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Azure Watester Federation RMB

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Golden Throne Pillar of Kafair (elected )

Founder: The Federation of AWF Governance Committee

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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 51st Most Nations: 335th Most Valuable International Artwork: 655th+17
Largest Black Market: 1,111th Most Corrupt Governments: 1,182nd Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 1,196th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 1,341st Most Advanced Defense Forces: 1,463rd Most Cultured: 1,702nd Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 1,836th Highest Average Incomes: 2,074th Most Devout: 2,095th Lowest Crime Rates: 2,246th Most Subsidized Industry: 2,285th Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 2,306th Most Advanced Public Education: 2,379th Largest Information Technology Sector: 2,393rd Highest Poor Incomes: 2,411th Most Scientifically Advanced: 2,437th Largest Governments: 2,453rd
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Democracy, determination, and dialogue. These are the values we hold dear; these are the values with which we shall strive forwards into the future.

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    The Regional Government has been disestablished, a regional Admin team will be appointed to oversee a new Roleplay centred AWF.

Please endorse Russia Major, our World Assembly Delegate!


Embassies: Northern Ocean, Morover Puppet Storage, The Embassy, Lisseum, Codex Ylvus, The United Empires of Carson, OnyxRavens, Urana Firma, The Chuckle Playground of Fun and Games, Gypsy Lands, Fredonia, The Monarchy alliance, Greater Middle East, Regionless, Teremara, Valentine Day, and 1 other.Union of Terra Nova.

Tags: Anti-Fascist, Democratic, Large, Offsite Chat, Regional Government, Role Player, and Serious.

Regional Power: Moderate

Azure Watester Federation contains 54 nations, the 335th most in the world.

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The Highest Poor Incomes in Azure Watester Federation

The World Census studied the spending power of the poorest 10% of citizens in each nation.

As a region, Azure Watester Federation is ranked 2,411th in the world for Highest Poor Incomes.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Shiny Happy People of The Kingdom of RobOScandinavian Liberal Paradise“All The Boys Think It's Cake When They Taste My WooHoo!”
2.The Red Tsardom of GoodawesomenessIron Fist Consumerists“One death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic”
3.The Retropunk Eperopolis of CasteliaLibertarian Police State“There is nothing beyond our grasp.”
4.The Imperium of Winter GulleyFather Knows Best State“Nova Hodie Melius Future”
5.The Jovial Hoho of RiakouLibertarian Police State“Hoho”
6.The Imperatoria iter theocratica of The United Peoples of CaedisIron Fist Consumerists“Sanity is for the weak!!”
7.The Diktatorisches Königreich of Vlamms StattIron Fist Consumerists“Arbeit, Stabilität, Freiheit”
8.The UCSC Republic of American Pere HoushInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Si vis pacem, para bellum”
9.The Legionary state of JamstownFather Knows Best State“Through Victory my chains are Broken.”
10.The Konigreich of The Ruby Ranch RepublicIron Fist Consumerists“Loss is not a weakness, victory is”

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Azure Watester Federation Regional Message Board

Guten nachmitag

I have come to this region as it seemed like a very interesting and fun region, along with I have old friends here

I look forward to my time here


September 14th 2020

Onyx City port: 13:00:53 local time

The port was abuzz with activity as the kraken class command vessel "Krakens Bane" awaited in drydock as crew and dock workers loaded the vessel up for its voyage. Though diplomatic in nature the 3rd mechanized division was being sent with the delegation for security purposes.

As the many tanks and trucks of the divison were being loaded up a black rolls royce phantom 2 pulled up to the main docking ramp. The door opening as the Lord Eternal and his daughter Grand Admiral of the 1st and 2nd abyssal fleets stepped out.

Eliza: "father I understand my mission, but I must digress I still dont understand why you would send me to speak with them, I am no diplomat"

Lord Eternal Matheal: "first impressions are important and I want to make a show of force per say as your sister may be the diplomatic one, she dosent have the intimidation factor im looking for. I want our new friends to see we are a tough people and you are the best way to show it"

E: "I understand but certainly you could just set up a meeting we have the technology, surlely you cou-"

L.E.M: "no these meetings are fragile so a delegate going in person is vital, now go"

With that final word she sighed and turned, as she began to walk along the docking ramp into the maw of the vessel before them. The vessel beginning its final preparations as the crew boarded and sealed up the many hatches. The vessel dropping into the water and dissapering under the dark waters. The vessels destination locked in as it made its way towards Caedisias new allys.

The Tournament Grounds, Dubrovnik

Horns blared and knightly banners were raised as the sun dragged itself out from behind the mountains. The double standard of the Alpes-Aelrich family was displayed proudly over the black stone walls of the City, its customary golden rose at the center shone brightly in the morning light. Pouring out from the gates, thousands of imperial citizens had come to see the spectacle. Dressed in the colors of their favored champion and waving the banners of their house in support. Military police and the Palatine Guardsmen stalked the grounds as well, searching for anything that could harm the Imperial Family or their vassals. Directions for those participating were squawked over the megaphones in Latin, then Greek, and then French.

At the center of everything stood a massive temporary arena that had been erected overnight. All three hundred participants lined up inside the arena in rows of fifty men while the fans were ushered towards the long bleachers that surrounded it. Young children pointed and gasped at the knights in their shining plate and mail. A great clamor echoed throughout the grounds as all impatiently waited to see which two lucky lords would receive the rose and lilac. The crowd soon quieted down as Evangeline appeared before them and the three hundred knights. Evangeline stood in a sharp crimson uniform, black jackboots polished to perfection, every metal on her breast in perfect alignment, even her hair fell perfectly down to her lower back in a long braid. As she approached, the participants knelt before the princess in unison. Clutched in her hands were two delicate flowers, the Kyavani Rose and Alpiean Lilac. Evangeline scanned each row with a slight smile dancing across her face. Her eyes fell on two knights kneeling side-by-side in the front row; one bore the crest of a snarling lion, and the other bore the Russian imperial eagle.

She placed the rose at the feet of Alexios, and the lilac before Feodor. Alexios, well versed in the culture, stood up immediately and removed his ornate helmet while Feodor swiftly followed suite. Evangeline gave both men a light kiss on the cheek and with her job done, turned to leave. The crowd erupted into cheers and the horns blared once more as the three hundred men turned to leave and make ready for the first events. The Knight of the Rose and the Knight of the Lilac had been chosen. The tournament had begun.

Hey people, I don't get too involved with NS, usually just checking in a couple times to week. I apologize if this is breaking any regional bylaw. I don't plan on joining the discord bc again I don't get too involved with the resolutions and politics between nations bc - wait for it - these countries are literally make believe, and I'm also 35 and I am PT so I'm pretty busy- can't do that job from home. :-)

With that being said, I hope everybody is doing well and that you don't mind me standing in the background.

The Great Banquet

The 5 Great, Wise Burgers admitted that there was a great delay. But that was mostly because some products were hard to find for the job.
The bacon streets were removed and remade with specially made, sleek bars of dark chocolate that won’t melt under the CapriSun (or SUNNYD, as some would call the shining Starburst).
Meanwhile in the Great Hall of the White-Gingerbread House, the Long Table of Rock Candy was set down by the hardworking Gummy Bears. Hot baby and kid burgers (1 feet wide and tall) were stacked beautifully on sleek Rock Candy plates, ready to be eaten. Other foods like steak, fish, and other foods requested by other leaders were being prepared by the Greatest Burger Chefs.
The 5 Burgers were pleased by everyone’s efforts. In a couple of days, Winderstren’s Greatest Feast would be ready.

(Shorter post than usual)

It was evening. The setting sun colored the skies above Sidioch shades of pink and orange, its vibrant rays piercing thin wisps of clouds. The drinking hall was busy as ever, filled with soldiers drunkenly belting out their marching songs between tankards of honeyed mead, old-time pub-goers, and younger citizens looking for a good time. In one dimly lit corner of the hall sat a giant of a man, solemn and quiet. He had a grizzled mug, scarred and grave. His dark brown hair was streaked with grey, and though he was a man with a few years behind him, it was plain that he was not to be trifled with. Accompanying the stranger was a smaller, younger man with a thick, full beard and flowing hair. In sharp contrast to his companion, he was energetic and charismatic, not grim and brooding.

A small crowd seemed to be gathered around the two, focused on the younger man’s words. “This is Búcké,” he said, enthusiastically gesturing to the foreboding stranger who was seated in a worn armchair, a large tankard of mead in one hand and a smoking pipe in the other. “the greatest fighter Rusliv has seen. The Messar blood courses true in his veins. He wore the Vukovara skull on his arm for three years and quelled the Egyptians at the Suez. A blast did his leg in. The army gave him an honorable discharge. He relearned how to walk. Now he is champion of the Hippodrome. Búcké! Tell us! What is it like, being the sole ruler of the arena.”

“I box. I ride. I hit. I maim. I do what they tell me to do. I do what I have to do. I win,” replied Búcké, his gaze unwaveringly staring off into space, his eyes unblinking. “I was Captain Zlatono. I wore a skull for three years. Then I was nothing. Now I am Búcké the Great, Búcké the Unyielding, Búcké the Terror. I feel better than I ever have before.

“And there you have it,” said the younger man, Búcké’s herald. “The words of the champion himself. The greatest combatant the world has ever known, an Olympic champion, a man blessed by God, Búcké Zlatono.”

Post self-deleted by The Ruby Ranch Republic.

Post self-deleted by The Ruby Ranch Republic.

The Imperial Palace, Dubrovnik

The night was long and the lonely palace cold as ever. Marcus pulled the heavy purple robe closer around his thin frame and shuffled into his study where Charles was waiting in an equally exquisite set of nightwear. The old friends embraced and sat down beside the crackling fire. With gaunt and veiny hands, Marcus poured himself and Charles a glass of wine.

"White wine? I could've sworn that you had an affinity for all things red, Marc." Charles smirked,

"I know a sad Alpiean like yourself would rather have white than red. Besides, it was Helene's favorite; figure she'd take after her brother in that regard."

Charles smiled, "As usual my friend you are correct. What should we toast to?"

"Hmmm. Well, I doubt either of us are willing to toast to the health of that failed abortion of a country they call RRR. How about a toast to friends. Both present and past."

"Oui, I'll drink to that."

The men raised their glasses in unison and downed them quickly. The brothers look at each other and broke into a fit of hysterical, if not hoarse, laughter. After they recovered their breath, Charles sparked up the conversation once more,

"Funny you should mention our neighbors to the Northeast. Isn't their Queen a granddaughter of yours?"

"Oh don't you remind me, Charlie. She's more of a disappointment than that boy Michael."

Charles stroked his mustache for a moment, "I might be wrong here but, wasn't she educated as a Kyavani?"

"No, you're correct. I'm simply not a fan of Valek's pitiful family holding any power."

"Agreed, that young sh*tforbrains boy had no business running a kingdom. Speaking of which, where is the Cow King? Last I heard he was bound for the Capital."

"Correct. I'll deal with him once the Little One finds a match."


The conversation died off for a moment and both men reflected on their friendship. Marcus was the first to break the silence,

"Evangeline reminds me of her. It's eerie."

"Indeed, the Princess inherited my sister's grey eyes. Are you sure there's been no word from her?"

"God willing she'll be waiting for me on Eden." Marcus' eyes softened and his smile faded,

Charles grew worried and hurried to cheer his friend up "Oh perk up Brother! It'll be the union of the original Rose and Lilac! What could go wrong?"

"She could be dead, Charlie. I promised her that she would pass in my arms; a promise I will keep." The elderly emperor's frail body began to tremble in barely contained rage. Charles rushed to comfort his brother, trying to get Marcus' attention. Marcus was wracked by quiet sobs and minor spasm as Charles held him in a tight embrace.

"Don't worry brother." Charles said breathlessly, "You and Helene will see each other again. Ever since those days in Lyons, you two have been inseparable. It's only a matter of time before you find her, or she finds you."

Marcus, still too choked up to speak, nodded and Charles released him. The two old men spent the rest of the night recounting how many times Charles had tried to kill Marcus, among other exploits within the Alpiean Court. Eventually, Charles retired to his quarters and Marcus limped back to his large bedroom where he fell asleep on an empty bed, in the company of ghosts and memories.

NC-LNU-SC-PNK-NSF Form Coalition | EUS-MLT Taskforce busts 17 Children from Trafficking Ring | 46 Dead, 235 Injured Confirmed in Recent Calavarian Plane Crash
Read about it here!

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The Imperial Times
26 August 2357 Edition
"Better Late than False!"

NC-LNU-SC-PNK-NSF Form Coalition | EUS-MLT Taskforce busts 17 Children from Trafficking Ring
| 46 Dead, 235 Injured Confirmed in Recent Calavarian Plane Crash
NC-LNU-SC-PNK-NSF Form Coalition!

(Cirebon, supporters of PNK react excitedly to the election results being broadcasted)

MineLegotian Canterlot - After four years of an NC-PNK-IRU-SC-LNU coalition in parliament, at the tail end of their administration, the parties which made up this massive coalition which made up 60.5% of the vote within the National Parliament split as a scandal uncovered thanks to the Independent Commission of Anti-Corruption’s recent operation, Operation: Sick Bird, uncovered a scandal which indicted several prominent politicians from the ranks of the Partai Imperialrenundunity (The Empire & Unity Party - IRU), Partai ArbeitenUnionisch (The Working Unions Party - AU), and the Partai Modernjingpu (The Progressive Party - MJP). This has shaken trust between the people and the Progressive Leaning Parties.

This has resulted in yesterday’s election to allow a massive shift towards the Conservative Parties within Parliament. The most massive loss in yesterday’s election was from the AU, who lost in total 194 seats, most notably in their former stronghold in the Province of Hoofington. Where usual results would turn in an average of 50-60% of their party, has resulted in them only receiving 12% of the vote. Not enough to even secure a single seat in the province.

Lily Kronen, party lead for the SA since 2349

Former Opposition Leader, Joseph Liukaman (AU), has stated in an interview with the Ponyville Times that he was “severely disappointed” with the members of his party, and has resigned from his position within the AU. Stating once more “I cannot simply, for the integrity of my God-given heart, serve [the working class] if those I work with do not intend to serve them.”

Despite the mass shaking of trust within the progessives, the Partai Syndicalsarbeiten (Worker’s Syndicalist Party - SA) has gained an impressive 34 seats in various provinces in the state of New Mareland. Party Lead Lily Kronen (picture right) has stated in a recent press conference that “It is clear now the inherent corruption found in the Unions, it is clear that in order to properly represent the interests of the Working Class, we must enact various reforms in the Unions, lest we let such scandals occur again.”

Yesterday’s election has flipped several states from the usual progressive parties to the hold of the conservative party base. University of Crystallia’s Leading Political Expert, Loren Eldritch Wuehi, has stated that such a flip would not be reversed for quite some time unless a new progressive party enters to replace the vacuum left by the IRU, AU, & MJP, the Conservative Parties would have a grip on the legislative branch of the Empire for the foreseeable future, with the most popular of the parties - the Partai NationalConservative or NC - gaining gained 48 seats and its allies, the Partai ProvinsiNicheKa or PNK and the Partai SocialConservative or SC, gaining an astounding 116 and 120 seats respectively.

Several other leading Political Experts, like the Imperial University of Faust’s professor Wang Fei Cassinida PhD, have predicted that the newly formed socially conservative alliance of the NC, LNC, SC, PNK, and NSF may begin pushing to overturn some of the leeway given by the previous administrations to the various Commonwealth Nations. Most notably was the leeway given in 12/05/2298/252/098 - “Freedom to Choose for various Topics for the nations of the Commonwealth”, which gave the nations of Commonwealth a choice to decide for themselves on several decisive topics, notably the legality of same-sex marriage, civil unions, and the rights of the so-called “Transgenders”. It has been placed on suspect that the coalition’s agenda might include the overturning of said legislation, which would put the deciding power in the hands of the legislators in MineLegotian Canterlot.

“It is a great fear of mine that the lives of potentially millions of same-sex couples may be overturned by the Conservatives.” Spoke an anonymous Hyper Equestrian Rakyatyihad Representative. He added that such a move would face almost no opposition in his nation with the recent 2345 Hyper Equestrian Election, which saw the socially conservative Libertarian Party win control over both the Senate and House of Commons, along with the Presidental Election.

While progressives continue to fear for the same sex couples, various Conservative, Libertarian, Nationalist, and Syndicalist aligned people across the commonwealth celebrated. Most notably was the Mleocunese Rakyatyihad Majority Leader Gerald Lieb Eye, who has notably commented on popular social media site InMesPo, “Bing Bong the Progressives have been smashed! #ImperialElection2347 #conservativewave”.

The Commonwealthian Conservatives welcome the so-called “Conservative Wave”, with many hoping for the overturning of various social programs which many see as a waste of money and only additional funds to fund continuous degeneracy within their various nations.

“I’m hoping we get a war, when the Conservatives are in power we always get a war,” commented Mleocunese Equestrian Rakyatyihad Member Jessica Muda, happily waving a miniature Mlecounese Equestrian flag, “It also means we can get more land and integrate more into the Empire!”

With excited warhawks and commonwealthian Conservatives backing and celebrating their allies victory in the Fatherland, many expectations are up in the air for the administration-elect. So far we are unable to reach the new Coalition for any comments. Suspicions are in the air of them discussing their agenda for their upcoming term.

The new administration will be sworn in on the 10th of September, two weeks from now. The Coalition needs to quickly set up an agenda and strengthen ties among themselves less the coalition falls apart into a hung parliament.

EUS-MLT Taskforce busts 17 Children from Trafficking Ring! ICP Promises More!

Neu Canterlot - Recently, ICP (Inter-Commonwealth Police) Force Spokesgriff Stanisław Cheov have announced that a joint EUS-MLT (Equestrian Unions States, MineLegoTiponyian) Task Force has successfully busted a child trafficking ring and freed 17 children of various species.

“It is a great success,” Spoke Stanislaw during last night’s press conference, “We’ve been planning this [operation] for the last few months, and I’m glad to see what we’ve managed to do recently.”

Operation Huowind, had successfully busted a child trafficking ring operation near the MineLegotiponyian border. Arresting in total twelve different perpetrators of such an operation, due to them being arrested on MineLegotiponyian territoriy, they are expected to be facing several charges that may end with the death penalty.

Stanislaw stated that this was merely the beginning of several dozen more operations that the ICP have planned for the following weeks, promising that updates will be given about their operations cracking down on various child trafficking rings.

“I promise you, there will be more,” Stainslaw said.

46 Dead, 235 Injured Confirmed in Recent Calavarian Plane Crash!

LuNeib - Reports are finally coming in concerning a plane crash within the territory of the southwest of the Dominion of Calavaria. The Calavarian Aeronautics Society has released an official report concerning the crash. Stating that the crash has taken the lives of 46 creatures.

So far, the report wrote down that the possible cause for the crash is the clogging of various equipment tubes within the plane, or possible pilot error which resulted in the crash. The leading investigator declared that a proper investigation will be conducted into the reason behind the crash.

“Our prayers go to the families of the victims,” said investigator Rien Len, “we will get down to the reason behind this incident.”

In other news related to the incident, Calavarian Airlines stock has dropped by 17%.

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