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Deutschland RMB

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Post-Apocalyptic Empire of Yermaney (elected )

Founder: The Post-Apocalyptic Empire of Yermaney

Last WA Update:

Board Activity History Admin Rank

Most Nations: 365th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 514th
World Factbook Entry

Deutschland ist eine liberale, demokratische, kosmopolitische und mehrsprachige
Region. Jeder ist willkommen, Fremdenhass werden wir jedoch nicht tolerieren.
Die Sprachen sind Deutsch und Englisch. The spoken languages are German and English.

Sport Pinnwand
Wir sind Wimbledon Sieger!
und U21 Europameister
und Confed Cup Gewinner
und ach ja, Deutschlands Nachbar ist Weltmeister

Titelseite Pinnwand
Tanz in den Mai. Deutschland war Featured Region am Maifeiertag, 1. Mai 2016.
Sommervergnügen. Deutschland war Featured Region am 16. August 2016.
Herbstfest. Deutschland war Featured Region am 8. November 2018.

Wiedergründung Pinnwand
März 2020. Siebter Jahrestag!

Embassies: 10000 Islands, Deutsch, France, Israel, ITALIA, Australia, Scandinavia, Portugal, India, Philosophy 115, Atlantis, Eurth, Greater Middle East, Southfield, Da Couch Gang, Arconian Empire, and 17 others.The SOP, Philippines, China, Iran, Brasil, Novo Brasil, Worms, United Poland Union, Empire of Great Britain, United States of America, Laissez Faireholm, Nelborne Union, Konfoederation deutschsprachiger Staaten, The Great Universe, The Bar on the corner of every region, Indonesia Raya, and The south India.

Tags: Casual, Democratic, Featured, Medium, and Non-English.

Regional Power: Moderate

Deutschland contains 49 nations, the 365th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Average Incomes in Deutschland

The World Census carefully compared the average spending power of citizens in each nation.

As a region, Deutschland is ranked 7,732nd in the world for Highest Average Incomes.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Holy Empire of Shogunate TamrielAuthoritarian Democracy“Nur mit Psynergie wird dieses Reich groß.”
2.The Pandemic Suppression Efforts of The Saar CommuneCorrupt Dictatorship“In the face of crisis, we may not ignore those in need.”
3.The Empire of WarthingtonPsychotic Dictatorship“Befreit von den Fesseln der Unterdrückung!”
4.The Democratic Republic of DDRMoralistic Democracy“DDR”
5.The Renegade Colony of Southern YermaneyNew York Times Democracy“crush, kill, destroy, swag”
6.The Baden-Württemberg of Baden-WuerttembergLeft-wing Utopia“Ländle”
7.The Confederacy of North SandalusiaCompulsory Consumerist State“L'argent gouverne le monde”
8.The Post-Apocalyptic Empire of YermaneyNew York Times Democracy“remember the dead, but fight for the living”
9.The Democratic Republic of HeidelbergDemocratic Socialists“Never give up”
10.The Allied States of Bavaria and FranconiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Denn es gibt einen für alle und alle für einen”

Last poll: “Wie hast du die Region Deutschland gefunden?”

Regional Happenings


Deutschland Regional Message Board

Hallo zusammen!
Wow, schon wieder ein Monat durch, wo fliegt die Zeit nur immer hin?

Hier ist das Neueste vom Neuen in 10000 Islands

10000 Islands Emissary Update

Date: May 2020
Population: 2533
Delegate Endorsements: 774
Forum: Link
Discord: Link

TITO Command

Has your region been invaded, or do you want to get in touch with TITO? If so, contact one of the following nations:
~Chief Executive: Markanite.
~Field Commander: Kanta Hame.
~Tactical Officers: Shy Guyia, Smugglers and Mercs (EF), Mingulay Isle, THX1138.
~Executive Officers: Aschente, Hakketomat.


As of this reportís publication, the Government of 10000 Islands consists of:
~Chief Executive: Markanite
~WA Delegate: Kuriko
~Senior Senator for Blue Canaria North (Emissary Report): Grea Kriopia
~Senator for Lyonnesse East (Houses): The United Royal Islands of Euramathania
~Senator for New Republica South (Debates and Discussions): Controlitia
~Senator for Himes West (RP): Marxist Germany
~Minister of Labor: HumanSanity
~Minister of Immigration: THX1138
~Minister of Education: The Tasmanian Islands

Information about other government officials of 10000 Islands can be found Linkhere.

May Elections

Scheduled elections took place in May for the positions of Senator for New Republica South and Senator for Blue Canaria North.

Controlitia of MSPP defeated Dorab of WIP with 32 votes to 28 to become Senator of New Republica South.

Grea Kriopia of MSPP defeated Shy Guyia, an Independent, with 47 votes to 17 to become Senator of Blue Canaria North

XKI thanks Pelanesomunk and HN67 for the previous service. Congratulations to the winning candidates!

Additional Government Changes

~ Some new faces joined the FA team as Valars was appointed Emissary to Warzone Sandbox and Wille-Harlia was appointed Emissary to Independent Order as XKI opened new embassies with both regions.
~ The Cultural Office continued to grow as HumanSanity hired Klick klack and Free Las Pinas as Cultural Office Assistants.
~ Additionally, Wille-Harlia was hired as Deputy Cartographer General to help out Paffnia with the regional map.
~ Delegate Kuriko and Tuga Nation were both hired as Account Maskers to help with the uptick in forum activity.
~ Xeknos, Vivolkha, Liberdon, and Anisopterra were all hired as a new batch of Official Endorsers to encourage WA members to endorse the Delegate.

Around the Islands

~ In May, XKI broke its all-time population record from 2013, reaching a peak of 3,230 nations! Chief Executive Markanite made it rain free tacos to Islanders in a week-long celebration. Strong thanks to all of our hard-working recruiters who helped out!
~ May's LinkFeatured Nation selected by the Ministry of Education was Thedairos. Relative newcomer Thedairos has been an active TITO member and an overall friendly presence in XKI, congrats Thed!
~ With the spike in population, our Welcome Buddies reached out to nearly 1500 new Islanders in May to help guide new nations through their first NS experiences. Welcome to all of our new nations and fantastic work done by our Welcoming Buddies!
~ Cultural Officer HumanSanity helped XKI join in on The North Pacific's monthly card pull event by contributing a S1 Kozmix and S2 Alkasia to the pull lineup which also included S1 Anime daisuki, S1 Solorni, and S2 Testlandia. No luck for Islanders this time around, but still lots of fun!
~ XKI was invited to the Mafia Universe WW World Championship once again and resident WW expert Aersoldorf stepped up to represent XKI. We wish him the best of luck and will be cheering him on from the stands!
~ At the end of May, the Cultural Office announced the first ever XKI Summer Olympics put together by Olympic Directors HumanSanity and Grea Kriopia, which will host a series of regional events and contests during the month of June. Some events include an issue writing contest, a card farming competition, and a Resistance game. Best of luck to each team and warm thanks to all of our guest judges!

XKI Game-Side

May's regional poll by Woonsocket asked Islanders what they hold near and dear in life.

This month’s RMB posts show what's really on Islander's minds during quarantine...

RMB = Fightclub
*UFO noises*
Quarantine workouts
Hang on a minute...
NS pickup lines
RMB Conspiracies
Horrifying revelations
Healthy eating habits

WA Affairs

May 02, 2020 GA Ban on the Administration of Unwanted Substances: Seeking to prevent the unconsentual administration of substances to protect bodily autonomy.
Author: Morover
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkLink
Regional vote: For 8 | Against 4
Delegate vote: For (weight 836)
Final WA vote: For 14543 (61.5%) | Against 9120 (38.5%)
Result: Passed May 6, becoming GAR#487

May 04, 2020 SC Commend Almonaster Nuevo: Based on the target's extensive graphic design work, dedication to the NationStates Worlds Fair, and service in the region of Canada.
Author: Makdon
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkLink
Regional vote: For 17 | Against 0
Delegate vote: For (weight 842)
Final WA vote: For 21925 (90.3%) | Against 2358 (9.7%)
Result: Passed May 8, becoming SCR#304

May 06, 2020 GA Standards for International Road Freight: An effort to harmonize international road freight regulations and requirements in all member states.
Author: The New Sicilian State
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkLink
Regional vote: For 3 | Against 11 | Abstain 1
Delegate vote: Against (weight 843)
Final WA vote: For 3996 (18%) | Against 18210 (82%)
Result: Failed to pass.

May 08, 2020 SC Condemn Psychotic Dictatorships: Seeking to condemn the target nation (IC) for its disregard of the World Assembly and crimes against humanity.
Author: Morover
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkLink
Regional vote: For 13 | Against 2
Delegate vote: For (weight 854)
Final WA vote: For 18009 (59%) | Against 3390 (41%)
Result: Passed May 12, becoming SCR#305

May 10, 2020 GA Repeal “Data Protection Accord”: An effort to revoke existing legislation on regulating data usage and collection.
Author: United Cats of America
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkLink
Regional vote: For 0 | Against 13
Delegate vote: Against (weight 866)
Final WA vote: For 3409 (14%) | Against 20886 (86%)
Result: Failed to pass

May 12, 2020 SC Commend Audioslavia: Highlighting the target’s engagement in (IC) international sports leagues and sports journalism.
Author: Electrum
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkLink
Regional vote: For 11 | Against 0
Delegate vote: For (weight 864)
Final WA vote: For 22372 (93.8%) | Against 1489 (6.2%)
Result: Passed May 16, becoming SCR#306

May 14, 2020 GA Requiring Promulgation of National Laws: An effort to require law promulgation to increase civic awareness.
Author: Sancta Romana Ecclesia
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkLink
Regional vote: For 11 | Against 3
Delegate vote: For (weight 855)
Final WA vote: For 9420 (41.4%) | Against 13342 (58.6%)
Result: Failed to pass.

May 16, 2020 SC Condemn Auphelia: Seeking to condemn the target for (IC) unchecked crimes against humanity.
Author: Aumeltopia
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkLink
Regional vote: For 7 | Against 7 | Abstain 1
Delegate vote: Abstain (weight 861)
Final WA vote: For 14537 (66%) | Against 7474 (34%)
Result: Passed May 20, becoming SCR#307

May 18, 2020 GA Repeal “Ensuring Safe Syringe Use”: For the purpose of revoking previous legislation on syringe use standards in health care.
Author: Morover
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkLink
Regional vote: For 6 | Against 9
Delegate vote: Against (weight: 854)
Final WA vote: For 19244 (83.6%) | Against 3770 (16.4%)
Result: Passed May 22, becoming GAR#488

May 20, 2020 SC Commend Candensia: Highlighting the target's work in issue writing, regional service in The Hole to Hide In, and WA legislation.
Author: Fauxia
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkLink
Regional vote: For 10 | Against 1
Delegate vote: For (weight 844)
Final WA vote: For 18797 (91.5%) | Against 1755 (8.5%)
Result: Passed May 24, becoming SCR#308

May 22, 2020 GA Ethical Treatment of Animals in Research: Seeking to prevent the infliction of harm on animals in research that requires animal experimentation.
Author: Maowi
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkLink
Regional vote: For 8 | Against 2
Delegate vote: For (weight 846)
Final WA vote: For 18363 (83.3%) | Against 3675 (16.7%)
Result: Passed May 26, becoming GAR#489

May 26, 2020 GA Military Identification Tag Act: Seeking to boost global security by simplifying military personnel identification.
Author: Alba and Cymru
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkLink
Regional vote: For 13 | Against 1 | Abstain 1
Delegate vote: For (weight 849)
Final WA vote: For 18296 (85%) | Against 3235 (15%)
Result: Passed May 30, becoming GAR#490

May 27, 2020 SC Commend Vilita and Turori: Seeking to commend the target's (IC) achievements in international sports leagues and work in hosting/creating international sports leagues.
Author: Francois Isidore
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkLink
Regional vote: For 10 | Against 0 | Abstain 1
Delegate vote: For (weight 842)
Final WA vote: For 18064 (90.9%) | Against 1818 (9.1%)
Result: Passed May 31, becoming SCR#309

May 30, 2020 GA Restrictions on Blood Sports: An effort to promote moral decency through regulating blood sports in terms of safety.
Author: Honeydewistania
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkLink
Regional vote: For 4 | Against 10
Delegate vote: Against (weight 826)
Final WA vote: For 8972 (43.7%) | Against 11554 (56.3%)
Result: Failed to pass

Meet A Nation Interview

In this edition, we have the distinct pleasure to sit down and talk with an Islander who has been with us for a long time but only recently returned from a few years absence. Controlitia has in the past served in TITO Command and on the Council of Nine and currently serves as the newly elected Senator for New Republica South and as a TITO Knight.

GK: To start things off, do you have an earliest memory of XKI? If not, do you remember how you joined NS/XKI?

Control: I don’t really have a concrete earliest memory, but I do remember how I joined both NS and XKI. I joined NS because I came across Lexicon in a public library and liked it. When I looked into Max Barry more, I found out about NationStates. I played it for a bit and then started to get bored with just the one nation (Fosfjapias, named by keysmashing) and created a couple puppets to try for specific government types. One of those puppets got a recruiting telegram from Markanite that included some information about TITO, so I sent that puppet to XKI to join in and all of a sudden it was my main.

GK: So what made you decide to come back to NS after being away for a few years?

Control: I thought about checking in on XKI after years away due to the pandemic, but I rejoined because I wasn’t in college anymore. One of the main reasons that I CTE’d was that I was busy with schoolwork and clubs and such and didn’t have much time for NationStates. I was also usually in class at minor and doing homework or hanging out with friends at major, so I didn’t even have TITO to drive involvement. Now that I work a desk job, I can be around a lot more.

GK: Can you talk about some of the major changes you've noticed in XKI since returning?

Control: One thing that struck me was that politics have gotten more active. In my experience, XKI politics were broadly run along the lines of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and people didn’t really look to change much. Politics are much more active today and people are actively looking for things that we can improve and innovate on. You can also see a change in tone from the comments in my yaffice; it’d be a lot harder to see Barry going around and pretending to bribe senators today. It’s also odd to be in an XKI without Grub.

GK: And what about things that haven't changed? Do you feel like there are some aspects of XKI that have pretty much stayed the same?

Control: I feel like Taco Island has not changed much. Still spammy, still fun. XKI as a whole is as welcoming and laid back as ever. I don’t feel like TITO has changed all that much either, which works for me 😉

GK: I have to ask, with your extensive past work in TITO as a Knight and former member of Command, how does it feel to be back in action?

Control: It’s good to be back in the saddle and working to protect the people of NationStates from unconscionable griefing.

GK: And do you have any sage words of wisdom as an experienced player to newer nations?

Control: NationStates is what you make of it, so get involved but don’t overcommit. It’ll be boring if you let it be boring, it’ll be overwhelming if you get overinvolved. Find your sweet spot and it’s a great game.

GK: Lastly, can you describe XKI in a single word?

Control: Welcoming.

Until next month, your 10KI Update Staff is signing off - Grea Kriopia
Read dispatch

West Cantabrigia wrote:Will jemand mit mir eine Union wie die Europaeische Union machen? (Deutsche Union?) Wir koennten oeffene Grenzen haben und eine gemeinsame Waehrung benutzen.

Falls du der Union eine Factbook-Seite widmest, verlinke sie ruhig auf dem RMB, damit mehr Leute sie lesen.

Ludwigreich wrote:Wow, schon wieder ein Monat durch, wo fliegt die Zeit nur immer hin?

Bei mir hat sich durch die veränderten Gewohnheiten während der Pandemie-Restriktionen ein etwas verändertes Zeitgefühl bemerkbar gemacht. Geht es anderen auch so?

Willkommen in Deutschland, DDR und Blaue Flussgebiete! Falls ihr eure Nationen in Factbooks beschreibt, landet ihr bestimmt auch irgendwann mal auf der erstaunlichen, grandiosen, überaus prestigeträchtigen Liste... taa daaaa!!!: Factbook des Monats.

In der neuesten Umfrage könnt ihr uns erzählen, wie ihr diese Region entdeckt habt.

Im Factbook des Monats für Juli geht es um die Parteienlandschaft in Jendea. Es lohnt sich, auf die Spoiler (show) zu klicken, allein schon wegen der Gestaltung der Logos. Gebt den Factbooks des Monats (und jeglichen anderen Factbooks, die euch gefallen) auch ruhig ein Upvote, das ist der Pfeil rechts in der Ecke nach oben. Ist eine nette Geste und kann nicht schaden. Bei diesem Factbook habe ich ein neues Wort gelernt, das aus der japanischen Sprache stammende organisatorische Konzept Dōshūsei.



Leader: Mae Yukiyama
Founded: March 1960

Social democracy
Left-wing populism
Political Position:
centre-left to left-wing

National Council Seats: 61/117



Leader: Geoffrey Newport
Founded: September 1937

Conservative liberalism
Fiscal conservatism
Rhine capitalism
Political Position:

National Council Seats: 34/117



Leader: Henry Cooper
Founded: October 2011

Economic liberalism
Classical liberalism
Radical centrism
Political Position:
centre to centre-right

National Council Seats: 13/117

Future Democratic

Future Democratic

Leader: Jason Fox
Founded: July 2006

Social liberalism
Political Position:
centre to centre-left

National Council Seats: 9/117

Read factbook

Willkommen zurück, Zweisamkeitund Luftkuss mit den romantischen Namen.

Willkommen in Deutschland, Malukistan.

Bin wieder da :winke_winke:

Shogunate Tamriel wrote:Bin wieder da :winke_winke:

Hallo! Es ist richtig schön, wenn bekannte Länder sich wieder einfinden.

Ist ja auch mit Tamriel (dem Reich, nicht ich) die beste Gruppierung, Baden-Wuerttemberg

Razorendia, willkommen zurück in Deutschland. Noch ein bereits wohlbekanner Name! Wie geht es dir?

Es wäre amüsant, wenn andere Deutschland-Urgesteine auch wieder vorbeischauen würden. Zum Beispiel Schwoizerland, Loichtenreich, Bruelingen, The new freedom, Patagonien, Infinis, Capitalistic island, Rockys island, Steamengine, Scorgolia, The frisian sea, Frische, Auchsesheim, Novayonia...

Hallö Erhaltland sowie Hesse-Rheinfels. Macht's euch gemütlich, und wenn ihr mögt, erzählt uns was über eure Länder.

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