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Kia Ora! Welcome to Cashnatchee!

Cashmere and Wenatchee, Chelan Regional District, The Republic of Aidanton

Located in the foothills of central Aidanton's North Cascades, between the Cascade Range and Columbia River, we embody the spirit and ecoregion of Cascadia.

We are a sanctuary and paradise for relaxing, expression, and enjoying the beauty offered by the Usonian West. We welcome travelers with warm hospitality and magnificent alpine vistas. The Pacific Northwest celebrates diverse people, cultures, and ecosystems. Equality, personal freedom, and civil liberties are valued.

This is an accepting and safe place for all to freely express themselves, and celebrate their community and identity.

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    About Cashnatchee

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    About Aidanton

    FactbookOverview by Aidanton . 257 reads.

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    [Concluded] The NationStates #LoveIsLove Campaign

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As a region, Cashnatchee is ranked 7,830th in the world for Greatest Rich-Poor Divides.

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1.The Republic of AidantonCivil Rights Lovefest“From the Pacific to Evergreen Cascadia”

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"Desde Que O Samba É Samba" by Caetano Veloso & Gilberto Gil


Allow me to (re-)introduce myself: I'm Libertatem's recently-appointed Chancellor of State Condealism - I represent President Hyderbourg's administration. In the interest of interregional prosperity and fellowship, I thought I'd stop by, say hi, and let you know that we plan not only to bolster our communications with you and other allied regions, but to make ourselves available to address any concerns or discuss any multiregional endeavors you may have. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reply to this comment, and/or send one or both of us a telegram. As for how our new foreign policies may affect your region in particular, I have the following information to share:

...Actually, despite the fact that you're pretty much our oldest ally, nothing else comes to mind. Keep being awesome; I hope you're doing well!

Condealism wrote:Greetings.
Allow me to (re-)introduce myself: I'm Libertatem's recently-appointed Chancellor of State Condealism - I represent President Hyderbourg's administration. In the interest of interregional prosperity and fellowship, I thought I'd stop by, say hi, and let you know that we plan not only to bolster our communications with you and other allied regions, but to make ourselves available to address any concerns or discuss any multiregional endeavors you may have. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reply to this comment, and/or send one or both of us a telegram. As for how our new foreign policies may affect your region in particular, I have the following information to share:
...Actually, despite the fact that you're pretty much our oldest ally, nothing else comes to mind. Keep being awesome; I hope you're doing well!

Thank you for stopping by, Chancellor of State Condealism. I also hope you're well.

Radio Rosa

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The region will be password protected until further notice due to a planned extended period of inactivity. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please contact the local Ministry office (Aidanton) if you seek entry to the region. The Ministry will decide whether to grant entry. Cashnatchee is an accepting and safe place for all to freely express themselves, and celebrate their community and identity.


Natalie Romero
Minister of Home Affairs

TV Pacifica News

Follow the coverage of the independence referendum in San Francesco (IRL Catalonia).

(To see the IRL parallels read

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

In late July and early August 2014, a pro-independence group staged a protest that erupted into a riot. The protest had began at Palm Square in the San Francesco Bay capital of San Francesco. Reportedly, 32 people were injured and 9 people died. The rioters started fires in the city and vandalised government buildings. The protesters were upset that the city-state government was not acting fast enough in gaining independence. In an attempt to quell the riots, the Legislative Council of San Francesco Bay passed an act shortly after to proclaim a new flag symbolising the call for independence. After increased resistance, Palma Riviera's Prime Minister announced the start of negotiations in mid August with San Francesco Bay on its fate. The negotiations would be arbitrated by the senior diplomat of Alpenburg.

As a later response to the unrest, the Legislative Council is now debating on a resolution to call on the national Palma Riviera government to end the city-state's "dominion" status as an autonomous community and grant it full independence. If passed, it would really be a symbolic move. San Francesco would become independent and sovereign only if the Parliament of Palma Riviera passed a bill.

The Rose Party, an international political organisation headquartered on Rose Island (the neighbouring San Francescan island and commune) believes self-determination and nationhood should not be trampled. It has supported the San Francescan aspiration of independence. In solidarity with San Francescans, demonstrations were organised in Rose Island's capital city of Sausalito. The protesters later held a creative and entertaining demonstration on a boat in the San Francesco Bay.

Flag of San Francesco Independence - Estelada Blava

Independence in San Francesco is a sensitive subject in Palma Riviera. For centuries, Palma Riviera was a constitutional monarchy. Today the royal family lives in the city of Riviera di San Marco (San Marco), which was once the Principality of San Marco. The monarchy was overthrown by anti-monarchist Republicans in 1931. They declared Palma Riviera a republic after the Revolution. The fascist Nationalists attempted a coup d'eta against the Republican government in 1932. This lead to, from 1932-1935, a Civil War was fought against the arch-conservative and fascist pro-monarchists of Palma Riviera. Leftist and liberal Republican partisans from fiercely independent San Francesco and the other industrial cities of Palma Riviera ultimately lost after 610,000 died. Foreign volunteers, primarily from Aidanton and some from Alpenburg (which remained neutral), joined the International Brigades to aide the Republicans.

In 1935, the Nationalists took power and a formed military junta, who oppressed minority ethnicities and religions, and political opponents who advocated for restoration of democracy in a campaign of state terrorism called the Dirty War (1965-1974). Military and security forces and right-wing death squads hunted down and killed left-wing guerrillas, Republican partisans political dissidents, and anyone believed to be associated with socialism. The junta imposed arch-conservative laws, and instituted martial law, creating permanent state of emergency. Eventually, with covert support from Aidanton, the fascist dictatorship was deposed in a coup d'eta orchestrated by the Republicans in 1975. The Republicans are credited with the transition of Palma Riviera into the democratic parliamentary republic it is today.

Guernica by Picasso in response to the Nationalist aerial bombing of civilians in a small town during the Civil War

After the restoration democracy, heated ideological conflicts began to ensue between economic, political and social liberals and conservatives. Palma Riviera is seen by many San Francescans as Italian- and Spanish-centric and too conservative. San Francesco has been the gateway to the Pacific Ocean as one the Aidanian continent's primary West Coast ports (rivaling the economic strength of New York and New Jersey on the East Coast, and its West Coast competitors Vancouver and Seattle) for centuries. The free, cosmopolitan, and diverse immigrant culture of San Francesco had promoted more openness and liberty in comparison to rural Palma Riviera. San Francesco has historically focused on industrial and technology driven economic prosperity and progressive equality instead of the Palma Rivieran preference of tradition, small communities, agriculture and tourism.

As conservative elements and former fascists crept back into government, San Francesco demanded independence. Still, the major political parties in parliament refused to grant San Francesco independence or at the least autonomy. As San Francesco grew economically, tensions increased. In the city-state's perspective, Palma Riviera relied on San Francesco's tax contributions and economic strength. The Jewish community in Yafo Aviv also started to rally for separation and independence. It was not until 1984, that the government granted San Francesco and Yafo Aviv autonomous community status after the the Labor and Social Democrat Parties formed a majority coalition and took power in the Palma Rivieran Parliament.

Due to the greater immigrant and minority population in San Francesco, the primary languages of Palma Riviera (Italian, Spanish and English, and to a lesser extent Catalan, Hebrew, Portuguese and French) intermix. Excluding English and French, each of the language groups have been historically clustered on the coast (for example Hebrew in Yafo Aviv). Spanish speaking Palma Rivierans have favoured southern Palma Riviera, while some Italians and various other settlers founded San Francesco in the northern region. Otherwise, Spanish and Italian speakers tend to favour the central and southern region of Palma Riviera (around and in the capital city of Palma Marina). Most of the English speakers live near the border with Aidanton in the northern most region. The French speakers mostly live near the border with Alpenburg in the north and interior. The Hebrew speaking Jewish people settled in the southern most region and the Community of Yafo Aviv.

The resolution is expected to pass in the Legislative Council with a broad majority. The strongest adamant support has been in the Liberal, Social Democrat and San Francescan Independence parties (the Liberal party of San Francesco Bay and San Francescan Independence party are in a coalition and together have a majority). Additionally, there are plans for a city-state wide referendum asking San Francescans to popularly decide whether or not San Francesco should be independent.

Once only a regional territory, San Francesco sought greater sovereignty and autonomy. But now, a grassroots independence movement in San Francesco has sprung up calling for independence. The movement has some factions that support full independence through peaceful means, and a minority that advocates an armed revolution. Opposition has been expressed by both the Conservative Party in San Francesco and in Palma Riviera. Meanwhile, the Labor and Social Democrat minority in the Parliament has advocated for independence on grounds of ending economic colonialism. The Liberal Party of Palma Riviera, which commands a strong majority in the Parliament, has not taken a position yet. While the pro-independence wing of the Liberal Party of Palma Riviera and San Francesco has supported the resolution.

So far, it is unlikely it will pass the Palma Rivieran Parliament. Opinion polls in the Palma Riviera have indicated greater support for maintaining the current status of San Francesco. Opinion polls in San Francesco have indicated greater support for independence.

Protest and Flag

Meanwhile, in the neighboring nation of Aidanton, activists and and politicians have sought to absorb San Francesco and grant it is own statehood within the Federation. San Francesco is seen as a gateway to international trade. Borders San Francesco, Aidanton already has very close ties due to its proximity and intermediate position. For some time, Aidanton have wanted to absorb San Francesco due to their similarities. However, this proposal received sharp resistance from both communities which expressed the desire to further develop their distinct cultures. Additionally, it would increase Aidanton's economic dominance, further stoking tensions. Nova-Lox and Montana expressed reservations of giving the Pacific coast greater representation due to a resulting increase in population.

This, of course, would require Palma Riviera to accept a handover despite San Francesco already being somewhat jointly shared as a free economic zone. Palma Rivieran Prime Minister Nicky Shapirowitz and the Government in Palma Marina has signaled it supported giving San Francesco to Aidanton in return for unconditional military protection and defense provided by Aidanton, and a hefty price: $600 billion. This proposal sparked outrage from San Francescans who were upset with the notion that their independence and city-state could be sold. Aidantonian Prime Minister Lauda has refused to announce any opinion on the matter, saying that it is up to San Francesco Bay and Palma Riviera to decide. LinkRon Wyden, an independent Aidantonian MP representing Cascadia-Columbia, has questioned pursuing expansionary policy. The government of Alpenburg, which boarders San Francesco at the Bay, has not commented on the matter in order to remain neutral.

On 15 September 2016, Rose Island was officially annexed by San Francesco Bay after months of negotiation. It became a community within the San Francesco city-state. The Rose Island Executive Council initiated secret negotiations with the San Francescan government in June. Both the Rose Island Popular Assembly and the San Francescan Legislative Council approved of the deal, enacting legislation to complete the annexation. Mayor Kristina Beltrán in a speech said that the island community joining San Francesco strengthens the case for San Francesco's independence from Palma Riviera as a sovereign nation.

This move upset the Palma Riviera Government, which issued a statement calling the deal illegal. Legal experts however have argued that San Francesco has authority to annex new territory under the statute granting it autonomy. Further stoking tensions in the Aidanian Union (AU), the Aidanton Government announced it recognise Rose Island as within San Francesco. It also request that AU member nations convene in Rose Island for a summit to discuss the annexation and having one fewer nation in the AU.

Read factbook

for the history of independence. For information on Catalan identity:

ABC Radio 2 Seattle

Sublime Frequencies - Radio Morocco

'It was the summer of 1983 in Morocco. The Polisario guerillas were operating in the Southern Sahara and the mood was tense in the Arab world. The Government of King Hassan was suspicious of anything out of the ordinary. Checkpoints were everywhere along the highways. Aids was the new disease. The American entertainment industry was grinding Michael Jackson's THRILLER into the world conciousness as US export culture supreme. Dr. J won his first and only NBA Championship ring. I knew all this from the small transistor radio I carried from Tangier to Marrakesh. I rented an apartment in Essouira on the Atlantic coast and began my swan dive into international radio collage. A songwriter by the name of Younes Megri had the number one hit during the summer of 1983 in Morocco. Radio Tangier International had the strongest signal in Northwest Africa.

They played everything from Euro-pop to Be-bop to Heavy Rock to Moroccan folk trance. Less-powerful stations played berber folk music late into the night. This collection is 20 years old and has grinded into my skull as Moroccan export culture supreme. This is some of the greatest music ever known displayed here amidst snippets of news, commercials, radio noise and a host of otherwordly transmissions. Arabic music is HIGH ART. At its best, it transcends western music even as it utilizes it as a display of emotion and celebration. The Moroccans are deep contributors to the high art of Arabic music. May this disc download into your mind as an anti-virus. It worked for me. I don't even remember THRILLER by Michael Jackson.'


ABC Radio 6

Haka to "Poi E" From Taika Waititi's Boy:

Radio Pacifica

UPDATE: The Aidanian Union has been streamlined.

In varietate concordia (United in diversity):

The Aidanian Union (AU) is the intergovernmental organisation of nation-states of the continent of Aidania that are united in friendship, and the love of democracy, human rights, liberty and justice. As allies, member nations cooperate in foreign policy and diplomacy, promote development, have open borders, and agree to mutually defend each other as well as establish a truly free and fair global marketplace. The nation-states of the Aidanian continent allied with the objective of an "United Aidania". The Treaty of Cashnatchee founded the AU.

The current head of the Aidanian Union (Secretary-General) is the Prime Minister of Aidanton. The AU is headquartered on Rose Island where it meets at least four times a year to discuss world politics, cultural and peace initiatives, economic cooperation and joint foreign policy. Additionally, it meets in the Federal Capital of Nova-Lox, New London, yearly in a major summit.

Rule, Aidania!

The Anthem of Aidania (Ode to Joy) - "O Freunde, nicht diese Töne" - IX. Symphony Nş 9, Ludwig van Beethoven

The LinkResplendent Quetzal is the official animal of the AU. It is native to Palma Riviera.


A United Aidania - Flag of the Aidanian Union

Read factbook

OOC: For the New Year, I've decided to let Cascadia-Columbia and 30 Rockefeller Plaza CTE to consolidate my puppet nations. The nations in the above factbook are the only nations I will be using from now on.

"Stars" by Nina Simone

Hear's hoping you have a happy new year. Cheers!

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