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WA Delegate: None.

Founder: Qv

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This region has been annihilated by the elite forces of The Invaders! Join our military by enlisting Linkhere!

General: Gest II (trigger)
General: Tombouctu
General: Hired Contractor II
Staff Sergeant: Talidania

Embassies: The Invaders.

Tags: Minuscule, Founderless, and Invader.

Europia contains 4 nations.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Efficient Economies in Europia

Nations ranked highly are the most ruthlessly efficient at translating raw resources, including people, into economic output.

As a region, Europia is ranked 10,312th in the world for Most Efficient Economies.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Holy Empire of The Soup CultFather Knows Best State“ALL HAIL THE SOUP GODS”
2.The Republic of StarWarsCorporate Police State“For the Galactic Empire!”
3.The Republic of Reformed Elbow JapiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“God, Homeland, Liberty”
4.The Faso of BurkinaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Monkey see, monkey do”

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Europia Regional Message Board


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@Ninja Shade, Shouldn't it be #noobtotheirregion? I'm a grammar nazi. Hey Europia!


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Hello I am foermerland , my actual nation was here a long time ago .


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I am New to your Region, I hope im Welcomed, I've Been Moved from the Pacific to Find a Better Home.


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i just ate a grepe


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Guten Tag, I am Working on Many things..I will not Leave your Greatful Region..Anytime Soon..


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Draconia and serpentes

Hi. how old is this region?


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I'll just leave the telegrams sent by another nation from my region here in case the previous WA delegate fails to act. Unfortunately, this other nation was unjustly banned which is why I'll repost it here instead.

From banned nation The Republic of The Freedom Loving Pineapples to then delegate The Republic of Pikachurin:

"If you've come here to try and stop a takeover I would like to tell you that was also my purpose here. People of my region have been following The Dictatorship of Nooshikoo because hes had a history of small-time raiding and we enjoy watching and causing him to fail. If you need proof of this we can send it. Regardless, I hope you're here as liberators and not invaders.
If you are invaders, you win I guess."

Response from The Republic of Pikachurin:

"You only need to know that we are defenders."

The Republic of The Freedom Loving Pineapples is banned from Europia

last response from The Republic of The Freedom Loving Pineapples:

"ok... then perhaps you would like to eject the actual perpetrator as I've already discussed, The Godly nation of Nooshikoo. At the time this telegram is being sent it seems you've chosen to remove ONLY my people... the ones trying to stop nooshikoo.... so you're either invaders yourselves or just failing at defending. Since you didn't bother asking for the proof I said I could provide in the previous telegram here it is:
Evidence of The Godly nation of Nooshikoo raiding The Citadel -
Evidence of The Godly nation of Nooshikoo attempting a raid on Summer Isles can be found on that regions message board, where the founder re-posted a telegram I sent warning them. (it would also seem they got raided by another group anyway, unfortunately)
If for some reason that doesn't convince you I can send more proof of nations thanking us for helping rid them of The Godly nation of Nooshikoo.
If you guys withdraw from the region now and leave it as is that would be a huge mistake if you are in fact defenders...
In the future, If I were you, I would take a little more time to familiarize yourself with the situation before senselessly bringing out the ban-hammer during your "defense" operations."



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Sorry for the mistake, one of our commanders mistaked that nations jump into this region from HoH SiS was raiders. Those nations will be unbanned at minor update.

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Dear fellow comrades
May you please endorse me to better run this beautiful region. I hope to earn and gain your support.
Thank you

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