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You have reached the free lands of COLDONIA

A chill RP region set on a fictional continent, brimming with lots of military and diplomatic intrigue- all in good fun of course. Newcomers are welcome to join!

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Coldonia contains 25 nations, the 697th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Populations in Coldonia

The following nations have the greatest number of citizens.

As a region, Coldonia is ranked 18,359th in the world for Largest Populations.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Empire of OlivedrabiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Senatus et Populusque Olivedrabius”
2.The Crusaders of DraconovoxLeft-Leaning College State“The night stars live ablaze like the hearts of dragons”
3.The Hexad Dominions of Monarch GardensCorporate Bordello“Mortality is a grand and intoxicating innocence”
4.The Technocratic Commonwealth of NovikaNew York Times Democracy“Indissolubili sociavit et Individuum”
5.The Corporation of Tesco IncIron Fist Consumerists“Buttermilk”
6.The Hellhole of RaFLaNdIaLeft-Leaning College State“Well uh... lemme think of something to say first”
7.The Republic of DeskoslovakiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Omnia ex meam descam”
8.The Heavenly Kingdom of Az-BandaiAnarchy“Whatever the cost! Whatever the effort!”
9.The Union of Socialist States of RossieanCorrupt Dictatorship“I call for the Proletariat Democracy, not Dictatorship!”
10.The Federal Republic of OncadiaCivil Rights Lovefest“Des océans aux montagnes, nous sommes libres.”

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Coldonia Regional Message Board

"Stand tall and march on. Respect your blood as you respect the enemies blood. What is our blood you asked? Our blood is the word of our parents, our chieftain, our medicine women, calling for us to slay, and to spread, and to seize what is ours. If they saw us now, sitting around, like fat cats, selling land to measly drug rats, what would they say? They would call us dirty
hnilobné červy. They would spit on us, and beat us, as one does to any disobedient child. So then, let us beat our disobedient child, and take back what is ours." Glorious words spoken by the even more glorious Arch General Čtyřicátýdevátý Vlk.

The context? Čtyřicátýdevátý Vlk was calling to his men, for the seizure of Nuwe Astoniland. After watching, carefully and cautiously, their nation fall to the drug rats of the Cartel, decided to take action. This action? Sending soldiers in by train and plane to take control of Nuwe Astoniland, ousting whatever weak government they may have, seizing control of their resources and factories, and removing their toll stations, even forcing them to pay Czechoslovistan tax.

How did they go about this? As said they sent in men by train and plane, specifically some of their five best National Guard Companies, formed of conscripted War Tribe soldiers, and expertly trained Capital Strategists. With this, the 5 Companies surrounded and pierced Nuwe Astoniland, with zero before hand warning, shouting out with megaphones "Put down your weapons, or put down your life. We have come to reclaim our land." What choice will the Nuwe Astonilands make? We will see, but god knows their homeland wont be sending them any useful help.


The betrayal.
Nuwe Astoniland had come seeking peace from war but what they got was a stab in the back from the tribes, and they had to fight once again. The people pushing into the garrisons fought until the last man used quickly built defenses, but if the battle looked too grim, they retreated to spread the word, so the rest didn't suffer the same faith as their positions.

The Volksimpetum was also mobilized, a paramilitary unit composed of people who would serve on the actual defense forces if it weren't for minor sicknesses such as diabetes or being too young/underweight to serve, they were still armed with simple weaponry manufactured by local gunsmiths (VG. 1-5, Sten guns, M77, and Molotovs.), being mainly used to defend the backlines set up defenses and other minor things but very much still able to fight.

The main army was also fully mobilized, with many now 40yo veterans going back into the fight they wished to escape. While they weren't like the Deskh or Gladian (Olivedrabian) armies, they were still very much experienced and willing to fight to defend their new homeland, with even better armament (.303 Bren gun, SLR L1A1, UZI, MG42, STG46). Still, they lacked proper artillery, mostly sticking to mortars and grenades. They were also trained for a scenario like this back when they first landed in the area.

Oh, please follow us!
As the news reached the train station near the border with the fleeing surviving men running away, the local Volksimpetum got to work destroying the railways preparing an explosive surprise for them, along with setting up small MG nests along with sending messages on motorcycles to inform the rest of the country in case the communications collapsed. With the enemy troops finally arriving behind the last fleeing men who didn't make it against the stamped of enemy troops who were caught with their pants down by the MG fire mowing many down, it seemed like it was going to be a clear victory until the train came shattering the lines of the army with its heavy fire, but the dynamite cleaned that with a push of a button with the railway exploding along with some of the back wagons of the train.

That didn't mean the army was doing well instead. Instead, they were fleeing in a makeshift bridge from the incoming troops. Many men did make it through, but some stayed behind to cover the retreat using the same tactic, but on the bridge blowing it up as the enemy army was crossing. In the end, neither side had looked like they had won with Nuwe Astoniland defenses shattered in the train station, heavy losses for both sides, and the destruction of one of the main border railways.

Winner: Undecided.
Loses Train station 204.
1 Armored train
1,330 Czechoslovistan troopers (80 were fleeing civilians.)
1,280 Nuwe Astoniland troops (Volk and local garrison)

Result: Nuwe Astoniland delays the take over of the railway and begins proper defensive actions. Loses the outskirts and the Nuwe-Czechoslovistan war stars.

Nearest city: Itum. (10,234 Citizens.)

um can i sell arms to either of you

RaFLaNdIa wrote:um can i sell arms to either of you

Coldonian grindset 😎💯💯🔥

We wuz active n shiet

RaFLaNdIa wrote:um can i sell arms to either of you

we would like if you do that
but- only to us

Czechoslovistan wrote:we would like if you do that
but- only to us


The Eastern Isles still see no peace...

After the Liberation War and the brutal insurgencies, the citizens of the eatern isles of Astoniland are yet to see peace. Due to the economic troubles of the country, the drug cartels gained a lot of influence. However, several attacks have occurred against suspected cartels members and their drug labs. In the latest one, a rigged car bomb was used to detonate near a safehouse believed to belong to one of the cartels, killing 9 people and injuring another 15. As stated previously, Ueshidese officials are almost certain that the Yakuza are behind, but have avoided stating so publicly. The notorious group is also believed responsible for the mysterious death of one politician, who was believed to have ties with them. Because of this war between crime syndicates, violence erupted, and plenty of drugs have been smuggled out of the islands by the Yakuza members, including cocaine, which is the favorite drug of the elites in northern countries of Coldonia. Moreover, the Eastern Isles are also in the middle of a kidnapping epidemic. In the past few months, over 200 young females have been declared missing by the local police force. Several sources claim that some of the young girls have been spotted in several brothels and gentleman clubs in Ueshido, working as prostitutes. Several Astonilandian officials claim that the Yakuza is steadily spreading their influence over the drug producing in the eastern isles, some even saying that the Ueshidese Intelligence Agency and other security organizations are helping them carry out their plans. Those claims have been dismissed by our officials, and we are ready to make efforts in order to help the local Astonilandian police force keep the influence of the organized crime groups in check, by offering money for equipment and proper training.

Aishu puts a cigarette between his lips and lights it. A knock comes from the other side of the office’s door.

Aishu (takes a drag and quickly puffs out the smoke): Come in!

A very short man walks in and takes a seat next to Aishu.

Man: Jeffrey Epstein called.

Aishu: Who?

Man: A cartel leader. From...Op.

Aishu (takes another drag and nods): Ah, yes. Tell him I am looking forward to meeting him. I will make him an offer he can’t refuse.

The Ghostwater Co.

A pair of stained glass doors flung open, and a man raised his eyes to watch as a black shrouded figure stepped through the opening. The red glass fell shut behind the Stranger as the man stepped forth, the light dimmed quickly as the man walked, and two shadows followed in his wake.

A black-clad businessman stood at the far side of the room, watching impassively as the heavily robed man entered the lobby. The Stranger passed by the chairs and various other patrons who lounged about on the couches sipping champagnes or were networking with other patrons. The businessman watched as one Patreon laughed by the side of the fireplace on the far wall, and the flames seemed to cackle back the same utterance. Not that anyone paid it any mind, focused as they were on their own dealings.

The Stranger appeared before the desk with two shadows trailing in his wake. He pulled his robe close to his body and pulled down his dark hood, and he looked towards the businessman with an empty gaze. "This is the Glasswater Co, yes?"

The businessman nodded. "It as you say."

"I have something, and you may want to see it."

A gravelly voice echoed from behind the Stranger. "We have something."

The businessman reached down to his jacket, straightened his gold business tag, and then spoke. "Would you prefer an open viewing or a personal room?"

"A personal room."

The gravelly voice sounded again. "Yes, yes."

The businessman reached down to his desk and slid a hand underneath the marble service. He flicked a switch, held a hand over a small black panel, and then bent low to speak into it. "I need room 247 reserved for a meeting, for the next hour."

The Stranger nodded, and his shadows repeated the gesture, although at staggered intervals.

The businessman spoke. "Come along now."

A moment later, the businessman turned and walked away. The Stranger followed in his wake, passing first through a blacked-out glass door, then through a long meandering hall. Various statues passed his gaze, some holding treasures centuries old, and others held artifacts that would string the eyes of a normal observer. Still, the Stranger looked on unfazed.

The pair reached an open room with a black label '247'. The businessman turned and reached into his suit jacket and pulled out a small set of keys. He flipped through the keys and pulled until he reached a gold skeleton key and tested it against the lock; the man raised an eyebrow as the door flung open on his first try. The Stranger nodded and stepped past the businessman and entered the room.

A solid iron table sat there in the room, with no chairs and no other accessories present. The businessman nodded as he took in the sight for a moment, then stepped inside and followed the Stranger into the room, taking care to close the door behind himself. He flipped on a light switch by the door's side then turned to the Stranger. The businessman balked as he turned, seeing the two shadows now sat across from each other at the table, taking up two of the four sides while the Stranger occupied the third. The businessman nodded, wiped his brow and tried to prevent his face from paling. "Very well, I prefer to begin these meetings with introductions. My name is Neren."

The Stranger shook his head. "I am here for business, not pleasantries."

Neren looked towards the shrouded figure and the two shadows who made no attempts to hide their movements. "As you say then..."

The Stranger reached into his robes and pulled out an old grimoire, the leather of it showing severe burn marks, and drops of melted gold clung desperately to the old aged cover. He slammed it down onto the desk and looked towards Neren. "Do you know what this is?"

Neren shook his head. The shadow on the left hissed and reached onto the table, speaking in harsh tones. "It is the book of trials."

The other shadow slapped the first one's hand away from the book. "It is the book of lies."

The shadows stared at each other, both motionless as the air in the group grew heavy. Neren looked towards the Stranger who stood between the shadows. "What is this book?"

The Stranger smiled, only noticeable as his hood moved faintly. "It is a book detailing an experiment, one which seeks to purify the world."

"Go on."

The Stranger continued. "The great book states that the world's waters retain a small amount of divinity from the last Lavosian Cycle. If that is true then it may be possible to return home, return to our fair lady's garden."

Neren raised an eyebrow and leaned forward on the table. "Oh?"

The Stranger cackled and threw open the book, an ink-stained page lay bare. He pointed a wicked finger towards the pages and the splotchy ink they were filled in. "In the oldest of legends, it says that the heroes of old split the impurities of the water and used pure divinity to fuel a device. That device brought them home, to our garden."

Neren's face remained impassive although on the inside he felt a steadily growing burning sensation. He reached out to the book and saw a crude illustration of a burning star. The burning star was trapped in a box, and below them, a man stood who was splitting a lake into two streams. He was directing one stream towards the box and the other back towards the earth. Neren flipped the page and saw the box now took on a pointed form and aimed towards the sun, he looked towards the writing and saw it was written in the archaic Bandai script. He turned his gaze back towards the pointed box and the burning star within it.

Neren, as if by a compulsion that was not his own. "How much are you asking for this book?"

The Stranger smiled. "I do not want your wealth. All I ask is that went you return to the garden, take me with you."

Without any hesitation, Neren held out a hand. "I shall."

The Stranger cackled and reached out to cross the table, grasping Neren's hand with a chilling touch. The shadows laughed in turn and spun about the room before disappearing. The last thing Neren heard was a faint voice whispering. "The price must be paid, as the oath is now sworn."

Neren blinked and the Stranger was gone, only the book sat before him. Burnt leather and melted gold filled his vision. "We, of the Ghostwater Co. always pays our debts."

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Az-Bandai wrote:The Ghostwater Co.

Nestle: Coldonia edition.

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