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3.The Kingdom of RosconoInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Prosperity – Unity – Monarchy”
4.The People's Republic of SencreliaPsychotic Dictatorship“Blood and Iron”
5.The Empire of AuscanicaIron Fist Consumerists“The Sea Our Home.”

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June 1971 operation black storm

*the radio turns on in HQ*

“Can anyone hear me? If you can I’m not gonna make it my platoon has been surrounded by a warlord of unknown origins in total 8 of us have died and another 4 injured we are in the province of north Claustia” “watch out!” Says a unknown private as a rocket hits the truck “we are going to evacuate I’m corporal yazarov of the 5th platoon”

*the radio falls silent as the operators here gunshots when they check this recording was a hour old*

“5th platoon do you copy!?”

“Yea but barely” says corporal yazarov

We are going to die here but we are sending the private’s and the younger men out of the area”


*the intercoms with yazarov fall silent*

“He cut us off”

Soon the remaining survivors head to camp Omaha to rest

The casualties were

3 of 23 5th platoon soldiers

12 insurgents

5th platoons names of soldiers and status

Private Alexander (alive)
Officer Juno (deceased)
Corporal yazarov (unknown)
Lieutenant grant (alive)
Private mikos (deceased)
Officer mason (unknown)
Private Nicolas (alive)
Private maxov (deceased)
Corporal yi (unknown)
Lieutenant Thomas (deceased)
The rest are dead or unknown

June 1971 operation black storm details and origin

The province of north claustia has always wanted independence from vikanias but it always remained silent...until now a warlord known as Darius alsenksi claims independence for the claustian empire wanting north and south claustia but operation black storm will enter the claustian capital and important areas to stop it before it turns into a full scale war the claustians are under equipped but high in morale experts say it will take 3 months to Finnish the revolt

Anesnordenian Government taking bids
The Anesnordenian Government will be taking bids for oil extraction equipment and facility manufacturers for the new Anesnordenian oil extraction program, under the state company CommonOil. Anesmark has five oil basin deposits. Two of them, the Nordbergyjeas Depositejn and the Vajsrhems Depositejn, located in the north and northwest respectively, are located completely underground, while the three other ones, the Nordennaojrs Depositejn, the Osroms Depositejn, and the Sydsens Depositejn are located on the eastern coast, and are split between underground deposits and deposits under the seabed. With some of the largest oil reserves in the world, Anesmark is planning on establishing oil production in around 150 identified fields, with plans for steady expansion.

Anesmark would like companies to submit especially eco-friendly bids, that focus on ensuring against oil accidents, leakage and spill, and minimizing environmental footprints of the facilities. Companies should put forth bids with carbon sequestration infrastructure, and be ready for Anesnordenian environmental scientists to review and edit proposed designs to ensure that oil facilities may add positively in the environment in some way (for instance, artificial reefs will be added to designs for offshore rigs where possible).

Beginning of operation black storm

After 2 weeks of conflict with the claustian revolts and troops are ready to take the rebel capital “swovole” and capture there leader.the only thing holding them together

“Command this is Lieutenant grant we are ready”
“Ok lieutenant he is in the central building”
“Got it”
*grant cuts the call*

The soldiers move throughout the building after they got in the city but this was no easy fight the rebels were dug in

“I’m hit!” Yells a unknown soldier whilst his group try’s to pick him up
“Come on sol-“ says another then gets shot and falls motionless
“commander!” Says one
“We have to go!” The soldiers retreat to a safer area

The battle was tense with soldiers doing the best they can

“We got you now” says Alexander
“Be wary” says Nicolas
Then a rebel soldier shoots Alexander from behind killing him but then Nicolas kills the rebel
“Your coming with us”
Says grant

“Command this is grant we got the target”
“Good now get out of there

The battle for swovole took hours but ended in victory for vikanias the rebellion was weakened after the lose of a huge battle,losing the capital,losing the thing that held them together in the following week the rebels surrendered with the province of north claustia being under military occupation for 2 weeks to make sure nothing else like this happens

The losses
In total 800 men died in swovole

Public Statement from the Office of the Ignisia

The Anarchic Void of Aurelia is a unique nation on the western coast of the Esthybian Union. With a rich cultural history spanning across over a thousand years, despite a number of challenges from both within and beyond, Aurelia has continued and will continue to persist in the current era as an anarchic nation. Even though many may disagree as to how best certain sections of Aurelia should be handled, this core element is and shall not be tampered with.

This puts the nation in an interesting position. Being a nation connected to the western coast, Aurelia can be the gateway to Nuvia for both the enterprising private corporations and the public transnational companies. The opportunities Aurelia offers are endless. Free of government regulations of any form, the nation is the perfect place for corporations to truly engage in free market competition against other competitors.

Furthermore, each region through centuries of cultural development has distinct skills and knowledge which would not be found anywhere else in the world. And so, the Aurelian craftsmen and workers would produce the finest material, and their wide variety of skills offered merely miles away make the tiny nation a hub of knowledge and skills. It is truly an untapped market with endless potential. Corporates investing in these lands would find themselves to be pleasantly surprised by the quality of work and products produces by the grace of Ignis.

Aurelia has always welcomes those with good intentions to its lands. Just as when the then-budding Aurelian Railway Company set up its first office in Aurelia, coming from the Lesbian Federation, and started laying the tracks of the first railway network in Aurelia in 1886. The Company today has effectively covered the entirety of Aurelia and is expanding to the wider EU, seeking to connect the entire continent with a single railway network. The Company through their endeavours within and beyond Aurelia, has faced profits of over 80 billion. Alinarovir has emerged as one of the wealthier countries in the world through its investments in Aurelia and reaping its profits.

The flame of Aurelia burns brightly, showering riches on whoever challenges themselves to enter the land of the free and the brave. The country has shown how peace can survive despite being tagged as an anarchic chaos. It has shown how communities can thrive despite being called backward. Aurelia has emerged as one of the growing economies of the world, and it has rewarded all who dared to innovate in its fiercely competitive market.

And today, at the dawn of a new era, with free trade bustling and the world being shrouded in uncertainty, Aurelia welcomes all the nations and individuals to invest and trade with the nation of Aurelia, and engage with its truly free market. Discover the best of Nuvia and what it has to offer to the world. Rise of Aurelia is the rise of free trade and commerce. It is the rise of opportunities. It is the rise of potential and profits. There has never been a better time to invest in Aurelia than now, when the nation opens its arms to all.

May the flame burn eternally.

Growing fears

With growing fears of communism/syndicalism the House of Commons is in a mess with the syndicalists saying it should allowed and the centrists wanting a compromise while the conservatives and liberals agreeing it should be banned the king is trying to calm the situation he told the House of Lords to come to a decision which hadn’t been enacted since 1567 but this time instead of the rich it was made up of the best scientists architects and others in the nation and they made the decision that communism will be banned in public but can be practiced in the home

......................................................................................................................................The Exen Diary ...............................................................................................................................
New Exenia, September17. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Volume LVIII, INTERNATIONAL VERSION


The 5 state reforms issued by Shotashn Axanius, which promise changes to core aspects of the country such as welfare and education, have been taken with wide smiles by most denizens. The reforms, especially the 4th reform, which is dedicated to establishing a new public funded system of education for all denizens of the nation regardless of class or caste, have been highly praised by many within the nation for their secular approach and wide appeal .

However, a mere 4 days away from their official implementation, the reforms faced a roadblock. Both houses from the Holy Assembly began a Mandate Enforcement Inquiry motion on the proposed reforms. Led by Saint Belinius and the Traditional Union of Lords, the motion questions the reforms, arguing it goes against various articles of the New Mandate. A large coalition has been formed between both Saints and Lords to achieve a majority in both councils.
The reforms have been halted until the inquiry is disputed and resolved, which could take up to 3 months depending on First Lord Prometheus' position and whether or not Shotashn Axanius achieves support from the Lords of Law. This halt has caused a massive outrage in the nation, with pro-reform protests erupting in the south. The protests have been peaceful up to this moment, and have been mostly concentrated in a few large gatherings in major city centers, but police presence has been reinforced as a preemptive measure. Several criticisms have also been made by the academic community and the pro-reform Saints, with Saint Leuxius calling the coalition: "Soldiers ignorantly fighting a war against progress itself"

The basis of the Coalition's argument lies in the 3rd article of the New Mandate, which states that the Shotashn and all its actions are to be in alignment with the goals set by the Prelude. One of said goals is "The enlightened unity of all denizens in Echedo under, and by the Ones' fortitude and knowledge." Based on this, the coalition argues that, as put by St. Belinius:
"The reforms encourage an indulgence in the neglect of core values of the State, and serve to just sabotage the foundations that we have built for a millennia. Echedo must work towards encouraging enlightenment of it's denizens, not the opposite. Allowing privileges such as public education and social security to those who do not follow the Ones' mottoes and laws would be unfair to those that do." The coalition went further and accused the Shotashn himself:
"These reforms are proof that Shotashn Axanius has not just betrayed the purpose of his own role, but his own nation's purpose."
We from the Exen Diary went to 22 different cities and interviewed 154 people in asking their opinions about the situation. A total of 44% of people claimed to be against the reforms, and 46% were in favour. The remaining 10% were unsure/did not want to share their opinion.


In what was for most no more than a wet morning; the Special Operations Department of the National Guard captured Oknei Dyzeno, head of the infamous trafficking organisation "The Legionaries"
In recent years, Operation Black Mole has successfully made several significant strides against the once sprawling traffic organisations that plagued Echedo. The latest product of this operation happened this week.
After several months of intelligence gathering and preparations, the identity and whereabouts of the head of the great power in the trafficking world were finally discovered. Shortly thereafter, Major F. Ressius from the S.O.D.N.G executed a search and rescue mission at the headquarters of the Legionaries in Hujin. The mission was a major success, with objective Oknei Dyzenobeing captured along with over 12 million shuns' worth of items being recovered. The mission was not without losses, as the HQ was heavily defended by men with high caliber weaponry. The confrontation resulted in the death of 3 officers and 11 henchmen, with 7 more being injured. Overall, 34 men, 138 weapons and 3armoured vehicles were captured.

The Legionaries are one of the 5 major trafficking and contraband organisations in Echedo. Although the Legionaries focus mostly on weapons contraband and mercenary services, they are present at just about every sector of the black market, such as Human, Organ, Drug, Chemical, and Resource trafficking, along with several others. Their power had recently grown a great amount due to increased profits from contraband with Inomethni's states. This newfound power was used by Dyzeno to fund a faction war with several other factions in central and southern Echedo. The Legionaries are also responsible for funding several radical groups nationally.

Dyzeno was the mind, heart and soul that ascended the Legionaries to power. He led with a wise mind and a strong grip; he was the one and only. This highly influential position is sure to be eyed for by many, but whether or not anyone will be able to fill it is unknown. While the recent mission's effects are hard to assure; that it will cause a large upheaval in the whole black market is a guarantee.

(Opinion article)

As humans, we have a natural tendency since childhood to have friends. Humans are a communal species, and most would be quick to tell you how important their friends are for them. But what about nations? Nations are not organisms, nor have any natural tendencies, but they do need friends. Be it a product of humanity itself, or simply a geopolitical requirement- Nations need relations with others. Time and time again we see that the nations that have the most alliances and interact the most with others around them are the ones that succeed in the long run. Of course, just as humans, nations do also sometimes find themselves in prejudicial relations or even are more separated from diplomacy than normal for their own reasons. There is no denying however that diplomacy aids far more than it harms.

That then leaves another question: Why is a modern nation such as Echedo, with every reason to do so, not engaged in as active of diplomacy as it’s neighbors?
Firstly, look at the facts. Echedo is not an isolated nation by any means; it is part of the U.N and the E.U, making it in theory a more connected nation than many others. However when further looking, we see that Echedo is in fact not very active in its diplomacy. Economically, most of Echedo’s trading is done with E.U members, or with countries close to the E.U; Echedo itself does not have many trade deals outside of that.
When it comes to immigration and foreign policy in general, we once again see a similar pattern emerge. Echedo has “Open borders” with the nations of the E.U, and does have agreements with a few nations such as Aedilia regarding borders, but is nowhere near an open nation. More alarmingly, Echedo’s immigration (just like it’s citizenship) is remarkably difficult. The State allows only people of certain ethnic backgrounds, and only of particular sects of New Esthybianism, and even then not many applicants are approved.
Possibly the biggest issue is in terms of allies and close nations. While the E.U (In special Aliranovir) is close to Echedo, there are not many active relations with other members, never mind nations outside of the E.U. Echedo is not a self-sufficient nation. Echedo does not have the military power to be totally independent. Echedo is not alone on some random island. Echedo cannot have just 2 “Friends” and a couple of related “Acquaintances.”

And therein lies the problem: Just like humans with acquaintances, Echedo’s relations with most nations is merely a passive one, and holds no true diplomatic weight. If we remove the E.U, which frankly is not even particularly close to the State, then what else but Aliranovir and Aedilia does Echedo have?

As it has been proven multiple times in history before though: Merely pointing out the facts and issues will not be enough to convince the rulers of Echedo. They are already too entrenched in their own ideals of inward perfection to ever listen to change; this is a fact that sadly does not apply to just diplomacy.
A nation birthed to perfect itself will never look outside of its own.

The diary thanks you for your time! If you are interested in modern events, politics, and a variety of opinion articles, then be sure to check out our weekly newspaper. By subscribing to our reader's program you can receive the latest news and special versions all at your mail! Readers of this news get a discounted price of 12.99Sẞ a month!

"Hânui omăsh nái Opaidănëmo moămudăne, au Hâmutojelyuo" ("May, by The Ones , we forever be The Enlightened")

Post self-deleted by Auscanica.

Men's World Cup, Dumoschia - 1972: THE QUALIFYING GAMES

September 03, 1971

It was 1968 when the Democratic Insular Republic of Dumoschia was chosen by the Ascenthian International Football Association (AIFA) as the host of the Men's World Cup, 1972, running against The Merchant Empire of Auscanica and The Kingdom of Vikanias - the defending champions themselves. Now, 3 years have passed, and the Qualifying Games are finally over.

Arath Confederation of Football - ACF

Edrasil has always reigned supreme in the ACF qualifiers, having as rivals the weak national teams of Kenche Gle, Mulinel and Vasis, but this time around, things didn't really go their way - and I'm not talking only about football.

Even though Edrasil's National Team won the qualifiers, they decided to drop out of the World Cup due to the civil war, favoring Kenche Gle to get the only guaranteed spot of the ACF into the World Cup. Vasis, third place in the qualifying games, was promoted to second place and gained a chance at recap, which would usually be taken by Kenche Gle.

Qualified: Kenche Gle
Recap: Vasis

Montrian Federation of Football - MONFED

Meanwhile, in the continent of Montra, the local rising power Retiva finished the qualifying games without losing a single match: in 12 games, they conquered 9 wins and 3 draws, confirming their new-found dominance over the continent. The second spot was taken by Esilidon, with 7 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses. Akromica, in third place, will get a new chance at recap.

Qualified: Retiva, Esilidon
Recap: Akromica

Confederation of Football of Baeron and Almythan - CONFOBALM

In the CONFOBALM, as always, nothing new happened: Auscanica dominated from the start in Group A, winning every single match, while Esilia and Caeronis fought each other for the first place in Group B, it's numbers way less impressive than Auscanica. Anesmark, second place in group B and fourth place in general, will be playing the recaps next week.

Qualified: Auscanica, Esilia, Caeronis
Recap: Anesmark

Confederation of Association Football of Vyris and Carytas - CONFAFVC

Finally we come to the second most disputed region, home of defending champion Vikanias, ex-champion Sikokie-Matilan, the rising power Triren and the strong Union of Akk.

Triren was 4th place in the last World Cup, but this time they showed how much stronger they are and finished the Qualifying matches in first place, with Sikokie-Matilan as close second and Vikanias, the defending champion, in third place. The Union of Akk was fourth place with a regular campaign, and the surprise was Norwenia, a not very traditional nation with a talented generation of midfielders and took the 5th place from Vandrachia, which will be forced to play the recaps next week because of this.

Qualified: Triren, Sikokie-Matilan, Vikanias, Union of Akk, Norwenia
Recap: Vandrachia

Esthybian Confederation of Association Football - ECAF

The largest and most disputed region of them all, the ECAF has nothing less than 4 ex-World Champions: Aesirmia, Xadrya, Dumoschia and Lesbos. Because of that it's the region with the most reserved spots (8) and the most recap chances (4).

Although the men's Xadryan team has been facing difficulties the past few years, they still managed to qualify as a humble 6th place, while Aesirmia and Dumoschia dominated the competition, finishing 1st and 2nd place. The surprise was in Roscono's and Sencrelia's name: despite being considered very weak and fragile teams, they managed to best Prozera, Alkadis, Orvai and other more traditional teams from the Esthybian Union, and will have their chance at the recaps.

Despite it's civil war, Inomethni's confederation of football decided to not give up on it's chance to go to the World Cup.

Qualified: Aesirmia, Dumoschia, Lesbos, Celithos, Molossia, Xadrya, Vilamora, Echedo
Recap: Inomethni, Roscono, Sencrelia, Prozera

The Recaps

The Men's World Cup offers 5 spots at the recaps, for 8 candidates:

ACF: Vasis
MONFED: Akromica
CONFAFVC: Vandrachia
ECAF: Inomethni, Roscono, Sencrelia, Prozera

After the draw of the matches, it was decided the first match would be Inomethni versus Vasis.

September 10, 1971

Inomethnian athletes played with their hearts and what lacked in technique and finesse they more than made up with determination, fighting like demons in the field. At the end of the game, Inomethnians got a thunderous victory of 4-0 and guaranteed their place in the World Cup.

A few hours later in the same day, Roscono faced Akromica. It was only 10 minutes when Akromicans scored their first goal, and for the rest of the first half Rosconian players seemed to be already defeated, with Akromicans advancing easily on their side of the field. Though, it all changed in the second half, and Roscono seemed like a new team. The equalizing goal came in a free-kick at 66 minutes, and at 80 minutes, they got their second goal, forcing Akromicans into the attack once again. Roscono still got a third goal in the extra time, after a failed attack of their opponents. Roscono won 3-1.

September 11, 1971

The third game of the recaps was Sencrelia vs Vandrachia. It was a boring, ugly game, with both teams looking somewhat amateur-ish and Sencrelia relying on it's physical power to overcome their rivals, as they had been doing during the qualifying games. In the end, they won 2-0 and confirmed their presence at the World Cup.

Later the same day, favorites Prozera faced the underdog Anesmark, being still favorites despite their bad results during the qualifying games. And again, Anesnordenian athletes proved that Prozera's stronger name means nothing, and won 3-1.

The 4 losing recap candidates would be facing each other again one week later.

The first match was Akromica versus Vasis, a boring match where both sides didn't dare to attack except in very few occasions, which resulted in a 0-0. During the penalty shootout, Akromica was luckier and defeated their rivals, 3-2.

The other match put Prozera against Vandrachia. It was an easy match for Prozera and they won, 3-0, without much difficulties. By the 60 minutes mark, Prozera's coach got all of it's best players out of the game so they could rest for their next match, and final chance to be in the World Cup, against Akromica.

And Akromica decided to park the bus, entering the match in a 5-4-1 formation. During the game, the coach still got it's only attacking player off the match for another defender, changing it to a 6-4-0 formation. Without any spaces to play, Prozera was forced to concede another 0-0 to Akromica, and again, they won in the penalty shootouts.

Qualified: Inomethni, Roscono, Sencrelia, Anesmark, Akromica.


Pot 1 > Dumoschia (host), Aesirmia, Auscanica, Triren, Sikokie-Matilan, Lesbos
Pot 2 > Celithos, Union of Akk, Vikanias, Molossia, Retiva, Norwenia
Pot 3 > Esilia, Esilidon, Caeronis, Xadrya, Echedo, Vilamora
Pot 4 > Anesmark, Inomethni, Akromica, Roscono, Kenche Gle, Sencrelia

The pot you're in is decided on your current position in the AIFA's rank (the host is automatically in the pot 1). Pot 1 = higher ranks, Pot 4 = lower ranks. Each group is formed by 1 member of each pot.

The Call to Arms.
In response to the UNSC declaration, the federal government moved to deploy its military forces to the region and prepare a diplomatic approach whilst containing any possible spread of the movement. To do this, Constantine called upon the militaries from the surrounding states to rapidly deploy for a fast response. He was careful not to call upon the strong supporters of the TCSI movement. Answering the call to arms, all but two states accepted and deployed their militaries. Of the two states that declined, Yeppek-Emberei gave in and deployed a minimal military presence to their border with the UNSC. Then the state of Kotiran made a stand against it telling the small entourage Constantine had sent that they must leave the borders of the state willingly or otherwise. In the face of this ultimatum, the highest-ranking officer in the unit, Lieutenant Matrolis, decided to hold the federal embassy in the state capital, Suuri Vuoristokoti. In response to this, the state mobilized its forces to surround the building and patrol surrounding city blocks. Awaiting orders from Othisi, the lieutenant prepared for a fight.

To the west, the UNSC states had mobilized their forces and begun work on massive defensive lines covering the vast majority of the state borders. The creation of supply chains, foundations for new factories, repurposing of farmland, occupation of federal forts that the garrisons had abandoned, all except one, Fort Alwin, in Bakom-Berget. Located across the Hinhausen bay from the state capital, Stavid Kusten. Captain Hagenson refusing the demands of the state, refusing to see the fort fall to traitors and rebels, he was a man of honor and pride, a man once proud to be from the southern coast, now standing against his homeland and his brethren. Under his command are 170 men, of what was once a garrison of 500. The majority of his soldiers left and joined their families and friends in the UNSC militaries, leaving with the blessing of their commander. The remainder were both foreigners from the north and a handful of southerners, maintaining loyalty to their captain. Responding to this, the state militias had begun to dig in and set up artillery all around the fort in preparation for a sustained bombardment. The first shots of the civil war were about to be fired.

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