will bring to the area. Economic and job development of Hellas and expanding trade is the gateway to a future in which Hellas is to be a dominant player in trade in the European and overall global community.

Phase 1 is set to begin within the next month. As we approach the completion, BID will make further announcements as needed.


BID update

Phase 4 of the Strait Project begins with new construction of earthquake resistant residential constructions, schools, and shopping centers along the new waterway. This will help facilitate the long term growth that the canal will induce in the surrounding area.

On the side of the Black Sea, close to the Byzantine Airport, a large cargo port is also being constructed, being part of the initial phase 2 of this project in regards to support buildings and and infrastructure.

A large part of the infrastructure project is integrating railways and highways to support movement of people and cargo. This phase ran a higher cost, with the government pumping in an additional $2 billion (total cost of project now being $25 billion). Portions of the money went to existing high speed rail way systems to upgrade and expand them in anticipation of being integrated as part of the new strait infrastructure system.

BID will provide additional updates over the weeks to come.

In about 2 weeks time (2 days IRL), the leader of the nation, Wukrä Neiüm, will give an important speech about the Republics future and it's future army, like new modern Ureeš produced machine guns(wich may not be produced for another half a year), and it's infrastructure, And much more.

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