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Founder: The High-toned SOB of Hugo Boss

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Most Valuable International Artwork: 12th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 697th Most Nations: 707th+11
Largest Black Market: 708th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 1,068th Most Corrupt Governments: 1,076th Highest Economic Output: 1,256th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 1,393rd Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 1,448th Greatest Rich-Poor Divides: 1,778th Highest Wealthy Incomes: 1,809th Most Devout: 1,839th Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 1,855th Most Avoided: 2,030th
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BLITZKRIEG was originally founded in 2004 and refounded in 2012. We are home to advanced military game-players and role-players. BLITZKRIEG owns 700+ regions and boasts one of the largest empires in the game.

Honesty, Integrity, Accountability

Quell the storm and ride the thunder!

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Top Brass

⎈Skipper: Hugo Boss/Captain Woodhouse

Jarl: Wiking Nordland

Right Hand Person with a Cervix: Me and Julio

Right Hand Man: Remnants of Exilvania

Consul: Of Leben

LinkComing for You - Dirty Monster

LinkMomma Sed - Puscifer

*Note that BLITZKRIEG is strongly anti-fascist. Nazis, fascists, alt-right: get thee to a nuttery.

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Embassies: Tokyo, The Middle East, Prussia, Islam, Paris, Borneo, Corsica, Gallipoli, Kauai, Bora Bora, Balkans, Bavaria, Elba, Dardanelles, Palestine, Indian Ocean, and 567 others.Madrid, Pact of Steel, Silk Road, Totenkopf, Deutsches Afrikakorps, italian social republic, union of fascists, International Trotskyist Alliance, The Anarchist International, Zaria, Mediterranean Sea, The Galaxy, The Modern German Fourth Reich, Deutsches vaterland, Kurupt Emerica, The invisible empire, Lego City, Obvious IJP is Obvious, Hippy Union, United Communist Union, Carta, Nexus, Nazi Exiles, Shijo, 0 fascist tolerance, International Communist Union, Union of Communist Nations, The AntiFascist Coalition, The Baltic, Collective Socialist Republics, Alliance of Stalinist Workers, UCR Military Base 2, The Union of Egalitarian Nations, Communists, Ss_sturmbrigade_dirlewanger, Sturmabteilung, International Brigades, oberkommando, The New Sith Empire, Silicon Valley, China Politburo, Principality of Monaco, Southern USA, The Soviet World, Capitalist Europe, Bundesland, Black Army, The Communist Nations of Markovat, Soviet Italy, Republic of Anti Fascists, Weimar Germany, The Red Workers Union, Democratic Socialist of the World, The Socialist Confederation, Bladensburg Dueling Grounds, The Imperial German Confederation, Slavian Ceremonial Court, Obersalzberg, Weimar Republic, Wolfs Lair, Tenerife, Luzon, Key West, Admiralty Islands, Callisto, Bimini, Rarotonga, Nazi Exiles II, Valencia, Key Largo, Comrades, Guadalcanal, Progressive Vanguard Party, National Socialist Nations United, Niihau, United Corporate States, Red Deer, The White Sea, Florida Keys, The Empire of Europe, Saipan, Mindanao, Timor, Sumatra, Isles of Shoals, San Juan Islands, Visayas, North Sea, Fascist Haven, Ionian Islands, Cape Horn, Republic of Paraguay, Republic of Chile, Republic of Ecuador, Republic of Guyana, Plurinational State of Bolivia, The Region of the Polish, The Holy State of Israel, United Germanic Nations, Unification of Alternative Revolutions, The Land of Israel, Columbiana, The Palestine, Judah, Valparaiso, Puget Sound, Fallschirmjager, Antifascist International, Minorca, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Coral Sea, Coral Sea Islands, The Iron Gate, The American Nazi Party, Malcolm X, NASTI EUROPE, The Apache Partisans, The Union of Communist Republics, Kathmandu, Gulf of Mexico, Axis Nations Alliance, The Boondocks, Nairobi, Republic of Kenya, Republic of Honduras, French Riviera, Rocky Mountains, Ural Mountains, Ralona, The Seafield Islands, Ayn Rand, Libertarianism, Argentine Republic, Ronald Reagan, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, The Union of Nations Against Fascism, Poipu Beach, Marxist leninist party, Great German Empire, Danube, The Axis Nations Alliance, Liberty Isle, The Kingdom of Britain, Nationalsocialist Europe, Organization of Anticommunist Regions, Union of Democratic Socialists, The Gulf Coast, Il Duce, The National Bolshevik Party, Wolfsschanze, Che Guevara, Maluku Islands, Cozumel, Stalin, Cancun, Lenin, National Fascist Party, The Celtic Federation, The Soviet Vanguard, Milograd, Revolutionary Catalonia, Zapatista Army of National Liberation, Northern Catalonia, Dutch Republic, Deutsche Republik, Rock of Gibraltar, The Jewish Justice League, The Nazi Party, Mossad, Jewish, Judaism, The Wehrmacht, National Socialist German Workers Party, Strait of Gibraltar, Wehrmacht, Nazi Party, South Pacific Ocean, New China Politboro, Socialist Commonwealth, Communist Russia, Lima, The International Brigades, Hebrides, Mingan Archipelago, Vinland, Phnom Penh, Mexcaltitlan, The White Rose, Congo River, Amazon River, Seine River, Barad dur, Nile, Orthanc, The Communist Party, Black Sea, Supreme Axis Alliance, Baltic Sea, The Cosmic Reich, The Great Gynarchy, Union of Democratic Leftist States, Kanonhstaton, The Union Of National Socialists, Kingdom of Bahrain, The Isle of Wight, New Israel, Alps, Zugspitze, Oriental Republic of Uruguay, La Bastille, Bakunin, Kropotkin, Imperial China, The Red Wolf Rifle Korps, Coalition of Right Wing Nations, Hispaniola, The Bismarck, Arab Republic of Egypt, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Montego Bay, Society Islands, Hermite Islands, Marrakesh, Imperial France, Communist Beach, Capitalist Powers, Sable Island, Lost Empire, The Promised Land, The Promised Land of Israel, The Kingdom of Ireland, Matterhorn, Darjeeling, The Federal Islands 2nd Gen, Green Anarchy, National Liberation Front, Cannabis, Aztlan, Cloud City, The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, Islamofascism, International Fascist League, Nationalist Technate, Einherjar, Marxism Leninism, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Guantanamo, Pretoria, The Royal Navy, The Old West, Communist International League, Reich, National Socialist States, Marxist Alliance, Left Wing Army, The Islamic Republic of Iran, New Berlin, Isles of Scilly, Sea of Marmara, Nazi Germania, Molokai, Salzburg, Axis, Democratic League, Gabonese Republic, Tripartite Pact, Socialist Paradise, Republic of the Marshall Islands, HcieR namreG retaerG ehT, Islamic Iran, Atlantic Avenue, Corporatist Paradise, Guiana, The United Mexican States, Territory of Finland, Territory of Guam, The National Socialist Liberators, Guianas, Linz, The Grand Canyon, Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Lebanese Republic, Irish Sea, Nightshade, Peoples Republic of Bangladesh, Council for the Advancement of War, Monoffian Militarized Zone, Dutch East Indies, Milky Way Galaxy, The Milky Way, Batavia, Sunda Islands, New Lazarene Order, Dornbirn, Bregenz, Vorarlberg, Upper Austria, Leninist Russia, Peoples Republic of China, Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, Slavic Europa, United Mexican States, The Free Land For All, Independent State of Samoa, Trotsky, Maui, Bay of Bengal, Hawaii Island, Bombay, Calcutta, Kolkata, Mumbai, Republic of India, Communist Bloc, East India Company, Republic of Slovenia, Republic of Indonesia, Adriatic Sea, Republic of Serbia, Jokhang, Kingdom of Sweden, The Holy Land, Bismarck, National Capital Territory of Delhi, Bali Hai, Great Wall of China, Delhi, North Star, Polaris, Crux, Southern Cross, The Communist Manifesto, Celtic Sea, Ushant, English Channel, New Order, Glacies, Ministry of the Fourth Reich, The Kriegsmarine, Kriegsmarine, Dunkirk, United Erin, Ionian Sea, Heidelberg, Sacred Order of Fire, Pacific Northwest, Gulf of St Lawrence, Aeolian Islands, NSIA, Simon Wiesenthal Center, Saint Croix, Tortola, Saint Thomas, Water Island, Saint John, Brest, National Socialists, Black Hills, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, The U R A P, Hayek Islands, Schloss Wewelsburg, Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, Republic of Peru, Espana, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Spanish Inquisition, Autonomous Region of the Azores, Guangzhou, Connemara, Guadalajara, Commonwealth of the Bahamas, Jalisco, Caribbean Sea, Blackshirts, Tianjin, Bangalore, Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl, Peoples Revolutionary League, Communist Leaders United, Cape Cod, Syrian Arab Republic, Nantucket, Mazatlan, Lyon, Macaronesia, Republic of Liberia, Juarez, Harlem, Iron Islands, Bear Island, Tarth, Braavos, Seven Kingdoms, Dorne, Kings Landing, Kingdom of Morocco, Allied Socialist Nations, The Spanish Inquisition, Animal Farm, Communist Party of Vietnam, The UNSC, Xerlona, The Free Nations, Sea of Azov, The Bad Place, Bikini Atoll, Vale of Arryn, Aral Sea, Continental Europe, Republic of Malawi, Nice, Providence, Ceuta, Maginot Line, Charleston, Andes, Balearic Sea, Alexander Archipelago, Orlando, Arabian Peninsula, Bering Sea, Gdansk, CPUSA, Jewish Justice league, Galilee, The Luftwaffe, Cheyenne, Crownlands, Garden of Eden, Mount Kailash, Lourdes, Salt Lake City, Provence, The Lizard, Slendermen, IDank MemesI, Frankfurt am Main, Germania, Frankfurt, Dresden, Puerto Vallarta, Tornado Alley, Little Rock, Luftwaffe, Tallahassee, Lucerne, Republic of Rhodesia, Tipperary, Republic of Nicaragua, Comintern, Queen Charlotte Islands, Third Rome, Red Army, The 2nd Union of Communism, Big Sur, Boise, Cadiz, Cannon Beach, Aragon, Hartford, Baton Rouge, Hood River, Santa Fe, Anchorage, Burning Man, Waterford, Andalusia, Homs, Valkyrie, Kpop Nation, The Communist Alliance of Ethiopia, Communist Party Central, Laptev Sea, The Napoleonic Empire, Waterloo, French Republic, La Rochelle, East Germany, Versailles, Shadow Warriors, VICTIMS OF COMMUNISM MEMORIAL, Lev chernyi, Ballenhal, The Fascist Order, Chihuahua, Cleveland, Iron Guard, Berchtesgaden, Black Front, OPEC, Boko Haram, Badlands, Berkeley, Wien, Republic of Haiti, The Underworld, Samhain, Midwest, Dover, American Nazi Party, Marseille, Mount Vernon, Monticello, Toulon, Verona, Hotel California, Ozarks, The Western Empire, Nirvana, Missoula, Red Pill, Nazi Syrup, Vyborg, Persian Empire, Canton, The Imperial Homeland, Petain, The Reichlands of the North, Sol, BNP, Castle Rock, Beeker Island, Cape Breton Island, British National Party, Femdom, Tangier, Emerald City, Bedrock, Anarchists, Bohemian Grove, Kellyville Kool Kids, 221B Baker Street, The Reich Republic of Europa, Angvar, Berlin Pact, Liberation State of Bentyal, The Worlds Order, Fishmongers, Falmouth, The Iron Front, Socialist Workers Union, Staffordshire, Seven Starr Alliance, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Rhine, Socialist Workers Party, Shakespeare, Shenzhen, Riverlands, Salamanca, The Realm of Awakening, Augusta, Istria, Dank Memes, Federation of Greater German Republics, Freecomunism, New World Order of Fascism, The Hell, Kyushu, Lanai, Lesser Antilles, Imperial Sovereign Realms Army, The Fascist Union, and Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Tags: Anti-Communist, Anti-Fascist, Capitalist, Defender, Game Player, Imperialist, Invader, Isolationist, Map, Medium, Offsite Forums, and Role Player.

Regional Power: Moderate

BLITZKRIEG contains 25 nations, the 707th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Retail Industry in BLITZKRIEG

The World Census estimated levels of employee ennui to determine which nations have the largest retail industries.

As a region, BLITZKRIEG is ranked 4,499th in the world for Largest Retail Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Substitutiary Locomotion of Captain WoodhouseCompulsory Consumerist State“Skin on skin, let the love begin”
2.The High-toned SOB of Hugo BossCompulsory Consumerist State“Charlie don't surf”
3.The First Republic of Of LebenInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Et cognoscetis veritatem, et veritas liberabit vos”
4.The Centralized Apparatus of Sudenliche Reich IVCorporate Police State“We will assimilate your genes into our collective being”
5.The Red White and Blue of NodinCapitalist Paradise“You'll never make the six”
6.The Kingdom of GladsmuirBenevolent Dictatorship“Tandem Triumphans!”
7.The Colony of RapolikadislandIron Fist Consumerists“Gobble Gobble Wibble Wobble Do a Noodle Dance”
8.The Bicycle Built For Two of Frank PooleInoffensive Centrist Democracy“I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore”
9.The United States of EisenhowerDemocratic Socialists“Skin on skin, let the love begin”
10.The Happy Charnel House of Chinese LanternsFather Knows Best State“With exactness grinds He all”

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BLITZKRIEG Regional Message Board

The greater german reich of europe

Furthermore, if you or any other Nation in this chat truly believe that the NRA and myself are Nazis and/or Fascists then I suggest you simply look at our posts on forum, region chat, etc and come back to tell us if you found any Pro Nazi posts to support your claim. I will happily leave with my friend if you can find evidence of Nazism in anything other than the Eagles on our flag. Thanks

The greater german reich of europe wrote:I completely agree with this statement but I would also like to point out that the reason for the NRAs Ban was due to a “Nazi” flag which in my opinion was not an offensive flag and did not support any pro Nazi beliefs. The moderator was not at all tolerant and as soon as he saw a nation who was being friendly but had an Eagle on the flag they proceeded to insult said nation, calling them “Neo Nazi, Bigot, Fascist, White Trash, Racist” and this is not even the full amount of insults if one would like to get into plain swearing.

It appears NS Moderation suppressed posts and deleted two nations. I wasn't around when it happened, so no idea what the deleted nations posted. Hard to tell what the deuce you're referring to. Could you clarify the neo-Nazi, bigot, white trash bit? Who posted that exactly?

Remnants of Exilvania (not-a-Mod) suppressed NRA's single post—no doubt because newbs don't tell us how to run the show.

The greater german reich of europe wrote:The point is the the NRA was unjustly banned from the group even after stating in the chat multiple times that he Denounced Fascism and Nazism.

What chat are you referring to?

The greater german reich of europe wrote:Furthermore, if you or any other Nation in this chat truly believe that the NRA and myself are Nazis and/or Fascists then I suggest you simply look at our posts on forum, region chat, etc and come back to tell us if you found any Pro Nazi posts to support your claim. I will happily leave with my friend if you can find evidence of Nazism in anything other than the Eagles on our flag. Thanks

Currently, BLITZKRIEG is comprised largely of my puppets and RP/Gameplay cats who've known each other a few years. We welcome new members who abide by the rules. The ban on extreme ideologies in the FAQ refers exclusively to nation names, flags, custom fields and factbooks. Some nations move here and never post on the RMB or forum. Not that it matters, the only time I view member forum posts is when I suspect a member might be posting crud that reflects poorly on the region.

I appreciate your comportment on the RMB, but good conduct is irrelevant. This is a nation name, flag, custom fields policy issue.

The only way you could modify your nation to become compliant with B-KRIEG policy is if you make a parody of it. The Greater German Reich in any capacity other than parody will not fly here. Assuming NRA is your puppet, that nation will be compliant when the flag, custom fields and factbook are altered.

Regarding eagles: I dig flags with eagles; however, NSDAP derivatives are problematic—especially when combined with Nazi nation names and custom fields. Your flag, nation name and custom fields holler Nazi Germany. Doesn't matter how you interpret your business. I'm God-the-founder here; I don't want Nazi names and symbols in my region.

hello there

Hello everyone. I won't take up much of your time; I will be here just a day or so... unless you tell me to move along.
Just wondering as I wander if anyone has a junk card or two to gift to me. Anything you can give will be much appreciated.

And if you see something you like in my meager card collection (aside from any of the cards in my “Novelty Cards Worth Keeping” collection), let me know. I am sure we can come to some kind of trade agreement -- I am happy to trade rather than buy/sell.

If you wish, you can follow my journey through NS via my letters sent to The Hidden Green Hill Camp of Camp Yarn Manager in my home region.

Your pan-handling creativity is much appreciated. I've gifted you

Japanese schoolgirls S1
Planet 9 S1
Drop Your Pants S1
North East Somerset S1
Keldros S2


Captain Woodhouse wrote:Your pan-handling creativity is much appreciated. I've gifted you

Japanese schoolgirls S1
Planet 9 S1
Drop Your Pants S1
North East Somerset S1
Keldros S2


I... I don't really know what to say - other than THANK YOU!

Is there a card in my collection that interests you? It is yours.

I'd like your S2 Polar-bear card for one of my collections. You can send it to my puppet, Icelandic Glacial. Thank you!

Thank you very much. I have had an enjoyable stay here despite being subjected to a zombie apocalypse. I will continue on my journey. If anyone wishes to trade after I am gone, you can contact me.

could you nicely let go of the Islam region?

Huh uh

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