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FYR of Macedonia RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Hellenic Republic of 01 ERE Embassy16

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Most Stationary: 197th Largest Populations: 400th Largest Soda Pop Sector: 1,008th+4
Most Influential: 1,203rd Largest Insurance Industry: 1,766th Highest Economic Output: 1,862nd Largest Basket Weaving Sector: 2,139th
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Former Yugoslavian Republic of "Macedonia" or FYROM or Nova Gorna Makedonija is a Region at the north of Greece inhabited by Slavs and Albanians citizens. Its citizens arrived in the Balkans nearly 10 centuries after Alexander the Great and they have nothing to do with MACEDONIA

The region belongs to Eastern Roman Empire Alliance.

Embassies: Eastern Roman Empire.

Tags: Minuscule and Password.

FYR of Macedonia is home to a single nation.

Today's World Census Report

The Longest Average Lifespans in FYR of Macedonia

Nations ranked highly have lower rates of preventable death, with their citizens enjoying longer average lifespans.

As a region, FYR of Macedonia is ranked 18,308th in the world for Longest Average Lifespans.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Hellenic Republic of 01 ERE Embassy16Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Join the glorious Eastern Roman Empire !!”

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FYR of Macedonia Regional Message Board

They (and their supporters from unreliable Bush Administration) will get a nice Greek Veto during next days in NATO in Bucharest for their entrance in NATO alliance ...



01 Eastern Roman Empire Alliance and Glorious Praetorian Empire Region have signed the attached herein Friendship and Military Cooperation Treaty:

“ Article 1 - Non-Aggression against Signatories

1. No Signatory shall conduct military operations against another Signatory Region.

2. No Signatory shall directly or indirectly support military operations against another Signatory Region.

Article 2 - Defence of Signatories Under Attack

1. Where any Signatory Region has had military action conducted against it, then the other Signatory that is aware of that action must provide as much military support as it can provide without resulting in a significant threat to its own military security, and will do everything possible to mobilise that support.

2. A Signatory is aware of military action when it has been informed on its forums or on its Regional Message Board, or when it has noticed the action itself.

3. Paragraph 1 does not apply for a Signatory under Paragraph 2 when the military action in question is conducted by an ally of that Signatory.

4. For the purposes of this Article, an ally of a Signatory is a region with a Treaty with a Signatory that provides positive material benefit to a Signatory
going beyond non-aggression. Each Signatory must inform the other Signatory of their allies.

Article 3 - Other Military Support

In situations that do not fall elsewhere under this Part, each Signatory will endeavour to provide military support to the other Signatory when requested
by that other Signatory, and where it is consistent with their own policies.

Article 4 - Non-Transmission of Information to Non-Allies

1. A Signatory may not pass on any information that concerns the military or security of the other Signatory to any party, unless the Signatory that the
information concerns gives its consent.

2. Paragraph 1 applies to, but is not limited to, information about military operations, intelligence operations and IP addresses.

3. A Signatory may not pass on any information provided by the other Signatory unless that information is already in the public domain or if the Signatory providing the information gives its consent.

Article 5 - Intelligence Requests

1. Each signatory shall strive to provide information to the other signatory upon request with minimum delay where their own internal policy and structure allows.

2. Upon the discovery of intelligence information that is relevant to a signatory , the signatory with this information is obliged to inform the other of
any potential dangers and provide the necessary details.

3. Paragraphs 1 and 2 apply to, but are not limited to, information regarding military operations, intelligence reports, intelligence operations and IP

4. Paragraphs 1 and 2 do not apply if the information in question was provided by an ally of the signatory who recieves the information. Signatories may request that such information be shared, however.

5. For the purposes of this Article, an ally of a Signatory is a region with a Treaty with the Signatory in question that provides positive material benefit
to a Signatory going beyond non-aggression. Each Signatory must inform the other Signatory of their allies.

Article 6 - Diplomatic Support

Each Signatory will endeavour to provide diplomatic support to the other Signatory where it is possible for them to do so while being consistent with their own policies and other alliances.

Article 7 – Definitions

For the purposes of this Treaty, the following definitions shall apply:

(i) Signatories: The governments of: 01 Eastern Roman Empire Alliance and Glorious Praetorian Empire, that have signed this Treaty.

(ii) Signatory Region: A Region whose government has signed this Treaty, or whose foreign policy is legally subordinated to such a region either
by statute or by treaty, and with other Signatory having been informed of that status.

(iii) Military action: Attempting to change the UN Delegacy of a region other than by a legal process of that region.

(iv) Military support: Endorsing a nation that is the nominated UN Delegate of the supported Signatory, whether in a Signatory Region or elsewhere,
on any terms that may be set by the supported Signatory.

(v) Endeavour: This has the effect of making a provision non-binding on the Signatories, while imposing a duty to act in good faith in relation to
the provision.

(vi) Intelligence information: This refers to any information gathered on intelligence missions either within a signatory region or in another region
by a member of a signatory region working for that regions intelligence department or simillar organisation. Information can refer to individuals, groups or regions.


As of today 01 Eastern Roman Empire Region has signed a Treaty of Friendship and Military Cooperation with Glorious Praetorian Empire. Details have been published on our Chat Forum.

Additionally Glorious Praetorian Empire Region is our newest member in 01 Eastern Roman Empire Alliance !!

01 Eastern Roman Empire Alliance is now an Alliance with more than 900 members nations around NS and with approx. 15% of them UN members and 40% of them Billionaires !!

Glory to the Alliance and its Glorious members !!


Here it is the latest census of 01 Eastern Roman Empire Allied Regions:

- 01 Eastern Roman Empire (Motherland in Nation States Game) 218 nation states - 19 of them UN members, 105 Billionaires - (252,902,000,000 people), positioned 21st among all 9,113 NS Regions

- Greece (affiliated region) 24 nation states - 11 of them UN members, 16 Billionaires - (80,379,000,000 people)

- Glorious Praetorian Empire (affiliated region) 94 nation states - 16 of them UN members, 26 Billionaires - (65,504,000,000 people)

- Athens (affiliated region) 3 nation states - 2 of them UN members, 3 Billionaires - (4,797,000,000 people)

- Greek Islands (affiliated region) 67 nation states - 3 of them UN members, 18 Billionaires - (50,444,000,000 people)

- Ithaca (affiliated region) 8 nation states - 2 of them UN members, 3 Billionaires - (11,388,000,000 people)

- Hellenic Civilization ("off-spring" region) 300 nation states - 19 of them UN members, 114 Billionaires - (305,996,000,000 people), positioned 15th among all 9,113 NS Regions

- Empire of the Romans (affiliated region) 62 nation states - 18 of them UN members, 39 Billionaires - (169,802,000,000 people)

- The Council of Narnia (affiliated region) 36 nation states - 24 of them UN members, 15 Billionaires - (32,401,000,000 people)

- Empire of Rome ("off-spring" region) 37 nation states - 6 of them UN members, 12 Billionaires - (47,894,000,000 people)

- Konstantinoupolis ("off-spring" region) 10 nation states - 8 Billionaires - (9,228,000,000 people)

- Kypros ("off-spring" region) 6 nation states - 1 Billionaire - (4,437,000,000 people)

- Greek Macedonia ("off-spring" region) 2 nation states (15,000,000 people)

- Members in colonized regions 44 nation states - 1 of them UN members, 15 Billionaires (31,363,000,000)

TOTAL: 912 nations states - 121 UN members, 360 Billionaires - (1,066,550,000,000 people) - theoretically positioned 8th among all 9,113NS Regions

Due to adversarial espionnage efforts by TLK Diplomats and dishonest behaviour of its Governmental members, we decide to close the operation of their Embassy in 01 Eastern Roman Empire Alliance and to send home any Diplomat immediately, characterizing them as PERSONA NON GRATA for 01 Eastern Roman Empire Alliance !!

All Alliance Regions should be alerted to potential provocations from this untrustworthy Region or its satellites !!

Northern? Upper? Nova? Gorna? FYROMia? Vardaskistan?
Try to chose something ...

Hmmm, it seems that the "neutral" facilitator decided after his orders to name you "Republic of Northern Macedonia" ...

Everyone should read in our Blogspot site the Letter to President Obama about Macedonia by 216 world famous scholars of Graeco-Roman history!!

Copy/paste from ERE RMB:

"My "friend" from Vardarska or Gorna Makedonija, it seems that apart of your mental disorder of bipolar growing as a Slav who dreams to become a Greek and is fond of Greek history, I have to add now insomnia in your symptoms ...
You forgot to mention that Slavs arrived in the Balkans just 10 centuries after our Greek Macedonian armies of Alexandros o Megas (Alexander the Great) have expanded united Greece till the end of the known world ...
You forgot that your province was renamed from Vardarska to "Macedonia" only in 20th century by the Croat Yossip Bros Tito, who - like you and the similar of you - dream to swim in Aegean Sea and live in cities like Thessaloniki in freedom and democracy ...
But never mind, some more time in the future, and you will forget your mental laundering at your school, and in the future you will aim aslo yourselves to become a part of the civilized world of European Union, leaving aside your no exit extremeties ...
Try to have some sleep and take care in The Rejected Realms :) ..."

First half of the basketball game in Poland:

Greece - FYROM 52-28 !!

Just for fun !!

The party is over:

Greece - FYROM 86-54 !!

See you next time !! lol ...

The Greek Liaison Office in Skopje has established that unknown persons extensively vandalized the Greek military cemetery in the town of Valandova, in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

The Head of the Skopje Liaison Office immediately contacted the FYROM Foreign Ministry, expressing his dismay and asking for the immediate investigation of the case, stressing that incidents such as this hurt the relations between the two countries and do not serve good neighbourly relations. A representative of the Liaison Office and the Defence Attaché are travelling to the site. It should be noted that the damage done to the cemetery was significant.

On the instructions of Foreign Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos, the Head of the Skopje Liaison Office made an official demarche to the FYROM Foreign Ministry, asking that the FYROM authorities condemn the incident and take all necessary measures to identify and punish those responsible and to repair the material damage done.

Unfortunately, these incidents confirm yet again the risks and consequences of nationalism and populism, which is being cultivated in FYROM to the point where the dead are vulgarly insulted and history is disrespected.

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