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Can I have a spot on the map?

Ruoku huru

Valca-nurzia wrote:Can I have a spot on the map?

Tg Foxomexra and get a space. I'm lonely in the corner. ):

North better-than-you

Valca-nurzia wrote:Can I have a spot on the map?

You have to ask Foxmeria on Discord




Hello, i am new

Speech from Greshoe Jemtrik
Greshie stated in his speech today, “In our goal to demilitarize Kistolia, Me and my ministrates have decided to Disarm Kistolia’s nuclear bombs, along with disposing of all of Kistolia’s Chemical weapons. We will also be removing conscription.”

Torvon, Flashboom, The veritian empire, and Abjekistan

It's Election Night in Nicersdah! We can call 2 districts now, and we'll have another 5 in 10 minutes. But now, the results so far.

In the district of Corinamax West, National Petro Capilta will overtake Incumbent Liberal Vrenosi Xandala, making this the first of several epeted flips tonight. Capilta will win by 3.8%, slightly less than the polls said they would

In Corinamax Southwest, Liberal Fredrick Capula will be reelected to the council by a margin of 6.5%, about what we expected

The next batch of results have come! Here they are!

In Rantay, the incumbent Liberal Rain Waygar beats National Uberse Xanders by 3.4%
In Corinamax East, Liberal Maxwell Zundar wins his seat too against Liberal Rangre Calpikars by 2.9%
In Palgo, National incumbent Haldariae Wenters beat Liberal Podrek by 11.4%
In Yarnuegoa, Incumbent National Bernard Drompf wins against FotP Alix Culdman by 4.5%
In Coronalin, Incumbent National Orstr Yinterd beats Liberal Orind Zandera by 2.5%

Batch #3 is in

Corinamax North will go to the National Faction, even though it was projected to stay Loyalist with the Loyalist leader ther
Paltua will be the first Faction of the People victory, staying with party leader Felgo Bartuedo
Dark Grove will go to Nalengal Benatrov by a whopping 25%

The Nationals lead 5-4-1

I will describe the districts later, but the election is now over, and the Liberals got 7 seats, the Nationals got 6, and the FftP got 2. The FftP and the Liberals have come to an agreement and it seems like Ralengal Benatrov (Lib) has been re-elected for head minister.

Novae unionis

Hello new fledgling contry here, where can I find a map?

Novae unionis wrote:Hello new fledgling contry here, where can I find a map?

the 'regional map' in the description

Krenyan Reintroduction of the death penalties and the "No Crimes act"

After 4 years of the death penalty being banned in krenya, The House of the People and the House of kren in a joint statement have decided to reintroduce the death penalties under the "No Crimes act".

As per the "No Crimes act of 2021" the Grand Duchy of Krenya will execute criminals who have the list of crimes:

1) Mass murder-Execution by Royal firing squads

2) War criminals-Execution by firing squads

3) Mass torture-Execution by hanging

These executions will be all be performed in the designated prisons where the criminals will be executed after the criminal is proved guilty in the Supreme Court and cannot appeal in any higher court.

Another act of the "No Crimes act" is to increase surveilance at the places where crimes are most likely to occur and it has been also decided to arm the special forces of the royal police forces of krenya with the KN-62 automatic rifles.

As per the "No Crimes act" Royals doing any crimes which result in execution will also be subjected to this law.

Kentalis and The veritian empire



The tribal recognizing act

Khaled Byn Corro: "We have reason to believe that our native tribes are unhappy with this powerful regime right at their doorstep, making sure they don't get an inch too close by kicking them away. I believe it's time we change our view towards these tribes, embrace how they live their lives. In this act, I am going to make a violent protest illegal (which it already is), but allow these tribes to ask for what they need of us, perhaps we may see a union of our civilizations in the future."

Ministry of the culture | censorship report

Today's episode of "Korat, the average Abjekistanian" has been partly censored due to the introduction of it's new Theme song which represents a critique of the Abjekistani government and inciting hatred from the Nations of Kolechia and Ykanjo.

Sample of The said Theme song will follow

Abjekistan, greatest country in the world
All other countries are run by little girls
Abjekistan, number one exporter of automobiles
All other countries have absolute jalopies
Abjekistan, home of Greatest factories
Invading the plains of Ykanjo
And producing smog clouds
Water filter system a marvel to behold
It remove 80% of industrial waste
Abjekistan, Abjekistan, you very nice place
From plains of Cheburek to Eastern border of Tsinkin
Abjekistan, friend of all except kolechians
They very [REDACTED] people, with bone in their brain
Abjekistan, industry best in world
We invented [REDACTED]
Abjekistan's army, best in the region
Made of [REDACTED] boys, from
Military service
Abjekistan, Abjekistan, you very nice place
From plains of Cheburek to Eastern border of Tsinkin

A warning was given to said television station, no sanction was imposed

AMCM, Ministry of the culture and medias

Artillery shot ends in disaster as two soldiers are killed.
Artiljerijski hitac završava se katastrofom kad poginu dva vojnika.
-Alzal News Service, Alzal servis vijesti

Today, when Šacir Djukic, minister of defence visited the Jablankanj military base, a terrible accident happened when a three-hundred-year-old cannon exploded during the salute shot, as per Alzali military practice. When the cannon was supposed to fire a salute shot to greet Djukic, it suddenly exploded. The two men operating the device were instantly blown back, killing the 21-year-old Ismail Bičakčić and seriously injuring the 23-year-old Elvedin Maksimović, who later died in the Jablankanj royal hospital.

Danas, kada je Šacir Đukić, ministar odbrane posjetio vojnu bazu Jablankanj, dogodila se stravična nesreća kada je tokom pucnjave u znak eksplozije eksplodirao tristogodišnji top, prema vojnoj praksi Alzali. Kada je top trebao ispaliti pozdravni udarac da pozdravi Đukića, iznenada je eksplodirao. Dvojica muškaraca koji su upravljali uređajem odmah su odnesena, usmrtivši 21-godišnjeg Ismaila Bičakčića i teško ranivši 23-godišnjeg Elvedina Maksimovića, koji je kasnije preminuo u kraljevskoj bolnici Jablankanj.

In light of the accident, the ministry of defence has announced that the salute shot tradition is being temporarily suspended until it is known what caused the explosion.

U svjetlu nesreće, Ministarstvo obrane najavilo je da je tradicija pucanja u pozdrav privremeno prekinuta dok se ne sazna šta je uzrokovalo eksploziju.

Celebrations go on for Halsuntrian Independence Day!

Every year on January 9th, Halsuntrian Independence Day is celebrated. Today marks the day that Halsuntria gained independence from the Aenglicia Empire and were kicked off the island that Halsuntria lays claim to. On January 9, 1697 Halsuntria won the War for Halsuntria and successfully ended the Colonization Period of Halsuntrian history. The signing of the Treaty of Fuvern Bay by General Vendenta Boro was celebrated as the ships of Aenglicia sailed off and have been celebrated every year since, for 324 years. Now, obviously there is a lot of confusion as to what actually happened but what we know for sure is that it was signed on January 9 and that it was generally very peaceful.
This year, celebrations have gone on as usual. Fireworks in seemingly every town go off at 9:00, the time the treaty was signed as people dance into the night celebrating the nation that they call home. Halsuntria's colors, Green, Blue & Orange are worn by everyone in the country and even some buildings such as the Chitskon Tower in Telex have lights that color the tower the colors. By tradition, Elk Spurden is eaten for dinner to represent the Halsunt culture and even Uibliaston is drank to celebrate as that it what is believed to have been eaten the night that the Treaty was signed.

Post self-deleted by The Krenya.


Valcouria wrote:Imperial Delegation Arrives in Hadian
After some delays, the Valcourian delegation arrived in Hadian's capital of Juche City this afternoon, before being promptly taken to meet with the nation's leader, Emperor Jon. Although uncorroborated, the meetings are likely to include discussion on formal diplomatic recognition, trade, and acknowledgement of the northern expeditions currently being undertaken by Hadian, which includes the use of Valcourian Naval Bases.

Speaking prior to the delegation's departure last night, Foreign Minister Norton was confident that 'agreements can be reached on all fronts, to the benefit of the Valcourian and Hadian peoples.'

The Hadian Juche News Network
Breaking News!

In a rare occurrence our great God-Emperor Jon met with the Valcourian diplomats. He welcomed their arrival and granted them freedom of movement within the Hadian country. An action never before granted to anyone that visited Hadian. Our God-Emperor Jon believes that granting this freedom of movement will ensure a Valcourian alliance. After shaking hands with diplomat Norton of Valcouria our beloved God-Emperor Jon left the Juche Tower Hotel in Cheldian City. The Imperial Advisor of Internal Affairs and Imperial Advisor of Foreign Affairs met with the arriving Valcourian diplomats.

It is believed that both Nations can reach a mutual agreement on Arctic studies and harvesting of ice cores out of the Arctic region. The Imperial Advisory itself believes that they can reach fair trade deals and military cooperation. The Valcourian diplomats with their freedom of movement pass granted, will display and show how peaceful and prosperous the country is. This is a stunning move that held objection from the Imperial Advisor of War, that such a pass would lead to exposing weakness. Despite objection from the Imperial Advisor of War the closest member and friend to the God-Emperor Jon was smashed when our beloved God-Emperor Jon granted such access for the Valcourian diplomats.

Wellsenfaile signs deal with Nicersdah

The great Empire of Wellsenfaile has signed a deal with the Republic of Nicersdah. Officials met yesterday and have not only negotiated a deal but also will establish diplomatic relationships. Wellsenfaile will export all of its stuff exports to Nicersdah while Wellsenfaile will make several fishing companies in Nicersdah and import Nicersdah's logs. Wellsenfaile will have most of it's exports go through Vultesia and shipped from Vultesia to make it easier and less shipping time. The tariffs will be medium-low but will become low if everything goes well.

God-Emperor Jon is not a god, he is just a run-of-the-mill Kim Jong Un-style dictator.

Latvia and Saaremaa wrote:God-Emperor Jon is not a god, he is just a run-of-the-mill Kim Jong Un-style dictator.

Its his ic history and well ooc we all know he isnt a god

Hadian, Halsuntria, Vultesia, and Nicersdah 2

The Royal government of Krenya breaks off all diplomatic ties with the Empire of Hadian and the Empire of Qui Latine and the Emirate of Old hammad

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