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WA Delegate: None.

Founder: Anne marie frank

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Nudest: 689th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 1,781st Most Influential: 2,361st
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This region is dedicated to the memory of Anne Frank.
Discussion about the life, works, and mysteries of Anne Frank is encouraged.
For reasons of security against nazis, fascists, racists, anti-semites, etc., the delegate will remain non-executive.
However, every six months, there will be an election for the regional committee.

Regional Committee:
President - Anne marie frank
Vice President - Vacant
Foreign Minister - Vacant
Minister of Internal Affairs - Vacant

(More positions can be added if necessary. Just telegram Anne marie frank)

Tags: Founderless, Minuscule, and Password.

Anne Frank contains 3 nations.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Unexpected Death Rate in Anne Frank

The World Census paid their respects at cemeteries in order to determine how likely citizens were to die each year from unnatural causes, such as crime, preventable illness, accident, and government encouragement.

As a region, Anne Frank is ranked 8,101st in the world for Highest Unexpected Death Rate.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Commonwealth of Gaeslan 616Iron Fist Socialists“A puppet of Diljan Rikardsson”
2.The Dairy of Lore XIMother Knows Best State“Dear Kitty”
3.The MT Army Defender of DecrierLiberal Democratic Socialists“The MT Army will save NationStates from hate”

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Anne Frank Regional Message Board

Post by Sickle shaped cookies suppressed by Pauline bonaparte.

Sickle shaped cookies

Irish peoples liberation force wrote:Look at what I found on the WA resolution, "Commend Pauline Bonaparte": "Amongst Anne Frank residents, voting is currently 35-9 (79% For)." In other words, we have 9 rats in here, we should find them and expel them.

Not everyone supports commending someone for a singular action, nor giving all the credit to one person for what has turned into a wide ranging unified action across many ideologies.

Post by Irish peoples liberation force suppressed by Pauline bonaparte.

Irish peoples liberation force

Sickle shaped cookies wrote:Not everyone supports commending someone for a singular action, nor giving all the credit to one person for what has turned into a wide ranging unified action across many ideologies.

Yes, but it could be regarded by the fascists as some kind of small victory, this has to be unanimous defeat of Nazi tyranny. If this bill is defeated, the Nazis will twist it into somehow meaning that they are morally right in having the support of the international community, despite the point that you just made.

Tannenmille wrote:Comrades,

Out of respect for the several other militaries that are involved in this operation, many of which have standing orders not to post on Regional Message Boards while operations are ongoing, I ask that you stop posting to this RMB for the time being. Feel free to post about this on your home regions' RMBs, of course, but let's keep this one clear.

Thanks for understanding.

In solidarity comrades,

Fleet Admiral of The Red Fleet

Post by The uss kildonan suppressed by Pauline bonaparte.

The uss kildonan

Tannenmille wrote:-snip-

I ain't a member of any military, I'll post if I want to

Post by Saralis suppressed by Pauline bonaparte.

Founding this region was a bad move in the first place. WHO for christs sake ever thought anything good would come from this? There's a place for everything, and NS is NOT the place to remember WW2 victims. It's a great gesture and all, but as you can see it's brought nothing but trouble. This region is offensive by just existing.

You're not doing something good. Opposed to what some like to think.

Post by Defender puppet 2 suppressed by Pauline bonaparte.

Defender puppet 2

How long will defenders stay here

During the major update of Monday, December 22, 2014, a coalition of militaries and players from across NationStates successfully removed the fascist and Nazi forces that had overtaken the region Anne Frank.

The coalition included, in alphabetical order:

- Antifa
- E-Army
- Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army
- Europeian Republican Navy
- Founderless Regions Alliance
- Fort Triumph Marshal Service
- Freedom and Justice Alliance
- Jomsvíkings
- Korean Peoples Army
- Lazarene Liberation Army
- North Pacific Army
- Rejected Realms Army
- Renegade Islands Alliance Special Forces
- Royal Kantrian Army
- Sekhmet Legion
- Sicarius
- South Pacific Special Forces
- Spiritus Defense Force
- Taijitu Citizens’ Militia
- The Association of Imperialism
- The Communist Bloc
- The Internationale
- The Leftist Union
- The MT Army
- The Red Fleet
- United Defenders League
- United Imperial Armed Forces of The Land of Kings and Emperors
- The New Inquisition
- Albion
- Wintreath Hvitt Riddaral

In addition; many players who participated outside of any military affiliation.

During the final update, 50 nations moved into the region. These were in addition to 30 WA nations that were already garrisoned there from previous updates. Following post-update reinforcements, the coalition deployed a remarkable total of 114 endorsements on the lead nation. Subsequently, the region was password-protected and returned to its original residents.

All participating militaries acknowledge the operation as a powerful demonstration of interregional cooperation against the forceful spread of fascism and Nazism in NationStates. The participating militaries are elated to have put their differences aside and worked together in this operation.

Screenshot of endorsements at peak:

Notice: For whomever it may concern, based on the following evidence; Zygote Mitosis (a Genesis Defense Project agent) cannot be trusted to defend this region any longer.

page=rmb/postid=29631915 (Screenshot:

page=rmb/postid=29660896 (Screenshot:

page=rmb/postid=29632934 (Screenshot: (Screenshot:

Timeline of events:

- Screenshot 1:

- Screenshot 2:

Region re-secured on 05/03/18 by The MT Army and The Red Fleet.

Yeah whatever Vippertooth33. At least we are not doing deals with a Richard Spencer tribute act. Maybe you can swap Anne Frank for that next ego boost.
'Somebody' reported Fascist europa to the mods for the comments written above and it wasn't your new friend, even though he was fully aware of it.

The Commonwealth of Gaeslan 616 ejected The Eternal Diggers of Zygote Mitosis from the region.

You'll have no time think,
As we watch you sink,
Treason is the reason,
Walk the Plank!

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