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Who misses my bars?

Hail the Confederation!

Zicona and Black hawks spy

Philippine Marxist Government wrote:Who misses my bars?

Hail the Confederation!

Stop doubling posting there was a reason we kicked you out.

Hail the Confederation!

OOC: A reminder that I believe is necessary due to the amount of RMB posts that have violated it; there is an RMB Act in this region. Every member of the Confederation must abide by it. For those who forgot it/never read it to begin with, please take the time to read it before your next post, as I really do dislike constantly reminding people to Hail the Confederation at the end of their posts or to not double post.


AMENDED 29th JUNE 2020

The Commission to the World Assembly, on behalf of the Imperial Council, decrees the following:

  • This body declares the Confederation's Regional Message Board (RMB) is to be respected as a sanctuary of political and intellectual discussion;

  • This body demands that the RMB is used only for in-character events and/or administrative posting;

    • This body requests that all administrative posts are marked as out of character using "OOC";

  • This body requires that all RMB posts are written in well formatted, comprehensible English;

  • This body outlaws any form of spam;

    • This body considers regional recruitment from outside regions as spam;

  • This body forbids double, triple, or more posting in succession by a single nation;

    • This body exempts Imperial Council, and Imperial Senate, nations making administrative announcements from the above;

  • This body grants nations who hold a seat on the Imperial Council the right to censor comments of nonsensical, proactive or aggressive natures;

    • This body grants the nation of the President of the Imperial Senate the right to censor comments as above;

  • This body redirects the posting of all off-topic discussion to the Confederation's discord server:;

  • This body instructs all nations to end their communications with the Confederation's motto, "Hail the Confederation!";

    • This body clarifies that shortened or otherwise modified forms of this motto are not permitted;

  • This body warns that a breach, however minute, in the above act will be viewed as an act of insurgency against the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators and will be punished via the appropriate legal proceedings; and

  • This body reserves the right to amend the above legislation at any given time.

Read factbook

Besides this, I have an announcement to make: starting tomorrow and ending next Saturday, I will be campin. I will not have my phone or any other form of electronic, so I will not be active in NS and Discord. I have already said this on the Discord server, but I wanted to make sure that people understand when I don’t respond to them throughout next week.

One Empire, One People, One Goal
Hail Eurasia
Hail the Confederation


In an attempt to counteract Daulmarkian aggression against the Usean continent, Banker Bloc executives have approved occupation of the Floral Islands for strategic protection of the region. In a mostly peaceful troop landing, the Feuraxian flag has been raised on Kalaahmai island, the largest and geographically closest to Marundia. It is expected that Feuraxian forces will continue to advance West, putting as great a buffer between Daulmark and Usea as possible.

Independent News that expands views

Hail the Confederation!

Black hawks spy

Dáxlam is back!

Brad is Back

TG for more information...

Presented By Ałjoca Čolkava

Ibjalni Korvačević, Minister of Exterior

Earlier this week Feuraxian forces have occupied the Straken-Noskyavian Floral Islands, and are holding military positioning on Kalaahmai island, the largest landmass of the collection. This theft of Floral landclaim is not only unjust to the native inhabitants, but will allow easier long-range weapon access to Daulmārkian land! The Secretariat of Foreign Alliances, Načlan Дrūjiće, is demanding that the Combined Noskyavian Bloc People’s Military Treaty send retaliation together, and reclaim the islands for the continent. In a press statement, Дrūjiće declared that imperialist influence will be cleared from Noskyavian ground with the combined power of the communist bloc, and won’t stop the retaliation until the message to Usea is clearly received.

Work Hard For The Benefit Of Our Glorious Fatherland, Comrades!
Work Twice As Hard Tomorrow Than You Did Today!
Long Live Novikov!

[♪ national anthem instrumental ♪]
Hail The Confederation

"It's over."

Artem stares out the window of the Premier's Estate

"Their are still goals we must achieve, my dearest."

Nikolina remarks as she caresses his hair.

"We must strive for a state that follows the law of Marx, not one that cries for the rights of the many."

Artem says, his eyes still fixated on Krasnyy.

"My love, the people will not respond to this power change with good will, even if it is the word of Marx. You must show your strength, the strength of a centralized state. Execute all that stand in your way."

Nikolina responds as she leans in closer Artem.

"Nikolina, I know this. Though it will be hard to conceal it, even beyond the eyes of the party. As Chairwoman of The Council of Ministers, I want you to start mandated forced labour in our nations prisons, along with building new complexes to house deserters of the state."

"Of course, Artem. I will leave you too it."

She kisses Artem on the cheek, and leaves the room. After she is gone, he picks up the phone on his desk.

"Yes, bring in Vsaliy, I would like to speak to him."

After a couple of minutes, Vsaliy enters the room.

"Ah, hello Artem. I hope the power hasn't gotten to your head just yet!"

Vsaliy says, jokingly.

"Hello, Vsaliy, please, sit down."

Vsaliy does as instructed.

"Now, what have you called me here for- hm? Perhaps you would like to raise my spirits by offering me a role in your new government?"

"Why, that is exactly what I wanted to talk to you about. I want to appoint you as Minister of The Interior, as such, you will handle all matters of civil and governmental action. Or in other words, you will fill out the will of the state upon the people. Though I am afraid that you will not understand the gravity of your position. You see, I want to construct buildings of great... brutality- if you will. And this means I will need a person to oversee these matters that knows when to- how should I put this- lighten the load of the matter at hand."

"Ah, I- I see what you mean."

"Then I suppose you can fill out that part of your duty?"

"Of course."

"Wonderful! Well, Vasily, you're hired!"

"Thank you, Artem, I will- fulfill the role with honor and integrity."

"That's what I like to hear! Because if you don't-"

Artem changes his stance dramatically.

"I will have to dispose of you."

"Of- of couse, sir. I'll- I'll be on my way then."

"I suppose you will, old friend. Meet at the Party Congress this Friday, it is then when I will appoint my government."

"I'll be their, goodbye, Artem."

"Goodbye, Vasily."

Vasily hastily leaves the room. Artem leans back in his chair;

"At last, it's all coming together."

Hail the Confederation!

Hail my Confederation Brothers and Sisters. The recent World Assembly "Resolution" Advancement of Anti-Fascist Action, has me concerned with the way the World Assembly is letting it's power go to it's head in regards to what it thinks it has the Authority to do within a Sovereign Nation. Might I ask your thoughts on the matter.

OOC: To be honest this resolution has me worried for the state of the game. NS was meant to be a place where people could create a nation and run it how they wanted, but we are starting to seriously get into the area of Cancel Culture. The definitions the Bill uses for Fascism is extremely vague. I'm starting to wonder if even being a part of the World Assembly has any meaning. The only reason I've stayed in it this long is to endorse the people in our Region who are keeping abreast of the WA and all the crap we've gotten from other Regions. How many times have we been attacked, and in some cases harassed, just because other regions didn't like us?

All Hail Sovereignty
All Hail Aerilithia
All Hail the Confederation

Aerilithia wrote:Hail my Confederation Brothers and Sisters. The recent World Assembly "Resolution" Advancement of Anti-Fascist Action, has me concerned with the way the World Assembly is letting it's power go to it's head in regards to what it thinks it has the Authority to do within a Sovereign Nation. Might I ask your thoughts on the matter.

OOC: To be honest this resolution has me worried for the state of the game. NS was meant to be a place where people could create a nation and run it how they wanted, but we are starting to seriously get into the area of Cancel Culture. The definitions the Bill uses for Fascism is extremely vague. I'm starting to wonder if even being a part of the World Assembly has any meaning. The only reason I've stayed in it this long is to endorse the people in our Region who are keeping abreast of the WA and all the crap we've gotten from other Regions. How many times have we been attacked, and in some cases harassed, just because other regions didn't like us?

All Hail Sovereignty
All Hail Aerilithia
All Hail the Confederation

OOC: Remember, just ignore the WA.

Hail the Confederation!

President Starlenn is sitting at her desk, working on plans for an upcoming event, when her phone chirps perkily. She picks up her phone and opens the message, which reads:

You will be present for the first anniversary of the adoption of Complete and Utter Freedom by Japan. The celebrations of this momentous occasion will take about two weeks, allowing for travel. Transportation will be provided, along with an escort of Kempetai officers. Governor-General Yamashita earnestly hopes there will be no problem.

All the world under one roof.

Samantha stared daggers at the message as she silently fumed. Of course there would be problems! She's the President of the Imperial Senate! But you can't explain that to a pair of stony-faced Kempatai officers whose only job is to drag you to a series of overly patriotic parades, parties, and presentations. There was still too much to do in the senate! She trusted her fellow senators, but the ban on communicating outside CUF meant that she would be completely cut off, unable to offer any assistance or advice.


It was enough to make someone want a revolution.

Sorry, but I have to leave for two weeks. During this time I will have no access to the internet, so I can't participate in the senate. I have discussed this with the Vice-President, and we believe that my absence will not impact the effectiveness of the Imperial Prosperity Party, despite the recent inactivity. I would like to clarify that I did not schedule this knowing that I would be president, and indeed not even knowing that I would be vice-president.

All the world under one roof.

Hail the Confederation!

"Ah... capitalism, smells great," Medical commented as several dozen excavators began their work. Equestria-2819 had recently been conquered by the MineLegoEquestrian Colonial Ministry with a small task force due to the lack of the proper political entities in the area. However, the large decivilised subpopulations found across Equestria was now demanding more and more personnel to enforce order across the polity. For the idealists, the reason for the invasion of this Equestria was to help restore order, and meanwhile in the hands of the government, it was to get some of that sweet radioactive minerals found in scattered high density locations. Twilight, Starlight, & Sunset Ltc, Ditachyon Incoparated, and Ausien Manfacturing were some of the top consumers for radioactive minerals, but with the strong regulations that were pushed through the Colonial Ministry made sure that the government had a monopoly on extracting radioactive minerals in the Empire. No one in politics wanted another Velsin Incident afterall.

"Capitalism? You sure this isn't state-owned redistribution?" Stylus remarked with a light laugh, stepping up next to him. The socialist undertones of this activity was obvious, Medical knew that well. The government taking over a sector, merely because a corporation couldn't follow some DRWE regulations, and since then redistributing as needed to various industries. Stylus' influence in the government was notable, even expected. Seeping in those naughty, naughty communistic ideals. Which was a decent win for the various left wing parties in MineLegotia and Equestria; and Stylus pushing for the same things they wanted. The little pious anarchist turned into a strong arm Minister, and Medical was okay with that.

"Really? I don't see that many workers down there," Medical gestured at the excavators.

"Oh? So Excavator drivers aren't workers now?" Stylus punched him playfully on the arm, and he rolled his eyes.

"Well then, I hope you heard the news from Governor, you know," He gesitulated. "About the elements of harmony."

Stylus shrugged. "Well, its a good thing that our work doesn't disappear, but I heard that... well, generational conflicts, no?"

"Generational conflicts indeed," Medical sighed as a cigarette was pulled out of a pocket, "And I don't like the social impact of that. More liberal than the generation before them, or at the very least, more morally aligned possibly."

"And that's a bad thing because...?" He puffed on the cigarette, and raised leaned on the hapzardly installed railing.

"Has that anarchist cycnism left you already?" Medical asked, looking at Stylus who - too - leaned on the railing. "Everyone here at the top did the worst, or at the very least did authorised it. With how our bloodlines work, they're probably going to lead some sort of revolution that's going to end with all of us dead."

She nodded, but Medical could tell a counter argument was coming up.

"But... isn't that good? They know what's right, and we don't. Didn't Pastor Cotton say that the Lord comes to correct His Followers every time they go wrong?" She asked, and Medical nodded. "So I'd say its a good thing."

"It's always a good thing if it doesn't happen to us," He responded, the harsh retort mimicking the excavators tearing up the ground. Pausing for a moment, he took a breath of the cigarette before continuing, "But you know how the powerful's life is. Corrupting tiny nations, shaking deals that are morally dubious, and bribing dozens of people..."

"Hmm... I would have loved this a few years ago," Stylus moved closer, wrapping her hooves around Medical's neck. Her breath traced across Medical's ears, and a shudder went down his spine. "Too bad I'm not a journalist anymore dear... and instead your wife."

"What're you going to do? Tell the tabloids about this?" Medical let out a chuckle, deeper and with much more nicotine. "And what will do now since you're my wife?"

"Well... correct you dear," Her tone was suddenly a whisper, and he could feel his ears turn red. "And I have... a many ways of doing that."

"We can do that later, dear..." Medical turned and pecked her on the cheek. "We‘re discussing politics!"

"Alright, alright, but I'm holding this position," She stuck her tongue out. "Its comfy,"

"Fine... but, what am I to do?" He took another sip of the forbidden stick, " I know what I need to do! But... I'm scared, what if it fails? Will Jason be disappointed in me? What if he doesn't approve of what I do?"

Stylus was silent for a moment. The excavtors smashing in the background was the only sound before she spoke up again.

"What does your heart say?" And Medical hummed a tune, the noise faded away and Stylus could just hear the sound of gears turning. He always didnt seem fully equine from time to time. Sure, his eyes showed life nowerdays, but he didn't always acted normal. A strange ability to just power through most tasks without tire, but without much guidance. Desperately grasping at straws to find a strong base. And he struck lucky twice. First her, then God. His belief in the latter was shaky at best, but Stylus knew she had to keep him trusting in something... much more consistent than her. She was once an anarchist, and now a bureaucrat.

"Something... right, I think," He muttered, and he turned back to her. "I should do the right thing..."

"Thats right... I'll be here for you dear," She softly bit his ear, and he chuckled.

"If you want to do this, can we not do it next to the radioactive mineral mine? And at least in the escort vehicle?"

She let go with a chuckle, swinging her tail to grace his muzzle and biting her lip whilst looking back at Medical. The message, loud and clear. "What you waiting for, an invitation?"

Tailspin looked longingly at the bottle of asprin on the table. It was empty, and he needed it as the migraine was breaching doors in his tired mind. But Octavia probably needed more with how much she was pacing back and forth on the floor, he could just see the carpet staying that way for the next few days.

"He said I'd have twins! And bam! A snap of his fingers and now I have twins. And then he said they'd be against me! Against me! We'd be fighting each other!?" Octavia exclaimed, trying to bite fingernails off her hooves, but well, she didnt have fingernails. "I can't handle that! I already miss my parents and I get very upset whenever I fight with them over the smallest things! I can't imagine having a child hating me!"

"Octavia, stop, and listen to me please," He said for the seventeith time. But yet, she continued to ramble. Tailspin sighed, and looked at Vestige, who had earplugs.

"I suggest slapping her," Vestige suggested, gesturing her way. Tailspin raised an eyebrow in response. "Just do it."

Tailspin walked up to her, grabbing her by the withers before gathering enough strength to smack her.


"LISTEN TO ME DEAR," His grip was hard, shaking her before holding her face with his hooves. "Yes, we can have conflict... but listen, conflict needn't mean hate goddammit."


"That's just life... please, dear," He pleaded, "We'll cross that bridge, when we need to, alright?"

"I... fine, fine," Octavia nodded. "But... what if-"

"Shhhhhhhh...." A hoof silenced her woolgathering. "I already said we'll deal with that when we come to it."

"Alright, alright..." Her breathing slowed, and Tailspin slowly moved in for a hug. Tailspin held her for a few moments, letting her feel safe for the time being before letting go.


Octavia nodded. "Yeah, thanks Tail."

"Come on, we have paperwork to do..." He gestured at his desk. Octavia smiled, Tailspin, was sweet. Despite his mental issues, he knew how to keep her to the ground and not worrying. Funny how the roles would have been switched a few months ago.

Hail the Confederation!

We grant The Confederation this suggestion. Vote FOR Recognition of the General Assembly. The consolidation of power is always a good thing. Stirs chaos.

For The Collection.
Hail The Confederation.

this antifascist resolution is absurd

Region Wide Alert for persons in the region of: Europa

As of 0333 hours on the 17/07/2021, the Albionian Submarine, HMS Trafalgar, has carried out a successful nuclear attack against the Francois capital city of Parisii. The attack, carried out after the terms of surrender were refused by representatives of the Francois government, has resulted in the historical city being flattened by the unfortunately necessary attack. In the wake of the attack, a demand for unconditional surrender has again been issued to the surviving parts of the Francois government. Whilst the attack is estimated to have a death toll numbering in the millions, the measure has been deemed within the rights of the Albionian Government to conduct, and has been supported by a unanimous agreement in the House of Commons.

Broadcast Concluded

Hail the Confederation

Presented By Ałjoca Čolkava

Daulmārk Shattering; Potential Re-Balkanisation?…
Newly elected “Socialist People’s National Liberty” party of the Bjeitoł region is causing major national concern due to a new sudden extreme approach towards separating from the federative Daulmārkian Socialist Peoples’ Republic, and declaring independence as a separate nation. The ДИČ have been sent to remove certain high ranking members of the party, including separatist and pro-balkanisation ringleader Igor Dreznov who will be imprisoned in the Graznoy building until an assembly can be called at the next party congress inside the People’s House of Liberty, where the NDAP will decide the fate of the nations greatest internal troublemaker.

Work Hard For The Benefit Of Our Glorious Fatherland, Comrades!
Work Twice As Hard Tomorrow Than You Did Today!
Long Live Novikov!

[♪ national anthem instrumental ♪]
Hail The Confederation

Kickers are losers!

Hail the Confederation!

Fetra and Goliesstan

Transition complete, a New State for Eurasia has been birthed.

The failure of the Grand Empire will not be repeated. Eurasia shall stand strong.

I have returned bois. After a period of six somewhat painful days, I can return to NS and the CCD. I might still not be completely active though, as I need to rest a little, got a little cold from the camping trip.

Hail the Confederation

Friedrich Bergen stood at the office window, staring out to the city before him as rain softly tapped the window, he saw the people below, all walking around as if a mass of insects, at least, from here they were, and to him they'd always have the equivalent, cogs to the machine which he too would drive.

he had called the Minister von Industrie to discuss the matter he had brought up about the shortage of materials to his sector, that being the sector of Arms manufacturing, one of the Empire's most profitable and necessary industries.

A fact which he hoped would not change, although many would not know, the Empire's military command had been preparing for war for quite a long time, it was inevitable that one day the fires would be lit and he would be the one selling the matches.

"Just as business goes..." he thought to himself, inspecting his hour piece.

"12:29... so where is he?" he wondered, starting to walk around the room in his boredom.

it was a well furnished room, as could be expected from one of the Empire's foremost people, a large and decorated oaken desk sat in the middle of the room, behind it a more simple swivel chair, and atop it lay various documents, folders and a small Imperial Flag attached to a copper flagstaff, which could also hold a pen. He noticed the portrait of His Majesty hanging from the wall, he couldn't help but smile

"Oh Emperor, where would my family be without yours?" he said to himself, remembering the stories he had been told about the "Great War of the Xaviet Peoples" also known as the "50 Years' War" which earned his family their fortune.

He saluted the painting as one should, just as the Minister entered the Chambers

"Ah, Herr Bergen, I see you have already made yourself comfortable?"the Minister said, sitting down and gesturing the other man to do the same

"of Course Herr Mechelbergen." He'd reply, sitting down. "but now, down to business. you know why I asked to meet you, herr?"

The Minister opened a drawer and took out a small notebook, opening it, skimming through some pages and nodding, during this time Bergen felt insulted that the Minister wouldn't remember immediately, but he supressed this dissappointment by smiling politely, Herr Mechelbergen's time was almost up, he was 52, he only had 13 years left, so he forgave the man, he was old.

"Yes, yes I see, you have a lack of Industrial Material after the war ended, as this was redistributed to other industries." the Minister said looking up from his notebook for confirmation

"Indeed herr, that is correct." Bergen said, the Minister seeming more than happy that he was right

"Well, you realize that there is no need for such production in a time of peace?" the Minister said, wanting to deal with this quickly

"Well, herr, the Reports don't seem to say so, they all seem to say i am producing 35% too little military equipment" Bergen replied, opening his suitcase and taking multiple report pages out of a file, a small object falling out of the small stack, but Bergen didn't pay attention to it. "probably just a scrap of paper" he thought to himself, as the brought the documents to the table and shoved them to the minister

"See for yourself" He said "And if you don't trust them, ask the Ministerium von Krieg."

the Minister put on his reading glasses and closely examined the documents, most of them showing that Bergen Waffenindustrie needed a Production surplus, and that order were often not fully fulfilled by his current industrial capability, the Minister seemed surprised, putting down the documents and his glasses before taking his black phone on the desk off the hook and calling the War Ministry's number

"Ja, is Herr Schneider present?"


"Oh, he is not? anyone else with Administrative permissions?"


Bergen was frustrated that the Minister doubted the legitimacy of the reports, frowning slightly and checking his hourpiece once again, it was 12:55, this was taking longer than he had expected it to, which annoyed him severely.

Bergen, coming from one of the few Oligarchic families in the Empire did not like it when things did not go his way, and would often push through until they did

"Yes, He will do, get him on the line, Alstbitt.""


"Yes, hello? is this the Kreigsadministrativ division?"


Bergen sighed, looking around the room again and noticing a flask of alcohol and a pair of crystal glasses on a small table in the corner of the room, how he would've liked some to distract himself from the Minister's ignorance, maybe he could use his power to shorten the man's time...

he decided against it, remembering the man had a grandchild, and it would be quite cruel to the man.

he might be a Businessman, but he wasn't ruthless. well, not *that* ruthless...

Though he sometimes doubted his motives

"Okay Herr Bergen, the reports are correct, i will see to it that you are given access to that what you have demanded" the Minister said, handing the Reports back to him "but it is still quite odd Herr... I've seen the industrial zones owned only by you, how could those not produce enough?"

"Business is Business Herr, if the Army needs more weapons, i give them more weapons, and i don't ask questions as to why, i'm only there to make money and supply them, nothing else." Bergen said, looking over to the flask again

the Minister noticed this and smiled "Herr, if you were in need of a drink you could have just asked."

Bergen seemed surprised, but was also glad that at least he'd get something good out of the time he spent here, it was already 13:15 by now, the Minister had spent a lot of time on the phone, and Bergen a lot in his head

the Minister stood up and walked to the small table, taking the silver tray upon which the flask and glasses stood and bringing it to the table, pouring a glass for both himself and Bergen

"Thank you Herr Mechelbergen, that is very kind of you." Bergen said, taking the glass in his right hand and inspecting it in the light, letting the crystal glimmer in the sunlight, it had stopped raining several minutes ago and now the sun shone in it's full glory above the Imperial Capital, a fact which pleased Bergen, as now he would not require his Umbrella, which he had not brought with him. he took a sip of his glass, which itself contained only a small amount of the beverage, thus requiring him to drink in small portions

The minister however, finished the whole drink in one big gulp, which led him to believe the man wanted to go back to his regular tasks, and as such, he followed his example and did the same, the strong flavour of the whisky filling his throat in a mildly burning way, causing him to cough loudly

"Not used to this kind of stuff are you, young man?" the Minister said mockinly with a grin

Bergen was annoyed by being called a "young man" but he couldn't argue with the fact that he was both a young man compared to him, and not used to the strength of the alcohol, and as such just nodded meekly as he put down the glass

"Yes herr, how old is it?" he asked, curious

"it's an 1887" the Minister said proudly "one of the only ones to survive the War, as you know, there was a shortage of everything."

"except for weapons..." Bergen chuckled, pouring himself another glass

"We have your ancestors to thank for that..." the Minister said in a neutral tone, which made Bergen doubt if that was positive or negative, the war was horrible for the people, but not for his family, the Minister must've known this...

Bergen downed the drink all at once to distract himself from this, before standing up

"Well Minister, it's been good, but i think the time has come to take my leave." Bergen said, putting the documents back into his suitcase and noticing the small paper again, he decided he'd check it out once home, then closed the suitcase with a satisfying click of the locks

"Ah, yes, Herr Bergen, I wish you the best of luck with your business." the minister said, also standing up and walking to Bergen to shake his hand "Take care Herr Bergen."

"You too, Herr Mechelbergen." he would say, before exiting the office and eventually the whole building


Once at home, Bergen opened his suitcase and started to look for the Paper, which he found almost instantaneously.

Upon closer examination he found it to be an Ace of Clubs, however, he had no idea how it got there, as he did not play cards, neither had he ever had a deck near his office.

Hail the Confederation!

"War is cruelty. There is no use in trying to reform it. The crueler it is, the sooner it will be over." - William T. Sherman

In just under a month over 350,000 lay dead on either side. Thousands laid strewn on the charred fields. The Pale Horse would claim thousands in his ride across the Virgin Islands, as it did in the cities where starvation was rampant. The lush forests had made way for charred husks of the former trees, the green fields turned brown and black with ash and dirt. All across the fronts the war had ultimately come to an utter stalemate. The scenario could be likened to the First World War, just with modern weaponry. This rang especially true on the Virgin Islands. Despite the destruction across the fronts, the Virgin Islands had suffered the worst of it all. The islands lush forests had effectively been reduced to ash, any remnants of greenery that existed only existing in small patches of untouched land. If a photo of it were to be called "Hell", any soldier on either side would agree with it.

Then it happened.

The Ecroshans, their supply having been drained rapidly through both regimes, protests and riots breaking out across their country, and their infrastructure collapsing due to poor management over the course of the war, has agreed to meet with Caper diplomats to discuss an armistice. Diplomatic talks were nerve-wracking, with every discussion being a whisker away from causing the negotiations to collapse. Yet, the negotiations held. For days both parties discussed into the night, when finally, after just a mere week, the deal was signed. Said deal was announced publicly by Emperor-King Julius. The list of demands in the armistice were:

Both parties will divide the Ecroshan Virgin islands equally
Ecrosha is to renounce it's claim over the Empire of Cape Canavral
Cape Canavral is to return Ecroshan lands seized during the war back to their former lands
a non-aggression pact between the two nations will be made to last for 15 years
Both armies would move away from shared borders

While the terms were brief, they made their point. As the Emperor-King finished speaking, the crowd roared with cheers and applause. Everyone knew what this meant. A similar event was playing out in Ecrosha. Both sides were unbelievably exhausted from this war. Now was a time to rebuild economies and infrastructure, and for families to meet their sons and daughters once again. A chapter has closed for Cape Canavral, but for every chapter, another follows. The future is yet to be determined for Cape Canavral, but for now, peace falls over the Empire.

Hail the Confederation!

The Grand Imperator and his Grand Imperial Council are still in the exact same spot they were days ago, being unable to move from the dining room. More Opposition forces have been put on guard. The Messenger has stayed with them for the majority of the week, keeping a constant eye on them.

All around them, the Grand Empire was torn down, and the National State was brought forth.

The Grand Imperator could not take it anymore. He gives a simply nod to the Director, who’s wicked mask lights up in a horrifying smile. He suddenly, effortlessly, rips off his restraints. As guards go to try and subdue him, he laughs his garbled laugh, and in seconds, has them on the floor. He turns towards the Messenger, a gloved hand outstretched.

Too bad you aren’t one of the big bads, I would of had more fun if that was the case. Ah well, let’s make this hurt.

The blast is blocked however. The Director quickly turns to see who blocked his strike.

A row of masks stare back at him. A row of white robes and metal rods. The White Order.

A shame they weren’t more of a match.

They are all quickly taken care of. They might of had powerful magic, but the Director had more power then even the best priests of the Order. The Director turns back to the Messenger, however, he suddenly stops.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…….

In the doorway, stood the Mad Regent. Sergey Taboritsky.

The Grand Imperator looks shocked for a moment, before regaining his composure. He stares daggers at the frozen Director.

“I thought you eliminated Taboritsky, personally.”

The Director is only able to mutter out an in-comprehensive response, however he also looks to be shocked.

More guards come pouring in from behind Taboritsky, quickly knocking the Director down and once again restraining him. He is sat back in his chair. The Messenger smirks at the attempted escape.

“Ah, the sadistic Director, did you seriously think that my bosses had no idea of your….. ah, abilities? We are always prepared. So, no more trying to escape, or I let the Mad Regent here off his leash.”

The Grand Imperator looks at the Messenger with a neutral expression.

“I had him terminated, how is he still alive?”

The Messenger merely shakes his head.

“Just be glad that we have him under control. Otherwise, well, we all know what he’s capable of. Actually, I shouldn’t say that, since we gave him a few add ons so he’s more…….. useful.”

Taboritsky walks from the door to the windows, his eye on the people on the table. His other eye…….. well, it’s no longer an eye.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock……

Glory to the Opposition!
Glory to the New Eurasia!
Hail the Confederation

Telmania- Yeetusan Senator and former President Richard Desmond has announced his formal return to Senate politics, starting at the end of the month. When pressed on his changed mind, Desmond responded "I felt my leadership deteriorated during my Senate career, and I think the only way to redeem myself in the eyes of the Confederation would be to return to the Senate as an Independent and attempt to better the Confederation. What could go wrong?"

Opponents of Senator Desmond have repeatedly cited the lack of motions during the Desmond presidency as a sign of incompetence. Senator Desmond promises that he will act more professionally and actively during his second Senate career.

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Hail the Confederation!


In a Budial News Network exclusive interview, we did a 30 minute segment with one former Daulmarkian government official, who wishes to remain anonymous. The interviewer asked this question; What has been your personal experience of Daulmarkian government?

"Where would I even start with the government? It’s entirely corrupt, from the core… The decision making all comes from the Central Committee, all Novikov’s wartime comrades…from the the civil war. They’re always spending evenings together, drinking and such, at the Kapitol. They sometimes discuss the ideas submitted by parties, sometimes they just laugh and throw the documents in the fireplace. The regional parties don’t have nearly as much power as promised, they can change what they like about workplaces and the like, but no real autonomy whatsoever. It’s the Assemblist idea, see. Novikov wont let any “region” secede.. I take it you saw recently in Daulmārkian news that one of the newly elected chairmen….uh..Sluzhili Kapernska, that’s him. He vaguely mentioned more independence for his region, well that didn’t last the day. He was arrested by the Inteličya, he’s being tortured in the prison below Graznoy, everyone knows this but we don’t say it. It’s horrible, what they do to people. From what I hear, the Bloc presidents all agree with Novikov to his face, of course…we all do, but behind his back apparently he’s known as the Red Tyrant, of Noskyavia. Most of them, they’re socialist not by choice.

The Central Committee came up with IndEcon, and forced everyone to accept it. Nobody has the freedoms they’re constitutionally promised. People outside of Daulmārk never hear of protests..or any dissent, y’know? But it is there, they want more democracy during congregations in the People’s House of Liberty, ironically named. The Central Committee write everything down, but they ignore non-national issues, they don’t even care. And this RedMind thing too, that’s so we can’t even discuss ideology outside of Daulmārk, you’ll be arrested, and probably tortured. Novikov as a man, a great leader. Always has been, has strong leadership instincts. Showed that in the war, Chubinski obviously noticed. But I think as he got older, he realised what power and influence he has over the region, the continent even. And he only sticks to policies that suit him best personally. Daulmārk…obviously being communist has…y’know we follow anti-fascism very seriously. And I remember the drafts for anti-Ridnezite propaganda images, they never made it out officially. Well, they definitely wont now, Novikov always used to badmouth Bombardone for being a fascist… but then we changed party, Bombardone offered Novikov some position if the ISV won the presidency…Executive Commissioner of…no it was Chancellor, of something-something Labour Association, y’know like a general worker’s confederation agreement, overseeing industrialism. Well, next thing you know there’s this photo of Novikov and Bombardone sitting together, smoking, all happy faces, discussing the ISV and such…and you can imaging we’re all very confused, but we can’t say that. We have to go with it. It’s not possible to work in the DSPR’s government without being flexible, you have to accept new realities every time you turn a corner. You can pretty much bribe the DSPR with any control over anything communist-sounding.. I imagine. It’s a terrible situation…Total Dictatorship…"

Independent News that Expands views
Hail the Confederation!

Sarid walked with a hurry in the corridors of the palace of the capital. He kept looking behind him. The slightest rustle made him jump. He quickened his pace, overtaking the Imperial Guards who wondered why this man was in such a hurry.

Sarid arrived in front of the great golden door and announced himself:

"Vizir Sarid, meeting at 2:00 pm"

The door was silent for a moment before opening with a loud, gigantic creak. Sarid crept in as the door wasn't fully open.

He emerged into a garden filled with white roses and where many peacocks were frolicking happily under palm trees and orange trees. A falcon-shaped fountain sat in the center. A woman of incredible beauty stood near it, as well as her personal court. Sarid approached discreetly and knelt in front of his highness.

"Your Highness, sorry for being late I was-"

"Whatever, the main thing is that you are here, do you have what I asked of you?"

Sarid quickly took out a small piece of paper from his bag and handed it shakily. The queen took the paper delicately and looked at it for a long time before giving it to an imperial guard.

"Thanks Sarid, you can go"

Sarid hurriedly thanked his highness and left as quickly as he had arrived.

The Imperial Guard put the paper in a safe and walked with 3 other soldiers to a dark room, then they disappeared.

His Highness's court was asking itself many questions and a young nobleman dared to ask:

"Your Highness, what was this most mysterious piece of paper? You have eased our interest .."

The queen smiled and replied:

"Let's say my projects are on track ..."

Soon after, 20 mysterious horsemen left the capital and all headed for a location in the region. The mechanism was in motion. The clock is ticking.

Socialist Focus ★
News From The Bloc

Novikov Bloodline Continues!
General Secretary of the National Daulmārkian Assemblist Party, Dmitri Novikov today during a congress of Bloc member-nation heads of states nonchalantly mentioned the final decision for the name of his future successor; Alexander Dmitrievich Novikov, to the justified shock of press and presidents alike, who were unaware until now that Daulmārk’s benevolent yet iron-fisted ruler had a son. Novikov also said that Alexander wouldn’t be left in the hands of a nanny for the majority of his life, and Daulmārk’s current leader wished to mould him into a strong and wise future leader of the federative socialist republic.

Long Live Noskyavia United
Hail the Confederation

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