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Central Pacific Empire RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: Emporer islands

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Most Primitive: 53rd Largest Basket Weaving Sector: 174th Most Politically Apathetic Citizens: 931st+3
Most Ignorant Citizens: 1,447th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 1,501st Most Devout: 1,969th
World Factbook Entry

Emperor: His Imperial Majesty Latin and central america

Regional Animal: Fatty the Marmot
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    Citizenship Register (as of May 6 2018)

    FactbookOverview by Upper belvedere palace . 23 reads.

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    Historical Museum of the IRU & FFS

    FactbookHistory by 30 rockefeller plaza . 221 reads.

Embassies: The Commonwealth of Crowns, United Empire of Islam, Coalition of Catholic States, Nelborne Union, Borealias, Cyberius Confederation, Australia, Confederation of Corrupt Dictators, Avadam Inn, International Republican Union, The World of Remnant, The Mystical Council, LCRUA, The Union of Empires, Pisces Centauri, Sweden, and 3 others.International Debating Area, The Confederacy of Free Nations, and Historia Novorum.

Tags: Democratic, Founderless, Minuscule, Monarchist, and Password.

Central Pacific Empire is home to a single nation.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Pizza Delivery Sector in Central Pacific Empire

World Census staff spent many nights answering the front door in order to measure which nations have the biggest Pizza Delivery industries.

As a region, Central Pacific Empire is ranked 22,014th in the world for Largest Pizza Delivery Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Carthusian Hermit of Fatty the MarmotFather Knows Best State“Munch, and remember the Clover in the Sky”

Regional Happenings


Central Pacific Empire Regional Message Board

Emporer islands

I have retained the regional animal and UEI Ambassador only :D

The region is locked until someone (myself, or any other) regains the motivation to revive us. I will still be around a little. Until then, all the best to those that have departed and our allies. The CPE will live on.

Now at least the CPE can be a marmot colony like GOR wanted all along.

Emporer islands

Emporer islands

Yay! The region is mine finally.

Post self-deleted by Shronok.

An Announcement from the Ruler of the GOR: We, Alfred IV Edgar Oswin Athelstan, by the Grace of God King of The Gallant Old Republic and Sovereign of Sovereign Over All its Kingdoms, etc etc, seeking to make a Prosperous Garden out of the Desert, to Plant Virtue and Uproot Vice, to Commend Our Soul, Our Consort's Soul, and All the Souls of the World to the Grace of God, declare our Intention to Establish in Perpetuity five new Charterhouses of Carthusian Marmots beginning on the Feast of Saint Thomas More on which Day we shall Wed the Lady of the Mercians, Kathryn II Edith Fritheswith ∆thelburh. Te Deum laudamus.

To the Central Pacific Empire,

Over time, the Confederation has noticed that your region has dwindled to the point of inactivity. Those valiant nations that remain lie dormant, falling into darkness.

Our embassy has stood for over two years. While this Empire has crumbled, the Confederation has grown strong.

Join with us, the Confederation. Together, we can rule NationStates.

Hail the Confederation!

Office of the Viceroy
Confederation of Corrupt Dictators

Latin and central america

Jocospor wrote:To the Central Pacific Empire,

Over time, the Confederation has noticed that your region has dwindled to the point of inactivity. Those valiant nations that remain lie dormant, falling into darkness.

Our embassy has stood for over two years. While this Empire has crumbled, the Confederation has grown strong.

Join with us, the Confederation. Together, we can rule NationStates.

Hail the Confederation!

Office of the Viceroy
Confederation of Corrupt Dictators

I appreciate the effort, but everyone has left and I remain here to keep the region nominally existing :D

Here is a new issue of The Confederation Coverage! Including a new(ish) format and a new writer! Enjoy!

Confederation Coverage Issue #7

Hail the Confederation!

Written by
Heath Campbell of The North American Powers and Naora Natson of Shronok
Edited by
Naora Natson of Shronok

Confederation Coverage details the most important recent regional happenings in the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators, as well as other news on regional politics and national happenings

In This Issue of Confederation Coverage
-Newly Nominated Director for the Supreme Council-
-A Minute Dispute Between Krvava Koupel and Blackacre-
-The Confederation's First Gala-
-Official RP Thread Now Open-
-Confedereichstag Competition-
-Ask Cripes It is a clone of Sean Connery-
-And Other News-

Newly Nominated Director of the Exchequer

Ever since the previous Director of the Exchequer, Ruudel Zardim of Munda daro, was impeached, the position has been vacant; but that is no longer. The Supreme Council appointed someone to replace him, and that lucky guy is Lucius Sulinus of Riakou. Congratulations! With a new DE in place (that will hopefully do his job ;), we can all rest easy knowing that the Confederation's economy is in good hands. Speaking of newly appointed directors, there is now open newly opened positions within the Supreme Judiciary and the department of Economical Observation and Progression, if you're interested please contact Grulian Curronfold of ShrewLlamaLand or the Director of the Exchequer, mentioned above. Hopefully we can fill up all of our Departments with good people that will help the Supreme Council make the Confederation a better place for all who join us in the future.


More Information on new positions

The Supreme Council wishes to advise that Supreme Judiciary and the Office of Economical Observation and Progression have been expanded to create several new undersecretary positions.
Three positions for Associate Justices have been made available within the Supreme Judiciary. Associate Justices will be expected to collect and present evidence to the Chancellor against nations potentially in breach of the Imperial Law, and will be required to contribute on the RMB during Inquisitional Hearings.


Within the Office of Economical Observation and Progression, four new positions have been created: the Ministry for the Collection and Regulation of Taxation, the Department of Raw Production, the Department of Manufactured Production and the Department of Commercial Trade.


To date, Kindletopia has been appointed Ministry for the Collection and Regulation of Taxation, and The Fascist Waffle Empire appointed Department of Manufactured Production. Two Associate Justices have been decided upon, and their appointment will be announced shortly on the Confederation RMB.
One Associate Justice position, as well as the Department of Raw Production and Department of Commercial Trade remain vacant. Nations interested in these positions should contact the relevant Supreme Council member, ShrewLlamaLand or Riakou, respectively. Applicants should be WA Members and have endorsed all members of the Supreme Council.


A New League for Delegate's Alike

The Viceroy, in conjunction with the Supreme Judiciary and the Delegate's Office, was very pleased to unveil to the Confederation the Imperial Delegate's League just over two weeks ago. A subcommittee that operates under the instruction of the Delegate's Office, the League is open to all nations of who reside in the region, not just those enrolled within the World Assembly.
The idea behind the League comes from the Imperial Empire's escapades in both the Security Council (""Condemn Democratic Empire of Romania") and the General Assembly (""Repeal Ban on Secret Treaties"), the Viceroy decided to establish a regional body that could meet and draft its own World Assembly resolutions.
Robert Kraaken, World Assembly Delegate for the Confederation, sharing the podium with His Excellency Walter Memmon, commented on the prospects of the League at its opening ceremony. "It's finally time the Confederation had this. We've been aiming to control the World Assembly for so long now, and finally we have the mechanism with which to do that. The Imperial Delegate's League can only achieve greatness."
The League has already been put to good use, with World Assembly drafts being proposed and debated by several nations. At the moment, opinion within the Confederation seems to be that religion has no place within a government, and that the World Assembly should recognise this. "If this is to go ahead," Mr Kraaken stated, "then other resolutions will need to be repealed first, such as 'Freedom of Religion'."
A Confederation LinkDiscord channel entitled imperial-delegates-league exists for nations to submit and discuss proposals, as well as general issues concerning the World Assembly. "The Delegate's Office will also use this channel as a way to advise World Assembly nations on how to vote on legislation that has reached the floor," Mr Kraaken advised.
Offices for the League have opened up on the seventh level of the Confedereichstag, alongside those of the Delegate and his undersecretaries.


A Minute Dispute Between Krvava Koupel and Blackacre

Earlier this week the nation of Krvava Koupel got into a bit of a fight with the region Blackacre after they tried to assassinate Eldritch Fedyor, leader of Krvava Koupel. The first attempt, all peoples of Blackacre were deported back to their nations and the assassins were executed without trial. The second time, the culprits were also executed, but Krvava Koupel didn't wish to leave it at this... they decided that they were going to test their newly developed weapon, the hydro-atomic bomb on the nations of Blackacre. At roughly 14:00 on Sunday, 12 August, 2018, Fedyor made the following announcement: "The nation of Blackacre yet again tried to slaughter Krvava Koupelís infamous leader; Eldritch Fedyor. Though the nation failed, this has outraged many a people in the nation. Dictator Eldritch Fedyor, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, The Minister of Military, and the Minister of Destruction have met in the nationís Capitol: Bloodbath. They discussed how to go about the issue, and have ultimately decided to withdraw the nationís troops, and assure destruction. The Minister of Destruction has made this the perfect opportunity to test out Krvava Koupelís newest invention: The Hydro-Atomic Bomb which theyíve dubbed Shockwave. This bomb is capable of taking out the nation and any nation next to it, as well as sending an EMP blast to other neighboring nations. Dictator Eldritch Fedyor advises any nation of the Confederation to evacuate their people from Blackacre for this Bomb should set to drop at precisely 21:00 hours." At 21:00 hours that day, just as they promised, Krvava Koupel dropped 3 hydro-atomic bombs, 1 for each of the 3 nations of Blackacre, and completely devastated the region, though they got what they deserved. This situation has told us all that we have a great militaristic power among us in the Confederation, and it would've been a tragedy if Fedyor would've died.


The Confederation's First Gala

Last week, the confederation made the breathtaking accomplishment of the acquirement of 150 nations! To celebrate, the Department of Affairs from the Social Assembly hosted a large gala and awards ceremony for the Overseer of the Social Assembly, Naora Natson of Shronok and His Excellency, Walter Memmon of Jocospor. Early in the evening arriving leaders and representatives from different Confederation nations had a bit of time to talk amongst themselves about politics and war and the such, followed by an awards ceremony. Both the Overseer and the Viceroy were gifted with a lapel pin of a golden depiction of the Confederation Flag, as well as a small pension provided entirely by the government of The North American Powers. Afterwards a large banquet was held. Sadly, the gala didn't go on for that long, lasting only three hours. Since then, the region has grown exponentially, and a gala celebrating 300 member nations has been promised.

A look inside the building where the Gala was held.


Population Growth

The Confederation of Corrupt Dictators has continued its exponential growth! As of this writing we are at over 300 nations! The North American Powers is organizing another Gala to celebrate this great achievement.


Official CCD Roleplay Forum Thread

Speaking: Heath Campbell, Emperor of NAP and Head of Dpt. of Affairs
Ever since the gala, nations have been bugging me to host another. I told them no, but I had an idea... make a regional RP thread in the forums. That same day, I typed up an RP thread that takes place in my nation's capital, Flaak. Nations are allowed to roam about the city, formerly known as Los Angeles, browse shops, stay in nice hotels, etc.

(Editors note: The link for that roleplay:viewtopic.php?f=5&t=448109&sid=1c8781927dade1e36c3989fc8ea051a7)


Confedereichstag Competition

Written by Naora Natson of Shronok.

On August 18th the Viceroy and I launched a competition to design a replacement to the old Confedereichstag government headquarters. More details are showin in the following factbook.


Nations interested in showing off their creativitiy have until September 8th to send in a design. We hope to see some submissions!


Reminder to nations of The Confederation of Corrupt Dictators

All World Assembly nations are required to endorse Jocospor and are highly encouraged to endorse the rest of the WA Supreme Council nations.(ShrewLlamaLand, Shronok, Kontoga, and Riakou)

Also look to the Regional Message Board act for reference on how you should post on the RMB.



"Go ahead and ask your questions. Yeah even you people that have some nutty questions in mind go ahead and ask them" -Sean Connery's clone.

Here is some good news for you all! Despite it being said in the last issue that this feature may be phased out due to popular demand it has returned! Thanks to all the nations who sent questions and showed their support for the feature. You are the main reason this feature made it to this issue.

Anyways, here is this monthís installment of Ask Cripes It is a clone of Sean Connery!

Monsieur Eau Chaude, of Lourdes, France(Lake of fur) asks,

"Why do we have to launder bath towels if we only ever use them when we're clean?"

Cripes It is a clone of Sean Connery: Good question. That is what I tried to tell my previous girlfriend. It drove her nuts that I used the same bath towel multiple days in a row while refusing to have it washed. Then she forced the bath towel into the laundry. We are no longer together.

Someone from Too much information land asks,
My dentist says that I should brush my teeth for at least two minutes. But I'm a very busy man. If time is money, what is the cost/benefit analysis of brushing teeth over just purchasing a new set?

Cripes It is a clone of Sean Connery: Just use the official Sean Connery Clone toothbrush! With thousands of features this toothbrush is not only good for brushing your teeth but it can also be a taser, a laser, and a invisibility cloak all at once! That overules any cost/benefit analysis!(Sean Connery Clone toothbrush is copyrighted by Cripes It is a clone of Sean Connery.)

Someone from Muggles asks,
Toilet seat lids - up or down?

Cripes It is a clone of Sean Connery: I personally prefer a toilet seat down except for when I am using it obviously. I sometimes spend a lot of time sitting on a toilet. I have thought some of my more profound thoughts doing it.

Someone asks,
*Generic question*

Cripes It is a clone of Sean Connery: *Generic Answer*


Fun Stuff


Random Song of the Moment.



Write for The Confederation Coverage!

Do you want to showcase your creativity? Do you want to show off your writing skills? Or do you just want to? If you answered yes to any of those questions you can write for The Confederation Coverage. Even if you didn't say yes to any of them, assuming you can write well, you can also write for The Confederation Coverage! Any further questions on writing or if you want to become a regular contributor telegram Shronok or The North American Powers.



(By Naora Natson)

You may have noticed something different about this issue. We have a new head writer! There is now a team of sorts so I can have help making The Confederation Coverage the best it could be. The North American Powers has become the head writer and was responsible for a good portion of this issue. That being said I am still responsible for editing this and future issues. Thanks for reading!


Brought to you by The Confederation of Corrupt Dictators Overseer of the People Naora Natson from Shronok and The head of the Department of Affairs Heath Campbell of The North American Powers
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And then there were Marmots!


New Poll!

The Future of the Arctic

Please Vote & Debate in the RMB!

P.S. Please also discuss about the best way to put your plan into action.

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