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Post by Krainabogow suppressed by Ravachole.


Fellow occupants of the Great region of Controlistia,

The Government of Krainabogów hereby requires your opinion on the topic of creating a union of Controlistian socialist democratic republics.
Such an organization would be a great way to share thoughts and ideas about the best ways in which Controlistian republics could apply socialist ideals and ultimately achieve full socialism everywhere in the region.

Please leave your opinions on what should be the status, rules and policies of such an organization, and declare whether you will support it, or fight it.

Post by Medici Empire suppressed by Ravachole.

As it's the beginning of the region, I propose myself for the post of Minister of the armed forces. For security for you
Vote for me

Post by Barcides suppressed by Mittelheim.

Medici Empire wrote:Can we be active here or not?

depends on what you call being active