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Nahuatistan wrote:i hope you slip on a banana peel.


HA! My economy is already a stinking poophole, so I doubt you could do much.

Eragon Island wrote:HA! My economy is already a stinking poophole, so I doubt you could do much.

aw man...

*sad nahuatistan noises*

Nahuatistan wrote:aw man...

*sad nahuatistan noises*

Don't worry. After I (Finally) finish the slave auction post series, and do stuff about the economic revival plan, our economy will be attackable.



Fynnigan wrote:Cheese?


Cheese is good, 'especially swiss, American, and parmesan.

Eragon Island wrote:Cheese is good, 'especially swiss, American, and parmesan.

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Fynnigan wrote:American cheese is is

Is is? What?

Eragon Island wrote:Is is? What?


Fynnigan wrote:Is


أخبار الجنة (Paradise News)

Emir Malik Khalil announced today a 10-year construction project that will link Palahano to Magna-Scientia and the rest of Heylestia. This comes as no surprise as just recently Palahano joined the PoS, which Magna-Scientia is in. This endeavor will link Palahano's oil supply to Magna-Scientia, after which it will go to wherever it needs to go from there. A deal was made to allow Palahano to build the pipeline by the Grand Chancellor of Magna-Scientia, Reikshiel Arformata, in exchange for 18.5% of the profits. The Emir agreed to these arrangements and they began to plan out the pipeline.

Unsure if anyone here was around when I made my Havenmoon stuff, so if you value your sanity, I warn you about clicking on this:

The Havenmoon Guardians:

In a realm shrouded by the looming threat of darkness, five exceptional individuals converged to form the Havenmoon Guardians, a formidable adventuring party dedicated to purging the land of malevolent forces and restoring light to the world.

Home Base:

The Havenmoon Guardians establish their home base in Eldoria, the once-fallen city where Alan Whiteheart faced the tragedy that shaped him. The city, now on the path to restoration, serves as a symbolic center for the Guardians' mission to reclaim lands tainted by darkness.

Allies and Enemies:

The Guardians forge alliances with enigmatic figures and factions dedicated to preserving the light. They find support in the remnants of the Nightstalkers guild, who recognize Catlin's role in the battle against darkness. Additionally, Albert's connections to ancient orders and magical beings provide the party with valuable insights.

Enemies include the malevolent sorcerer responsible for Eldoria's fall, dark cults seeking forbidden knowledge, and otherworldly entities drawn to the Guardians' quest. The Havenmoon Guardians face adversaries ranging from corrupted creatures to powerful sorcerers, each posing a unique challenge.


The Guardians' motivations intertwine with their personal quests. Alan seeks to eradicate the darkness that claimed Eldoria, Catlin pursues redemption for her guild's past deeds, Albert strives to unlock the secrets of his bloodline, Greg aims to find a cure for his lycanthropy, and James is driven to protect the farmlands and humble lives from the encroaching shadows.


The Havenmoon Guardians adopt a sigil depicting a radiant moon casting light over a city engulfed in shadows, symbolizing their mission to bring light to the darkest corners of the realm.


The party's tactics blend Alan's leadership and defensive capabilities with Catlin's stealth and precision strikes. Albert's magical versatility complements Greg's brute strength, while James anchors the frontline, absorbing enemy assaults. The Guardians prioritize strategic planning, combining their unique abilities to overcome challenges ranging from stealthy infiltrations to direct confrontations.


The Havenmoon Guardians aim to leave a legacy of light and resilience in a world threatened by darkness. Their tale, a saga of redemption, sacrifice, and unity, inspires others to rise against the shadows and defend the realm. The Havenmoon Guardians embody the enduring spirit of hope, proving that even disparate origins can converge to form a formidable force against the encroaching night.

Character: Alan Whiteheart

Born in the ancient city of Eldoria, Alan Whiteheart was destined for greatness from the moment he entered the world. His parents were devout followers of the Lightbringer, the deity of light and justice. Alan's childhood was filled with stories of valor and righteousness, instilling in him a strong sense of duty and an unwavering commitment to justice. At the age of twelve, tragedy struck when Eldoria fell victim to a horde of dark creatures led by a malevolent sorcerer. Alan's family was among the casualties, and the young boy witnessed the horrors that unfolded before his eyes.

Left orphaned and driven by a burning desire for vengeance, Alan sought refuge in the temple of the Lightbringer. Under the guidance of the high priestess, he began his training as a paladin, channeling his grief into a righteous fury. His innate connection to the divine powers manifested early, and he quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a symbol of hope for the beleaguered city. The once shattered boy transformed into a beacon of unwavering resolve, fueled by the belief that he was chosen by the Lightbringer to eradicate the darkness that had consumed his homeland.

Alan Whiteheart stands at an imposing six feet, with a robust and well-muscled frame that reflects years of rigorous training. His armor, adorned with intricate engravings of the Lightbringer's symbols, gleams with a radiant glow. A long, flowing cape of pure white billows behind him, symbolizing his commitment to purity and justice. Alan's piercing blue eyes exude a sense of determination, framed by a strong jawline and neatly trimmed beard. His golden hair, touched by the divine, cascades down to his shoulders.

In battle, Alan wields a magnificent two-handed sword, its blade etched with holy inscriptions that glow with a celestial radiance. His every movement is purposeful, and the aura of righteousness that surrounds him is unmistakable. Alan's armor bears the scars of countless battles, a testament to his unyielding dedication to the cause.

Alan Whiteheart carries himself with an air of solemnity, a reflection of the burdens he bears in the name of justice. Despite his stoic exterior, he harbors a deep well of compassion for the innocent and oppressed. His unwavering commitment to the principles of light and goodness is both his strength and his weakness. Alan is haunted by the memories of his family's demise and is driven by an unrelenting desire to prevent others from suffering a similar fate.

However, his pursuit of justice sometimes teeters on the edge of fanaticism, making him a stern and uncompromising figure. Alan grapples with inner demons, questioning whether his actions are guided by the divine will or his personal vendetta. Despite his internal struggles, he remains a beacon of hope for those who have lost everything to the encroaching darkness.

As a paladin, Alan Whiteheart is a master of both martial and divine arts. He possesses unparalleled swordsmanship, executing precise strikes with his celestial-imbued sword. His armor not only provides physical protection but also enhances his connection to the divine, allowing him to channel powerful spells of healing, purification, and smiting. Alan's aura radiates with a holy energy that bolsters the resolve of allies and strikes fear into the hearts of evildoers.

In times of dire need, Alan can call upon the Lightbringer's intervention, manifesting divine wings that allow him to soar above the battlefield. His strikes become swifter, and his abilities are heightened, making him a formidable force against the forces of darkness. Additionally, he possesses the ability to detect and dispel malevolent magic, a skill honed through years of battling the dark forces that threaten the realm.

Alan Whiteheart's primary motivation is to eradicate the darkness that has plagued Eldoria and beyond. Fueled by the tragedy of his past, he views himself as an instrument of the Lightbringer's divine will, sworn to protect the innocent and bring justice to the wicked. His ultimate goal is to vanquish the sorcerer who orchestrated the fall of Eldoria, ensuring that no other city suffers the same fate.

Throughout his journey, Alan seeks to purify the land, cleanse corrupted temples, and rally righteous allies to stand against the encroaching shadows. He yearns to rebuild Eldoria as a bastion of light and hope, a testament to the resilience of those who refuse to succumb to the forces of darkness. Alan's personal quest for vengeance is intertwined with his broader mission to be a beacon of inspiration in a world teetering on the brink of despair.

Character: Catlin Silverblood:

Born into the secretive and enigmatic guild of shadows known as the Nightstalkers, Catlin Silverblood's early years were steeped in a world of intrigue and subterfuge. Her parents, both skilled assassins and master thieves, were revered members of the guild. Trained in the art of stealth and deception from a tender age, Catlin quickly proved to be a prodigy. The Silverblood lineage was shrouded in mystery, rumored to be descendants of a forgotten bloodline that held ancient, forbidden knowledge.

However, tragedy struck when a rival faction, jealous of the Nightstalkers' prowess, orchestrated a ruthless attack on their hidden enclave. Catlin's parents fell victim to the ambush, sacrificing themselves to ensure her escape. Forced to flee her home, she wandered the shadows of the world, honing her skills in the shadows and surviving through cunning and guile. The loss of her family fueled a burning vendetta against those responsible, as well as a desire to uncover the secrets hidden within her bloodline.

Catlin Silverblood is a striking figure, standing at an average height with a lithe and agile frame that belies her deadly capabilities. Her long, ebony hair cascades down her shoulders, framing a face adorned with sharp, emerald green eyes that gleam with intelligence and a hint of mischief. Catlin's attire is a blend of practicality and style, featuring dark, form-fitting leather that allows her to move with unparalleled agility. Adorned with silver jewelry and daggers hidden in various pockets, she is always prepared for the unexpected.

In the shadows, Catlin becomes one with the darkness, her movements silent and graceful. A hooded cloak conceals her features, and her steps are almost imperceptible. A subtle but alluring fragrance of exotic herbs and spices often precedes her presence, leaving those who encounter her with a sense of mystery and danger.

Catlin Silverblood is a complex blend of cunning intellect, independence, and a hint of vulnerability. Growing up in the shadows has shaped her into a survivor, making her cautious and observant in every situation. While she may come across as aloof and mysterious, those who manage to earn her trust find a loyal ally in her. Catlin possesses a dry wit and a penchant for sarcasm, using humor as a shield to conceal the pain and loss that linger beneath the surface.

Her moral compass is flexible, allowing her to navigate the treacherous waters of the criminal underworld without losing herself entirely. Catlin is pragmatic, willing to make difficult choices to achieve her goals. Despite her rogue nature, she values personal freedom and despises those who exploit the weak. Catlin harbors a deep-seated desire for vengeance against the faction that destroyed her family, but she is equally motivated by a thirst for knowledge about her mysterious bloodline and the ancient secrets it holds.

Catlin Silverblood's skills in stealth, infiltration, and subterfuge are unparalleled. Her agility allows her to navigate even the most treacherous terrain without making a sound. Armed with an array of concealed weapons, from throwing knives to poison-tipped daggers, she dispatches her enemies swiftly and silently. Catlin's mastery of disguise and illusion makes her a formidable manipulator, capable of infiltrating even the most well-guarded locations.

A unique ability inherited from her bloodline grants her a limited control over shadows, allowing her to blend seamlessly into the darkness and manipulate it to obscure her presence. Catlin's nimble fingers are skilled in the arts of lock-picking and trap-disarming, making her an invaluable asset in any heist or infiltration mission. Her quick reflexes and heightened senses make her a formidable opponent in one-on-one combat, striking from the shadows with deadly precision.

Catlin Silverblood is driven by a dual motivation – vengeance for the loss of her family and the pursuit of the mysterious knowledge hidden within her bloodline. The desire to bring retribution to those who orchestrated the attack on the Nightstalkers fuels her every move. Catlin meticulously gathers information, seeking out the shadowy figures responsible for the downfall of her family and the splintering of her guild.

Simultaneously, the ancient secrets locked within her bloodline beckon to her. Catlin believes that uncovering these mysteries could hold the key to understanding her past and unlocking untold power. The quest for vengeance and knowledge intertwine, propelling her through a world of danger and intrigue. Catlin's journey is a relentless pursuit of justice and self-discovery, as she navigates the shadows with a keen eye for the hidden truths that lie beneath the surface.

Character: Albert Mothkin

In the mystical realm of Mothra, where the boundaries between magic and nature blur, Albert emerged as a unique being—a mothkin with a destiny entwined with both the lunar cycles and ancient magic. Born under the light of the Harvest Moon, Albert's life took an unexpected turn when he was cursed with lycanthropy during a celestial event known as the Night of Shadows.

Shunned by his mothkin community, Albert embarked on a quest to control the dark powers within him. Along his journey, he discovered a forgotten order of lunar mages who saw potential in his unique connection to the moon. Under their guidance, Albert learned to harness the power of shadows and embraced his dual nature as both a mothkin and a werewolf. As a guardian of ancient secrets, he vowed to use his abilities to protect the realm from the encroaching darkness.

Albert stands at an average height, with his mothkin heritage evident in his insect-like wings and antennae. His fur, a mixture of silvery and lunar blue hues, shimmers in the moonlight. Albert's eyes glow with an ethereal radiance, reflecting the celestial forces within him. In times of transformation, his werewolf form exudes a majestic yet fearsome presence, with moonlight refracting off his fur.

Cloaked in enchanted robes adorned with lunar symbols, Albert carries an intricately carved staff that channels the power of the moon. The staff itself seems to absorb and radiate the gentle glow of moonlight. Despite the haunting undertone of his curse, Albert's demeanor remains serene, embodying the balance between light and shadow that defines his existence.

Albert exudes a calm and contemplative aura, a result of his lifelong struggle with the dual nature of his being. His experiences have cultivated a deep well of wisdom and empathy, making him a reliable source of guidance for the Havenmoon Guardians. Albert's unique perspective on the interconnectedness of light and darkness allows him to navigate moral complexities with grace.

Despite his mystical origins, Albert possesses a gentle and nurturing nature, fostering a sense of camaraderie among the Guardians. He carries the weight of his curse with a sense of responsibility, using his powers not only for personal growth but also to protect the realm from supernatural threats. Albert's dedication to preserving the ancient knowledge of lunar magic makes him a valuable ally in the Guardians' quest.

Albert's abilities are a fusion of lunar magic and lycanthropic prowess. As a lunar enforcer, he can manipulate shadows and draw upon the moon's energy to cast spells that range from healing to enchantments. In his werewolf form, Albert's physical strength and agility are heightened, allowing him to engage in close-quarters combat with formidable adversaries.

One of Albert's signature abilities is the "Moonlit Veil," a protective aura that grants the Havenmoon Guardians enhanced resilience against dark magic. Additionally, he can tap into the moon's phases to bolster his own magical capabilities or unleash lunar beams that pierce through the shadows, revealing hidden threats.

Albert's primary motivation is to unlock the ancient secrets of lunar magic and understand the true purpose behind his unique connection to the moon. He seeks to break the curse of lycanthropy that plagues him, not just for personal liberation but to prove that the intertwining of light and darkness can lead to harmony. Albert's quest for knowledge extends to preserving the ancient traditions of the lunar mages and ensuring that the mystical balance is maintained in the face of encroaching darkness.

In joining the Havenmoon Guardians, Albert sees an opportunity to contribute his abilities to a noble cause. His desire to protect the realm from malevolent forces aligns with the Guardians' mission, and he strives to be a beacon of hope for those who, like him, grapple with the shadows within. Albert's journey is one of self-discovery and redemption, as he endeavors to transform his curse into a force for good.

Character: Greg Gray

Greg Gray's tale is one of primal strength and arcane mastery intertwined with the struggles of lycanthropy. Born in the rural outskirts of Eldoria, Greg grew up as a farmer's son, tending to the land with his family. However, his life took a drastic turn when he encountered a pack of werewolves during a fateful night in the nearby woods. A bite from one of the cursed creatures marked Greg, initiating the transformation that would forever alter his destiny.

Haunted by the uncontrollable urges of the werewolf within, Greg sought refuge in the city, hoping to find a cure for his affliction. His journey led him to the Havenmoon Guardians, where he discovered a purpose greater than his personal struggle. Embracing his newfound abilities and the arcane potential within him, Greg joined the party, vowing to use his powers to protect the realm from the encroaching darkness.

Greg stands at a sturdy six and a half feet, with a robust build and weathered features that reflect a life spent working the fields. His untamed, dark brown hair falls messily over his furrowed brow, and a beard adds to his rugged appearance. His eyes, however, betray a hint of inner turmoil, a constant battle between his human and werewolf instincts.

When transformed into his werewolf state, Greg undergoes a dramatic change. His muscular form grows larger, and a thick coat of fur covers his body. His eyes glow with an intense amber hue, and his senses become heightened. Despite the fearsome appearance, Greg retains a degree of control over his lycanthropic form, allowing him to harness the primal strength without succumbing to mindless rage.

Greg Gray exudes a down-to-earth and humble demeanor, a reflection of his upbringing as a farmer's son. Despite the internal conflict brought on by lycanthropy, Greg maintains a sense of humor and warmth that endears him to his fellow Guardians. His struggles with the curse have instilled in him a deep sense of empathy for those facing adversity, and he serves as a pillar of support for his comrades.

While his werewolf side introduces an element of primal ferocity, Greg strives to balance the human and beast within. He values loyalty and camaraderie, fostering a sense of unity among the Havenmoon Guardians. Greg's journey is not just about overcoming the curse but also about embracing the unique strengths it brings to the party.

Greg Gray possesses a unique blend of arcane magic and lycanthropic prowess. In his human form, he wields destructive spells, channeling the primal forces within to unleash bursts of magical energy. His abilities include offensive spells, protective enchantments, and healing magic, providing the Guardians with a versatile spellcaster on the battlefield.

When transformed into a werewolf, Greg's physical strength and agility are amplified. He becomes a formidable frontline fighter, tearing through enemies with claws and fangs. Despite the inherent risk of losing control, Greg has developed techniques to channel the lycanthropic power strategically, unleashing it at key moments to turn the tide of battle.

One of Greg's signature abilities is the "Moonlit Renewal," a healing spell that draws on the regenerative properties of the moon. This ability allows him to mend wounds, cure ailments, and revitalize his allies during the heat of battle. Greg's mastery over the dual aspects of his existence contributes both raw power and arcane support to the Havenmoon Guardians.

Greg Gray's primary motivation is to find a cure for his lycanthropy, freeing himself from the constant struggle between man and beast. However, his journey with the Havenmoon Guardians has expanded his motivations beyond personal redemption. Greg seeks to harness the unique powers granted by the curse to protect the realm from supernatural threats. He views his abilities as a gift and a responsibility, vowing to use them for the greater good.

In joining the Guardians, Greg finds a sense of purpose and camaraderie that goes beyond his quest for a cure. He hopes that, by contributing to the party's mission, he can earn the redemption he seeks and prove that even a cursed existence can be turned into a force for good. Greg's journey is one of self-discovery, acceptance, and the ongoing struggle to reconcile the dual nature of his existence.

Character: James Armad

James Armad's origins lie in the farmlands surrounding Eldoria, where he grew up as the son of hardworking orcish farmers. From a young age, James exhibited exceptional strength and combat prowess, traits that set him apart from his peers. His peaceful life took a tragic turn when marauding creatures, drawn by the encroaching darkness, attacked his family's farm.

Left as the sole survivor, James's grief and anger fueled a burning desire to protect others from the same fate. He embarked on a journey to master the art of combat, seeking out mentors in Eldoria's martial academies and learning the ways of a skilled warrior. James's journey brought him into the fold of the Havenmoon Guardians, where he found a purpose greater than vengeance—an opportunity to defend the innocent and bring hope to the farmlands he once called home.

James Armad stands at an imposing height, towering over most with a powerful and muscular build that reflects his orcish heritage. His greenish-brown skin is adorned with tribal tattoos that tell the story of his orcish lineage. James's short, dark hair frames a face etched with determination, and his prominent tusks add to the intimidating visage.

In battle, James dons sturdy armor crafted from the finest orcish metals, providing both protection and mobility. His weapon of choice is a massive, double-bladed greataxe, its edges honed to perfection. The scars on James's body bear witness to countless battles, each one a testament to his resilience and unwavering commitment to his calling.

James Armad embodies the virtues of strength, loyalty, and a deep sense of duty. Despite his orcish heritage, he rejects the stereotypes associated with his kind, choosing a path of honor and righteousness. James is a stoic and disciplined individual, guided by a strong moral code that emphasizes the protection of the vulnerable. His calm demeanor conceals a fierce determination to confront the darkness that threatens the farmlands and humble lives he holds dear.

While James values martial prowess, he also understands the importance of compassion and empathy. He serves as a grounding force within the Havenmoon Guardians, providing stability and a sense of practicality to balance the group's diverse personalities. James's journey is not just about physical strength but also about the resilience of the human spirit and its capacity to withstand the darkest of trials.

James Armad's combat abilities are a testament to his orcish heritage and rigorous training. As a half-orc fighter, he excels in both offensive and defensive techniques, wielding his double-bladed greataxe with precision and power. His combat style combines traditional orcish techniques with the refined skills acquired from Eldoria's martial academies.

In battle, James's strength allows him to deliver devastating blows, cleaving through enemy lines with a combination of agility and raw power. His armor provides excellent protection without compromising his mobility, making him a stalwart defender on the front lines. James's leadership skills emerge during the heat of battle, as he coordinates the Havenmoon Guardians with strategic precision.

One of James's signature abilities is the "Orcish Resilience," a technique that temporarily enhances his durability and stamina. Activated during critical moments, this ability allows him to withstand powerful blows and continue fighting even when faced with overwhelming odds. James's commitment to the protection of the farmlands and his fellow Guardians makes him an indispensable force in the battle against darkness.

James Armad's primary motivation is to protect the farmlands and humble lives from the encroaching shadows that threaten his homeland. His journey with the Havenmoon Guardians expands this motivation to a broader commitment—the defense of all realms suffering under the oppressive forces of darkness. James seeks to prove that strength, tempered by honor and compassion, can be a formidable weapon against malevolent forces.

In joining the Guardians, James finds a sense of purpose and camaraderie that goes beyond his personal quest for vengeance. He views the party as a family bound by a common cause, and he strives to be a reliable ally and protector for his fellow Guardians. James's journey is one of resilience, sacrifice, and the unyielding pursuit of a world where the light of hope prevails over the encroaching night.

Enemies of the Havenmoon Guardians

Dark Sorcerer - Malgrim the Malevolent:
A malevolent sorcerer wielding forbidden magics, Malgrim is the architect of Eldoria's fall. Bent on expanding his dark influence, he commands legions of corrupted creatures and seeks to plunge the realms into eternal night. Malgrim's mastery over malevolent sorcery makes him a formidable adversary, and his thirst for forbidden knowledge poses a constant threat to the Guardians.

Cult of the Obsidian Eclipse:
A secretive cult dedicated to harnessing the power of forbidden celestial alignments, the Cult of the Obsidian Eclipse seeks to unlock ancient rituals that would unleash unimaginable darkness upon the realms. Their sinister influence extends across shadowy networks, spreading corruption and fanaticism. The Guardians must unravel the cult's machinations to thwart their plans and prevent the realms from succumbing to the obsidian night.

Otherworldly Entities - The Voidspawn:
Drawn to the Guardians' quest, otherworldly entities from the Void manifest to thwart their mission. These eldritch beings, born from the darkest corners of existence, exist beyond the comprehension of mortals. The Voidspawn bring chaotic energies and nightmarish manifestations, challenging the Guardians to confront the incomprehensible and resist the seductive allure of the abyss.

Corrupted Creatures - Shadowsouls and Nightcrawlers:
Manifestations of the encroaching darkness, Shadowsouls are corrupted beings twisted by malevolent forces. Nightcrawlers, ethereal creatures drawn to areas tainted by shadow, serve as the harbingers of impending doom. The Guardians must face these corrupted creatures in both stealthy infiltrations and direct confrontations, navigating the treacherous landscapes where shadows breed malevolence.

Dark Guild - Umbric Syndicate:
An elusive and sinister guild operating in the shadows, the Umbric Syndicate seeks forbidden artifacts and knowledge. Their enigmatic leader, known only as the Shadowmaster, poses a constant threat to the Guardians. The Umbric Syndicate's involvement in dark rituals and the trafficking of cursed relics amplifies the challenges faced by the Havenmoon Guardians, who must dismantle this clandestine network to sever the roots of corruption.

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Anyone looking to buy oil or ores?


Tazarskia's event "Bridge to Culture" was a success, with many people coming and experimenting the beauty of the event. Relations with Dionsynia and CIS have improved with this event, and relations with both are expected to continue to grow over time however - sadly our king which attendend the event, within a few hours after the event ended. The king was found in a bad condition, and was took to emergency - The king was already seen in a bad condition in the event already but was able to put up with it. Updates only tell us he's been declining.

Approval of Southern Territorial Expansion:

With the new treaty agreement signed between the League of Sovereigns and CIS allies, the Navean government had approved a southern territorial expansion. This new southern territory will be incorporated into the province of Soyo and Campilla. With this new territory, the nation will finally be able to disperse its compacted population throughout its nation, especially in the province of Zaha. On the other hand, the new territory is believed to be rich in mineral material, which would be beneficial to the growing Navean economy.

After this approval, the Navean government began to prepare for the territorial expansion, which is set to officially begin in the upcoming month. On a side note, the Navean Emperor had made a personal speech stating that this territorial expansion would be its last on the continent. However, this will not be applied to expansion outside of the continent.

Magna-Scientia wrote:

Question of the Day

What’s your favorite book?


V for Vendetta

House of Leaves

Dionysou wrote:

RP Prompt of the Day

What are the most common first names in your country, and do they have any special meaning behind them?

Kri'stavad is the most common masculine name, and meaning the "Giver of Blessings", the most common female name is Megh'rina meaning "All powerful".

Conquest and Glory
A slight chill fills the balcony of the Olympic Palace as the Messenger stands besides me.
He unravels a scroll and speaks to the crown assembled below,
"Upon Royal Decree made upon the Twenty-First of July, Alexis Dionitri, the Duchess of Bacchus, eldest of the Royal Daughters and first born child of the Conqueror of Dionysia, Princess Anastasia Dionitri, shall march northwards into the Sticks River.
May the valley soon see the dawn of true civilization and society, Dionysus bless us all!"
Instead of applause or cheers, the crowd descended into whispers and murmurs. Why is the Duchess invading some random river?
So, I step forward myself to address the people. "You do not understand it's importance, as you are not of the land of Bacchus. To the north of the island, a river from North Westwellia leads into the sea. From this river flows people of a tribe of barbarians, who attack local fishermen of the island. I address you, the people of Olympus simply because this is where the decision was made. I asked my most holy mother for her blessing and Royal Decree to march into the lands which attack the people of my island.
I have raised a local militia from the city of Ampelovros, with 200 volunteers, and 3,500 soldiers sent by our allies the Confederacy of Independent States with a small number of... Robots... I will lead these men to victory and conquer the savages which have attacked a total of twenty fishermen in the last five years alone! Dionysia forever, Dionysus forever!"
I turn around and head back into the palace to ready myself for the upcoming venture. As soon as the doors to the balcony shut behind me, my sisters greet me with excited faces. They speak of pleasantries and praises to me, but I block out the noise. I will bring Dionysia back to it's former greatness, follow in the footsteps of my mother. The tradition of conquest and warriors shall return once I reign as Princess... No, I strive for something greater. Under my fair hand, Dionysia shall become a Queendom and Empire with me as Empress.
I hope at least one of my annoyingly supportive siblings vies for the throne as well, so I may claim the title of Conqueror of Dionysia as well, even if it comes with the price of one of my sisters life. Dionysia has lost it's edge, we don't even have our own Armed Forces, but once I have conquered new lands for the Princessipality, my people will shower me with their approval, I will be the one who truly brings honor back to the Dionysian nation.
I push my siblings aside as they keep trying to flatter me, likely hoping I shall bring one of them along. It is so boring living in the palace, we are nearly never allowed to attend the parties of other nobles.
I enter my chamber and slam the door behind me, and turn around to see me wife, Omphale, going through my closet and packing for me.
"You are not to do the tasks of my concubinatus. Why did you alleviate them of my orders for them?" I ask her, standing behind her. She look back at me, "They're not your concubinatus' anymore and you know that, they're your husbands. That's not legal, and you don't own them."
I sigh, she always had a soft spot for these lowly fools, worst of all she even publicly advocated for their rights. "All the same, you should not be the one doing this task," I say, taking a tunic from her arms and folding it into my baggage, "Allow me to finish, this is my conquest after all." She steps back and sits on the bed, watching me as I fold the last of my clothing into bags. I walk into the far end of my closet to a large wooden chest, inside which rests a set of armor modeled after the former Spartan Empire that used to control Olympus in the days of old. I stare at the set of armor for a while, unsure if I really should proceed with this. Has my lust for power grown unreasonable, is conquering foreign lands going to appease my appetite?
Omphale enters the closet behind me and removes my clothes. "You are my conqueror, you can do this. Defeat these animals and return home to me as a hero of Dionysus," she says and grabs the armor out of the chest and fits it onto me. She is my only moral compass, so perhaps she is right. This will make Dionysia great again. After Omphale has finished putting my armor together on me, she nearly shoves me out of the room and palace. She believes in me, and in this quest, therefor I must stay strong and see it through. I disembark from the palace to the nearest airport in the nearby city of Valora where the plane takes me to Ampelovros, where my warriors await, and am greeted by them upon arrival with cheers and applause. We move atop of the airport in Ampelovros to board multiple helicopters and begin to fly north.
However, on the way there a storm has begun to brew and it gets windy fast. An emergency decision is made to land on the island of Optimus. It's an unclaimed island with a population of less than two hundred off the shore of Oshall, but the few inhabitants here speak Greek, as they were once part of the Bachuss Imperium.
We set up base here, and I decide it's about time we make this island Dionysian. I will have fifty of the CIS soldier remain here and fifty battle droids, half of the ones be brought. We plant a large pole in the ground and to it we adorn the Dionysian flag and the Bacchus flag bellow it. I have been to this island once before, there had been talks of Bacchus annexing the island when I was new to the title of Duchess, I had surveyed the land but my advisors told me it wasn't worth the negotiations I'd had to do with the bureaucrat in Dionapolis for the annexation of such a small island. But now that I am authorized to do so, it will be under Dionysian control forever more.
Over the next few days, the storm continues. Me and my men spend most our time in the only bar on the entire island, while they drink away I keep focused and try to imagine just what savage beasts may await us as we travel.
After five days, many hangovers and "fraternizing" with locals, the weather is clear enough to head to the river by air, however while we waited I had requested some patrol boats be brought to use so we can go by water instead of by land and travel through the river and so we took them instead.
After a few hours, we set out and arrived near the coast where the River Sticks meets the Sea of Dionysia. We began our decent into the river, slowly and cautiously.
As we flow up, we notice smoke in the distance and we stop the boats and tither them to the riverbank. I take a handful of my men are go to investigate. We get closer to the source and one of the soldiers notices there's a town. I look, and it's not what I expected. An actual town, not just some small primitive village of savages... I order one of my men to return and gather two hundred of the party and bring them over. As we wait, I watch as the townspeople walk around their town, unaware of the invasion about to be unleashed upon them.
Once the backup arrives, I lead a charge into the town. However, we find nearly no resistance. I find this peculiar, until a group of armed men come around the corner and have weapons drawn at us. They yell as us with a language that sounds strangely familiar... They're speaking... Latin? I then notice something I had missed before, a large marble statue of Hades and Persephone. These are worshippers of the Underworld.
While I can't speak Latin, some of my militia men can and translate for me. After a few back and forths, we both lower our arms and being to talk. We learn this town is part of the tribe known as Pehadia, which worships Hades, Styx and Persephone. They recognize our weaponry and equipment is far more advanced than their own and agree to give up their arms and surrender their town. I decide to leave 100 men here to hold down the city, but before I move on I wish to investigate more. I walk around the town, many houses adorn with symbolism of death and life. I notice something peculiar about the women here, they seem to have horns on their head. I can't tell if they are artificial, a symbol of their culture and religion, or if they legitimately grow horns from their heads, I decide to have her men kidnap one of these women and bring her with us as a spoil of war, the first treasure gained from this quest.
After this, we move on back to the boats and stream further upstream where we find another town. This time, they don't agree to give up their arms and a fight breaks out in the city streets. After a few hours, the locals are suppressed and we look around the village. Inside their library, there was a golden statue of Hades which we take as well as a map of Pehadia. On this map, it shows Pehadia is not that large or populated, it seems to only have a total of 12 cities. I have my men question the librarian to learn more about this tribe. We learn it's capital, Palos, is farther north and the tribe doesn't have a common military, only local militias. Some towns have no militias, relying on their neighbors. The tribe seems to be a loose federation of towns, with the largest being their capital. I decide to split my party in two. One will go forth to conquer the western towns while I lead the conquest of the east.
One by one, each city falls. I eventually decide to unleash our battle droids, which make things much easier with dispatching our enemies. These pathetic infidels, their weapons can barely piece the armor of our soldiers, yet alone the droids.
We get to one town, they call it Styx City. Dedicated to the goddess Styx, it's disgusting. During this battle, while I am not entirely sure how, some buildings caught fire. While local forces tried to put it out, I decided to target these indivisuals and feed the fire. Half the city burned, we left our enemies in ashes as we marched forwards. Once we conquered the remaining cities of the east, I awaited word from the western party. Once they had finished, on the 1st of August, we ran forth into the city. This seemed to be the first city that actually put up significant resistance and the only one from what I could tell with more than a few thousand inhabitants. Nonetheless, after four days of fighting, we conquered the city. In celebration of this, we raided the capitals treasury and their library of important books. They shall come to me to be held in the Bacchus Castle's historical wing. I met with the chief of Pehadia, and he signed a treaty I presented before him; his tribe remains autonomous but under Dionysia, under the Duchy of Bacchus. After he signed this, I began the track to Dionapolis with my militia, leaving the remaining CIS soldiers and droids back to ensure our new territroy stayed under my grasp.
When I returned, I presented the treaty to the legislature and it was passed the same day almost unanimously, and authorized sending more security forces to the new territory to keep it under my fist. I went to my castle in Bacchus and presented before my people my accomplishments and they praised me a hero. It's funny, being related to Dionysus but more vicious than Eres. The cheers and celebrations of my Duchy extend for days, this is our culture. A return to a better days of a might Bacchus and a mighty Dionysia.
I am awarded two titles by the legislature for this accomplishment. The Conqueror of Pehadia and the Bucher of Styx. Praise be to Dionysus, praise be to Bacchus and glory to me, Alexis Dionitri.

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i aint readin allat

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Nahuatistan wrote:i aint readin allat


Nahuatistan wrote:i aint readin allat

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Death and plague to you and your family

Dionysou wrote:Conquest and Glory

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Bonus Question of the Day

What is your favourite reptile?

Turtle, they are epic :3

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Bonus Question of the Day

What is your favourite reptile?

Turtle, they are epic :3


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