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The Federation of Fictitious States was officially disbanded on 7th July 2017. At its October 2016 peak, it had 110 nations. The Senate (ex-Senators included Tinhampton, Wisgothistan, The Radical Progressives and Sovankia) legislated on the FFS between October 2016 and Balcones' CTE on March 2017. Their May revival was a false dawn; TRP (who can log into our founder account) has not done so.

After major inactivity, two senators (then out of four) voted to disband the FFS; after United Slavik Republic's CTE, it became a two-thirds majority (hence the disbanding). We had good times here. Please enjoy this free copy of The Second Coming by WB Yeats whilst you observe what has been.


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Federation of Fictitious States is home to a single nation.

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1.The Federation of Federation of Fictitious StatesInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Keeping the Federation Alive!”

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Federation of Fictitious States Regional Message Board

The United Socialist States of Roosevetia wrote:Ladies, gentlemen, and all beyond and in between, I am sad, but happy to announce my official resignation as Supreme Court Justice. While during my reign, nothing happened except the slow death of this region. I am sad to leave the first real region I was a part of, but happy to go to new places and hope the same for you. In the next 48 hours, I will move to a new region. Radical Progressives, thanks for bringing me here, I learned a lot. See ya later Ty.

Just lost the Supreme Court Justice. Yeah I'm out. Farewell.

The Democratic Republic of Kind Arauseal wrote:The only reason I joined this region in the first place was because it had funky in its name.

Actually, that wasn't even the region. That was the founder's pretitle you're referring to. The region has always been simply Federation of Fictitious States.


United slavik republic

Need any help with the new region?

I'm alive! Sorry about the inactivity, I don't know what came over me.

United slavik republic

Post self-deleted by United slavik republic.

All Quiet on the Fictitious Front

United slavik republic

Sorry this region is going the way it is. I had fun. Bye.

In accordance with the Constitution of the Federation (if it still holds water), I would like to propose the following bill, for all eight of you (plus myself) to consider for debate, before I send it off for any amendments to be made by the Senate in Exile (if it still exists), and then the Senate's vote:

NOTING that, in the past (approximately September 2016 through to March 2017), the Federation of Fictitious States (the Federation) was once a thriving region, peaking at 110 members;

RECOGNISING that, since the original ceasing-to-exist of Fictitious States (the founder nation) in March 2017, and even before that, the region was falling into dispopulation; but that the ultimate catalyst for the current state of disarray we see in the Federation was the CTE of Fictitious States;

DISAPPOINTED that the return of Balcones (the player behind the nation of Fictitious States), to hand over Fictitious States to The Radical Progressives, turned out to be a false siren, as The Radical Progressives soon moved their main nation to another region whilst leaving Fictitious States to die again;

UNDERSTANDING the motives behind why many nations have opted to leave the Federation; and

WILLING to preserve its history for future generations:

HEREBY institutes the following procedures, in relation to the future of the Federation:

  1. The Federation (and all institutions that pertain to it) shall be disbanded.

  2. The Radical Progressives shall be removed from their post of Chancellor (which has been elected from among the Senate, which will have been disbanded as a byproduct of this law). This may occur through the re-revival of Fictitious States, or through the election of a new WA delegate whose sole command shall be to do so.

  3. Tinhampton's post of *insert witty title here* shall be retained, for the purposes of having the potential to carry out any commands in the act which they may be entitled to conduct.

  4. In addition to the above, all nations currently in the Federation, excepting The Federation of Federation of Fictitious States, shall be banjected (whether by a re-revival of Fictitious States, or through Tinhampton's ability to banject nations from the Federation).

  5. After all nations (except Federation of Fictitious States) have been banjected, Tinhampton shall then place the region under password lock. This password shall only be known to Federation of Fictitious States and The Radical Progressives (who is understood to have responsibility for the now-CTEd founder, Fictitious States), and shall not be shared with third parties.

  6. Once this has been done, Tinhampton shall use their powers to change the Federation's World Factbook Entry to serve as a memorial to the Federation, and shall have the duty to prohibit all nations from entering the Federation, except for Fictitious States (if it is revived) and Federation of Fictitious States.

The Federation of Federation of Fictitious States wrote:snip

Having recieved no responses since this post was made, I thus see fit to put this law towards the Senate-in-Exile.

With United Slavik Republic having ceased to exist and two other Senators (out of three) having indicated support, I hereby announce that the Federation of Fictitious States is DISBANDED. I'm running late, so work will begin around 4pm BST. We had some good times together.

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