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Tell me you guys thoughts about my province dispatch, and don't be hesitate to ask me anything.

Mon Silanies wrote:Mais? It means corn in French.

Maïs is corn.
Mais is but.

Senator Paulina Perot nominated to be Prime Minister of Alinn
Augusta Lancet — The Alinnian Herald

For the second time in the nation’s history, the Prime Minister is a female. President Haines-Korbin announced that she accepted Prime Minister Bortreau’s resignation early Wednesday morning and nominated Paulina Perot, the Senior Senator from the district of Rivers’ Bend, to fill his position as Acting Prime Minister.

“Senator Perot has excelled in her position as the senator from Rivers’ Bend, so it is only fitting that I nominate her to serve as my left-hand woman on our path to move this nation forward,” President Haines-Korbin spoke quite passionately about Perot, one of the fiercest conservative voices in the Sentinel. Yet rising dissent to her tenure in office within her home district was evident in pre-polling, as her competitor Melissa McVenter currently trails her by a meek 3% in the polls.

Considering Senator Perot was running for re-election, what does this mean for her campaign? Under the Alinn City Accord, President Haines-Korbin has a maximum of two weeks to send Perot’s credentials and security clearance information to the Sentinel for her confirmation. Given that the election is only three days away, it is unlikely Korbin will look to confirm her before then. If the president loses re-election, Senator Perot will still have a chance at remaining the senator from her district. Under election laws set by the ACA, political parties are prohibited from changing their nominee for the upcoming election if the election is less than 14 days away.

Many political analysts view this as a chance for Korbin to bolster her conservative backing across the country as polls show Sindevir now leads her in key swing districts. While the economy is well on the road to recovery, opponents of the administration say many Alinnians are still “left in the dark without any guidance as to where to begin to rebuild”, Sindevir stated at a rally in Nyleno last night. The same political analysts also comment that this is one of the closest matchups this country has ever seen, and that no one can begin to predict the end result. “Earlier on in the campaign season, it was surprisingly easier to predict where voters’ minds were. Yet as the campaign season continued and the administration faced more issues, it threw the entire outcome of the election into uncertainty. It’s quite mind boggling,” commented Alendri Maksma, a Political Science professor at Alinn City University. “The great thing about it is that we’re going to see awesome turnout for this election, and essentially, that’s what it is all about. Democracy is clearly working.”

With the election three days away, one thing is certain: we have absolutely no idea who the President of Alinn will be on August 2nd.

Syvis wrote:Tell me you guys thoughts about my province dispatch, and don't be hesitate to ask me anything.

I presume the other nations listed are like diaspora //immigration?

Mauvemarke News Bulletin

In an announcement to the press, Queen Iztacciwatl has apologised for her absence from late affairs, since she thought it would be nice to go on holiday to Liossalde and enjoy the sun. She is expected to return at the end of this week.

I'm glad to announce you that Mon Silanies is effective immediately our new Officer of Regional Security (cabinet aide under the Ministry of Justice).

Hey people a friendly reminder to vote on the last day for the Mayorship of the DSA Capital! So go and vote the candidate you like the most! There's Nathanel (Mon Silanies candidate), Moolisa (Sessnia candidate) and Żaru (Bhexa).

Here's the link for the election thing:

Love you all! Hope everyone has a nice day/evening/night

By voting for this WA proposal, would it increase or decrease access to medical care?

Members of Congress

The following legislation is up for a vote until August 2nd.

Nomination Streamlining Act:

Embassy Requirements Ratification Act:

An Tir Glas wrote:I presume the other nations listed are like diaspora //immigration?

It's the top three immigrant populations of those provinces

Gallo Republic wrote:By voting for this WA proposal, would it increase or decrease access to medical care?

Gallo Republic wrote:

I think it doesn't

Anyone know what's happening with the Discord? Most of the channels aren't showing up.

Lynnae wrote:Anyone know what's happening with the Discord? Most of the channels aren't showing up.

The server is fine for me. I just saw that you have the 'CTEd' role in the Discord server, could that have anything to do with it?

I accidiently shut down my space program :/

Curlingland wrote:I accidiently shut down my space program :/

Damn. How're you gonna defend against the aliens now?

Lynnae wrote:Anyone know what's happening with the Discord? Most of the channels aren't showing up.

The nation you verified with moosebot CTEd so I think you would need to verify with your current nation

and while you're at it, finally join Congress so you can be on the maps

Student Loan Debt wrote:and while you're at it, finally join Congress so you can be on the maps

The map process is too hard imo.

Gallo Republic wrote:The map process is too hard imo.

How's it hard? You just have to opt in on the WFE.

Student only requires a copy of your ID, home address, and 8 grams of medicinal marijuana.

The Finno-Estonian Empire wrote:How's it hard? You just have to opt in on the WFE.

It could be easier.

The Satoma Post

National Primary Finishes With Surprising Results
By Loren Delaro

Results have come in from Alvero's nationwide primary, with a couple interesting and tight races.

First let's talk about the unsurprising. Adela Gallego has secured her party's nomination for a third term as leader of the Labor party. Gallego faced little competition with the only challenger being controversial figure Pascal Velares getting only 13% of the vote. Gallego campaigned on a platform of expanding the Gravian Prosperity Program, a universal basic income program trialed province wide in Gravia, nationwide. She also campaigned on reforming the healthcare system with her proposed Accessible Healthcare Act which seeks to nationalize hospitals and clinics nationwide and set a ten year goal to build accessible hospitals and clinics in the neglected rural regions of Alvero where the nearest hospital can be as far as two hours away.

Rupert Howard, current leader of the Conservative Party, faced a tough re-election with two major contenders challenging him for the party's leadership role. Eduard Celaro had been neck and neck with Howard in recent polls, with both polling 34%. But in a surprise upset, Roman Numos squeaked a narrow win of the party's nomination when he was polling at 22%. Numos, a former member of the Alvero First party, ran a populist campaign with a platform of curbing immigration, protectionism, and requiring term limits.

Eduard Galenz of the Liberal Party, a member of the party's social liberal faction, was challenged by Anton Bruno, a member of the party's Libertarian faction. Galenz won a narrow victory with his focus on building a new free trade agreement in the Gervase Bay region, and expanding low interest loans to private college for students below the poverty line.

Stella Carrero faced no serious challengers and won her re-election as leader of the Green Party with ease. The focus of her campaign was her People's Energy Act, which seeks to nationalize Alvero's energy infrastructure as well as the oil and coal production, with the goal of transitioning to 100% clean energy by 2032.

Richard Johnson of the Alvero First party, who repeatedly called for criminalizing Alvero's sex work industry and denounced homosexuality as being "degenerate", had declined to seek re-election after being caught soliciting prostitution from a male "catboy" sex worker, sending a shockwave through the party's socially conservative members. Vincent Alaro and Albin Septarus faced off in a tight race with Alaro winning by a four point margin. Alaro ran on curbing immigration by reducing work visas and deporting any immigrant convicted of any crime, and building a new border security agency.

Juan Vincente of the Communist party had faced a challenge from Ella Singh, but narrowly came out ahead. Vincent campaigned on the abolition of private property and ending Alvero imperialism abroad.

The election will be held on December 3rd.

You can view more information about the parties at this link:

Alvero Political Parties

Labor Party

Leader: Adela Gallego
Color: Red
Ideology: Center-left; Social Democratic; Democratic Socialist

The Labor party was founded by modern Alvero's founding father August Marx. It has been the ruling party for all three terms of Alveran history, and has had to form a coalition with the Green party in the last two election to gain a majority to get legislation passed. The party is primarily a Social Democratic party, but there are sizeable Democratic Socialist and Social Liberal factions in the party.

Conservative Party

Leader: Roman Numos
Color: Blue
Ideology: Center-right; Conservative

The Conservative Party has been the leading opposition party since modern Alvero's founding. It has yet to build a coalition to challenge Labor's rule over parliament. The Conservative party has tended to ally itself with the Liberal Party, and sometimes Alvero First when it has to. There is also a sizeable religious and nationalist factions in the party.

Liberal Party

Leader: Eduard Galenz
Color: Yellow
Ideology: Center; Social liberal; Libertarian

The Liberal Party is the third largest party in Alvero and has tended to ally itself with the Conservative party. The liberal party describes themselves as moderates who are socially progressive. The party is primarily social liberal with a sizeable Libertarian faction in the party as well.

Green Party

Leader: Stella Carrero
Color: Green
Ideology: Left; Green; Eco-Socialist

The Green Party is the fourth largest party in Alvero and has been a part of the majority coalition led by the Labor Party in the past two governments. Green is focused on environmental issues and tends to be on the left.

Alvero First

Leader: Vincent Alaro
Color: Orange
Ideology: Far Right; Nationalist

Alvero First is the fifth largest party in Alvero and sometimes serves as part of the opposition coalition led by the Conservative Party. The party founded after a split with Conservative politicians at the Conservative party's founding. They have not received any sizeable amount of seats and are considered a fringe party.

Communist Party

Leader: Juan Vicente
Color: Maroon
Ideology: Far Left; Communist

The Communist Party is the sixth largest party in Alvero. They have yet to serve in any coalition. They have very few seats and are considered a fringe party.

Read factbook

Gallo Republic wrote:It could be easier.

Like how?

Student Loan Debt wrote:Like how?

I just don't think it's easily accessible. That's all.

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