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Welcome to the CONFEDERACY

The Confederacy of Layem is a region founded on the ideals of freedom of speech and freedom of expression, in which all nation's are welcome regardless of ideological allignment.

~A region by the people for the people~

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Confederacy of Layem contains 112 nations, the 116th most in the world.

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As a region, Confederacy of Layem is ranked 14,206th in the world for Most Extensive Civil Rights.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Community of EgyandleAnarchy“We are damned to live in freedom”
2.The Free Land of EpimemiaCivil Rights Lovefest“Motto...”
3.The Constitutional Monarchy of PolopisaAnarchy“You know what they say yolo”
4.The Republic of The Land of the SunCivil Rights Lovefest“Today is the only day”
5.The Stained of BridgettAnarchy“Embracing death since 1999”
6.The Confederacy of MarlandsLeft-wing Utopia“Peace, Progress and Prosperity”
7.The Free Land of No testsLeft-wing Utopia“Quizlet and Kahoot only”
8.The Community of Anarchic FreedomsLeft-Leaning College State“True freedom starts without law.”
9.The Democratic States of The Japanese statesCivil Rights Lovefest“The greatness of freedom is what keeps us driving”
10.The Allied States of United CoazambusCivil Rights Lovefest“Peace for all”
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Layem wrote:Morning



RMB is dead af


Let’s fix it by just talking about how dead RMB is

It's not dead. Maybe everybody are just on summer vacation.

It wouldn't surprise me, 21 of June is the start of summer. I mean all of my friends that have money are using whatever time they saved from working/studying to go travelling. I'll write up a RP response later today.

The Chiefdom of Circassia
Year of our Lord 1634

It's been 18 years since we last left off at the events of Circassia's conquest of Nogai. Paramount Davit had reached the age of 51 and is still at work as the nation's paramount for the time being. The other high chieftains have been replaced by thier hiers who'd naturally begin the process of electing a new paramount once the old man retires from office. It's a shame that he had been struggling to expand these grasslands to far reaches of the useless desert regions and now come to touch thier borders with a feared enemy, the Persian Empire. The old man has some hope that the generation after his will be wary enough to take precautions of the muslims.
Circassia was able to make a number of advancements in the last two decades of Davit's reign: the flintlock and the carbine has improved the Circassian's army substantially. The unreliable matchlock had been replaced and war would later be had with the chieftdom of Khazak. The riders of the Caucus had help with naval technology from some merchants with thier naval technology, in order to make better use of the various developments in naval warfare new tactics are required. The evolution of broadside cannon have meant that the most efficient way for ships is no longer to seek to board the other party but rather to form a line of battle to be able to maximize the amount of firepower directed at the enemy. Davit also had universities become a mainstay for the land rather than a convienience because he realized the importance of acquiring great minds. The more brilliant men they had, the better it is for the overall development for thier land.

The ideas of national sovereignty had brought on the development of Circassia's militaristic quality and diplomatic trade ideas that have evolved them into a different kind of beast. Where qualitive ideas began with the simple notion of promoting successful foot soldiers to officers, it had the innovation of horsebreeding, giving sea vessels copper bottoms and the addition of the crovette, massed battery tactics for the artillery, more education and higher disciplinary order amongs the troops. These innovations have brought a change in policy. For trade it had brought the 'Armed Nuetrality Act' and a movement for armed trading posts. For the military it's simply land drills and naval drills ontop of the 'Deserter Act' that had aleady been thier before Davit came to power. The administration hadn't changed too much from it's hardcore religious edicts.
The land of Nogai whilst it was in the process of becoming part of Circassia the aristocracy demanded that that land that they've acquired become thiers. The High Chieftians, the representatives of Crimean burghers and the bishops came to an agreement that the noblemen shall recieve Nogai. The aristrocrats were militaristic in nature and would come to create forts and castles in that dry desert landscape. It does help improve the manpower and amount of units for the chieftain but only if they satisfied the snobby noblemen. Indeed, thus the high chieftains again are left with no real influence or authority over anything bigger than thier estates.

Circassia's war for the conquest of Khazak

Date September 1626 - July 1631
Location (modern-day Kazahkstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan) Regions from the Caspain Sea, Aral Sea and the lake of Alakol
Result Circassian Victory
Territorial changes Chiefdom of Khazak annexed to Chiefdom of Circassia

Belligerents Attacker Circassia - Defender Khazak

Commanders and leaders
Circassia - Gen. Anzarouk Okhlov, MG. Mashe Emishukovy, MG. Mut'e Hadpash, MG. Jatawe Tlestanokovy, CDR. Beird Bakizhevy
Khazak - Gen. Arman Erzhanev, MG. Alen Askarev, MG. Nursultan Muratev, MG. Oraz Nurjigitov, MG. Nariman Sakenov

Circassia - 120000
Khazak -200000 + 80000 Militia

Casualties and losses
Circassia - 30000 killed, 80000 wounded
Khazak - 110000 killed, 110000 wounded

In the year 1626 Four armies of five marched into Khazak and began taking Utva, Bayuli, Mangyshlak and oriental Nogai. Two army groups begin forming by the Aral Sea awhile the main army moves out of Samarkand. The assembled army groups split between north and south from the Aral Sea, the southern army group would attack the Circassian force occupying Mangyshlak and cause a domino effect of sorts. Battle of Mangyshlak 1626 would commense as the Circassian forces would march down to rienforce the mangyshlak besiegers whilst the north Khazak army group tries to bottleneck and block the rienforcement attempt. The bottleneck attempt worked at first but the reinforcments overwehlmed them and managed to break the flanking army. The reinforcements had been delayed and were met by the men they were suppose to reinforce just barely hanging in there. Avoiding near annihilation by the skin of thier teeth the battle was won.
The Circassian army would from then on move in unison as they occupied land, making it hard for the Khazak military to overwhelm the conquerors and forcing them to bide thier time. The Circassian armies went from the northern Caspian Sea all the way to the Alakol lake where the Khazakian armies tried to liberate thier northern occupied territories which prompted the second major engagement of the war - Battle of Nadym 1627. The unified armies of the Khazak defenders and Circassian invaders met in glorious combat. The battle ended in Circassian victory and had the enemy routing back to Samarkand. The Circassian forces split up again to conquer the countryside surrounding Samarkand, for both sides knew that that would be the destination to end the war. Khazak recruited militiamen, refugees and veterans to fight for thier motherland for a final time in Samarkand and with high numbers and somewhat sustainable morale the city fortified itself for the inevitable attack.
Siege of Samarkand 1630 was a long battle. When Circassia's artillery finally ran out of ammunition, the armies surrounded the city and starved it out before their defenders gave in. Skirmishes would happen here and thier for the next few years form the generals and the commanders that escaped captivity from the Circassian army but ultimatley the war was won when Samarkand fell into Circassain control.

This war had costed the death of General Anzarouk, a stubborn old man at the age of 62 that still rode his horse into battle. The general was shot by an impressive marksman between the eyes while he was directly leading the units in the rearend of a battle line. His body was recovered after the battle and carried back home to his birthplace. Where his remains would recieve a proper burial and funeral. Davit attended the funeral along with the military advisor Pelagois Zengin. The funeral was over, both men stayed behind and stood over the grave of Anzarouk. Pelagois and Davit sat together on the cold hardened earth a meter away from Anzarouk's gravestone.

"I'd never think that old coot would still be still on the field." The red robed man cackled a bit at the end there. Davit looked over to the balding white haired man and couldn't help but crack a smile.

"Look who's talking," Davit gives the man a playful shove.
"You are seven decades of age, sir."

"Hey now, my job isn't as strainious as to bellow at youngsters, ride a horse or god forbid have to prove myself in real combat." He gestures with his arms at the grey haired paramount before backing off from the leader. "But it is still taxing on this body, urgh..." He places a palm over his right eye.

"Indeed, they say that the flesh is weak, by god I wouldn't understand that quote until I'd pass the age of forty." Davit still kept his goofy smile.

"Quite, the older I get the more my mind is taxed. It's very irritating honestly, it's no wonder no one reaches this age easilly. Everything I do has to be done at a snail's pace, pah!" Pelagois spits to his left side. "I tell you mortality is as cruiel mistress." Both men laughed together.

"Ah, Pelagois," The red robed man stopped laughing when he detected a hint of sadness in Davit's voice. "Anzarouk..."
"I couldn't have done this without the two of you... thirty years ago, we were but horsemen with a few boats and a skirmisher's group. Now look at what we've manage to accomplish... We are effectively a major trade power between Europe and Asia. I am honestly satisfied with the result of our combined efforts and everyone elses that came after the three of us." Davit unfolded his arms and grabbed Pelagois's shoulder. His eyes now staring at the gravestone.

"This was our last war, his last war..."Davit's eyes felt hot and heavy.
"It's a shame that Anzarouk couldn't be with us to watch over what we've created."

Good Morning Layem.

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