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Welcome to Esquarium, a modern-tech, closed-world roleplaying and worldbuilding region, bringing you six years of fun, activity and insanity. And we're not going anywhere. Sign up here!

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    Welcome to Esquarium!

    MetaReference by Ainin . 319 reads.

Embassies: Paradoxia, Sondria, Greater Dienstad, Tiandi, Orbit, Gay, The Allied Republics, Central Eastern Europe, Groland, The Czech Republic, Atlantis, Nationalist Commonwealth of Free Regions, The Luxan Empire, The Western Isles, Ordis, Nova, and 7 others.Aeia, The Galactic Federacy, Anteria, New Rostil, Kylaris, Teremara, and Liberty Federation.

Tags: Modern Tech, Map, Serious, Role Player, Sports, Social, and Large.

Regional Power: High

Esquarium contains 100 nations, the 139th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Authoritarian in Esquarium

World Census staff loitered innocuously in various public areas and recorded the length of time that passed before they were approached by dark-suited officials.

As a region, Esquarium is ranked 5,132nd in the world for Most Authoritarian.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Dictatorship of Celestial Empire of the AkaviriPsychotic Dictatorship“You Can't Stop Progress”
2.The Republic of SlovuniaPsychotic Dictatorship“Jest tu nic.”
3.The Republic of FarhadiaIron Fist Consumerists“الله أكبر”
4.The Commonwealth of LoranceAuthoritarian Democracy“Pride and Industry”
5.The Deutsches Kaiserreich of Greater Ziegenian ReichIron Fist Consumerists“Suum cuique”
6.The Republic of Mazaristan1Psychotic Dictatorship“Justice and prosperity”
7.The State of Democratic KoyroIron Fist Consumerists“One Mind, Solidarity”
8.The People's Republic of Jabari Socialist JamahiriyaCorrupt Dictatorship“The Revolution Shall Prevail”
9.The State of Union of AkorenIron Fist Consumerists“GuÁ ve Namus”
10.The Auspicious Republic of XiaodongIron Fist Consumerists“吉祥我国多么光芒万丈!”
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Alpenstien wrote:Hallo!

Ey friend! Hop on the discord, thats where the fun begins!

Sjealand wrote:Ey friend! Hop on the discord, thats where the fun begins!

I already hopped on there, it's cancerous.

Alpenstien wrote:I already hopped on there, it's cancerous.

You shouldnt let whatever bad experience youve had there cloud your view. We all hang out there, and its the safest bet for all worldbuilding and discussion

Sjealand wrote:You shouldnt let whatever bad experience youve had there cloud your view. We all hang out there, and its the safest bet for all worldbuilding and discussion

I got accused for posting something about child porn and other disgusting stuff.


The 2018 Pisdari local elections are on. You know what to do! :)

We will make Luziyca great again, and it's gonna be yuge, believe me

Luziyca wrote:We will make Luziyca great again, and it's gonna be yuge, believe me

Luziyca, your Trumpspeak is terrible, just- it's terrible. Everyone says so, everyone says- even if they don't say it they think it, okay? It's pathetic. Pa-the-tic. Lazy Luz just doesn't know how to do it right, okay, folks? He thinks he can do it so well, but he just doesn't know how. And it's- the very dishonest fake news media- so untrue, just the worst- they keep telling him they can do it, they keep saying, "oh, Mr. Luziyca, you do the best Trumpspeak, it's fantastic", but- they're lying, folks! You know who can do Trumpspeak well, folks? Me. I do the best Trumpspeak. Nobody does Trumpspeak like I do, okay? It's true. It's the truth. I Trumpspeak all over the world. I Trumpspeak in America, I Trumpspeak in France, I Trumpspeak in China- love the Chinese by the way, fantastic people- I do it everywhere. Everywhere! And you know how- I'm so much better than Lazy Luz because of my brain. It's, like, the biggest brain in the region, folks, okay? Much bigger than anyone else's. And that means I'm very, very, smart- I've got the best words, the best nations, the best articles, and the best- you know, I'm a very bigly- I'm overall a much stabler genius than Luziyca, believe me. I mean, Luziyca's not a genius, but- I'm stabler. Much stabler. The crooked oligarchs like to say that I'm unstable, but it's well- it's well-known that I am the stablest person in the region. And I'm going to use that stability to make Lazy Luz pay for everything he's done, okay, folks! We're going to lock- we're going to Lock Him Up- you know, can we hear the chant? I like the chant. Can we hear the- there we go. You're all fantastic, folks, just wonderful. Huge. And listen, folks, when I Make Esquarium Great Again- and believe me, I will get all the best people, and we are going to do it- we are going to build a password to keep John Numbers and Shwitzerlechen or whatever out, and we are going to make Aiea pay for it. The hugest, most tremendous password, believe me. It'll be sixty characters long, gold plated, just the best. Trust me, folks, I make the best- the best passwords. And we're going to send all the bad RPers and inactive people- all of them, folks, we're going to find all of them- and we're going to send them back to their sh!thole regions, where they belong. And I'm sure many people- many sad, low-energy, boring people- will complain, but folks, those people are losers. And we're winners here. Right, folks? The best winners.

I'm pretty sure there are better places than our RMB to post Trumpspeak.

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