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🏰 Welcome to the Official Roleplay Region for South Pacific 🏰

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    South Pacific Roleplay

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    Kingdoms of the Land

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    Roleplay Application

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Dreamtime contains 4 nations.

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The Largest Information Technology Sector in Dreamtime

World Census staff compiled lists over Smart Phone related traffic accidents to determine which nations have the largest Information Technology industries.

As a region, Dreamtime is ranked 1,670th in the world for Largest Information Technology Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Clarions of HeraldNew York Times Democracy“Hark!”
2.The Guild Federation of Merchant RepublicCorporate Bordello“Gilded Sea Power”
3.The Confederacy of ChoilandCivil Rights Lovefest“Tossed by the waves but never sunk”
4.The Lavender Fields of Lavender HillAnarchy“Paris Today, Rio de Janeiro Tomorrow”

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Dreamtime Regional Message Board

Cohroqu wrote:Or just rename it

im not not renaming it its a good name

im gonna make something to do with public transportation

Yatsuni wrote:im not not renaming it its a good name

im gonna make something to do with public transportation

Ok cool

Cohroqu wrote:Ok cool


Yatsuni wrote:yay

ight what kind of rp yall doin

Sosnovk wrote:ight what kind of rp yall doin


it dosent have to be european tho

i dont think

Yatsuni wrote:midevil

it dosent have to be european tho

i dont think

ayo da pizza here

Octovania wrote:ayo da pizza here

and u have to talk to Panther

Yatsuni wrote:and u have to talk to Panther

about what

Octovania wrote:about what

You must say what type of country is yours. Here is the application (remember that we are at Middle Ages in this RP). After that, you must tell to Panther what part of the map your country is and submit your application. I hope it helps :)


Sosnovk, Octovania

I see you've arrived as friends of our resident Yatsuni. As Choiland said above, if you wish to join the Roleplay in this region, please fill out the answers to this brief questionnaire here on the RMB of this region:

NS Nation:

Name of Country (In Character):

General Classification of Country:
(i.e. Monarchy, Republic, Theocracy, Tribal Federation, Nomadic People, Confederacy, City-State, Maritime Republic, Garrison State, Military Junta, Feudal State, Archipelagic State, Kleptocracy, etc)

Brief Description of Country:
(Culture, History, Religion, National Character, Self Image, Future Intentions, etc and if applicable)

Name of Leader and/or Governing Body (if applicable, and subject to change):

Center of Government (if applicable, and subject to change):

Population Estimate:
(i.e. Thinly Populated, Large Urban Centers, Loose Archipelagic Sprawl, Rural and Agrarian, Insular, etc)

Economic System:
(i.e. Barter-based, Agrarian, Mercantilism, Commerce and Trade, Palace Economy, Plunder Economy, Communal, Export-based, etc)

*** Example ***

NS Nation
Merchant Republic

Name of Country
Guild Federation

General Classification of Country
Maritime Republic

Brief Description of Country
Originally, a loose association of city-states, linked by trade and culture. Wars, political intrigue, and espionage were the everyday state of affairs between the cities. In order to safeguard the economic interests of each city, strong guilds formed around various economic and social sectors.

These guilds, while originating out of a protectionist impulse, ended up acting as a unifying force for the region -- guilds common amongst various cities often having more in common with one another, across city lines, rather than with other areas of their own cities.

Marked primarily by commercial interests, the federation relies heavily on espionage for, not only economic gain but self defense. There is little by way of a standing army; mercenaries being the main source of military force, called upon when needed.

Name of Leader and/or Governing Body
Merchant Council, led by the Merchant Prince

Center of Government

Population Estimate
Urban Centers

Economic System:
Trade and Commerce

Read factbook

This allows folks to get an idea for the country and culture they will be sharing a map with. Speaking of which: at your convenience, you may choose a space on the map, linked above in the WFE. Once I have seen and reviewed your info, I will add your country to this roster of participating nations, which will also remain linked in the WFE for everyone's convenience.

Also, please do review the description and rules for the roleplay in this dispatch, here:

Roleplay Region: Dreamtime

Home Region: South Pacific

Roleplay Name: Mayburra

Age: Medieval

Year: 1000


The land known as “Mayburra” is an old one, its story stretching deep into the dust of the past. Hosts of nations lie beneath its soil, having once etched their stories into the stone and the clay of the land. But the book has long been closed on them. Today, new nations compose new songs that may shape the face of the landscape in new and vital ways. And one day, far off in the future, new peoples may read their tales and learn their histories, wondering at the people who wrote them.

It is the peoples of Mayburra – from the earthiest farmer, to the noble that breathes the most rarefied air – who fill in some of those blank pages, day in and day out, with the events of their lives. Pages mount and become chapters, as the scope broadens to encompass whole communities. And as you pan further outward, including whole nations in the scope of your survey, volumes are being written into the history of the land.

And so, the curtain lifts to reveal our stage. The sky forming a proscenium overhead, while mountains and seas wait in the wings. A colorful cast of nations march across the stage to the beat of history’s drums; but the script itself remains unwritten...


First and foremost, this will be a place for those who wish to explore worldbuilding, storytelling, roleplay, or simply a venue for creative fun.

Technology level will be "vaguely Medieval." This will be rather loose and flexible. There will be no fixed technology progression, and time will progress by shared agreement of the participants.

NS stats will not be employed, unless one expressly desires to use them.

You may chose to interact with this Roleplay by either moving a nation into the roleplay region, Dreamtime, or via the embassy posting feature from your nation in South Pacific.

All roleplay will be conducted via the Regional Message Board of Dreamtime. We have a Roleplay Channel on Linkour discord server, where discussion about and collaboration on the roleplay may take place, but contributions must be "finalized" on the RMB.

Territory Claims:

All map claims will be processed through the Claims Department at the Pantherine Cartography Desk. Contact Panther to work out the details. Please bear with the occasionally grouchy and overworked clerks who will be on staff to process your claim.

* You may not, as of present, claim territory in the Southern Wastes *
the penguins are not what they seem


📍 Enlarged Version 📍

Master Cartographer:



  • Be excellent to each other. This is meant to be an open and welcoming place. And it will be kept that way.

  • Please designate posts either "IC" (In-character) or "OOC" (Out-of-character). This will help contribute to keeping the roleplay running smoothly.

  • Ceasing-to-Exist: If your nation CTE's, you will not be immediately removed from the map. Some amount of flexibility will be taken into consideration. But the amount of time that will be allowed before such a removal takes place will be at the discretion of the moderators.

  • Godmodding: Don't do it. This will be heavily moderated.

  • Read factbook

    One rule I would like to highlight is that you always designate your posts as either "IC" (In Character) or "OOC" (Out of Character). In case you aren't aware, an "IC" post would be anything from the point of view of your nation, or to do with the workings and/or goings-on of your nation. An "OOC" post would be anything else, such as discussions about how the RP works, rules, etc.

    Please try to keep this in mind, even if you think it is obvious, as it will be helpful to get into the habit. Doing so will greatly facilitate comprehension and allow someone to scan back through previous posts with far greater ease, should they want to catch up on part of the story. Obviously, slip-ups will happen, and folks may forget, at times, but please make an effort to follow this standard.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.

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