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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Dominion of Thee Imperium 0f Man (elected )

Founder: The King Bruces Glorious Lands of South His Majestys most loyal kangaroos

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Most Nations: 1st Most Extensive Civil Rights: 619th Most Politically Free: 697th+12
Most Pro-Market: 729th Highest Drug Use: 752nd Most Extreme: 792nd Greatest Rich-Poor Divides: 872nd Highest Crime Rates: 989th Most Avoided: 1,391st Rudest Citizens: 1,409th Lowest Overall Tax Burden: 1,559th Highest Unexpected Death Rate: 1,587th Fattest Citizens: 1,614th Most Armed: 2,065th Nudest: 2,322nd
World Factbook Entry

Welcome To Chicken Overlords, the largest region/UCR! You must worship our supreme overlords, Professor Chicken Licken, King Bruce & Great Uncle Bulgaria if you wish to keep your knees. We took over earth on 11th June 2020. If beings do not worship our great leaders, they will have their knees crushed, have their heads struck by torpedos, and turned into rugs.

We collect embassies!

Endorse Thee Imperium 0f Man!

Our search engine: LinkBoogle
Allies:Polad|The Monarchy Alliance

We have over 16,700 nations and are the largest region!
Founded: 11 June 2018.
Featured: 26th August 2020

Motto''Order or Peck''
Regional News
Thanks to Condorius, South Pacifican Kilendjj and Womblemilton for helping Chicken Overlords grow!

🇺🇦 Chicken Overlords Supports Ukraine! 🇺🇦

Embassies: Warzone Africa, The Interdimensional Community, The Galactic Empire of Britain, The Great Universe, South pacific gyre, Gypsy Lands, The Empire of Friendship, The Illuminati, Arconian Empire, My Little Pony Equestria, Hollow Point, The Forest, Reality, Bus Stop, NationStatesHolics Anonymous, Avadam Inn, and 438 others.Slavija, The Dank Meme Alliance, Christmas, Groland, Ozzy, Pacific Union, Richard, Commonwealth States, Brazzaville, The Assembly of Gentlemen, Rhea, Toronto, Connaught, World, Nebraska, Central African Republic, London, Mackenzie, Prince Edward Island, Senegal, Samoa, Mongolia, Malawi, Missouri, Rhode Island, Laos, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Massachusetts, Vermont Republic, New Brunswick, United Kingdom Of Great Britain, Kiribati, Tasmania, United Arab Emirates, Australian Capital Territory, Sao Tome e Principe, New Hampshire, Newfoundland and Labrador, Mississippi, Queensland, Wyoming, Seattle, Nunavut, Illinois, Idaho, Columbia, Australia Commonwealth, Qatar, United States of America, Gabon, Northwest Territories, Birmingham, Delaware, Leinster, Rwanda, Western Australia, Maldives, Republic of Russia, Arizona, Minnesota, Washington DC, Tuvalu, Mozambique, Ancient Lands, Seychelles, Maryland, The Philippines, South Carolina, Nevada, Kentucky, Trinidad and Tobago, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kansas, Georgia, Nova Scotia, Beijing, Michigan, Swaziland, Comoros, Saskatchewan, Victoria, Namibia, Yukon, Tonga, Fiji, Manchester, Cote dIvoire, Capital Heights, Timor Leste, The Flying Fishes Bait Shop, Northern Mariana Islands, Steam Islands, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Calgary, Tanzania, Chicago, Vietnam, Asia Pacific Economic Group, Pony Lands, The United Coalition of Nation States, Empire of Galea, Misanthropic Bloc, Novo Brasil, Jamaica, Union of Justice, Kingdom of Adonai, Khuzifenq, nasunia, Fredonia, Chan Nations, The Warden World, The Great Red Union, The United Empires of Carson, The Western Isles, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, The International Polling Zone, The Bunny Fire, Anarchical Assembly, Zentari, Meese Gang Headquarters, The Noodle Shop At The Edge Of Reality, Sunalaya, The Atlantic, Confederacy of Independent States, The Slide Countries, Organization of United Sovereign States, United Otter Emirates, The Cursed Continent of Lodoss, Western Sahara, Strawberry Hill, New Caledonia, Algiers, Monaco, Anime Girls, Vampires, Union of Allied States, Wanderlust, Veris Administrative Region, Pontbridge Islands, Galactic Imperium, One big Island, RHINIA, Trendsetter, Warhammer 40000, New Delhi, 404 Not Found, Dhaka, Abuja, Jakarta, Islamabad, Brasilia, Addis Ababa, Mockba, Manila, Memeverse, Greater Middle East, Bangui, Penguia, France, Reminated Euromean Republic, Confederation of the Mediterranean, Card Farming Region, The Cormorant Pact, NS Card Player Rehab Center, The United World, Coalition of crackheads, Cao Wei, Tower of The Wizord, Kinshasa, Bangkok, Union of Liberal Nations, empty wasteland, Western Africa, 1980s America, The Cheesecake Factory, The Fallout Wasteland, Laraniem, Deep Storage, Australialia, Avian worshipers of chicken overlords, Turkic Union, Baccalaureate Liberation Front, Urana Firma, Regionless, Old Zealand, Gay Equality, The Cult of PCHS, Edmundian Empire, Europe but better, Dead Sea, Mad Land of the Mad Madmen, Conakry, Council of Constructed Languages, Philippines, Cheddar, Yeet, The putnan empire of nations, Official European Union, Card Farm X43, Bytes, Assembly, Union of monarchies, RAMS, Polad, Worldwide british empire 2, Independence Hill, First World Order, United League of Nations, SEC Fanatics, Victorian era rp 2, Aviania, THE RANDOM REGION 2 ELECTRIC BOOGALOO, September, TMO, Guinea Kiribati, Just relax, EPCOT Center 1981, FIFA Lands, The Geopolitics Roleplay Region, matheo, Weffle, Netraucora, Katzen, The Leftist Hype House, Brasilistan, Sapril, Gobbotopia, The Alliance of Eros, The Region Of Gargery, Northern Argaen Trade Organization, SolarFlare, Yarnia, Pecan Sandies, Gru, The Nomads Guild, Verilisis, The Blue Star Union, Grishahakkaverchynot League, Bloopsjooj, Callista, The plaza, The Freedom Isles, The lemon hub, Amalgamated Federation, Lewisham, Isle Of Wooloo Kingdom, Greatest Unojo, Ankh Morpork, Hell, The Bar on the corner of every region, Hatari, Tryzalore, The Sweet Ubiquity, Associated Powers Bloc, United Federation Of Edwards, Trade Market, The Chancery, Random Acts of Kindness, Lyrali, The Agents of SHIELD, Old New Tiamat, The Fish Tank, The Holy Britannia, The Outlawed Nations, Ancient, The Moderate Alliance, Green Legion, Pax Britannia, Golden Eco Friendly, Industrial hell, ThunderClan, Travelling Wilburys, The Union Of Great Onionist Nations, Bobbersonian palace, Herrecode, That One Place, Occupied Mars, What Remains of the Day, The Three Isles, Sub Pacific, Placeholder, DogeLand, new aiakon, Arcturus System, Separatist Alliance, The Merchants Guild, Skivx, Raxulan Empire, The Western Commonwealth, The Union of Fairer Nations, Alliance Nation League, Eastern Europe, The Black Swan Kingdom, The Andoran Empire, atlasia, TMA, The Monarchy alliance, The Empires And Republics Of Power, New World Union, Slatos, Pax Indica, Lardyland, The Roman Empire of Antoninus Pius, Altay, Regions, T2R, Nationstates Ski Resort, Out Of Left Field, Ladanvia, Invicta, United Mapgame Nations, a very deep hole, Terra Kepleriana, The Power Gulids, Entroterranean Union, The Conservative Democracies, The Finntopian Region of DOOM, The Walking Land, Great Lakes Alliance, Yo Mama, 0 0 0, The Land Of Free Nations, Eggtopia, The Power Gulids II, Jafazia, Union of Ever Socialist Republics, North Avalon, Montrandecs Neighbours, The freedom federation, Seven To Many, North Eurasia, Flanelistan, Mariner Trench, Collinica, Asia, The Emoji Movie Army, Moo Moo Farm, New World Soviet Union, Imperial jabanese, Union de Naciones Latinas e Ibericas, The waiting room of matheo, New Alvarez Union, Fraecia, Global Nations, Central Asian Union, Dog Lake, Eastern European Union, The Great Storm, The Crab Port, 2nd Foolian Empire, Coque Borie Lethawik, Altusia, The Furry Bar, Montreal, Republic of Cuba, UCOU, Federal Republic of Korea, The Democratic Republic, The region of worshipping doggos, Redundant Realm of Redundancy, Loamhedge, The Giraffe Federation, Neo Otaku Utopia, Runcina ex Praegrandis Entia, Cyclone Isles, Pax Transpolia, United Nations of Everyone, Georgist Alliance, EmbassyRegionia, The Community, Seahaven Island, Soils Sails and Science, Odrya, The News Stand, United Landon Confederation, The Commonwealth of South Hydo Islands, The Eighth Closet, IGLESIA NI CRISTO, The Korean Peninusla, Fifth Wall, Chris puppet storage, Neptunia, Miraculous Ladybug, Taperegiona, Nova Scanda, AREA 15, Eretz Israel, UN UNITED NATIONS, IRSDOM, Letters and spaces, sistema 9328398890929h, The land of eagles, south east asia, Bleem, The Salan subcontinent, Mechanix Monarchists, The Galactic Mafia, The CBU, The 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The embassy with Monarchist and Democratic Alliance is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with NS Card Player Rehab Center is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with The Union of Fairer Nations is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with Union of Ever Socialist Republics is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with Chris puppet storage is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with Greater Mindoor is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

Construction of embassies with Soyuz Sovietskik Sotsialistik Respubliks has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with Council of New European States CoNES has commenced. Completion expected .

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Regional Power: Very High

Chicken overlords contains 16,708 nations, the most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector in Chicken overlords

World Census analysts extensively tested concept muscle cars in empty parking lots in order to estimate which nations have the largest auto industries.

As a region, Chicken overlords is ranked 8,992nd in the world for Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Master of Puppets of NilrahrarfanCompulsory Consumerist State“Owned by Katrina Stormia”
2.The Incorporated States of BansantaCompulsory Consumerist State“We Will Endure”
3.The Kingdom of Womble 5775Anarchy“Mission Accomplished”
4.The Kingdom of Womble 506Anarchy“You Can't Stop Progress”
5.The Kingdom of Womble 10134Anarchy“Twirling Toward Freedom”
6.The Kingdom of Womble 2236Anarchy“Pride and Industry”
7.The Kingdom of Womble 429Anarchy“Strength Through Compliance”
8.The Republic of Manos de HierroCorporate Police State“Live Laugh Love”
9.The Kingdom of Womble 7679Anarchy“Unity, Discipline, Work”
10.The Kingdom of Womble 13680Anarchy“Unity, Discipline, Work”
1234. . .1,6701,671»

Regional Happenings


Chicken overlords Regional Message Board

Verse 1
Joe said they appreciate the quiet
They threw me the keys Joe got the dog
Fight or flight his baby mama did too
She was just doing her best

How Joe walked through the front door that day
Thanks to you little lady, I got away

Sunday morning Joe went to church and Joe started to pray
Joe stared down at the ground and Joe thought in wonder and fear
When Joe got to talking Joe had to whisper so softly
Or how Joe won her heart

Verse 2
Joe always kept his eyes on that girl
Joe always kept his eyes on that girl
Joe always kept his eyes on that girl
Joe always kept his eyes on that girl

Joe beat two ladies hands made heat
Joe learned how to give and then Joe learned how to take

Sunday morning Joe went to church and Joe started to pray
Joe stared down at the ground and Joe thought in wonder and fear
When Joe got to talking Joe had to whisper so softly
Or how Joe won her heart

Joe was eleven years old when Joe lost his dog to the war
Joe made a stand and smoked a pack and blamed it on Christmas

Sunday morning Joe went to church and Joe started to pray
Joe stared down at the ground and Joe thought in wonder and fear
When Joe got to talking Joe had to whisper so softly
Or how Joe won her heart

Dang it takes a long time for the founder to respond lol

Parilands clone wrote:Inothing for you to worry about. He has been grounded, and we dislocated their kneecaps in retaliation.

Dislocated his what 🤨🤨🤨

Penal Facilities


I am now the number one nation for pizza delivery rates in all of the chicken overlords. Now you must all bow to Papa John whenst thou desirest pizza.

Bro my corruption is high, how do i get it even higher?

Papa Johns Reich wrote:I am now the number one nation for pizza delivery rates in all of the chicken overlords. Now you must all bow to Papa John whenst thou desirest pizza.

Order up!

IgorLandia69 wrote:Bro my corruption is high, how do i get it even higher?

By being consistently corrupt.

Wombling Thunder wrote:By being consistently corrupt.

Can confirm.

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