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We are the Dawn of Civilization Roleplay region!
We roleplay here and would apriciate if you'd join us!

Our roleplay is centered around the early civilizations and the progressive shift to modernity

Fill out an application and send it to the admins to join (by telegram to all admins or discord)


Currently it is Early Ancient Era
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Tags: Founderless and Minuscule.

Dawn of Civilization Roleplay contains 4 nations.

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The Least Corrupt Governments in Dawn of Civilization Roleplay

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As a region, Dawn of Civilization Roleplay is ranked 13,155th in the world for Least Corrupt Governments.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Commonwealth of Viscount-51Anarchy“Hello”
2.The Republic of Wadomonado BeroushLiberal Democratic Socialists“Strength Through Compliance”
3.The Republic of Devils WarInoffensive Centrist Democracy“By The People For The People”
4.The Old Gods of Bloody deathCompulsory Consumerist State“DIE!!!”

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Winter is upon us
Ntwatws Tntay Tmeyo has announced that all tribes in the Wildwoods area are advised to start gathering the harvest and the fish and prepare for the cold times. A full wolf moon will be upon the tribe in a matter of days.

Elder Meeting
The tribal elders will be summoned to council at Shackamaxion-Elm in two days to discuss the possibility of trade with surrounding nations in the area. The Elders have announced that there will be a powwow held on the island and all are welcome if willing and able. You are asked to bring food for the feast.

Unknown Ship Washes Ashore
An abandoned boat washed up on the shore. Our soldiers have started investigating it and have determined it to be foreign in origin.

Holy atlantic civilization

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Westward Expansion
The Taoiseach Mr, decided that it was time to show the rest of their neighbors who would be the ruler and who would be the ruled. He marched his army westwards towards the southern fingers of the emerald isle, intent on subjugating the tribes along the way. Most tribes, upon seeing the size of the Eylendic Tribe decided to surrender peacefully to Taoiseach Brian, therefore expanding Eylendia's borders. Not all went peacefully and Brian Foghladha would begin the slow work of forcefully silencing these pockets of small hostile tribes. Any Chieftain he found that chose to fight against him he had executed, while the strongest were chosen to be fight each other for his entertainment.
Declaration of a Kingdom
After successfully marching into the southern fingers and annexing it, Taoiseach Brian Foghladha declared that by divine right, Athair had told him that he was chosen to become the King of his people, and was promised any land he would set foot onto. He therefore had the High Priest of Athair crown him as King of Eylendia, and in doing this formed the first Kingdom on the emerald isle.

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Council Convened
The council meeting agreed on adapting new policies regarding the lands to the south near Delaware Bay and the islands in the bay. Delaware Island will be a farm for the southern tribes. Mud island in the north of the river will be left alone. Pennypack Creek will be left to the local tribe but will be used for commerce.

Bodies Found
The abandoned ship was found to contain the skeletons of the deceased crew. One body was partially decayed with some flesh still attached. The person was indeed foreign and had no features of any surrounding nations. The remaining cargo was seized and investigated. Strange writing was found in a ledger that includes a chart of strange lands. Shiny objects were found in the wreck and were seized. The deceased were given a proper burial with all the proper rites despite being foreigners.

Expedition Sent North
A cousin tribe has not been heard of in a year. A party of warriors has been sent North to investigate the whereabouts with rumors of being destroyed have produced fear among the nation.


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Ur Kaśdim, Mesopotamia
Abram rubbed his eyes and stretched. He moved slowly so as not to wake his sleeping wife. His nephew, Lot, was already awake.
"Good morning uncle"
Abram nodded and made his way to the tent entrance. When he stepped outside in the hot morning he heard a man's voice calling for him

He looked around, not a single person

He realized that the voice had to be in his head, a god was speaking to him

"I am here" he said aloud. The voice of the god continued

"Go from your country, your people and your fathers household to the land I will show you. I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse;
and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you."

He started shaking in fear. Leave? Uproot his life at 75 and start again in a strange land? Surely there was a purpose to this.

"As you command it, it shall be done"

He made his way back to the tent, his entire family was awake. He cleared his throat

"Everyone, we are moving West. I was issued a command by a god to pack up and leave. Come on, we don't have time to waste"

His wife spoke up
"Dear, where are we going?"


Where did he get Canaan from? He just felt it in his bones that's where he had to go

Lot spoke up
"Uncle this will take time. Also, you look different"

"Different? How?"

"You you have an aura about you of.....purity"

Abram shrugged and got to packing up for the long journey West

*Some Time Later*
Shechem, Canaan

As they passed through Moreh, he came upon some locals engaged in worship of a local god. He couldn't help but snicker a bit at them. He heard the voice speak once again only this time he saw an apparition in the form of a man. This apparition was a young man dressed in simple white robes, he was bearded and had curly hair. In an instant the man shifted forms to a woman then back to the man. This was the voice of the god in human form. He fell to his knees

"To your offspring I will give this land"

The apparition vanished. He quickly built an altar and gave an offering of one of his flock in gratitude. His family continued on to Bethel.

Holy atlantic civilization

I hope that this alliance does not suck. I have to much power to be treated as a puppet. Oh, I would also like to be one of the top leaders in this alliance.

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