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QwertyL wrote:

I'm pretty sure they also burnt down monasteries and killed an abundant number of monks. I agree with you that monarchy isn't nesserarily bad (but I often wonder why queen Elizabeth has more power in Canada then our prime minister).

I always thought it was more like equal power (also the governor general usually does her job unless she's in Canada but then again he's just a representative of the Queen.) The democratically elected can suggest a law and Queen Elizabeth (or the governor general representing the Queen) has the final say as to whether or not it will actually become a law.

Over all Canada had (and still has) a nationalism based on supporting the British and not becoming part of America

The first two things when a Canadian complains about America that I always hear is that America allows more guns (and some people have said to me that America is a wild west type of place) and that we have "free" healthcare which those Americans are fools for not having. Personally I'm somewhat for government healthcare to support those who can't afford it (and I understand the benefits in that regard however "free healthcare" increases taxes, can become corrupt, and could even target Catholic hospitals to do immoral things) but I'm also somewhat for private healthcare for those who can afford it even though it comes with it's own problems. So I guess I support both even though that too has pros and cons.

, when it first united so that might be why we still give the Queen so much power. After all we are technically still a dominion, just an extremely independent dominion. We're like Greenland, just more British (with French guys) and more independence and we pretend to be like America while also having a love/hate relationship with America. Also our population isn't 100 and we have maple syrup coursing through our veins unlike the British who have tea in their veins.

True story, back when we were young kids my American cousin once asked (it was an actual question) me if I rode polar bears to school and if my igloo is near Alaska.

I don't have an igloo and I think the first person to ride a polar bear was probably the last, or that person is Russian. (Yes I just included a Russian stereotype about riding bears after just telling a story about a Canadian stereotype about riding bears but there were actually people who spray painted a polar bear with a WW2 tank label in Russia. If the Russians did it I'm sure there's some Canadian whose done crazy stuff like that.)

They found the polar bear before it died because it couldn't get food because of a lack of camouflage if I remember correctly. I think it was fine because they spotted it (how could you not when you just see a giant WW2 tank logo in a field of white)

Edit: The more I think about it... You are absolutely right about Queen Elizabeth having more power. You have a couple hundred people controlling half of the process of making laws and Queen Elizabeth (and her representative) have the other half. She literally controls half the power of the parliament (and can dissolve the other half). It's not equal power (I've just always thought of it that way). It isn't necessarily bad though, but the short answer of why the monarch is so powerful in Canada is that we don't want to be part of America (we love you guys but we don't want to be a part of your country) so we let Britain essentially give us more freedom while still guiding us. Then we never really changed anything after that.

I joke about Canada having a love/hate relationship with America but really Canada and America are buddies just like America and Britain are (back then they weren't though just as the British colonies in modern Canada and the USA declared war in 1812 but we got over that

  Essentially in 1812 Canada was part of Britain and the USA wanted their land so they invaded and it was the most pointless war imaginable. Almost no border changes at all. Canada did burn the white house down though (maybe a different war but I'm pretty sure it's 1812 but I know Canada did burn the white house down once). Then we got over that and slowly became allies with America and went crazy in WWI. We literally defended what was left of Belgium as the Germans unleashed the first gas attack in history. That and the Scottish who were called ladies from hell because of their kilts. 

  ), we just also have some differences that we complain about sometimes.

Second edit: I found the wikipedia article on Canada burning the White House, apparently during 1812 the British were attacked in Upper Canada (which is modern day Ontario) so the British (Canadians before Canadians were a thing) occupied Washington DC for a day and just started burning stuff including the White House. Now we view America as one of our most important allies and good friends. Two centuries does a lot.

Happy Canada day to my fellow Canucks!

Omensa wrote:Happy Canada day to my fellow Canucks!

Happy Canada day. It truly is a wonderful place to call home.

Christ has saved me from so many misfortunes, supported me through so many trials, and all he asks is that I love him in return.

It's not easy to resist the allure of sin but the promise of doing so is worth the consistent effort. It's easy to jeer at the man who makes mistakes, stumbles, etc. However, it's not easy to be the struggling man who continues to fight another day.

Take your struggles to Christ and he will support you.

Spread this:

"To long that The Black Hawks, the most notorious raider region in NS now mantains control of SECFanatics. Our ally Dollystana is arranging plans to liberate SECFanatics and we NEED your help. We humbly ask that your delegate of your region approve the proposal page=UN_view_proposal/id=dollystana_1593627948 so that it may reach quorom. If you don't have a delegate, spread this news to your other embassies and tell your embassies to do so on so that this proposal may reach quorom."

Sundiata wrote:Christ has saved me from so many misfortunes, supported me through so many trials, and all he asks is that I love him in return.

It's not easy to resist the allure of sin but the promise of doing so is worth the consistent effort. It's easy to jeer at the man who makes mistakes, stumbles, etc. However, it's not easy to be the struggling man who continues to fight another day.

Take your struggles to Christ and he will support you.

Amen to that.

At times when it felt like I just couldn't keep going, it was then that the Lord gave me strength, it was then that I was reminded that I was loved. 

"How much longer will you forget me, Lord? Forever? How much Longer will you hide yourself from me?  How long must I endure trouble? How long will sorrow fill my heart day and night? How long will my enemies triumph over me?"  Psalms 13:1-2

I have had times where I have been blind to the joys of the world. What a terrible thing to never see beauty and see ugliness where there was none to begin with. Yet the Lord opened my eyes to the love He has for me.

Our Blessed Lord died for us on the Cross, so that our sins may be forgiven. If even a single person sinned and no one else, our Blessed Lord would just as willingly die on the Cross for them as He did for us all. He loves us all are if an individual were it's own universe.

There have been times when I've essentially prayed my own version of Psalm 13:1-2 and it was as if the Lord said to me, "I have not forgotten you, it is in your time of need that I am at your side." 

To live is a gift. Yet the Lord never stops there. He gives us all we have in life and we can even be in His presence when we are near the Eucharist. What a beautiful gift to be in the presence of the King of the Universe. King of Kings. What a beautiful thing when a child can seek the comfort of their Father.

I pray for my protestant brothers and sisters in Christ, including those of my own family members and friends. They are missing out on such a beautiful thing. I remember once, I visited a Protestant church as a child and after the Mass, if they call it a Mass, was done I was asking my parents why there was so much missing, very much so I asked why no one received Jesus. Wasn't this a Church? Why would you not receive Jesus? 

"When you do your work, don't make a show of your skill and don't try to put on a show when you are in trouble. It is better to work and have more than you need than to go around boasting but hungry.

Son, keep your self-respect, but remain modest. Value yourself at your true worth. There is no excuse for a person to run himself down. No one respects a person who has no respect for himself. Poor people can be honoured for their good sense, and rich people can be honoured for their wealth. If someone is honoured while he is poor, think how much he will be honoured if he becomes rich! If someone is despised while he is rich, think how much more he will be despised if he becomes poor! If a poor man is wise, he has good reason to be proud and he will be thought of as a great man."

Sirach 10: 26-31

If we are all like beggars looking for food and God is like a man who gives bread to the beggars, we should not boast as of we are too good for this bread, as if we have everything sorted in our lives. At the same time we should NEVER look at ourselves and think that we are worth nothing. God is always there with you, ready to help you, carrying you when you can walk no more, giving you water when you need a drink. God gives you this bread because he loves you, he sees the goodness He has given to you. He died for you and us all. Imagine if an artist died so His painting was saved, that is a fraction of God's love.

I'd almost be tempted to say if I could go in a time machine and tell myself this I would however I wouldn't give up a single second of my life. It is my special history, a history only I have. If we are Holy now, by the grace of the Lord, how much more Holy will we be in Heaven. How beautiful is it when a house is repaired? Does one not make it even more beautiful than before?

Gracious and loving God,
Let your Spirit be with us today.
Hear our prayers, and increase in us the will to follow your Son Jesus.
Help us to draw on the resources of our faith as we use the opportunities of our democracy to shape a society more respectful of the life, dignity, and rights of the human person, especially the poor and vulnerable.
We ask this through Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever.

This is the hymn that I heard at mass today (yes I know it's Saturday and not Sunday but I'm just happy to be in the House of the Lord once again.)

I remember hearing two videos a while back. One was a protestant who said that Saturday was the correct day to go to Church, for the Seventh day is the Sabbath which we are commanded to observe in the law of the Old Testament.

The second man was a Catholic, Franciscan priest who explained that while the Jewish Sabbath was on the Seventh day, Sunday is both the first and Eighth day.  As such, having Mass on Sunday reminds us that Jesus creates this world anew. It is also the day of His Resurrection.

It is hard to imagine a world without suffering. It seems as if suffering and death have entrenched themselves within this world yet the Lord has already won the war. One day there will be peace. One day everything will be alright. Yet our salvation is like a train. We have no money, we can't buy a ticket. Jesus buys us this ticket to this train through His death and Resurrection. It's up to us to get on the train.

Did not Noah's family need to join him on the Ark to survive the flood? So too do we follow God in His Church in the Hope that we may have eternal life in Heaven.

Catholic Answers (they always have good explainations:

The video with the Franciscan I was talking about:

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