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Knowing the SWAT from before also had masks, the soldiers also take the masks and slip them on. They make their way into a nearby room.

They would likely have to punch through a team to break through the hallway, however, the surprise from the mercenaries using gas masks would likely make them break.

[theyre not moving hallways unless there isnt any rooms on the sides

The smoke clears and the team, surprised, finds the mercenaries gone. The National Garrison is called in, seeing how they just avoided 4 SWAT teams by just slipping into a room. There was only 1 (Out of the 4 SWAT teams) outside, and they weren't really ready to start looking for the mercenaries. The teams split up into different rooms, and begin to clear them out and attempt to follow the Mercenaries.

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Post self-deleted by Vonihove.

In the third room, the shields were set up on chairs, blocking sight into the rest of the room.

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Vonihove wrote:In the third room, the shields were set up on chairs, blocking sight into the rest of the room.

The squad would enter the room, finding it odd the shields that were placed on the chairs to be odd, so they formed a shield wall and looked around, advancing slowly.

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The window was missing.

They'd advance towards it

They were gone.

The commander yells out in fury, while the Planetary Garrison was arriving in ten to twenty minutes, giving the mercs plenty of time to get away. The police in the area would try to find them, however, they were likely spread thin and it would be easy to get away.

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They would spread out, but 2 soldiers would end up being shot dead by police [rp that how u wish]. The rest escape to Site C.

Up to you)
The Garrison arrives, the clone troopers obviously annoyed by the lack of ability of the police forces. Patrols are sent out, as many helicraft began to fly around in order to try to find them. This was a half an hour later, probably allowing the mercenaries to escape with an incredible amount of time to spare

Redwood mercenaries

A civilian passenger ship arrives on Arcadia. One civilian, a male in his early 40's walked through security and passed without a hitch. He was a recent kidnapping victim who had no recollection of what happened to him during his time away. He, Harvey Cooper, would get on the bus, coughing a bit. Once he sat himself down, he fell into a larger coughing fit, and waved off any help other passengers tried to give him. They would probably scoot a bit away, a little worried about their health. Harvey's coughs subsided, and he looked out the window, smiling as the Bus began to move. Around thirty minutes into his trip, Harvey began to cough once again, only, this was more violent than the previous fits he had gone through. He spat out blood, falling to the ground as he began to asphyxiate on his own blood. A rotten smell arose from his body, as he writhed around, choking on his own blood while he tried to ask for help. He soon fell limp, dead. The Bus was probably in an uproar, and maybe stopped. If so, this would raise the risk of becoming infected. If not, the bus would have to hurry to its destination, otherwise the passengers would have an even higher chance of becoming infected.

(I'm tempted to make these zombie-like creatures, just to add damage, however, that'd be a little overkill. If you want them to be able to become zombie-like beasts, then I'll do it.
Here are the disease traits:
Abnormal Swelling
Respiratory issues
Sudden and uncontrollable bleeding.

How does it spread?
Mainly airborne, if anyone touches an infected persons blood, they too will become infected. The disease can travel for miles (This is if the wind is right) if not, it has a range of about 4-6 feet.

How fast does it take effect?
About 2-3 days, infected will first have a fever, then swelling and coughing, soon other symptoms will follow.

Abnormal Cases?
Sometimes the swelling can burst, spraying contaminated, well, blood and other bodily fluids about 2 feet. This is a rare case, only around 5 in 100 people have this effect.

In a Derikan star system, Octavius Orion inhabits the same disease, and dies in a transport on its way to a major planet (Your choice)

On Amasa and Dwarka, Rothellans have been seen with these traits, no questioning has been raised because of the civil war. On Dwarka, clones and Eclipse soldiers have been taking casualties in the thousands as a result of this disease.

[yea its fine if theyre zombies

In Palisade City, an ambulance arrives on scene of a downed man, followed by 2 cop cars. As per protocol, the bus was moved to the side of the magnetic street to keep traffic moving. The police move all the passengers off the bus and to a safe distance away from it. EMTs wearing masks then board the bus to deal with the man. They check him over and decide he's deceased, so they put him in the ambulance.

The other passengers are asked to submit to a test. Most citizens would, but some wouldn't. They weren't forced to participate, though. This test wouldn't work anyway because this is a new disease. After clearing all the citizens, the EMTs get back in the ambulance and drive to a hospital. The man is treated there and eventually resuscitated.

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