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CISB : Coronavirus Is Surely Beatable if we stick together!

CISB was founded 1st October 2016 by Reti. Every nation is welcome regardless of its political views.

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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Socialist Republic of KhinganInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Glory to Mongolia”
2.The Federal Socialist Republic of AnerLiberal Democratic Socialists“Vive les prolιtariats!”
3.The Republic of CathennaNew York Times Democracy“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”
4.The United Provinces of MathornLeft-Leaning College State“Freedom, Peace, Liberty”
5.The Armed Republic of DarmapalhaLeft-wing Utopia“Our Culture, Our Land.”
6.The United Republic of NogodiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Freidom Vult Sig”
7.The Lanian Republic of Eastern WatersCorporate Bordello“Our country ( Puppet Of Jamlan)”
8.The Republic of MagrickLeft-Leaning College State“Freidom Vult!”
9.The Colony of Irani FigueriaCorporate Bordello“Life, land, legacy”
10.The Protectorate of The New Alta GovernateDemocratic Socialists“Ditabana Di Tswala Ditaba”

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CISB Regional Message Board

- - - Central Polaris - 8:04 AM (Rush Hour) - - -

Cara Whittock jumped off the double-decker bus and onto the pavement. She worked as a banker in the city, and took the same route to work every weekday. The No. 48 bus took her to Hammersmith tube station, then she took the 'Red' underground tube line into central Polaris, she exited the underground at Grand Central Station (the nation's main transportation hub), she had to walk for a few short minutes until she arrived at the bank where she worked.

Cara was now waiting at Hammersmith Underground Station, along with hundreds of other commuters, all of whom would descend on central Polaris, the beating heart of the Mathornian economy. Today was nothing more than an ordinary day, Cara was waiting impatiently for the next train, as she was running late for work. She had a rucksack, with everything she needed for work, slung over her two shoulders. Her phone buzzed - it was her husband letting her know that he had arrived at work. An underground train pulled into the station. The usual routine occurred, the train doors opened, and one or two people exited the train.

Then came the pile on. Everyone tried to get onto the first train, something that was practically impossible. It was a squeeze, but Cara managed to get onto the frist train. The awkwardness of the train being so jampacked always got her. She was face to face with someone who she didn't know, squished to the trains outer door - as always. The underground train's doors closed, and then it started its short journey to the center of Polaris.

Three stops. That was all it took for Cara to get to Grand Central Station. Somehow the train filled up more and more during these stops - if that was even possible. Cara hated every minute of her commute. The train pulled into Waterloo station, it was only one stop away from Grand Central Station - located directly next to the Capitol Building. The usual ritual of people exiting and entering the packed carriage continued, and the train doors closed with their usual bleeping sound. Cara felt her phone vibrate in her pocket - most probably her husband texting her something about their flat. Cara would read it when she got off the train at the next stop.

Cara looked out of the train's window, it had not pulled out from the platform. She checked her watch - 8:15 AM, she was going to be late to work at this rate. After exactly three minutes of not going anywhere, Cara checked her watch again. Then the voice of the train's driver came over the train's intercom;

"Ladies and gentlemen, my sincere apologies about the delay. There has been a police incident at Grand Central Station. We should be underway shortly."

"Ah great. This is the last thing I need today", Cara thought to herself, as she reached into her pocket and looked at her phone. She had seven unread text messages from her Husband. The latest message made her slightly concerned, it read; "CARA, ARE YOU OKAY?". Before she could open her phone and reply, the train driver spoke on the intercom again;

"Ladies and gentlemen, there has been a major terrorist incident at Grand Central Station, ahead of us. The authorities have closed the tube for the rest of today, please evacuate the train and onto the station, in an orderly fashion."

In a slightly coordinated, but rushed fashion, once the train doors had opened, everyone filtered out of the train. There was a look of nervousness on people's faces, as they looked around. As Cara climbed the stairs out onto the street, she panicked a little as emergency service vehicles, including armed police and bomb disposal units raced by, sirens blazing. As she turned, Cara stared in horror and gasped.

Several plumes of smoke could be seen in the distance, originating from Polaris' Grand Central Station. It looked as if a bomb, or several, had been detonated in a major terror attack. "Thank god I was running late", Cara muttered to herself as she called her husband to let him know she was okay.

CISB Eurovision when

Mathorn wrote:Snip

Nicely written! If it wasn't for the fact I never posted it here, I might've thought you'd taken inspiration from my West Gate Bombing story in old Nogod canon.

- - - 10:27 AM - St. Barnabas Hospital (Central Polaris) - - -

Nurse Elene Richards sighed, as she leaned against the wall on the Accident and Emergency Ward (Commonly referred to as A&E). Richards was sweating, it had already been an extremely tough shift. St. Barnabas Hospital was the main hospital in Central Polaris, and was the closest to Polaris' Grand Central Station, which had just been the scene of an horrific terror attack. A flood of patients, all with severe injuries, had already stretched the A&E department to breaking point. Now there were several dozen more ambulances on the way, all with patients on critical life support.

Richards heard several calls over the hospitals intercom system, and immediately sprang into action, helping to prepare the last A&E beds to receive patients with severe traumas and injuries. Then, suddenly, the door to the ambulance bay burst open. A hospital trolley with a patient in critical condition burst through. Richards ran over and listened to the paramedic;

Lead Ambulance Paramedic: "This is Jack Ross, 27. He was caught up in the bombing. Severe burns to chest, legs and his left arm. Airway had to be opened, but he's now breathing without assistance. Internals unknown. HB Stable, SATS stable."

Richards: "Understood." She moved the trolley over to one of the beds, "Right, lets move him onto the bed." The ambulance crew and Richards moved the patient onto the bed.

Lead Ambulance Paramedic: "Ma'am, we've got head out back - I'd suggest you prepare to receive more patients."

Richards: "Thank you, we'll try!"

The ambulance crew walked to the door that lead to the ambulance bay. Before they reached it, the door burst open again. It wasn't any paramedics, but it was in fact a few soldiers. Solders from Royal Nigaria and Mathorn. The lead soldier walked up to Richards' boss - Reagan Wolf, and offered a handshake.

Alexander Bennet (Nigerian Soldier): "Alexander Bennet, 7th Supporting Infantry, we're from Royal Nigaria. We were in Mathorn on joint-training exercises. Along with the Mathornian Medical Corps, we want to help you guys out."

Wolf (A&E Lead Nurse) "Thank you, gentlemen. We'll need your help. We've got a further 23 critical patients, along with a further 47 patients with severe injuries, arriving over the next 20 minutes. Can you help clear the A&E floor and help transfer current patients to their respective wards. We'll handle down here, but it'd be greatly appreciated if you could speed up the transition of patients from A&E to other wards."

Alexander Bennet (Nigerian Soldier): "Understood, ma'am. He turned round to his second in command, a fair looking medic. "Critter, get the men in here now! We have to help save lives".

The appearance of soldiers helped to reassure nurse Richards, and the other nurses. Though the rest of the day was a tough, long, and tiring slog, the nurses at St. Barnabas Hospital were forever grateful for Bennet, the Mathornian Medical Corps, and their soldiers. Throughout the day, the hospital received countless number of patients, some of whom, sadly, couldn't be saved. However, with the support and assistance of the military, countless more lives were, unquestionably, saved.

- - - Presidential Official Press Release - - -

Tomorrow morning, the President, along with the Vice-President, will be hoasting a joint press conference, regarding the recent terror attack in Central Polaris, after a briefing from Mathornian Intelligence Agency's. This evening, the President will be privately visiting the victims of this despicable attack in hospital, and shall also be visiting the scene of the attack, at Polaris' Grand Central Station.

The President wishes to place on record his heartfelt sympathies to all victims of this terror attack. Those who have, sadly, perished will never be forgotten. To all those current in hospital, or those caught up in the attack, the President, along with the entirety of the Mathornian public, wish you a speed recovery and send their thoughts and prayers.

The President wishes to place on record his heartfelt thanks to soldiers from the Royal Nigarian 7th Supporting Infinitary Battalion, who asked if they could support the efforts of the hospitals in central Polaris, and aided the first responders at a time of emergency. The President would also like to thank all those key workers; the first responders, the hospital staff, the Mathornian Armies Medical Corps, and all those who ran towards danger, in order to try and help. The whole country salutes your efforts.

As a sign of respect for the victims, but also as a sign of national thanks to all those responding to this barbaric attack, a national minutes silence will be held at 12 noon tomorrow.

The official initial death toll, as of 3 PM today, sadly stands at 436. With reports still coming in, sadly, this figure is only expected to rise in the coming days. Over 2,500 patients have been taken to hospital as a result of the attack, of which, 527 patents are being treated in intensive care facilities. Investigations are ongoing, as to ascertain the exact cause of the attack, and to establish who was behind the attack.

- - - 2:47 PM - The Princes Palace (Osas, Royal Nigaria) - - -

Prince Fiennes Frey, Prince Dreka Daz and Prince Rojo Yerf stand surrounded by their seats of state, watching the news continue to reel in about the terrorist attacks at the Grand Central Station in Mathorn. Many of the generals were planning on the logistics of moving more troops if they were required to assist the 7th Supporting Infantry with the recent terror attack. The ones that were not involved in that aspect were preparing to bolster their own defences in case this was to become an international issue.

After much intense arguing over the methods of transport and the equipment that would be used, Prince Daz stood from his seat, ushering in silence across the room. All eyes turned to him, and they awaited his words. Prince Daz looked over his men, pondering over what he should say, what input he should give. He finally decided his words.

Prince Daz: Gentlemen, this here today was a tragic event that many were not prepared for. With that in mind, our first actions should be to begin preparing our own nation for other attacks like this. Secondly, now that the 7th Supporting Infantry has been moved to assist, we need to re plan the training's for our new generals.

Across the room, General Rookie Tohka coughs to catch the rooms attention.

General Tohka: My Prince, I believe this couldn't have been done at a better time. This gives us vital training for an occurrence we might never get to replicate in our own borders. Because of this, Ive sent out General Mazdak to finish his training with the 7th. At the end of the day, this may give us some new practice for a situation we haven't seen since the Great Tribal Conflict.

While General Tohka was talking, Prince Daz glanced over to his other Princes. Both of them had their heads in overdrive, both of them thinking about their own aspects on how to deal with the situation. Both had their own concerns, their own strategies, their own morals.

Prince Frey was solely thinking about turning a bad situation into good press. Of course, the better Nigaria seemed internationally, the better he had done his job. Prince Yerf, however, was a lot more sombre. His entire mentality was wound up around wanting to do good for goods sake, not taking advantage. Slowly, Prince Yerf stood up, and walked across the marble floor towards a balcony overlooking Osas. He took a deep breath in, swarming his mental image together. The entire room waited in anticipation of what his final verdict was.

Prince Yerf: I want the 7th to be placed in Mathorn until further notice, with the 5th and 6th Royal Infantry on standby to also provide support if requested.

General Tokha nodded, and left the room to consult with his Upper Kommand team.

Prince Yerf: As for the rest of you, continue your activities for now. That is all... except for you, General Guida.

All the generals nodded, saluted with a loud cry of "Karrak", and filed out of the room bar one individual, General Junipa Guida. he stood tall and stiff, awaiting his next set of orders. Prince Yerf turned from the balcony and strode back towards the general, his brain now in full efficiency mode.

Prince Yerf: Start Operation: Cool Winds, effective immediately. I want to put your boys to the test. Lets see if it was worth it.


Royal Nigaria is now enacting its international terrorist hunt, starting within the African continent.

CISB World Cup

Group A
Khingan 1-1 Mithlin
KHG: 23’
MIT: 64’

Nogodia 3-1 God Tere Norld
NGD: 36’, 78’, 79’
GTN: 48’

Group B
Angolyah 2-2 Mathorn
ANG: 6’, 90+1’
MTH: 61’, 68’

The New Alta Governate 1-4 Michellae
TNA: 81’
MIC: 41’, 67’, 82’, 88’

Group C
Caraisa 1-1 Fritt Norge
CAR: 76’
FTN: 77’

Ainz-Harwig 3-3 Pamia
ANZ: 13’, 15’, 28’
EPM: 14’, 89’, 90+2’

Sorry for not getting the update on time I was extremely busy. Hopefully I can get it on time next week

Dam, so close to winning...

World Cup Rankings: Matchday 2

1. Nogodia (+2)
2. Ainz-Harwig (-1)
3. Mathorn (-1)
4. Angolyah (+1)
5. Khingan (-1)
6. Pamia (N/A)
7. Michellae (+4)
8. Fritt Norge (-1)
9. Mithlin (+1)
10. Caraisa (+2)
11. God Tere Norld (-2)
12. The New Alta Governate (-4)

** An international message from the Prince of the Rifle **

Good morning to you all of international leaders today. After the attack on Mathorn's nation, we declare a national policy to combat the issue of terrorism internationally. If you wish to support the clause, feel free to telegram myself personally.

Prince Dreka Daz,
Prince of the Rifle

Operation: Cool Wind

As of 08/07/2020, the Principality of Royal Nigaria declares an national verdict to combat terrorism both across Nigaria's land and on international land. Enacted by the Prince of the Palace, the Prince of the People and the Prince of the Rifle. The decree dictates that Royal Nigaria denounces any terrorist acts committed either by nation or by company. Any act that brings fear and disparity to a nations people for political gain will immediately declare that nation or company an enemy of the state.

The operation will be overwatched by General Junipa Guida, as well as the Adviser for International Affairs, Birb Roos.

The following nations support Operation: Cool Wind:

-- Royal Nigaria

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