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Wellsenfaile wrote:He left some time ago. :(

He can still see my response regardless, so the possibility of a reply is not gone forever :D

Operation Kugytire

After 23 years in the making Operation Kugytire is complete. Started in 1998 it has been a major project and has caused lot's of controversy across the years with lots of protests happening.

Operation Kugytire was a project to reduce using cars and using more public transports. Telsruk Haven decided to use trains as the new transport to lower carbon emissions. He decided to replace many of the rural roads and urban roads with train tracks. Many people thought the project was very stupid and Haven was criticized for passing the project. In a booklet about Operation Kugytire it said that the trains would replace cars, especially long-distance traveling and also would set up tracks in the cities to act as roads.

The tracks in total span 76,244 kms. They go across the whole of Wellsenfaile with the tracks all being connected. It spans 118 cities and it is expected 51 million people will use them. The project has cost 47 billion thuroes placing some strain on the Wellsenfaile economy. There are about 1.18 million trains being used in this project, mainly bullet and fast speed trains. What many thought was stupid has been completed.

Many of the rural roads have been closed due to inactivity because of the project. Many businesses have decided to use the gravel from the road and sell it. This has resulted in a gravel boom with gravel prices low at the moment.

(OOC: If u want some gravel telegram me) do i RP going back to being a New York Times Democracy?

nvm. i was put back to a Socialist Gov.

Tanour do i RP going back to being a New York Times Democracy?

just act in RP like you never changed. NS government types mean nothing in roleplay, so you dont have to listen to them.

Hadian, Agarntrop, Foxomexra, The Krenya, and 2 othersTanour, and The empire of veritia

Tanour do i RP going back to being a New York Times Democracy?

Just as Plagyorasia said, what your country is like in roleplay is up to you.

Neuewland, Agarntrop, Plagyorasia, Tanour, and 2 othersWellsenfaile, and The empire of veritia

Post self-deleted by Latvia and Saaremaa.

Latvia and Saaremaa wrote:Im l e f t i s t and I am not g bush
g bush senior invaded Iraq but left it with saddam hussein still ruling normally so that g bush junior can invade it
g bush junior invaded Iraq claiming it has wmd but his real objective was to suck the place dry of oil and leave people in poverty which means that they are more susceptible to dictatorships so that America can FREEDOMISE™ Iraq over and over again

Some parts are wrong here, my friend

Wellsenfaile and The empire of veritia

Is everybody good

Junterland News

New Tank Under Development
With increasing tensions on the continent of Thuadia, particularly those between Junterland and Acraie, has led to Military High Command to began funding a new Hauptkampfpanzer, or Main Battle Tank. This new tank, dubbed the Löwe, would replace the aging Tiger IV MBTs, while serving Junterland long before the Republic, are not well designed for modern warfare. With the government announcing the specifications of the Löwe tank, it is expected prototypes will emerge within a year or two.

The empire of veritia

Post self-deleted by Neuewland.

Junterland wrote:Junterland News

New Tank Under Development
With increasing tensions on the continent of Thuadia, particularly those between Junterland and Acraie, has led to Military High Command to began funding a new Hauptkampfpanzer, or Main Battle Tank. This new tank, dubbed the Löwe, would replace the aging Tiger IV MBTs, while serving Junterland long before the Republic, are not well designed for modern warfare. With the government announcing the specifications of the Löwe tank, it is expected prototypes will emerge within a year or two.

is this like the real "lion" tank that was in development or are you just using the name?


Press Conference, Wagehut, 28 February 2021

General Michael Konserberg stood at the press conference, his bald and dishevelled face was clearly exhausted already, however he had to continue to deliver the latest updates regarding Agarn and SU airstrikes on Shaunteville. He began to speak in his monotone, old voice.

'Up until now SU jets have conducted in excess of a thousand sorties on Operation Orchard. We continue our operations. As previously we have short video clips of attacks that have taken place, we have some four clips of attacks here, some on depots and some on bridges.'

Clip is shown with the title 'Army Depot - West Shaunteville' is shown, with an aerial clip of an airstrike taking place from the perspective of an Agarn plane on a Shauntellerine military depot.

A clip is shown that depicts an Agarn airstrike, again from an aerial viewpoint, on a Shauntellerine bridge

As the second clip plays, Agarn RTA journalist Rebecca Weibens asks a question to Konserberg.
'As this operation has been continuing, there has been a question of the targets expanding to targets that may in some way affect the Shauntellerine civilian population. We have been told until now, that any bridges that have been hit have only had military significance. But judging by the pictures, these are larger bridges than we have originally been told and one might think that they have connections for civilians, correct?'

A third clip is shown that shows the airstrike on the same Shauntellerine bridge from a separate aerial perspective.

Exhausted, Konserberg responds.
'It's almost inevitable in this sort of operation that when you start hitting bridges like that that it is going to have a significant impact on the civilian population, we are very aware of that. But we have selected a number of targets for their military significance, that's why they were selected, for their impact on Shauntellerine operations. And it's those bridges that we have targeted...'

A fourth clip begins to play, again from an aerial perspective, of an attack on a separate Shauntellerine bridge

'... We are aware that in almost every case where you attack a civilian bridge, you are bound to impact the civilian population. And I can only say that the Shauntellerine military leadership should be aware of that as well.'

    | IRN - Isshiki Revolutionary Network |


  1. ( Regional Politics - " Operation Mirilla: Day 9 ")


           | 28th, February, 15 - " The Long March " | 


        | The offensive towards the separatist regions continues with its characteristic slow and exhausting process of stabilization and pacification, our troops have reached a maximum advance of 95 kilometers from the initial border, and are beginning to make contact with the most populous cities in the area, as well as more organized resistance groups and local militia. |

        | The advance has required the recruitment of another 5,000 rearguard volunteers to ensure the stability of supply lines and local barracks. Part of the local population has decided to support our cause after seeing our honest and efficient effort to improve their lives and bring prosperity to the nation; but others have had to be treated by more violent methods to ensure a result of at least compliance. |

        | The victorious advance, with little opposition of orthodox warlike characteristics, has also put a figure of hero and liberator to our successful commander-in-chief of the revolutionary army, it's this figure and popularity that the revolutionary senate fears as a danger to the security of the system and keeping the army at bay. |

        | Our expeditions to the northern region of the capital have given it's fruit, after days of advances and integrations of the anarchic local populations, our forces have secured the region and part of the military supplies so needed in these turbulent times for our war efforts. With the integration of Liato region, we get closer to our goal of unifying the isshi nation. |


Alright guys, can we simply not discuss things not related to the roleplay? I don't share my personal political opinion either and my country's political direction is strictly defined, and is not identical to my personal persuasion. Can everyone here just stop screaming about out-of-game political ideals? This only poisons the well and helps nothing, only polarizes people here. If we want to coexist in this region, we have to leave personal ideals behind closed doors and just play...

The Krenya wrote:Some parts are wrong here, my friend

h o w ?

I'm not an american

Latvia and Saaremaa wrote:I'm not an american

Lotta members aren't. Anteria is a place where many cultures IRL call home which is why our WFE features a bid of welcome in some of the languages that Anterians speak.

Unknown location, Hadian

A young Hadian soldier tired of his duties and in general his life in service. He daydreams often as an escape from the mundane.

"Private!" Screams the sergeant "Have you heard anything or is your head in your ass!"

"Sorry..." Before anything else could have been said he was interrupted.

"Shut it! I don't have time for your excuses. You violate your duty and orders. Now drop and give me 100 push-ups now!"

Without thought the young private dropped to give his push-ups. All the while daydreaming about being anywhere but where he was. He thought about the world outside the Hadian Empire. What it would be like to explore the world and meet different people and cultures that he has been taught to hate and see as inferior to his own. It begs the question in his mind, "Can there be a life outside this place?" The question burned in his mind daily. After he finished his orders. He stood back up in row with the rest of his squad.

"Better shape up private or you'll be sentenced to reeducation. Do I make myself clear!?"

"Jawohl!" The private stated despite his distaste of military life but not wanting certain death either for not answering his superior.

"All of you are dismissed to your barracks. Get some rest, for tommorow is going to be hell."

The squad broke formation and retreated back to their barracks. The young private returned to his barracks to grab his towel and wash kit to head to the showers.

"Hey! Joseph, What the hell man? Whats been with you these last few days? You seem quiet and often distanced mate." Stated another young soldier who Joseph didn't really know but he pretended to get along with most of his squad.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I just want to shower in peace and head to mess hall for dinner then hit the hay." Joseph said sharply as to avoid any more of a conversation.

He showered quickly like they are trained to and dressed for the evening. The question, "Can there be a life outside this place?" Still burning in his mind. He headed to mess hall to wolf down his food. Finishing the last few bites he can't stop thinking about the question. He retreats back his barracks for the evening.

The clutter of conversations in barracks interrupting his thought. Joseph steps outside to have a cigarette. Cigarettes are illegal for civilians but permitted for active duty members. He takes a drag of his smoke staring off into the darkness. As he finishes his cigarette he decides "This is it...", and begins to walk away from the barracks. Casual to not provoke any notice of him. "There is a dock for fishing ships nearby off the compound. I just got to make it there without issues." Joseph thought to himself. A task easier said than done.

He had a clearance card to leave the compound for in town supplies which could be used at anytime. He knew the hour he picked in night would cause suspicion of his actions but didn't care. He was determined to leave on a boat.

"Halt!!" Yelled a guard at the compound entrance and exit. "Your name, now and clearance card!"

"My name is Joseph and here is my clearance card." He said calmly.

"Why are you choosing now to leave into town Kamerad? It's strikingly odd to leave at this time wouldn't you say?" The guard looking at Joseph carefully.

"I figured I'd get a drink at the bar and maybe a piece of tail, if you know what I mean." Joseph said in quick thought.

"HAHA, Good one Kamerad! I can relate to that. Here.." the guard stamped his card "You go get lucky but don't be out too late." Amazed that the guard cleared him Joseph commented back "Danke, I plan on enjoying the evening a bit and head back to the compound."

A buzzing sound goes off before the door opens. At last Joseph is free. He knew that what he was about to do would be a certain death sentence but he knew if he continued to lack in duty he would be sentenced to death as well. The gamble was to be a free man to explore the world.

Apple Landia, Vultesia, Wellsenfaile, Nicersdah, and 1 otherThe victorian junta

Confirmation of the Chambers’ Ratified Declaration of War.
Saturday, 27th of February, 2021.

This morning, under my instruction, and unanimously, both the Chamber Elect and the Chamber Select have legislated and ratified a declaration of war on the rogue nation of Shauntville-La-Patrici. As of half past eight this morning, a fully codified state of war exists between that nation and the Principate of Vultesia. These hostilities shall continue until such a time that we believe the leadership of that nation have faced due justice.

The craven and duplicitous attacks on Krenya and Lisvonya, in full violation of the Jeseko Accords, of which the High Queen of the Shauntellerine was a signatory, have resulted in the deaths of eight Vultesian servicemen, brave men all, whose lives were laid down in the service of a free and independent state and the honour of this great nation. Their sacrifice, and the courage of those who survive them, will not be in vain, and the Shauntellerine leadership will be brought low for their crimes. Even now, at home and abroad, units of the New Model Army, Naval Services and Air Force units are mobilising, to take the fight to the homeland of these craven opportunists.

I assure every citizen of this nation, that your government will not rest until those responsible for the martyrdom of our warriors have paid in full, and we will work tirelessly alongside our Krenyan and S.U comrades in arms to assure that this is made so. I offer my prayers and condolences to the loved ones of the nine martyrs who made the ultimate sacrifice in Lisvonya, I can only imagine how bitter sweet such pride is; each man enters the record of heroes of the Principate, forevermore.

•Lt Ian Pietritt (26), No4 Commando Bn, Naval Infantry Corps
•Sgt Otas Greer (31), No4 Commando Bn, Naval Infantry Corps
•Cpl Ionnes Vælenitt (26), No4 Commando Bn, Naval Infantry Corps
•Cpl Stjepan Stjepanitt (25) 1st/9th Regiment of Lancers
•Mne Iasper Vanwit (23) No4 Commando Bn, Naval Infantry Corps
•Mne Pjatrik Mariuszitt (23) No8 Amphibious Bn, Naval Infantry Corps
•Tpr Leo Mikael (21) 1st/9th Regiment of Lancers
•Mne Theo Krisztan (19) No4 Commando Bn, Naval Infantry Corps
•Gnr Alans Marcusitt (18) 14th Field Artillery Regiment

To our marines, soldiers, sailors and airmen fighting even now, I say this. Stand strong! The eyes of every Vultesian are upon you, and the hearts of every Vultesian go with you. Hold your lines, we will not abandon you, or forsake you, support is coming.

Vultesia unto Eternity. Victory unto Eternity.

Felics Basztyn
Princeps Felics Basztyn
First Citizen of the Principate of Vultesia

Hadian, Tiskaiya, Foxomexra, The Krenya, and 1 otherThe empire of veritia

Tiskai Forces Enter Gorainz!

Around 5:30 PM (Local Time) Tiskaiyan forces have entered the besieged industrial city of Gorainz to assist the existing Krenyan defenders push Shauntellerine invaders from the city. Skirmishes between the 20th Light Infantry and Shauntellrtine forces have already been reported. The roughly 4,700 Tiskai soldiers moving into the city hope to raise the spirits of the beleaguered defenders, and swiftly push the invaders back into Shaunteville.

Entering the city the Tiskaiyan reinforcement let out a battle cry that will reverberates throughout Tiskaiya's military, "Сталь пише перемоги!"

Cheldian City, Hadian

The delegates and President-General Porter from The victorian junta have arrived by flight at the Hadian National Socialist International Airport. Upon exiting the plane Juchekorp guards line themselves towards a black limo all while giving their arrived guests the roman salute.

Standing by the limo is Hadian's Imperial Advisor of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Oleg Bychkov. Gives his guests a roman salute before speaking. "It is an honour to have you all here." He replies shortly after his arm lays to rest from the salute. "Our God-Emperor Jon is at the Volkshalle, which President-General Porter, we have made accommodations we hope to your liking for your room there. Forgive us for the rest of your delegates will have to stay at the Cheldian Tower Hotel which is across the street from the Volkshalle." Oleg Bychkov steps aside and opens the door to the vehicle.

"Let us head to the Volkshalle and discuss matters that would benefit both of our great nations", replies Oleg as the guests enter the vehicle making sure he is the last to enter in show of respect to the Victorian Junta delegates and to President-General Porter. The limo leaves the airport arriving to the Volkshalle. The guests are all lead to the highest floor, which houses the God-Emperor Jon.

The victorian junta

OOC post: should I base my monetary system on base10 or base3? Base3 has been proven to be more effecient, however base10 is what most countries use.

ISU Gets new licence plates
A new traffic law was passed by the Inner Sekidean Council yesterday, standardising the licence plates of ISU member countries. Two series of plates were voted on, and eventually, the second series was picked as the official Inner Sekidean Licence Plate. This design uses the Latin script as its typeface, due to its ease to understand. The new series of Licence plates is expected to completely replace any national plates in the coming few months, before it becomes a necessity for nations on December the 28th.

Prybourne wrote:Lotta members aren't. Anteria is a place where many cultures IRL call home which is why our WFE features a bid of welcome in some of the languages that Anterians speak.

I could recommend Czech: "Vítejte" & Slovak: "Vitajte" if this is what you meant

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