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CISB : Coronavirus Is Surely Beatable if we stick together!

CISB was founded 1st October 2016 by Reti. Every nation is welcome.

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Nations were ranked by World Census officials based on the number of natural phenomena attributed to the unknowable will of animal-based spirit gods.

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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Theocracy of Rites of the BuriedFather Knows Best State“What is dead shall be born in the ashes of the flames”
2.The Kingdom of MichellaeIron Fist Consumerists“Vive le Roi!”
3.The Lanian Republic of JamLanInoffensive Centrist Democracy“For the Country, For the World, For the Future!”
4.The United Republic of Greater Newmerican StatesNew York Times Democracy“Live Free or Die”
5.The Confederacy of Grand Colombian FederationIron Fist Consumerists“United in Strength ”
6.The Emirate of Tourist Club AreaCivil Rights Lovefest“Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose”
7.The Tsardom of TageansaleehFather Knows Best State“Glorious be our Republic!”
8.The Lenni-Lenape Federation of The Hudson ArchipelagoFather Knows Best State“True Men”
9.The Federation of Kir Taz NorldLeft-wing Utopia“We Will Endure”
10.The Republic of MagrickLeft-Leaning College State“Freidom Vult!”

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Ooc: Official response from the Premier of Pamia on the Sam White situation


Pamia wrote:Ooc: Official response from the Premier of Pamia on the Sam White situation


An out of context official response?

My brain hurts.

Pamia wrote:Ooc: Official response from the Premier of Pamia on the Sam White situation


67 Votes (2/3rd of the Senate) is required for a guilty verdict.

- - - Liberals Urge Vice-President Carver to stay on - - -

With an upcoming showdown in the Senate, and despite pressure to do so, the Vice-President Adam Carver will not be resigning from his position, as a result of the President's numerous scandals. If, and it is a big if, the President is convicted in the Senate, he will be removed from office. If there was no Vice-President to take over, the nation could be in a state of constitutional flux, with no head of the executive branch of government.

Last night, for the first time since the President's impeachment, the President and Vice-President held a meeting over diner. Reportedly this meeting was tense, frosty and awkward. Apparently the President wanted to shore up his position by demanding the Vice-Presidents loyalty. The Vice-President was unable to provide the President with this, stating that "your scandals are numerous, you may well be a criminal. I cannot be associated with that".

Missisquoi wrote:ANNOUNCEMENT

The Most Serene Republic of Missisquoi is soliciting map claims from the following categories of players:

• Any members of CISB who do not currently appear on the CISB map.
• Any members of CISB who are entitled to additional map plots because of population growth as specified in the Territorial Regulation Act ("TRA").
• Any members of CISB who wish to make map adjustments between their main nation and puppet nations (bearing in mind the TRA's prohibition on being a map nomad).

Background and Explanation

I have not done a map update since the end of February. On the one hand, my neglect saved me from having to delete God Tere Norld when he CTE'd and then reinstate him now that he is back. On the other hand, some newcomers have not yet been added to the map such as Coa bay and San carnio. Some other players need to do adjustments (Wanasnaswa is back in CISB, but The Tsardom of Tageansaleeh seems to have CTE'd and there are at least two old timers who aren't on the map at all. Finally, both The Socialist Republic of Saian and The Unified Socialist Republics of Norcria have requested reallocations among their main nations and puppets; I will try to accommodate these requests to the extent allowed by the TRA, which appears below.

Sadly, I'm going to have to remove Valensi from the map (CTE).

Founders Decree No. 2 of 2020: Territorial Regulation Act

Section 1: Title

The title of this law is the “Territorial Regulation Act”. It may be abbreviated as “TRA”.

Section 2: Defined Terms

“CISB” means the CISB region within the game NationStates.

“Citizen” means a nation that has obtained full citizenship within CISB.

“Country” means a real nation on the world map outside NationStates.

“Nation” means a nation within the CISB region.

“Map” means the regional map of the CISB region.

“Inhabitant” means the population of a single nation within NationStates.

"Player" means an individual human player (or group of players) controlling a single account within the NationStates game.

“Plot” means one single division of the map.

"Principal Nation" means, with respect to each Player, one (and only one) Nation designated by that Player to be the main nation for purposes of the CISB region.

"Puppet" means any Nation, other than a Principal Nation, under common control by a single Player.

“Resident Puppet” means a Puppet residing in CISB for at least seven (7) IRL days that has declared its relationship with a Principal Nation either publicly on the RMB or privately to the Cartographer-in-Chief.

Section 3: Conditions

1 A nation must be Citizen or a Resident Puppet before it can claim territory on the map.

2 A Citizen may claim its first Plot regardless of population size.

3 A Resident Puppet is not entitled to its first Plot until it has achieved 75 million inhabitants.

Section 4: Divisions

1 The map is divided into several Plots.

2 Smaller Countries remain as one Plot or may be divided into two or three Plots.

3 Bigger Countries are divided into several Plots.

Section 5: Plot Claims by Citizens

1 A Citizen can claim one Plot immediately upon obtaining citizenship, a second Plot upon obtaining 150 million inhabitants, and one additional Plot for every 75 million inhabitants thereafter up to a limit of 15 plots.

2 Whenever a Citizen's population entitles it to one or more additional Plots that Citizen can contact the incumbent Cartographer-in-Chief via telegram to claim those further Plots.

3 If a Citizen surpasses the threshold of 1.125 billion inhabitants (15 Plots), it cannot claim further plots, except as provided in Section 6 Paragraph 2(a) of the TRA.

Section 6: Plot Claims by Resident Puppets

1 A Resident Puppet can claim one Plot upon obtaining 75 million inhabitants.

2 A Resident Puppet is entitled to one additional Plot for every 75 million inhabitants thereafter, but there are two exceptions to this rule:

(a) additional Plots earned by a Resident Puppet (beyond its first Plot) may be allocated between the Resident Puppet’s Principal Nation in any way the Principal Nation sees fit, but only if the Principal Nation is itself a Citizen; and

(b) when the combined population of a Player’s Principal Nation and all its Resident Puppets, taken together, surpasses the threshold of 1.125 billion inhabitants (15 total Plots distributed between the Principal Nation and any combination of Resident Puppets); then the rate of earning additional Plots (whether by the Principal Nation or any Resident Puppet) will slow to one additional Plot for every 500 million inhabitants of combined population for all Nations controlled by the relevant Player.

3 The maximum limit of Plots that may be awarded to any combination of Nations controlled by a single Player is thirty (30).

Section 7: Loss of Map Plots

1 If a Nation is ejected from CISB, ceases to exist ("CTE"), or voluntarily departs CISB to reside in another region, that Nation will lose all territory claimed on the map according to the schedule set out in this Section 7. A Resident Puppet does not automatically lose its territory merely because its Principal Nation has been ejected from CISB, CTE or voluntarily departed CISB to reside in another region. A Resident Puppet will lose its territory only if it has itself been ejected from CISB, CTE'd or voluntarily departed CISB to reside in another region. A Resident Puppet whose Principal Nation has left CISB may apply to adjust its status to Citizen in the manner set forth in the Immigration Law.

2 A Nation that is ejected from CISB loses all territory claimed on the map immediately, with effect from the time of ejection, and must be deleted from the map during the next map update. Any Nation may claim this territory immediately following the ejection. If an ejected Nation is pardoned and restored to residency, the ejected nation may reclaim any part of its previous territory that was not already claimed by another Nation.

3 A Nation that ceases to exist will lose all territory claimed on the map seven (7) days after the date of CTE, and must be deleted from the map during the next map update after the date it loses its territory. After the expiry of this 7-day period following CTE, any other Nation may claim all or part of the CTE nation's territory. If the CTE Nation is resurrected and resumes residency in CISB, the CTE Nation may reclaim any part of its previous territory that was not already claimed by another Nation.

4 A Nation that voluntarily departs from CISB will lose all territory claimed on the map as follows: If the departing Nation announces its departure on the RMB and states that it will be joining CISB under the name of a different Nation, then the emigrating Nation may swap its territory with its alter-ego incoming Nation. Otherwise, the departing Nation loses all territory claimed on the map immediately, and any Nation may claim this territory immediately after the departure. If the emigrating Nation resumes residency in CISB it will be restored to its previous territory unless this was already claimed by another Nation.

Section 8: Moving Map Plots

1. Any nation currently existing in CISB is permanently locked into the map position it holds following the map update of 25 January, with the following exceptions:

(a) A nation may acquire plots through natural population growth as provided in Sections 5 and 6 of this Decree.

(b) A nation may acquire or lose plots through conquest if the RP Rules in effect at the time allow conquest.

(c) A nation may cede map plots to another nation, or may acquire map plots ceded to it by another nation, or nations may swap map plots, whether as part of a secession scenario, as a result of a war, or in a trade deal. However, this mechanism may not be used to swap the location of entire Nations.

(d) A nation that CTEs will lose its map claim. If the CTE'd nation is resurrected, it must resume its previous location unless part or all that territory has been claimed by a nation that entered CISB in the meantime. In this case, the CTE'd nation may claim any vacant territory.

(e) A nation that exits CISB for any reason will lose its map claim. If the exiting nation returns to CISB, it must resume its previous location unless part or all of that territory has been claimed by a nation that entered CISB in the meantime. In this case, the returning resident may claim any vacant territory.

(f) Nations that enter CISB for the first time may change location twice within the first 30 days they are resident in the region. Once a nation changes location twice, or completes 30 days of residence in CISB, it is not allowed to change map location.

Section 9: Miscellaneous

1. The map will be updated every Sunday at around 12:00 UTC. A respective post will be lodged on the RMB by the incumbent Secretary of Internal Affairs.

2. Special rules apply for the nation of Pascala, the founder of CISB as follows:

a) Pascala is allowed to have territory on the map even though it is not a Citizen or Resident Puppet.

b) Pascala's territory accrues at the rate of one Plot for every 75 million inhabitants. Pascala is allowed to have up to 15 plots.

c) Pascala's territory does not count towards the territorial limits of any other Player, and Pascala may not gain additional territory through the use of Resident Puppets.

Read dispatch

Sorry for not replying sooner, but I'll be abstaining from Roleplay. In fact, whilst CISB is, and will eternally be my home, somebody has piqued my interest in a region, and shall therefor chase it.

This is not farewell however, because I'll come back... eventually.

- - - The Oval Office, George House - 1:34 pm - Saturday 6 June 2021 - - -

Vice-President Adam Carver walked past the historic entrance and stepped into the Oval Office - the historic Presidential office. But President White was not there. The President was sitting on a chair next to a table, on the patio directly outside of the Oval Office, under the shade provided by the beautiful historic building. It was a beautiful summer's day in Mathorn, it was around 22 degrees, the sun was shining, yet was not a humid or unpleasant heat.

The President was watching his three children play with the First Lady on the freshly cut lawn, and was smiling. Their youngest, Sarah was a little over a years old and had just started to speak and walk. The President looked totally relaxed as he sat there, sipping away at a cup of tea, and this figure was completed by a pair of cool-looking sunglasses.

"Mr. President - sir?", Carver asked cautiously. The President turned round, and broke into a smile, as he spoke he gestured to a patio chair on the opposite side of the table from which he sat.

"Adam! We haven't spoken in a while, my friend. How is my Vice-President doing?"

"I'm doing alright, sir", came the reply as the Vice-President sat down. The President poured another cup of tea for Carver from an ornate teapot.

"That's good to hear - tea is still hot".

Both men sat there in silence for a minute or so as the Vice-President stirred his cup of tea, then added milk. After his tea was made, Carver turned towards the President, to say something. But it was the President who spoke first.

"I know what your going to ask me, Adam."

The Vice-President shook his head. "I was going to ask you how you were."

The President turned his head and said "I am good actually, loving my job and loving life. I called you here because I wanted your counsel."

Vice-President Carver's face expression did not change; "Well, I am all ears".

"Do you think I should resign? Can I survive a trial in the Senate?", the President asked directly.

"Only you can make that decision, sir. We have been friends long enough and had the support of the Liberal Party, especially in Congress for years. That support is no longer there. What do you think, Mr. President.?

"I'm ****ed."

Both me chuckled a little.

"You know what you did wrong, right?"

"I just need to be truthful."

"But, sir what is the Truth?"

"An unknown member of our 2019 campaign team sollicited and accepted funds from a foreign national, probably from Pamia or in The Hudson Archipelago."

"Sir, that's not your fault, if you did not know about it?"

"Issue is it went straight into the Liberal's electoral war chest. There are a dozen senators, and maybe a hundred members of the House who could get implicated in this. You could be implicated in this, for all I know."

The Vice-President stared straight at his long0term ally and friend. "Mr. President, you must believe me when I say I did not".

The President chuckled, "I do. We've been through a lot together, I trust you 100%. Which is why when you become President, I will not mind".

Carver looked confused. The President continued, "Adam, we've known each other since University. We were in the Senate together. We were inseparable. The 2014 Presidential campaign was arguably one of the greatest in history, the 2019 re-election campaign a high-water mark for the Liberals. I am damaging not only myself by remaining in Office, but also you and the Liberal Party. I took an oath to defend this constitution, and that is an oath I have unwillingly or unknowingly broken."

The Vice-President's eyes started to well up. All those moments on the campaign trails together, all the moments in the Senate, all the moments on the Presidential campaign and whilst in Office came flooding back.

"Sam, are you resigning as President?"

The President looked over to his friend and nodded. "I will be addressing the nation on Wednesday next week, before the Senate has a chance to begin proceedings. I will be resigning on my own terms, not on anyone else's. I will put in place the necessary security considerations for yourself, your wife and your family. In addition, I will also be transmitting an open letter to all members of Congress and the public regarding recent events. I will not be forced out in the dark. This time next week, you should be President."

The Vice-President just looked overwhelmed. "Sir, it has been the honour of my life serving you as Vice-President."

"No, Adam Carver. The pleasure has been all mine."

The two men looked at each other, stood up and shared a warm embrace for a good minute or so. "You have a lot of things to sort out, Mr. President".

"Your still the President, sir."

"But not for much longer. I wish you god speed, and all the luck in the world - President Carver".

August 9, 2019; AIMC Global Headquarters, 4:32 AM

*Ranveer Khaltonsky was pacing around his office, waiting for an expected email to show up in his inbox. He had been the CEO of Anskavia International Media Company since 2014. A small company, which offers a TV channel, movies and music distribution, is based in a 2-story office building in downtown Copalton, with large windows that give the employees scenic views of the IH-45 motorway and the Anskavia State University Campus as they draft up new creative ways to advertise their company. However, this particular email that Mr. Khaltonsky was expecting had nothing to do with the company. In fact, it had a lot to do with Mr. Sam White and the upcoming Mathornian elections. For around 3 months now, Khaltonsky had been making illegal payments to Pamian politicians to support the campaign and to the Mathornian campaign, which, under Imperial Law, is illegal*

Khaltonsky: Come on White, send the damn email already!

*His pacing is interrupted by AJ Connolly, the marketing director, walking into his office, shocked to see his boss there so early*

Connolly: Ranveer, what the hell are you doing here so early?

Khaltonsky: AJ? I thought you were leaving for Honiara today.

Connolly: I was, but then I forgot my coffee mug, can I have it back?

Khaltonsky: Yeah, of course you can! I think I left it in one of these drawer, can you help me find it?

Connolly: Sure.

*They search the office for AJ’s coffee mug, hoping to find it quickly so that AJ isn’t late for his flight. Then, they both hear a chime from Ranveer’s computer. AJ gets to the computer first

“New email from: Sam White” AJ saw the text, and was immediately confused. He then read the preview…*

Email: Thanks for the money, Ranveer! This will definitely help with our campaign!

Ranveer: Oh no…

To be continued

Sorry... stuff came up so I may be inactive for the next few days (I am moving flats and my internship work is increasing, so will not have much time to rp)

- - - Presidential Address to the Nation - Tuesday 15 June 2021 - 8pm - - -

President Sam White is sitting behind the Bear Desk in the Presidential Oval Office. Dressed in a smart suit and tie. On the desk there is an array of papers, folders and a shut down laptop. Behind the President is the Mathornian Flag. Behind the President, neatly arranged on a mantlepiece are various photos of the President, his family, and friends. It is still light, it was the middle of summer. The President begins to speak.

"My fellow Mathornians, tonight I wanted to address a few things, notably this country's leadership. I want to tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. This will be only the third time I will speak to you from this office, where so many decisions have been made that have shaped our nation's history. Unfortunately, this will also be the last address I make from inside this hallowed and historical office."

"Throughout the last few weeks and months, various scandals have engulfed me, my administration, and my 2019 re-election campaign. I have felt it was my duty to act in the national interest and to do what was best for the nation. I felt it was my duty to persevere,and to make every possible effort to complete the term of office to which you elected me."

"In the past few days, however, it has evident to me that I no longer have a strong enough political base in the Congress to justify continuing that effort. I felt strongly that it was necessary to see the constitutional process through to its conclusion, that to do otherwise would be unfaithful to the spirit of that deliberately difficult process and a dangerously destabilising precedent for the future."

"The Speaker of the House of Representatives, the President pro tempore of the Senate, various members of the Cabinet and members of Congress have all expressed their concern at the nature of the accusations against me. Even though I will cease to be your President this Saturday, I wish to clear my name, which I feel has been unceremoniously dragged through the mud."

"The accusations regarding my personal conduct center upon a campaign staffer named Arron Mett. Arron was a great friend of mine, and I held him in the highest regard. He was head of fundraising for my camping and inadvertently accepted foreign donations from Pamian governmental officials and media companies. These donations were disguised as donations from J.J Sachs, a banking company wholly based in Mathorn. No matter way which it can be spun, my 2019 re-election campaign received and spent money from a foreign power, something illegal under current Mathornian electoral law."

"For that, I must sincerely apologize. My campaign should have had more stringent due-diligence. To myself, to Arron Mett for not giving him enough resources or time to conduct a thorough due diligence process, to Congress and to you the people. I had nothing to do with the mistakes of the past, yet as the 4th Mathornian President, Adam Bentford, said on his deathbed in 1603; 'I've long talked about a battle for the soul of this nation. It has the capacity to be a great one. We must restore the soul of this island, of this nation. Our nation is shaped by the constant battle between our better angels and our darkest impulses. Now, what president says in this battle matter.'

"As your President, I have to tell you, the people, that my darkest impulse is to remain as your President, to fight it out. And that is who I am. But this nation faces great challenges. These challenges will require strong, determined and committed leadership to tackle. I am very proud and very honoured to have been your President, and the leader of this country for over six years."

"In these six years believe we've made great steps, with more people in work than ever before in our history, with reforms to welfare and education, increasing people's life chances, building a bigger and stronger society, keeping our promises to the poorest people in the world and enabling those who love each other to get married whatever their sexuality, but above all restoring Mathorn's economic strength. And I'm grateful to everyone who's helped to make that happen. In 2020, I spearheaded reforms to Mathornian Policing, invested record amounts of money into the NHS and laid the groundwork for the groundbreaking High-speed-rail project."

"However, in light of recent events, I think the country requires fresh leadership. This is not a decision I've taken lightly, but I do believe it is one taken in the national interest. The current Vice-President, Adam Carver will be inaugurated on Saturday, the 19th June. With this ascension, this nation could not be in safer hands. It brings me back to the famous words uttered by the first President's Grandson, Senator Richard Polaris."

"On the 30th November 1757, the Senate had been holding a solemn meeting - Senators were faced with the difficult decision to stay in the capital, or flee for lands which would be untouched by the forthcoming conflict. After untold hours of debate, the Senate seemed inclined to abandon the capital. Even the objections of then President Arthur Balfour, could not sway the Senators."

"But in the last few moments before the vote was called, Richard Polaris, tired and weary after untold hours of debate, took to the Senate floor. His words struck with a divine weight of provenance, and the Senate heard in them an omen from the gods that could not be ignored. The Senate voted unanimously, ushering in and marshalling the city's defences, as well as inspiring thousands of normal civilians, trapped by circumstance, to join the Mathornian army in the defence of the city."

"At the time, perhaps with a sense of irony, Richard Polaris had little appreciation for the weight of his words, or what effect they would have on the nation throughout the coming centuries. This was perhaps the most famous speech ever made in Congress, and a singular Latin phrase encapsulated the contents of this speech. That single Latin phrase is today inscribed on the very foundations of the Mathornian Congress. It speaks of struggle, of hardship, and of loss, but also it is a testament the great power of the Mathornian nation to not only endure, but thrive, regardless of circumstance."

"Those words were; Hic Manebimus Optime; Here we will Remain, most Excellency. I love this country and I feel honoured to have served it and I will do everything I can in future to help this great country succeed in the future. Mathorn will remain strong, most excellency, under the stewardship of my successor and friend. Thank you very much".

Breaking news: Adam Carver has been inaugurated as the 61st President of The United Provinces of Mathorn on the steps of the Capitol building. In a short ceremony, the new President thanked friends and family. President Carver will nominate a Vice-Presidential candidate on Monday after meeting with Congressional leaders tomorrow. As is tradition, the President laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier in the crypt of the Capitol.









January 20, 1570 - January 20, 1580

Richard Polaris


1569, 1574

Matthew Writter


January 20, 1580 - January 20, 1585

Lewis Cooper



Chris Moore


January 20, 1585 - January 20, 1595

Matthew Writter


1584, 1589

Nathan Shannon


January 20, 1595 - June 13, 1603

Adam Bentford


1594, 1599

David Ranter


June 13, 1603 - January 20, 1610

David Ranter



Martin Tooner


January 20, 1610 - January 20, 1620

Daniel Hayes


1609, 1614

Norm Blither


January 20, 1620 - June 12, 1622

Edgar Thorne



William Andrews


June 12, 1622 - January 20, 1625

William Andrews



Isaac Atkins


January 20, 1625 - January 20, 1635

Isaac Atkins


1624, 1629

Miles Martins


January 20, 1635 - January 20, 1640

Samuel Bohannon



Jonas Rogers


January 20, 1640 - January 20, 1650

Thomas Linken


1639, 1644

Aiden Cranworth (Until 1645) & James Marken (From 1645)


January 20, 1650 - September 13, 1652

Noah Rackham



Nobert Clark


September 13, 1652 - January 20, 1655

Nobert Clark



Michael Root


January 20, 1655 - January 20, 1665

Seth Rodbridge


1654, 1659

Graham Anerst


January 20, 1665 - January 20, 1675

Jake Parker


1664, 1669

Rufus McCoy


January 20, 1675 - January 20, 1685

Luke Parker


1674, 1679

Elias Webb


January 20, 1685 - January 20, 1690

Spencer Canning



Elias Webb


January 20, 1690- January 20, 1700

Henry Addington


1689, 1694

Emanuel Edmiston


January 20, 1700 - January 20, 1710

William Lamb


1699, 1704

Arthur Winter


January 20, 1710 - January 20, 1715

Arthur Winter



Robert Jenkinson


January 20, 1715 - January 20, 1725

John Tyler


1714, 1719

John Stuart


January 20, 1725 - January 20, 1735

Chris Gladstone


1724, 1729

Martin Cecil


January 20, 1735 - January 20, 1745

Cecil Roberts


1734, 1739

Elijah Barnet


January 20, 1745 - January 20, 1755

Henry Harrison


1744, 1749

Arthur Balfour


January 20, 1755 - January 1, 1760

Arthur Balfour



Zachary Taylor


January 1, 1760 - January 20, 1760

Zachary Taylor



N/A (Taylor became President after President Balfour's death on New Year's Day 1760. The Balfour/Taylor ticket did not stand for re-election in the election of 1759).


January 20, 1760 - January 20, 1765

Martin Whitmarsh



Cooper Justin


January 20, 1765 - January 20, 1775

Zachary Taylor


1764, 1769

Owen Vander


January 20, 1775 - January 20, 1785

Timothy Alderwood


1774, 1779

Damon Cinder


January 20, 1785 - January 20, 1795

Taylor Bridge


1784, 1789

James Cotton


January 20, 1795 - January 20, 1805

Myles Brannon


1794, 1799

Elijah Kisiner


January 20, 1805 - January 20, 1810

Henry Cresswell



Samuel Sinkler


January 20, 1810 - January 20, 1820

Samuel Wiley


1809, 1814

Dylan Rantor


January 20, 1820 - January 20, 1830

Lewis Lexington


1819, 1824

Jake Humphry


January 20, 1830 - January 20, 1840

Noah Yorktown


1829, 1834

Richard Overton


January 20, 1840 - January 20, 1845

Norm Geddes



Richard Overton


January 20, 1845 - December 14, 1847

Stuart Mill



James Tice


December 14, 1847 - January 20, 1855

James Tice



Henry Kirk


January 20, 1855 - January 20, 1865

Robert Ranger


1854, 1859

Gerrard Morris


January 20, 1865 - January 20, 1875

Isaac Ross


1864, 1869

Declan Ball


January 20, 1875 - January 20, 1885

Alexander Jacobs


1874, 1879

Charlie Heath


January 20, 1885 - January 20, 1890

George Shepard



Stuart Winchester


January 20, 1890 - January 20, 1900

Matthew Pollock


1889, 1894

Edmund Parker


January 20, 1900 - January 20, 1905

Nathan Overton


1899, 1905

Jim Farrell


January 20, 1905 - January 20, 1915

Luke Barnett


1904, 1909

Sasha Peters


January 20, 1915 - January 20, 1920

Thomas Cobb



Flynn Gates


January 20, 1920 - August 13, 1923

Zack Fowler



Luke Sears


August 13, 1923 - January 20, 1930

Luke Sears



Dilan Roach


January 20, 1930 - January 20, 1940

Dylan Ramsey


1929, 1934

Elliot Daniels


January 20, 1940 - January 20, 1950

Joe Barker


1939, 1944

Sean Newman


January 20, 1950 - January 20, 1955

Sean Newman



Keir Driscoll


January 20, 1955 - January 20, 1965

Cara Nelson


1954, 1959

Gary Finch


January 20, 1965 - January 20, 1970

Daniel Baker



Lucas O'Donnell


January 20, 1970 - January 20, 1980

Connor Ball


1969, 1974

Nate Peters


January 20, 1980 - January 20, 1985

Stephan Lugo



Angela Farmer


January 20, 1985 - January 20, 1995

Chloe Winston


1984, 1989

Casey Conway


January 20, 1995 - January 20, 2005

Luke Canter


1994, 1999

Sarah Longwell


January 20, 2005 - January 20, 2010

Benjamin Moore



Jake Sharp


January 20, 2010 - January 20, 2015

Jake Sharp



Ella Mattich


January 20, 2015 - June 19, 2021

Sam White


2014, 2019

Adam Carver


June 19, 2021 - Present

Adam Carver



N/A - Yet to be confirmed by Congress

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