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    Aozora - Master Dispatch (WIP)

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    Loushinism - Reformist Communism

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    Keeping NationStates Safe: A Campaign Against Harassment

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    Anti-Fascism, or, Why We Fight

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Aozora contains 8 nations, the 2,465th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most World Assembly Endorsements in Aozora

World Census staff pored through World Assembly records to determine which nations were the most endorsed by others in their region.

As a region, Aozora is ranked 15,851st in the world for Most World Assembly Endorsements.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Community of Aozora Regional RecruiterAnarchy“///Property of Aozora///Please recreate :D///”
2.The Republic of Strongkor 04Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Unity, Discipline, Work”
3.The People's Republic of Strongkor 05Corrupt Dictatorship“From Many, One”
4.The Republic of BullionieneMoralistic Democracy“Strength Through Compliance”
5.The Republic of Inner HawbeldaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“By The People For The People”
6.The Republic of Strongkor 06Father Knows Best State“Strength Through Freedom”
7.The Republic of Strongkor 07Corrupt Dictatorship“We Will Endure”
8.The Community of -Art-Fan-New York Times Democracy“Lumity”

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Aozora Regional Message Board

Damn a Civil War, this is gettin good *grabs popcorn and starts sitting down*

the councilship union has been established, and now trying to pushing back to Grand Vallerie-Lyne, the once their one and only true capital city, the heart of Loush Land. but of course, it takes courage to confronting both sides, the Aishi Dynasty under the leadership of Vinentia Burue Miveszi and the Reformists under the leadership of Daen'ki Koshikami.

Any Updates?

The capital city bombared by the Reformists!

Chinatsu : This is a tragedy! They wipe out all of our ancestors hardwork just to fulfill their selfishness! We are calling for both sides to stop fighting or we are closing down Loush Land once and for all!

Post self-deleted by Antoninus Pius.

Hello, I would like to know why we are closing embassies? Iím just confused.

The Grand Empire Signed the CFN Intervention Policy

As the world had entered to the Big 4 Order (So Pep, Loush Land, Me, and Phaialee) the Imperial Government has decided to sign a petition of Intervening in every CFN Nation doings, if they're a Defender Nation then the Big Four will support it fully, if the CFN Nation attack another CFN Nation they're to be resolved peacefully or else the CFN will intervene in the side of the Defenders, CFN is no longer an Organization to be mess with, from now on the World shall henceforth known of CFN's Existence as the Major Confederation.


The Nousagi Council just passed a law, in the recent weeks, stalking or known as extreme Yanderenism had always been a thing, fearing the spread to many more cities across the Grand Empire. Thus it passes a law where stalking, whether through a magic spell, nor digital tech, nor peeping, is considered a low crime case, however punishment can be severe, in which the person must pay 313 314 Peras or the equivalent of $4771, and can be sentenced from around 1 Year at the rehabilitation center to 6 - 7 Years in Prison.

The Proposal got 80% Vote for from the Majority and thus passed as a legislation under the Imperial Codex.

Secondly the Update about the Temporary ban on Binometrics passports will come into a full ban as no results were any further cemented, thus the ban will came into effect as of May 2022.

For more info please read:

Regarding Rights of All: (Date Forgotten)

Empress Pekora II had seen the violence theme that AI would take over and do you think that's good "Yes it will be" No one in New Pekoland should live in shame, we are all free including AIs so abusing AI Would make you a criminal, and as for this a new Legislation needs to be made for the safety of all Race
1) No harm on Androids shall be done
2) All Rights are for all race, because we simply cannot divide our nation with the makings of Androids as your slave
3) All Android Companies will be shut off as they are now belonging to the state as to produce Living, Breathing, Androids
4) All Race including Androids have the right to vote and freedom of assembly
5) Androids have the freedom to hold their own religious values all within the 8 Official Religions of New Pekoland (, Soranism (Imperial Family Religion) , Zennism, Cirinism (GGE Official Religion), Buddhism, Pokemonity (ECE Religion), Judaism (FR State Religion), Moonaism, Elvenism (Hellen Kingdom Official Religion))

Regarding Crime of Groping in Train (July 1st 2021)

Emperor Mookara had seen enough after yesterday the IOPD reported that there is an increase in perverts groping in train and so a new legislation was going to take place, why? To prevent groping and sexual abusement in train and following this
1) Public Transport such as train will have a conduct service of secret agents working behind the scenes to be allowed to execute "Criminals" on spot if they refrain their hand and resist arrest
2) Magical CCTV will be put on place as Old Perverts will have a hard time dealing with girls
3) Couples are forbidden to enter public transport and instead will have a transport for free for an all out couple which will prevent future groping in bus, train, etc
4) "Criminals" will be charge by ק 500,000,000 and serve 19 Years in prison without court
5) "Criminals" Who are set free after their imprisonment time and still do Groping in Public or at train will be permanently sent back to prison with this time holding their wits as they re imprisoned for the rest of their lives and after 3 days they will be sent to Labour camp where they will work 18 hours and rest for 6 hours with constant heavy IOPD Surveillance 24/7

Regarding the ban on hunting (July 13th 2021)

The Nousagi Council had talked this through, and in the past animals have been killed, tortured, and eaten. This officially offended the Demi-Humans who lived as a citizens of New Pekoland as they are half animals and half humans to see their brothers and sisters be killed by other Species just for the purpose of Hunting, after some heavy deliberation the Nousagi had come to conclusion that Hunting is banned permanently, those who seeks animal food or meat can hunt but with a maximum capacity of just 1 Animal that have to be used for 1 Month, Hunting Can only be on Carnivores animals only, those who refuse the Legislation will face permanent execution, as it is an indespicable action against the rights of all to exercise.

Regarding the use of Gladiatorial Fights on Criminals (July 20th 2021)

Seeing the rise in the criminality in prison, the Nousagi Council decided to pass on a brand new Legislation which allowed Prisoners who have a Heavy Offense, such as Murder, Rape, Desertion, Treason, Illegal Slavery, Etc to shall fight in the Gladiator arena until their death battle royale style, the one person who won will be return to prison as he/she gets nothing but freedom from "Heavy Status" and will be return to prison at once

Regarding the Use of Music and what music shall be banned (July 25th 2021)

Emperor Mookara and the Nousagi Council recently debated over the use of music and the answer is simple yet affective, Classical music will be BANNED from New Pekoland, Jazz are Free and are allowed in the government, Because Jazz is the symbol music of New Pekoland, Rock are specifically Allowed although, Metal and Punk music are banned as Our true Goddess Sora didn't like that, Traditional music are allowed but only patriotic once, For those who do the offenses that are which not allowed shall be sentenced to Public Execution and the display shall be hang in the streets of New Pekoland for 3 Months.

Regarding the Ban on Experimenting on Nousagis (August 2nd 2021)

The Nousagi Council had decided to Ban the Experimentation on Living Beings, especially Nousagis, with Animals as an exception but it must be a dangerous one, or else it is still banned, regarding penalty offenders, will be charge into 11 Years in Labour Camp, with Female excempt into 7-9 Years in Labour Camp. IOPD Are now ordered into stricting things back into order as this New Legislation will involved all scientists to be inspected once every week.

Regarding the Rights of Religious Freedom for all (August 16th 2021)

The Nousagi Council had decided that Atheism, will in fact be allowed in the Empire, and The Limited power of the Church of Sora has returned, due to the fact that racism is already an all time low but they kept on being racist, as for this the New Pekoland Empire, doesn't really need religion to decide it all, and all people are free to worship whoever they choose, except for Violetists Cult because of their action, People who are elected in the government shouldn't consider religion as their way to enter the government, and those who did that will face the death penalty, or worse torture.

Secret Police of New Pekoland (September 9th 2021)

The new acts of Dissention and Riots everywhere, New Pekoland had finally put up a new rule regarding this events, now with this the enactment of Subaru's Intelligence Agency (SIA) shall be put into place.

Military Intevention Law (October 13th 2021)

As of today the Nousagi Council has decided to impose strict regulations, regarding terrorism, with the CFN being created on October 5th is not enough so to impose the New Threat of terrorism, and as such will act Interventive, towards terrorism and rebels that wish to break up the peace that had been for so long been made, New Pekoland will now minds International Intervention Business, because The Empire as such believe that all nations should be free from the word "Fear".

Temporary Binometrics Passport Law (October 23rd 2021)

As technology grows so does the time, Binometrics Passport are voluntarily handed out to citizens who wishes to get Free Boarding without any detailed checkin, but this Temporary law can result to a ban if
1) the Citizen didn't like it
2) the Citizens Felt hurt with it
3) If death occurs by electrocution
This will result in the ban of Binometrical Passport and will never be allowed to continue, but if it is successful, then the Temporary Law with become a full legislation.

As of January 10th The ban on Binometrics Passport law will come to effect completely due to the Violets Crisis and a citizens death over electrocution, as per number 3 and the law states that the Binometrics Passport Law will face a Temporary halt ban by the Government and can operate again if the Binometrics Passports have been fully fixed, if not then this temporary ban will be a Full Ban without questions asks.

The Legalization of Polygamy (December 14th 2021)

After heavy considerations by the Nousagi Council, it has come to passed that the passing of Legalization of Polygamy had come to passed, this was provoke due to the fact that Polygamy is allowed within the most Religions, including the Church of Sora, that being said Emperor Mookara allowed the Polygamy rule to be passed and become legal, furthermore racism towards Polygamiers would be sentenced to 15 Years in prison without parole.

The Ban on Violets Religion (January 10th 2022)

The Nousagi Council has decided, due to the recent Violets Crisis looming in the entire Zavar the Council will banned the Violetists from ever coming to New Pekoland, furthermore if anyone embraces Violets then they will be sent to death as a punishment without parole, this legislation will come in strict conditions as now Violets have been ban and will forever be ban in The Empire.

The Lower Tax Rate Legislation (January 23rd 2022)

Following the Economic Boom of The Empire, it is by declared that Taxes Percentage shall be lowered from 12 to 10%, this is by decreed by the Usada Supreme Councileers which passed this legislation as it is Propose by The Emperor himself, furthermore this means the punishment will still be the same for those who refuses to pay their taxes, and that punishment will be 1 - 3 Months of Prison due to Ignoring Taxes, and still the same who tried commiting Tax Fraud, their punishment will be 1 Year of Prison with additional fines of 100 000 Peras.

The Ban of Stalking in Yandere Style or threatening to kill somebody (April 13th 2022)

Following the rise of Yanderes around the world, no one can wonder feeling safe within the Grand Empire, that is why a strict rule must be apply to further enforce the use of such Yanderenism, such act that would sentenced from around 1 Year at the rehabilitation center to 6 - 7 Years in Prison, and pay a heavy tax of 313 314 Peras or the equivalent of $4771

Read factbook

The Transcendence of the Immortal Emperor of the Grand Empire

Emperor Mookara, hailed as the Emperor for over almost a year have finally reach its maximum, and its destiny had now had been fulfilled, 7 Days ago Emperor Mookara went missing from the public crowd, everybody was asking where the Emperor had gone too, however today the Emperor had been reborn, rising from his own ashes he has claim the Immortality power from Sora the Goddess. Many believe this as a wake up call as he is now being called, "the Chosen One" and "The Saviour of El Zaberina, Odrya, and the Loush Continent" Of course this title exagerrated to the Emperor himself because he only controlled El Zaberina and a little part of Odrya. So does he firstly said that "I may be immortal but I'm still the same Emperor Mookara as ya'll known", with that many cheers erupted from the citizens alike, many has conspired that the Grand Empire's rise to power is thanks to him in the first place.

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