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Founder: The Armed and Unified Community of International Antifascist Action

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Antifa is the result and continuing work of the Antifascists of NationStates that extends back years. From past and present, several organisations and individual Comrades have participated in one cause that unites them. Their determination to smash Fascism in NationStates.

Generational leaders and active periods:

GEN I: The MT Army / Anti Nazi Alliance (2004 - 2006 || 13.07.2012 - 22.06.2013 || 26.04.2014 - 28.08.2014 || 13.09.16 - Present)
GEN II: Genesis Defense Project / Shadow Warriors (2007 - 2009)
GEN III: The Red Fleet / Korean Peoples Army (2010 - Present)

Region administrator: The MT Army Leader of Vippertooth33.

Embassies: The MT Army, The Red Fleet, The Internationale, Korean Peoples Army, North Korea, Alliance Of Armed Nations, Argentina, Das Kommune, Communist International, In The Flesh, Freedom and Justice Alliance, Libcom, the Greater German Reich, Nazi Europe, Fatherland, Inglourious Basterds, and 682 others.Central Eastern Europe, United Federation of Planets, Groland, gondor, The Empire, Eastern Roman Empire, Hollow Point, New Dinosaurtopia, Florida, Athens, Anti Nazi Europe, The Sea Of Love, Empires of Earth, Communists United, A Federal Commonwealth Society, Anticapitalist Alliance, Dragon Lair, Fascist Militia, Skivx, Israel, Jerusalem, The Peoples Army, A Socialist Paradise, United World Order, United Socialist Republics, KKK, The NationStates Holocaust Memorial, Nationalist Union, The Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic, The greater Leibstandarte, Vissella, Baltokia, The Dominion of New Zealand, Suid Afrika, Zhe Wehrmacht, New Fascist Union of Nations, Alliance of Socialist States, 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Scandinavia, The Axis Powers Of Europe, The Bearded Beasts, The New Nazi Regime, The Great Tyrannical Nazi Dictatorship, Deutsch Amerikan Empire, and The Klu Klux Klan.

Construction of embassies with Alternative Right has commenced. Completion expected .

Tags: Invader, Password, Serious, Eco-Friendly, Democratic, Anti-Fascist, Defender, and Small.

Antifa contains 8 nations, the 1,672nd most in the world.

Password required

Today's World Census Report

The Most Compassionate Citizens in Antifa

Exhaustive World Census tests involving kittens revealed the following nations to be the most compassionate.

As a region, Antifa is ranked 5,013th in the world for Most Compassionate Citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The People's Republic of Revolutionary Panda DiplomatLiberal Democratic Socialists“Antifascist Unity!”
2.The Wanted Antifa Kingpin of Mr WalrusLiberal Democratic Socialists“In The Flesh.”
3.The Proud Antifa of EnragesScandinavian Liberal Paradise“ The last words on my lips, that I am a revolutionary!”
4.The People's Republic of Zulankan RepresentativeLiberal Democratic Socialists“Representing North Korea in Antifa”
5.The United Socialist States of The Internationale in AntifaIron Fist Socialists“The Internationale unites the human race!”
6.The Free Land of FJA AmbassadorLiberal Democratic Socialists“Freedom and Justice for All! Love, Not Hate!”
7.The Armed and Unified Community of International Antifascist ActionLeft-wing Utopia“International Antifascist Action!”
8.The MT Army Leader Vipper of The Ripper33New York Times Democracy“The MT Army, Serial Nazi Hunter”

Regional Happenings


Antifa Regional Message Board

An important update, which due to real life commitments I was delayed in writing/posting.

The URAP ... the last bastion of the once self proclaimed mighty The Aryan Army, a bunch of real life Neo-Nazis with a god complex, has finally paid for its raiding crimes and hate speech against the NationStates community.

Originally created by Ubedarn in 2003 as a member region of The Aryan Army, The URAP was the longest standing Nazi region to foul NationStates.

Opportunities to attack The URAP have been extremely slim over its history, with several attempts by The MT Army in the past falling just short of victory.

Vippertooth33 utilised The MT Army 11 year Spy of Nazi Jason/The MT Army Anti-Fascist Warrior of Metal Manson (WA) one of his 11 plus year old spies to capture the region, undercover, on the thirteenth of September 2016. Alongside the master MT Army spy The MT Army Freedom Fighter of Glugs and their trusted The Greater German Reich nation The Righteous Peoples of NessAmber, they gained the trust of Nazi Europa leadership who were keen to protect both Nazi historical regions The URAP and The NSIA.

The Nazis offered their assistance to The MT Army 11 year Spy of Nazi Jason (Vippertooth33), but they were convinced their soldiers were better off focused on The NSIA as The MT Army slowly added more and more undercover soldiers to the endorsement list.

As time went by the Nazis grew suspicious, gaining Intel that the Nazis were attempting a coup, Vippertooth33 revealed his master plan. Word was spread to the mighty Anti-Fascist warriors of Antifa, the response was overwhelming, with 78 endorsements, all keen to see the end of these Nazis once and for all.


With great logistical assistance from The Red Fleet, in particular The Rose Commune of Caelapes, the region was permanently put to rest with a successful refounding operation on twentieth of October 2016.

I would like to deeply thank the following for their military support:

The MT Army soldiers:

Point/Lead: The MT Army Anti-Fascist Warrior of Metal Manson/ The MT Army 11 year Spy of Nazi Jason (The MT Army Leader of Vippertooth33)

Nazi lowrider (Gi-krycek)
Brat terrier (The MT Army Freedom Fighter of Glugs)
Democratariaria (Mscphoenix)
The Insurgent of Mytonia
Kingdom of plutarch ( nudibranchia)
Show nuff (Blunt speakers)
Untrumpable1 (Taylorswiftempire)
Munchen on bayern (Baka jin)
Crazi (Huzzah huzzah)
Great b-g
Appenbok farm (Samnyaku)
Turkish battle cannon (Maahes)
Inner moolussia crusanzist (N00b reaper)
The MT Choose Your Own Adventure of Crownguard
The Retired Soldier of Golden Hind
The Damascene Microdot of The Steady Diet of Nothing (The Most Serene Republic of Weather Underground)

Antifa soldiers from The Red Fleet, Korean Peoples Army, Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army, The North Pacific Army, Freedom and Justice Alliance and Libcom:

The Empire of Reich Spearhead (The Mass Line of Comradeland)
West preents islands (The Marxist☭Feminists of THE DEFENDER ALLIANCE).
Armatoa (Misley)/(The Rose Commune of Caelapes)
Taisei yokusankai
Falange madrid
The Incorporated States of Whalelords (The Panda Communes of Timchi)
The summurset isles (The Ol' Confederated Communes of Proletaire)
The squashers
Fasces sunrise
Rouge mexique (The BYE AMORSITOS of Concordato Tauriano)
Hms red-equestrian hope
Mach chicken
The 1st Guards Tank Brigade of KV-1 (The Dear Leader of Vetelo)
Godless munky ii (The Deep Red Line of Godless Munky)
The kazirstani red workers army (The People's Republic of Kazirstan)
Naetlepmawironir (The Democratic Republic State of Reti)
The anti-fascist alliances
The Airborne Witchdom of Nachthexia (The People's Republic of Transemilia)
Kanatsky (The Federation of Kanatistan)
Ssn mercia state (The Resting Premier of Mercia State)
The Union of Serbian Socialist Republics (The Democratic Republic of Peoples Korea)
The Ashenovian Battleship of APS-25 Skopje
The People's Republic of ISS Okhotnik
Lenjngrad (The Toothbrush Expropriator of Autonomous Masses)
The RIA Brigade of CFA Free Army (Revolutionary insurrection army)
Lssm navy
Jawzz (The revolutionary army)
Hms blackistandis
New inchichn (The Merchant Republic of Poloniia)
15th international brigade
Chhota hindustan (The People's Republic of Undivided Bengal)
Charles lee ray (Gladio)
The Republic of Some Democratic Republic Thing (The Idle Idol of Rhyming Title of Lands of Anarchy)
Aasehukoidaas (Tomb)
Pyrhuss (The Eternal Laughter of Yalkan)
The Black Nation of Boulovia (The People's Republic of Zazumo)
The Disputed Territories of Zoosterland (The Dominion of QuietDad)
The Satellite State of Osthiaana (Npa corporal)
The Valdr Armed Forces of Pacific Navy (The Grand Duchy of Valdr)
Rick the nation (The United Front of Jeff The Nation)
Seed face (Lajikstan)
Bridgestania (The North Pacifican Entropy of Sasten)
Horesell (The NPA Sergeant of Malphe)
The Military Maestro of Kaschissimo (The Grand Dynasty of Kaschovia)
Egius (Nasania)
The Kingdom of Wand (The Sprawling Kotdom of Konar)
Switcher1 (Eragon78682)
The Meddling Kids of Team RWBY (The Pokemon Clones of BlackGreenWhite)
Nafwv passchendaele
Murder you
The new colgorian protectorate
Democratic carlach itand (The RED Brony State of Equestria and Griffon)
Hms lenin
Darcania npa (The Holy Violet Dragon Clans of Darcania)
Ssn mercia state
The darmia lower (Lord commander of darmia)
Maria nikiforova (Kassimo)
Fespua (Lobank)
The socialist republic army
The Rogue Nation of XESPERION

Sorry if anyone has been left out. It is an epic list :) My love to you all :)

The MT Army Leader of Vippertooth33: “When they bring us down with hate and fear and ignorance, rise up with compassion and courage and knowledge”

FJA Ambassador

Yet again the NationStates community has stood up and declared that they do not want Nazi hate in our great game.

The NSIA (founded in 2005), the second oldest Nazi region, has been captured and locked down by the Anti-Fascist coalition known as The CAIN (Coalition Against the Ideology of Nazism).

The Nazis, although losing The URAP to The MT Army/Antifa had a large enough army to repel any attacking forces…or so they thought.

They managed to gain enough influence to enforce a hidden password in which they knew would assure them victory.

The NationStates community had other ideas. The Rose Commune of Caelapes proposed Security Council Resolutuion #207 “Liberate the NSIA” (to remove the Nazis password), which passed on the nineteenth of October 2016, 13,431 votes for and 3,738 votes against.


The Nazis, changed their defence operation name into “Operation Antivenom” in an attempt to antagonise The MT Army Leader of Vippertooth33, now paranoid the only native nation within The NSIA, The Cyanide Solution of Hans Kammler was another of his old spy nations after what had transpired in The URAP.


With the password removed a force of 84 members hailing from Albion, Europeia, HYDRA Command, The Internationale Brigades, The Invaders, Kingdom of Alexandria, The Kingdom of Great Britain, Lazarus, The Order of the Grey Wardens, Osiris, North Korea, The North Pacific, The Red Fleet, Revolutionary Socialist League, The South Pacific, 10000 Islands, United Kingdom, The MT Army, and The West Pacific seized control of this Nazi stronghold in the Coalition's fight against Nazism.

Spy nation The Cyanide Solution of Hans Kammler, (The Most Serene Republic of Weather Underground), member of Genesis Defense Project/Libcom/The MT Army used years of built up influence to password the region quickly, removing any hope the Nazis had of regaining their once beloved historical Nazi region.


A huge effort on the NationStates community’s behalf, what a marvellous thing it was to see :)

I would like to commend the following MT Army soldiers who helped make this possible:

- The Cyanide Solution of Hans Kammler, (The Most Serene Republic of Weather Underground)
- The MT Army Leader of Vippertooth33
- Show nuff (Blunt speakers)
- Shovelton
- Inner moolussia crusanzist (N00b reaper)
- The Insurgent of Mytonia
- The MT Choose Your Own Adventure of Crownguard

The MT Army Leader of Vippertooth33: “When they bring us down with hate and fear and ignorance, rise up with compassion and courage and knowledge”

The MT Army Update:

The following regions have been defended/captured by The MT Army:

- Democratic Left

The following regions have been captured by The MT Army:

- Fascist Neurope
- The Axis
- Volksgemeinschaft (Formally owned by NAZI EUROPE)
- Aryan Nations
- Islamic Jihad
- Right Wing Union
- Horst Wessel (Formally owned by The Realm/National Socialist League)
- Kolonien Der Macht (Former ally of The Greater German Reich)
- Union of International Fascists
- The Fascist Empire of Arma
- The Bereich for Total Superiority
- Nazi German Empire
- Alliance Of Dictatorships


- Union of Slave States (Screenshot:
- Bunicken (Screenshots: and

MT Army Anti-Fascist Warriors commended for their invasion efforts:

- The MT Army Leader of Vippertooth33
- Show nuff (Blunt speakers)
- The Insurgent of Mytonia
- The Retired Soldier of Golden Hind
- The MT Choose Your Own Adventure of Crownguard
- The Republic of Craziwolf

Vippertooth33 "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing!!!"

FJA Ambassador

An update to The URAP successful operation:

The following puppets listed above belong to (in brackets):

- Hms blackistandis (Blackistandia)
- Hms red-equestrian hope (The Imperial Republic of New Vapaus)
- Lssm navy (The liberal socialist state of mannheim)
- The Ashenovian Battleship of APS-25 Skopje (The Socialist Federal Republic of Ashenov)
- The People's Republic of ISS Okhotnik (The Leftist Unity Supporter of Melorian Republic)
- The Rogue Nation of XESPERION (The Dictatorship of Hespereia)
- Mach chicken (The Glorious Red Motherland of Ascendant Humanity)
- Nafwv passchendaele (The Space Agency Nation of Neo Arkansas)
- The squashers (The Free State of Neu-Ulm)
- Craptopias (The Fylkirate of Ravnabbor)

Thank you to Vetelo for providing me with this information.

The MT Army Update:

The following regions have been defended/protected by The MT Army:

- Unified Global League (Formerly a conquered territory of The Fascist State).

- Communist Party USA (Formerly a conquered territory of Nazi Europa).


- Communist International (Operation led by The Red Fleet).

Defended for comrade Forestarnya, founder of the Communist International and first organiser of our mighty allies, The Red Fleet.

The following MT Army soldiers participated in the operation:

- The MT Army Leader of Vippertooth33.
- The Narcissist Eaters of Multifarious Anarcho (The Most Serene Republic of Weather Underground).
- The Insurgent of Mytonia.
- The Retired Soldier of Golden Hind.
- Show nuff (Blunt speakers).


- The Soviet Region (Formerly a conquered territory of The Iron Guard).

- Konserwatywna brytanii (formerly a conquered territory of The Iron Guard).

- United States Of Iberia (formerly a conquered territory of The Iron Guard).

The following regions have been handed over to The MT Army by the Freedom and Justice Alliance:

- Aryan Alliance.

- The Ultimate Reich of Axis Powers.

- Alliance of the Axis Powers.

The following regions have been captured by The MT Army:

- Kingdom Of The French Empire (Former colony of the fascists in The Iron Order/The Iron Guard).

- Reich Of Germany (Former colony of the fascists in The Iron Order).

- HMS Royal Recruitment Centre (Former recruitment centre of the Fascists in The Iron Order).

- Fascio Ordinem (Former start up region of The Fascist State)

- United Dictatorships (Formally allied to many dictatorship, fascist and Nazis regions including Zarathustra)

- UNSR (Formerly allied toThe Greater German Reich).

- The Falangist Union (Former colony of Nazi region The Order of the Iron Wreath).

- National Legionary State (Former colony of Nazi region The Order of the Iron Wreath).

- The National Socialist Pact of Steel HQ (Formerly allied to Axis Nations Alliance and Coalesce).

- Fascism Region (Former colony of Region of Fascism).

- League of Ultra Right Dictatorships.

- Fascist European Powers.

- The United Kingdom Of Great Britain (Associated with Iron Europe and Elite Region of Global Command).

- Nazi Latin America.

- GDR (Former territory of Nazi Europa).

- The Facist Nations.

- United Empire Of Islam Liberation Front (Formerly a captured territory of Empire of Italy and The Iron Order).

- Holy Nazis Of The World.

- The Nationalist Bloc.

- The Fascist Nations.

- Sixth Reich.

- Blackwater Bay (Former colony of Nazi Europa).

- The Circle Of Socialism (Formerly a captured territory of Empire of Italy and The Iron Order).

- Italian Libya (Former colony of Empire of Italy and The Iron Order).

- Italian Somalia And Eritrea (Former colony of Empire of Italy and The Iron Order).

- The Federal Commonwealth (Formerly a conquered territory of Empire of Italy and The Iron Order).

- The Free Confederation (Formerly a conquered territory of Empire of Italy and The Iron Order).

- United Peoples Federation (Former colony of Empire of Italy and The Iron Order).

- Alliance Of Fascism (Former colony of Region of Fascism).

- Saxon Shores (Allied to Femdom Empire, The Iron Guard and Federation of Greater German Republics).

- League Of Fascists (Former colony of Region of Fascism).

- Amazing Fascists (Former colony of Region of Fascism).

- The United Fascist Alliance (Former colony of Region of Fascism).

- The Northern Isles (Former colony of Empire of Italy and The Iron Order).

- Laotis Infinita (Former colony of The Reich of Bunicken, Empire of Italy and The Undying Reich).

The following regions have been invaded by The MT Army:

- Alt Right (led by The Red Fleet)


The following MT Army soldiers participated in the operation:

- The MT Army Leader of Vippertooth33.
- The Insurgent of Mytonia.
- Taylorswift1 (Taylorswiftempire).
- Mangoeaters (Samnyaku).
- Show nuff (Blunt speakers).
- The Retired Soldier of Golden Hind.


- The Teutonic Reich of the German Nation


The MT Army's first solo invasion in a while! Stealthily infiltrated and surgically destroyed by eight Anti-Fascist Warriors of The MT Army. The original founder of this region was none other than "Leather-clad Germany", former founder of The Greater German Reich. We decided it important to snuff out any sort of comeback he might have thought about having. The result was successful after kicking all the Nazis in the region, a refound was completed with the assistance of The Red Fleet.

The following MT Army soldiers participated in the operation:

- Point/Lead: The Empire of Vorally (The MT Army Leader of Vippertooth33).

- Appenbok (Samnyaku).
- Gol warsamungsland (N00b reaper).
- Kryanjoland (Blunt speakers).
- Thefinaldecision (The Insurgent of Mytonia).
- Taylorswift1 (Taylorswiftempire).
- Nueve horizonte (The Nod Cyfrin of Phuture Musick).
- Gobsmack (The Republic of Craziwolf).

Perhaps it is time that I revised the whole “retired” thing :P

The MT Army Leader of Vippertooth33: “When they bring us down with hate and fear and ignorance, rise up with compassion and courage and knowledge”

Axis Nations Alliance A X A has been destroyed by the mighty Anti-Fascist Warriors of The MT Army.

Formally Nazi and a member region of the Anti Antifa Alliance, it shall now serve as a museum against HATE in perpetuity.

Former WFE:

Anti Antifa Alliance Dispatch:

The following MT Army soldiers participated in the operation:

- Point/Lead: The Colony of Ale Clues (The MT Army Leader of Vippertooth33).

- ThePhantomZone/Baklavas (The Insurgent of Mytonia).
- Kan fly pro/Dingen ser (The Nod Cyfrin of Phuture Musick).
- Rayyyyy/Battlecucks (Samnyaku).
- Richbeams/Rockliff (Taylorswiftempire).
- Konig-prussia/Platinum platypus (The Retired Soldier of Golden Hind).
- Ladgelian/Eidess (Blunt speakers).
- Crownlager/Sloppysecondsoncore (The Republic of Craziwolf).

Logistics/Support from The Red Fleet:

- Mootani (The Workers' State of Zulanka).
- The Panda Communes of Timchi

Support from The Order of the Grey Wardens:

The Astronomer of The Sky of Lenlyvit

Once again the Nazis are defeated, Nordic saxony (Originally from NAZI EUROPE) continues to lose every region they create, and the Anti Antifa Alliance has lost a member region to the very organisation they are against.

The MT Army Leader of Vippertooth33: “When they bring us down with hate and fear and ignorance, rise up with compassion and courage and knowledge”

The Empire Of Italy has been invaded and utterly destroyed by the Mighty Anti-Fascist Warriors of The MT Army with support from The Red Fleet and The Order of the Grey Wardens.

Formally Nazi/Fascist and a member region of the "leaky sinking ship", better known as Anti Antifa Alliance, it shall now serve as a museum against HATE in perpetuity.

Even with an active founder, Antifa will purge those who promote hatred!

Former WFE:

Anti Antifa Alliance Dispatch:

The following MT Army soldiers participated in the operation:

Point/Lead: The Colony of Duce Benito Mussolini (The MT Army Leader of Vippertooth33).

- The Republic of Dovasiandia (Blunt speakers).
- Rubitarnia (The Insurgent of Mytonia).
- The Socialist Republic of Terza Roma (The Empire of Sanmyaku).
- Campione d italia (The Retired Soldier of Golden Hind).

Support from The Red Fleet:

- Italienna (The Panda Communes of Timchi).
- La falange (The Workers' State of Zulanka).

Support from The Order of the Grey Wardens:

- The Republic of Viva le Italia (The Astronomer of The Sky of Lenlyvit).

I would like to commend all those listed above, for their support, during this short, quick and efficient destruction of yet another member of the Anti Antifa Alliance!

The MT Army Leader of Vippertooth33: “When they bring us down with hate and fear and ignorance, rise up with compassion and courage and knowledge”

Mr Walrus

Post self-deleted by Antifaswitz.

The above tag raid by The Glorious Peoples Red Army was not an Antifascist operation.

The target region was not fascist, they had no embassies with fascist regions.

Solely pro-Communist operations are not classed as Antifascist ones.

Please remove your post.


The MT Army Leader of Vippertooth33


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