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Embassies: PollRegionia, The Great Universe, Fredonia, Region with a bunch of random polls, The Embassy, Terra Pro Redditu, Scott land, Northern Argaen Trade Organization, Guinea Kiribati, Travelling Wilburys, 12 Days of Christmas, Miraculous Ladybug, FNAF, 0 0 0, Old Altistan, matheo, and 429 others.Seven To Many, Gypsy Lands, The Jewel Robotox Nations, Letters and spaces, PanAsian Union, The Power Gulids II, The Land of Musical Notes, The Free Coalition II, Providemist Pacific, Pub, Archai, Placeholder, Anti Discord Alliance, Region Of Northern Democratika, absolute stupidity, Drew is life Drew is love, Havenlet, Chicken overlords, The Pennsylvania Railroad, Flotilla shadow, Frozen Circle, The League of Conservatives Military, Greater European Union, Icarus, Nitrepza, Bus Stop, Albosiac, The Sea of Love, Just relax, Raxulan Empire, The Illuminati, Krillin, Toastopolis, Beyond the Wub, Autonomous Pluriverse Zone 015132, Pawnsilvania, Veris Administrative Region, Nintendo, The Official 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The Reborn Foundation, RAMS, Ottawa, Washington DC, The Empires And Republics Of Power, Wyoming, Ancient Lands, The Confederacy Of Kishkhat, Rio de Janeiro, United Democratic Oceanic Nations, Ivory Tower, Mobile Suit Depot, The red soviets, Sasaphire Universe, Yo Mama, nasunia, Altay, Nebraska Territory, Old Spirit, Northern Africa, The Southern Pacific, An Alternate World, Republic of Cuba, United States of America, The Northern Pacific, Hsiao Han, 404 Not Found, Kingdom Of England And Wales, Lotaijuunnian Rainforrest, Lome, Province of Ontario, British Columbia, World, Minnesota, Iowa, Copenhagen, Joint Command, Purgatory, Asia Pacific Economic Group, Republic of Russia, Rhea, Solomon Islands, Pacific Union, The Central Pacific, 0000, London, Massachusetts, The Union of Socialist States Republic, El Salvador, Trinidad and Tobago, Mississippi, Georgia, Barbados, Greater Middle East, Maputo, South Australia, North Carolina, The Wonderful Bird Region, Arizona, New Hampshire, The North 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Empire, Illinois, Roman Empire, Plague, Michigan, Atlantic New Lands, Congo, Kansas, Metal Alchemian Union, Ozzy, The Mountain Cabin, United Armed Providemist Republics, United Joensuu, Treylandian Union, Eurasian Federation, Cardisdia, Ladanvia, Brooklyn, Kylden, Southern Equatorial Council, New Foodia, Nationstates Ski Resort, EmbassyRegi0nia Puppet Storage, Nukes4Breakfast, AREA 15, Cabbage Stealing Region, The Rejected Pacific, Bloemfontein, States of the Ethensian Commonwealth, Moon Space Colony, Planet Andarios, Victorian era rp 2, Nation of Islam, Jaoheah, Moon Prism Power Make Up, Lunaria, Cows And Fun, National Defense Union, Cardfarm 2, Embassies 360, The lemon hub, Groovy, New Rome, The Glorious Nation of Arstotzka, The Sweet Ubiquity, Nation Graveyard, Advil Puppet Storage, Mystic neighborhood, States of Spiritual Incarceration, Regionia, Allied conservative Union, United Federation Of Edwards, Calebs Haven, polonium alt warehouse, Lewisham, Groland, The Fall Tropics, TMA, 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The embassy with The Germanic isles is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with Capitalist Republics is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with The Savage Garden is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

Construction of embassies with NOC Nations of Chaotic Wonders CW has commenced. Completion expected .

Tags: Embassy Collector, Regional Government, Silly, Small, Social, and Surreal.

EmbassyRegi0nia contains 8 nations, the 2,662nd most in the world.

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The Most Cultured in EmbassyRegi0nia

After spending many tedious hours in coffee shops and concert halls, World Census experts have found the following nations to be the most cultured.

As a region, EmbassyRegi0nia is ranked 10,684th in the world for Most Cultured.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Greatest Ambassador of Embassies4BreakfastIron Fist Socialists“DOWN WITH SWAKLATON”
2.The Rogue Wildcard of EmbassyRegi0niaIron Fist Consumerists“Reconstructing an embassy network of epic proportions”
3.The Nation of Doggo YoggoInoffensive Centrist Democracy“111”
4.The Colonization of EmbassiesRegi0niaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Reconstructing an embassy network of epic proportions.”
5.The Republic of PollsLeft-Leaning College State“EmbassyRegi0nia's offical poll advertiser”
6.The United Kingdom of FaloopiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We Will Endure”
7.The Confederacy of Papia OziaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“By The People For The People”
8.The Republic of EmbassyRegi0n1aInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Reconstructing an embassy network of epic proportions.”

Regional Poll • Should EmbassyRegi0nia introduce a new regional mascot character???

The Rogue Wildcard of EmbassyRegi0nia wrote:You must vote & share your lovely voices...

Voting opened 11 days ago and will close . Open to all nations. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

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EmbassyRegi0nia Regional Message Board

EmbassyRegi0nia, I have your card.

The 2nd Facepunch Republic wrote:EmbassyRegi0nia, I have your card.

Yes. You do have my card... you actually have two cards from two of my nations (I believe)

Thank you for paying me as well.

EmbassyRegi0nia wrote:Yes. You do have my card... you actually have two cards from two of my nations (I believe)

Thank you for paying me as well.

If you want I can gift you those cards.

The 2nd Facepunch Republic wrote:If you want I can gift you those cards.

Yes. I would definitely appreciate that. I plan on regifting one of my own cards to someone else.

EmbassyRegi0nia wrote:Yes. I would definitely appreciate that. I plan on regifting one of my own cards to someone else.

To whom do you want to gift one?

The 2nd Facepunch Republic wrote:To whom do you want to gift one?


I like mascots...

Leevo wrote:I like mascots...

I agree

WTF? There's an "embassy collector" tag now? Cool!

EmbassyRegi0nia wrote:WTF? There's an "embassy collector" tag now? Cool!

Wow, that's crazy!
I never thought they might add something like this ...

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