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Auralia RMB

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Founder: The Commonwealth of Peoples Free Republic of Romania

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Largest Black Market: 375th Most Nations: 507th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 1,298th+16
Most Corrupt Governments: 1,374th Most Advanced Public Transport: 1,390th Most Avoided: 1,443rd Highest Economic Output: 1,448th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 1,667th Most Scientifically Advanced: 1,787th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 1,841st Highest Average Incomes: 1,926th Lowest Crime Rates: 1,968th Largest Information Technology Sector: 1,988th Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 2,061st Most Subsidized Industry: 2,076th Highest Poor Incomes: 2,145th Largest Mining Sector: 2,268th Largest Governments: 2,316th Smartest Citizens: 2,434th
World Factbook Entry

Welcome to Auralia: The Realm of Gold!
Refounded February 23rd 2018. Originally Refounded August 1st, 2017. Founded June 4th, 2015

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Long live Auralia!

Military Orders: Move to Confederacy of Layem and endo Nord-Norden!

» News & Events:
Auralia refounded. Everyone is welcome back! Join our LinkDiscord!
Auralia has an official site:
Our Great Religion: The Great Church of Nephism
» Region map:

Current RP year: 3357

Want to be represented on our map? Contact Roundrock!

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    Auralian Government

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    Auralian Anthem

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    Constitution of Auralia

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    The WA Council of Auralia

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Auralia contains 28 nations, the 507th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Advanced Defense Forces in Auralia

Nations ranked highly spend the most on national defense, and are most secure against foreign aggression.

As a region, Auralia is ranked 1,298th in the world for Most Advanced Defense Forces.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Ascended Ultranationalists of The United Republic of the Helghan RaceIron Fist Consumerists“Duty, Obedience, and Loyalty”
2.The Freeborn Peoples Republic of Russian FedrationAuthoritarian Democracy“Nations Fall, When Workers Stall”
3.The Commonwealth of Peoples Free Republic of RomaniaPsychotic Dictatorship“Long Live the People's Revolution!”
4.The Rihadom of North PooristanMoralistic Democracy“Have a nice day!”
5.The Tilk Monarchy of Definitely not HelghanIron Fist Consumerists“Tof'Kahn Zaj ma tuk'bohk”
6.The Honor Bound Tribes of The PacifierIron Fist Consumerists“OwO”
7.The Federal Democratic of Republic of the ArgentinaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“In unity and Freedom”
8.The Archbishopric of Nephican CityDemocratic Socialists“Genuflectant omnes in plano”
9.The United Monarchy of RoundrockNew York Times Democracy“Per populum, pro populo”
10.The Dictatorship of Slovakian IcelandIron Fist Consumerists“Strength through control”

Regional Happenings


Auralia Regional Message Board

Five thousand years since the founding of Midgardtveir, still unknown time. Edges of Eternal Empire Space.

A new hope for refuge
A group of five rundown and barely functioning stellar-cruisers, carrying thousands of humanoid aliens of unknown origin crash into realspace. They have lost many to black holes, and worse, but have finally made it through the difficult-to-navigate cluster, known by galactic smugglers as "The Glutton". This unknown patch of space is theirs, as far as they know.

A week after passing through The Glutton, still unknown time. Eternal Empire Space.

That's no moon
The old Archive did speak of this patch of The Galaxy. Back when the information had been recorded it had no barriers to entry. There were no mentions of The Glutton, not even by another name. But the refugees had spent the last week trying to find an old planet known to them as "Ymir", there was supposed to be a temple of theirs there, but they had found nothing. It was as if the very stars themselves had been moved, and not in the way The Archive had predicted. Without being able to go into hyperspace for fast travel, the refugees were forced to navigate blindly. Only leaning on their innate connection to The Ashla to find somewhere habitable to land.

A week after the refugees first came in, they finally find something. In their scanners it appears to be a spherical object. Likely a wild dwarf planet, or an old moon. Suddenly, after having approached the object for only 10 short minutes, all the Apostles fall to floor, eyes up in their skulls, and simultaneously speak in a foreign tongue.

"Kven er dykk?"

The Apostles repeat the sentence, struggling against the power holding them down, until one of the Disciples, one of the humans, responds.

"Vi er flyktninger"

The power releases them. They start to rise, leaning on their Disciples. Grand Apostle Vanto, a horned, purple humanoid, struggles to the nearest communicator, and sends out a message to all the other stellar-cruisers.

"They are receiving us! They want to help. Let them."

The power goes out and the engines fail, as the stellar-cruisers are pulled into the sphere.

Current time. Midgardtveir

Knowledge is power
The Eternal Empire of Kalmartveir has existed for millennia untold. The power held by the original colonists, the Midgardians, has only gotten stronger. After the expansion in knowledge, courtesy of the refugees from outside, the ones who called The Æther "Ashla", the study of the basic power of the universe had been revolutionised with new ways of thinking.
Even before the refugees arrived, the Eternal Empire had succeeded in wielding the very stars and singularities themselves into a protective barrier around its borders. After the new arrivals the Eternal Empire had managed to form new singularities to help fuel an expansion of the territory, further into the galaxy at large.

On this day though, things would change once more. After a century of planning, the only Emperor ever known to the Eternal Empire has decided to call on all those who wield The Power of The Æther to join in the expansion of Æthereal knowledge, by coming to Kalmartveir. Such a galactic broadcast through The Æther requires sacrifice. After millennia the Eternal Emperor, once known as Fleet Admiral Saradus, lets go. With his final heartbeat he unleashes a powerful Æthereal echo, an echo that will prove to be the end of all other galactic governments.

Following the Æthereal Echo, current time. Ymir, the Eternal Empire

A new leader, for a new age
Regent Vegard, the Heir Presumptive to the Eternal Throne, is coronated on Ymir, the new capital of the Eternal Empire, after the expected destruction of Midgardtveir at the moment of the late Emperor's sacrifice.

His first action as Head of State is to call for the opening of The Glutton in a controlled point of entry for the coming Pilgrims.

My visits to Auralia in a nutshell

Roundrock wrote:My visits to Auralia in a nutshell

Very OwO. Dalalaur fellow socialist friend.

Russian Fedration wrote:The Plot Thickening

Unknown System
Unknown Planet
[[Joint Naval - Psyjic Scout Operation]]
[Research Foward Outpost Trident U18 / VMNS - Aftermath / Ocean of Unknown Planet]

As the VMNS - Aftermath opened it's bay doors the VMNS - Arbiter Began to go underway into the space that lay before it. As it neared the unknown planet it began tracking Trident U18.

As the VMNS - Arbiter began its descent into the atmosphere of the unknown planet and began to set course to the general area of Trident U18 as it began cruising the VMNS - Corsair, VMNS - Highwayman, and the VMNS - Ravager. Disembarked loaded with the Vos Troops from the VMNS - Arbiters Hangar Bay, the VMNS - Arbiter also began to prepare to drop troops as it's smaller counterparts did the same, they now were in a good cloud level.

As the ships closed in on Maelzas Position they began dropping troops. Inside of one of the ships one could hear chants of "Death From Above!" "Feet first into hell!" "Breach Hell" and "Hooyah!"

The troops began dropping in the thousands, the pods dropped like meteors from the heavens, the pods ignited in a plasma burn off and descended like comets that shot across the night sky. They seamlessly dropped from the clouds as the massive ships silently descended themselves, soon the boom of the pods hitting water could be heard. The thrusters softening the landing only mere moments before impact, soon the Vos Troops began converting the Pods into the Glides and gathering the Drop gear. Now it appeared that at least 4 legions were in the water. As the Troops began to descend toward Trident U18 one would see interceptors beginning to launch and survey the surrounding areas, the Aftermath meanwhile closed above the area dwarfing everything below.

The Commanding Officer Aboard the VMNS - Aftermath looked out the window at the water droplets he was astonished by how vast and abundant the water was, it seamlessly never ended, he drank a shot of vodka with the bridge and proclaimed "A drink to a future, to success, and a possible discovery!." as this happened the Geological Forces began mapping operations as well as deep boreing and deep adit mining, resources were now being pumped out in the billions of tonnes, the resources seemed metallic and some appeared to be potential fuel sources, the scientists began cataloguing the resources being pulled up immediately and soon a relay was set up between them and Maelza, within two hours Maelza was topside with his discovery and it astonished all who saw the transmundae before them. The making of resources of thin air was something they had internet in since the creation of the particle drives, but unlike the drives that simple moves particles, this one appeared to just create them.

Soon additional Ships from the Homeland Arrived, 12 Marauder Classes showed up along with the VMNS - Frost. These ships began dropping and collecting the equipment and resources that were requested.


They had not explored very far, but much of the surrounding area was being researched and some animals they found appeared familiar.

The Vos were now ramping up additional forces to discover what they coined the "New World" which many found cliché as they had discovered many worlds and called them the same name.

SEAD forces were being deployed as the Vos feared the possibility of a robotic aerial threat, what they seemed to believe were usually robot colonies, whose creators had either died off or were simply unknown.

Nephican City wrote:Hey look!

The messenger of Nephmir has spoken!

Peoples Free Republic of Romania wrote:The messenger of Nephmir has spoken!

Uh oh, don't look behind the curtain!

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