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Founder: The Kingdom of Celtic Nations Founder

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Most Nations: 661st Most World Assembly Endorsements: 1,095th Best Weather: 1,776th
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Welcome to the Celtic Nations
A region opened to all Celtic Themed nations, or any island, nomadic or tribal nations.
Founder: The Kingdom of Celtic Nations Founder
Current Delegate: The Empire of Faunhaven
There is no endorsement limit for any member
Check out our new Map here!. To request a position please speak to The Empire of Silure.
Laws and Rules: Click here.
Longest serving Delegate: The New Kingdom of Enkida 208 days
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    Celtic Nations' Map

    FactbookGeography by Silure . 61 reads.

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    Celtic Nations Embassy Policy

    FactbookOverview by Celtic Nations Founder . 65 reads.

Embassies: Tir na Celtigh, Turkic Union, The Embassy, The Collective Regional Association, New Ausozera, Rossferry, The Bar on the corner of every region, Gay, and The Mystical Council.

Tags: Medium, Democratic, Free Trade, Map, Social, Human-Only, Eco-Friendly, and Role Player.

Celtic Nations contains 19 nations, the 661st most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Soda Pop Sector in Celtic Nations

The World Census recorded sales of fizzy syrup water in order to determine which nations have the largest beverage industries.

As a region, Celtic Nations is ranked 11,899th in the world for Largest Soda Pop Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Kingdom of SkisteScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Strength Through Freedom”
2.The Empire of SilureFather Knows Best State“Power through Passion”
3.The Empire of MalrainiousInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Harmony through Union!”
4.The Armed Republic of Free Mon CalanageinartyInoffensive Centrist Democracy“God, Homeland, Liberty”
5.The Empire of Celtican EmpireInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Blood, Iron and Tears! Glory to the Strong!”
6.The Armed Republic of CeiltinachtIron Fist Consumerists“Ceilteach go Deo!”
7.The Armed Republic of ArawniousFather Knows Best State“Dul i ngleic le croí, troid le cruach, troid do do dhao”
8.The Republic of Independent State of HeddwchInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Prosperity through Education and Tolerance”
9.The New Kingdom of EnkidaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Enjoy Utopia and Forbid Disharmony”
10.The Democratic People's Republic of CelticTigerDemocratic Socialists“Peace, Land, and Bread”

Regional Happenings


Celtic Nations Regional Message Board

Nations against the values of the Celtic People will know what we have been up to in the 35 years after the War of Brasilistan. A massive victory in foreign lands only opened the door for much larger endeavors.

In other news: Enkida has finally colonized the exoplanet Kepler 186f, with a present population of 65,536,402, 3,352,109 of which are soldiers. Enkida has claimed the exoplanet on National Television, renaming the exoplanet "Enkidus 1". President Kazerick details more to come in regards to expansion.

"We aim to spread the glory of the Celts throughout the entire galaxy. Thanks to our massive funding in space travel as well as telecommunications, transport, and military technology, we have grown extremely fast as a nation. What we have done in 20 years would take another, over 500. Our next objective in colonization will remain classified right now, but will be revealed in time through our news section at www.parliament.ek and We are taking heavy consideration in finding several which can sustain human life and so far, we have discovered over hundreds."

Marie Koltik, Wolfsblood Tribune, Amonarabu.

Arawnious and Ceiltinacht

Bunch of warmongers :p

The Empire of Faunhaven wrote:Bunch of warmongers :p

There's a reason why I have such a large standing army and state of the art technology.

It's actually the same reason we still have nukes. Countries have nukes to protect themselves from other countries with nukes.

Nah, Silure is full of warmongers. Their Religion focuses on war and advancement.

The Empire of Silure wrote:Nah, Silure is full of warmongers. Their Religion focuses on war and advancement.

Enkida is focused on technology and advancement. And we are, for the most part peaceful. But declare war on us, and we'll wipe a strong empire off the map just to make an example.

As for faith, it's Viking based.

The best way to describe Silure's Religion is Nordic Druidism.


***News Report***

As Enkida plans to ship over 8,000 of its retired Hapshetsut fleet to the Celtican Empire, contracts are being signed with national mercenary groups ready to embark on the Conquest of 2017. This conquest will be led by the Celtican Empire with Enkida offering assistance.

"We've taken over a freakin' PLANET. Granted, no one was on it, but our military might is unstoppable!"

President Kazerick has given a broad idea of what will be to come for Enkida's military power, and our all consuming economy.

"Allied nations will not be harmed, but we know there are hostile powers out there that wish to seek and destroy us. Just look at Brasilistan, Fallujah, Filastinistan, and the Arghabi Republic. We have tens of thousands of Insurgents that wish to harm the indigenous Caucasian people of our empire, and to destroy our way of life. If they see this, we have a warning for them. Mess with Enkida, and consider your ranks to be wiped out in less than a week. We destroyed Brasilistan, and we are not ashamed of it. And we'll consume more until the conquered world bows down to the All-Consuming Enkidan Empire."

Kazerick promises that nations already allied with Enkida will not be harmed.

"I'm a man of my word. We have superb relations with Silure, Broderskab, Skiste, The Celtican Empire, and the Eoganacht Locha Lein Kingdom. Hostile nations will expect a swift move once we are ready to silence their injustices."

Fallujahnians and Filistinians have already massed up their numbers waiting for the impending move by the Celtican Empire and Enkida.

"I have a 100% guarentee that we will WIN."

(continues on next message)

I've asked people on the streets of Andrasi in Northwest Enkida, what they think of this move by The President.

"It's absolute madness! It's murder of a gentle people whom in their religion, emphasizes peace!"
"They've attacked us first. It's time to return the favor."
"I really don't care, as long as we don't get nuked"
"There needs to be limitations on the rules of engagement. I mean, a level playing field should be done first of all. Nothing but good old fashioned AK47s and M1 Abhrams tanks, like we had when we fought in the revolution! I mean, we beat an empire with only those weapons, why do we have to use all this fancy schmancy Plasma, Light, Antimatter, based weaponry that can destroy a City-State with one blow?"
"It's absolute murder, and we will respond accordingly, Insha'allah."
"I say go for it. We are the BEST people in the world, and we will never fall to these bastards."

Marie Koltik, Amonarabu Tribune.

Well my company is moving me off to Australia. Fml. Well with the work I will be doing I don't know how much I will be able to get on, so if you lads don't see me or hear from me you know my nation has perished. Gotta love being a cwi and underwater welder. (Cwi being certified welding instructor.) Anyways I am getting moved out to do both prefaborcating parts to oil rigs and building aluminum plated destroyer class boats for the US that this Australian company makes that I am being lended to. At least I'm going up from over $1255.75 a day in US currency to over $2500 a day. I'll try to pop up and help whenever I can.

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