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Welcome to the Geneva Treaty Organization

The Geneva Treaty Organization is a roleplay centered, modern-technology, realistic region that seeks to establish a player base of like-minded nations. The GTO has a regional map where nations can reside and conduct their roleplay. A mutual regional history also exists to give new players an idea of what this alternate world looks like. This region pushes players to seek true historical backgrounds for their nations and promotes roleplay that would fit a real functioning world. Whether it be roleplay with nations only or character roleplay, either is welcomed in the GTO.

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Embassies: Lardyland, Slobolob, and Westia Union.

Tags: Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Fascist, Capitalist, Communist, Conservative, Democratic, Egalitarian, Fascist, Human-Only, Independent, Map, Medium, and 6 others.Modern Tech, Role Player, Serious, Social, Totalitarian, and World Assembly.

Geneva Treaty Organization contains 13 nations, the 1,155th most in the world.

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World Census researchers quantified national scientific advancement by quizzing random citizens about quantum chromodynamics, space-time curvature and stem cell rejuvenation therapies. Responses based on Star Trek were discarded.

As a region, Geneva Treaty Organization is ranked 6,101st in the world for Most Scientifically Advanced.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Unified Duchies of America of RumonaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“In God We Trust”
2.The Shia Islamic Caliphate of NerciaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“peace and prosperity”
3.The Russian Federation of ShiarkovIron Fist Consumerists“Strength Through Unity”
4.The Most Serene Republic of The Geneva Treaty OrganizationNew York Times Democracy“Unity is strength and peace is a virtue”
5.The Republic of KojoseonConservative Democracy“One unified Homeland!”
6.The Kingdom of Real Corona EspanolaFather Knows Best State“Plvs Ultra”
7.The Free French State of Grande BourgogneConservative Democracy“Vive l'Bourgogne!”
8.The Republic of MelengaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“One Nation, One People”
9.The Holy Sands of The Maliki CaliphateNew York Times Democracy“من الله والمعرفة”
10.The Federation of Bharata KhandaLeft-Leaning College State“United We Stand”

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Russia Today

Russian S-400 systems down Israeli warplane over Syria

Damascus- The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed that a set of S-400 air defense batteries downed an Israeli F-15, after it and a squadron of warplanes were attempting to carry out another sortie of airstrikes against Syria. Despite the claims, the IDF has remained silent on the issue. At 4am local time, warplanes crossed into Syrian airspace from Lebanon and conducted airstrikes against military targets near Damascus, Homs and Aleppo. One of the planes, according to the Russian Defense Ministry, was downed by an S-400 as it attempted to carry out an attack against the Khmeimim Air Force Base which is run jointly by the Syrian Arab Air Force and the Russian Air Force. The F-15 was not able to inflict any damage against the air base and the pilot ejected when the plane was struck down, said the report which was confirmed by the Syrian military through state-run SANA news agency.

The situation has caused President Andrei Mineyev to call on the General Staff for an emergency meeting, confirmed the Kremlin. Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu and Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov are currently meeting with the President to “asses the situation and look for a correct course of action.”

MSNBC doubles-down on slanderous story on Russian President by releasing “embarrassing” footage

MSNBC has “doubled-down” on its attacks against the Russian President. This time, the American news network released an article showing video of Andrei Mineyev’s ice skating career as a teenager. Without any context, the network simply released the video, showing the now Russian President graciously dancing to the rhythm of a rock-like song. However, the true story was confirmed by social media users, who laughed at the network’s attempt to “attack” the Russian President. Both American and Russian social media users were pleasantly surprised by the footage.

“At least the Russian President has style.” Wrote one user on Twitter, along with a photo of Hillary Clinton, the US President.

Another post on the same social media network attacked the US President by saying,
“Seems the Russian President has some talent. Our President has a talent for sinking $8 billion aircraft carriers and not telling the public. Nice.”

Meanwhile, in Russia, users recalled nostalgia of Mineyev winning the European youth tournament thanks to that performance. According to some users the footage is from the European Figure Skating Championship from 2006 in where Mineyev won the Men’s Singles as one of its youngest participants as age 15.

What MSNBC was trying to do by releasing the footage (which was already available through sites like YouTube) is unknown, though it has truly brought some nostalgia to many Russians who cherished that victory.

Post by Shiarkov suppressed by The Geneva Treaty Organization.

Russia Today

Air defense systems in Damascus intercept missiles as Israel launches alleged full-scale attack against Syria

SANA news agency, Syria’s state run news network has reported that several attacks have taken place across the Syrian-Israeli border in the past few hours. Reports coming from Damascus stated that Israeli air force jets were carrying out airstrikes against Syrian military targets near the capital city. According to reports, the Syrian Arab Army has responded by scrambling its jets and Russia’s Khmeimim air base has been placed on high alert.

More news to follow...

Post by Shiarkov suppressed by The Geneva Treaty Organization.

Israel Moves in to occupy Palestine

Israeli troops with support from its air force, navy and armored regiments have moved into Palestine and the Gaza Strip in an attempt to occupy the remaining areas claimed by the Palestinian government. Overnight, Israeli jets conducted sorties against positions of the group Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The next morning, Israeli troops accompanied by tanks and other armored vehicles have moved in to occupy the Gaza Strip. As of yet the assault has proved successful despite local resistance and guerrilla tactics used by the Hamas terrorist group. However, despite their resistance Israel is expected to occupy Gaza in less than a week.

Cross-border skirmishes near Syria

Syrian troops have been flooding the Syrian-Israeli border ever since IDF jets conducted numerous airstrikes against Syrian Arab Army targets. Even with Israel denying the strikes, Syria has claimed that Russian intelligence confirmed the attacks to be sourced from Israel. Repeated warnings from Tel Aviv for Syria to remove its military presence from the border have proved futile has Syria has mustered most of its active military force to flood the border between the two countries. Although Israel has denied any attacks against its territory by Syria, Damascus has confirmed that Israeli troops have opened fire across the border against Syrian troops.

Within Syria, Russian forces numbering around 20 to 25,000 have been placed on high alert by the Ministry of Defense. Some of these soldiers have arrived in Damascus. The 6th and 14th armored brigade along with the 7th and 1st infantry brigades have made their way to the capital city and its surroundings. So far, however, there have been not attempts to attack Damascus by part of the Israelis.

Lebanon pledges to aid Israel. Other countries join the crisis

The Lebanese government has pledged its armed forces to Israel in an unprecedented move. With Syria and Israel primed for an armed conflict, it is unknown whether Lebanon and Israel will join in on a full-scale conflict against a perceived Syrian threat. Other nations have also pledged their support for Syria. Jordan, Egypt and Libya have expressed that they will aid Syria in any armed conflict, if Israel had the intention to topple Assad or violate Syria’s sovereignty.

Xinhua News Agency

Emperor of China inaugurates Qiao Zhong as Prime Minister

Qiao Zhong, China’s new Prime Minister has been inaugurated by Emperor Yuan Min in a lavish ceremony held at China’s famous Forbidden Palace. There, Qiao gave his pledge of office and his inaugural address. In it, he promised to reveal in the coming days China’s most promising and ambitious project ever laid out by any previous Prime Minister. Next, he pledged to continue the expansion of the Imperial Armed Forces and to increase China’s standing in the globe. Upon his inauguration, Qiao Zhong became China’s youngest Prime Minister, being elected at age 35.

During the ceremony, Qiao was later cheered on by crowds of young people who gathered in the street to see his convoy drive past. Since his days as Governor of Guanxi Province and later as Chief Executive of the Autonomous Region of Hong Kong, Qiao has been extremely popular among China’s youths and more “progressive” thinkers. However, there is no indication that Qiao could make any radical changes to China’s government, despite false rumors being circulated around in Western Media.

Headlines such as “A Hope for a Democratic China” and “A New Liberal China? Qiao may be the answer” circulated in the United Kingdom’s BBC and its tabloid the Daily Mail. None of these headlines however show the truth behind Qiao Zhong, who will, as stated by his own words, keep the memory and spirit of the Chinese people alive and powerful.

Croix Blanche Réseau Nationale

Empire of New-France declares self "Successor State" to the former French Gov't

In a new bill signed into law by HIM Emperor Valentin, the Empire of New-France has officially self-declared itself, successor to the French State. The Free French State of Bourgogne overthrew the French Gov't declaring itself the rulers of France. The newly independent New-France quickly developed a rivalry, both wanting to be the French State. Her capital of Mont Réal is clearly French, with its beautiful architecture and stunning beauty. The French of New-France speaks beautiful, old dialect of the French Language, noticeable and often marveled at in other French-speaking areas. The Monarchy of New-France is also of French origin, originating in Rosier, France. French Culture is vibrant everywhere within the nation, from the Hudson Bay all the way down to the border with America, where Imperial Army Guards stand proudly in French Uniform defending their nation. This is France, not Bourgogne.

The Bill, which includes the right to use French Symbolism, Currency, and Laws and denying any other nation state to claim themselves as French. Only those who are under Bourguignonne Occupation, under the oppression of the Greater Bourguignonne Government, and wish to reclaim themselves as the French people. The old French flag will be used as a secondary national flag under these new laws. The Empire of New-France is the French State, according to many government officials, and even the Emperor himself.

Welcome! Make sure to join our Discord server (link in the WFE) and hang out with us to get started :D

Xinhua News Agency

Shanghai to host economic summit of Asian countries as Qiao approaches his first week as Prime Minister

Shanghai is set to become the host city of an economic summit featuring leaders of several Asian, Middle Eastern, and European countries. In a press conference held in Beijing, Wang Yi, foreign minister of China made the announcement of the summit. The convention which will be held in Shanghai will feature Chinese, Korean, India firms. According to the Foreign Minister, the summit’s purpose is to bring “the Asian community closer and open opportunities for foreign investment from countries in Europe and the Middle East.” In addition to the presence of multiple private companies, the Shanghai gathering which has been called the 2016 International Shanghai Economic Forum will also be attended by foreign leaders.

Confirmed by Foreign Minister Wang Yi, the forum will hold a Q&A with Prime Minister Qiao Zhong, and leaders from other visiting countries.

HM Queen Victoria announces plans to visit Beijing

Queen Victoria announced plans to visit Beijing, China on Friday Afternoon in a Madrid News Statement. She said she hopes to improve relations between the hostile nations. This will be the first time an Iberian leader has visited China since 1950, when King Leon II visited Beijing. The City of Macao is a place of international dispute, with it being a former Portuguese and later Iberian Crown Territory. When Yuntai Refirmations happened in 1961, Iberia was asked to vacate the City, but the government refused. A state of war was declared, but Iberia quickly surrendered three weeks later after the Chinese Blockaded the city. Rumours have gone around speculating the less imperialistic will relinquish claims over the “Royal District of Macao”.

These plans have been confirmed by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Iberian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ximun Kortajarena.

al-Khilafat Yawmiaan - the Caliphate Daily
Caliph to attend 2016 ISEF

Caliph Zaair bin-Malik al-Hashimi has announced plans to attend the four-day-long 2016 International Shanghai Economic Forum in hopes of securing stronger trade ties with other attending nations in the coming weeks. Lowering tariffs and establishing more permanent trade agreements are also important goals on the agenda. Attending alongside the Caliph are Wazir Taqi ibn-Quadri and Foreign Trade Minister Muhammad bin-Farra, as well as board members of several top Arabian companies. Travel plans are being finalized, and the much-anticipated summit comes with optimism as potential trade partners will be attending the Economic Forum as well.


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