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The American Union (AU) is a multi-player ROLEPLAY region set in the 1920s. It is located on Earth 1 of the Baas Multiverse.

REGION GEOGRAPHY: - North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

NEW NATIONS: - To request a land claim in order to roleplay in this region, please move to Alternate Earth and follow the instructions.

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Region directed by Jon / Tessen. (See: LinkOfficial Blog) -- (Region Established: 9-29-2013)

REGIONS: - TransPacific | American Union | TransAtlantic | West Europa | Africasia | Russena | Chindia | Alternate Earth

Embassies: TransPacific, TransAtlantic, Africasia, Chindia, West Europa, Russena, and Alternate Earth.

Tags: Medium, Past Tech, Password, Role Player, and Social.

American Union contains 15 nations, the 973rd most in the world.

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The Most Inclusive in American Union

WA analysts ranked nations based on whether all citizens were commonly treated as equally valuable members of society.

As a region, American Union is ranked 10,433rd in the world for Most Inclusive.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Desert Republic of Nearly FinlandCivil Rights Lovefest“Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno”
2.The Constitutional Republic of Imperial CuracaoInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Love Forever, Stand Forever”
3.The Democratic States of Cascadia and ColumbiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Free and United We Stand”
4.The Kingdom of MedinanInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Diu Vivat rex Operi Medinan”
5.The Shadow Government of The GreysIron Fist Consumerists“Go back to sleep”
6.The Republic of Sandinista NicaraguaCorrupt Dictatorship“En Dios confiamos”
7.The Republic of North AndiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Free, Independent, and Secure”
8.The Republic of British West Indies AUCorporate Bordello“He hath founded it upon the seas”
9.The British Territory of New BritannaCapitalist Paradise“Munit Haec et Altera Vincit”
10.The Parliamentary Democracy of British Canada AUCorporate Bordello“-”

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American Union Regional Message Board

Sandinista Nicaragua wrote:Just a random note. . . the blue side of your flag seems too big compared to the others. Maybe I'm just seeing things

You're right. I can't unsee it now.

Medinan and Sandinista Nicaragua

Sandinista Nicaragua wrote:Just a random note. . . the blue side of your flag seems too big compared to the others. Maybe I'm just seeing things

I see the same. That does seem a bit off. ;)

Medinan and Sandinista Nicaragua

December 23, 1917̃, Gallup, New Mexico.

Jay turned around towards the strange man who had called. He was leaning over the bar counter near the wide window in the front, talking to Bart. The bartender smiled and disappeared through a gap between the shelves of the back wall, like a secret entrance. He returned with a glass full of some pitch-black liquid. The one in the sweat-soaked uniform raised the glass, presenting it proudly to everyone, then downed it with a shudder. A smattering of applause followed. When Jay approached, the man immediately twisted his frame into an elegant bow. "Sir Jay Walker. On behalf of the mail service of this grand province of New Mexico, I, Roger Borotra, humbly present this gift to you. A letter." After placing the letter in Jay's hands, Roger's eyes scanned for a reaction, and he was disappointed that his mail recipient didn't instantly recognise his celebrity status. Jay looked at the mailman in confusion. He looked like he had just outrun a grizzly, tripped and rolled down a hill, and was still as proud as someone who had punched the grizzly out with their bear hands. True, the lawyer-in-training hadn't been here long, but the post office was just a ways downtown. "Excuse me, but did you run all of the way here?" The mailman struck another proud pose, making sure his star badge prominently reflected the electric lights. "Why, of course I did! Is that not the proper way to commute?" Of course, he was replying in a voice loud enough for every customer to hear, and Harry felt the need to interject. "Your horse break down again, pal?" Roger gave him a mockingly tearful nod, then flicked one eye upwards and turned his head, signaling that he had a job to do. One of the customers at a table near the front seemed to know him well, as when his stack of mail came, he offered a plate of pastries in exchange. Jay retook his seat in a spot of confusion, immediately opening the unexpected letter. Harry leaned over to get a look at it. "Well? What'd you win?"

Suddenly, Jay's resting frown disappeared into a laugh as sharp and short as lightning. A beaming grin replaced it, unsteady only from his inexperience with such an expression. "It's from Perle!" he exclaimed, his relief betraying his stance of certainty that the rest of the Earth was fine. Clive and Harry screeched their chairs in close behind him, so they could read over his shoulder. Clive clapped him on the back, straining to think of something better to say than "Yay, not all of your friends are dead." He finally decided on just saying "Merry Christmas, mate" through the best smile he could manage. At that moment, they became aware of the sound of rain outside. Roger's head jerked up, eyes wide and hand on heart, as if to say "My life just flashed before my eyes." Had he arrived later, he would have been drenched. The customer at the piano resumed his playing, a few, soft, slow chords at a time that blended with the rain. Jay knew little of music, but for some reason the sound reminded him of gently rolling waves.

The three finally started reading with the rapidity of curiosity.

"Dear Jay Walker,

I am immensely relieved to learn that you are alive and well, via the information that you had been making inquiries. Owing to my condition, I am currently confined to my room in the Stanford Hospital, but I am glad to be alive. How are you doing? I assume that you have only arrived recently, and, though I am unsure of how much you already know, I will tell you all I am able about the world we have found ourselves in. As you certainly must know, we are both in another universe and the past. Most knowledge of gateways suggests that while they lead to alternate universes, location and time remain constants, but clearly this is not always the case. I have learned of about a score of others thus far who have been transported in the same way, and thanks to my fixed location, the hospital lobby has turned into a meeting spot for most of us. Though it is only 1917 here, Nearly Finland exists as a brand-new nation already, and there are many similarities between timelines. I am unsure how to best state the next detail to you, but it must be said. I have had both the misfortune and fortune to meet Ms. Alphy Pettigrew, one of our scientists. I could hardly ask for someone more qualified to describe the situation to me. When I met her, Ms. Pettigrew seemed distant, barely aware of her surroundings, and I soon grew to understand her state. There is no way to sugarcoat this, to do anything besides either avoid the truth, or tell it in its full brutality. Our world as we know it no longer exists. Though nobody could dare claim that they understand the mechanics behind all of this, it seems our world became unstable, slowly dotting itself with gaps in reality, until it filled with them, and rapidly tore itself apart. It is as if the timeline had simply ceased to be. Speculation about a possible cause is near-impossible, but it must have been some cosmic catastrophe far beyond our comprehension. But there is still a silver lining. Some of us were indeed saved, through the gaps in reality that linked themselves to other, related realities, but it is apparently very doubtful that this is the only such world. In other words, many others could have found themselves in similar situations to us - lost in a strange new world, with few people, if any, to turn to. Though I know not how to accomplish it, I hold the hope that someday, somehow, we will find the others."

It ended there, no "from" or "sincerely". Clive tried to put a reassuring hand on Jay's shoulder, who shook it off and whirled around. His face contorted with a dozen expressions, his calm frown struggling mightily to reestablish itself even as a single tear ran down. "Are you ok?" asked Harry, his nonchalance replaced with hesitation. "NO!" Jay suddenly yelled, pounding his fist on the table. The piano stopped. "I never rage! I never cry! I never break down, I never fume, I never sing, I never laugh! I have earned the right to not be fine!" Everyone was looking at him, sympathy in their eyes, but of course he just felt boxed in, trapped and surrounded. In a flash, the door slammed, Jay disappearing into the night. Even then, he had left a stack of coins on the bar counter, not forgetting to pay. Clive and Harry spoke in low, somber voices, staring at the table. "We've known, haven't we?" "Yeah. Merry Christmas." On the other side of the room, Roger was unused to this stifling, forbidding atmosphere, and the fact that he could no longer be the centre of attention. From what little he had been able to gather, one of the letters he had delivered held grave news, perhaps the death of one of the recipient's relatives. There was nothing for it but to try and stop the man from catching his death, so he grabbed a couple of random coats from the wall, and disappeared outside. The mood didn't cast its cloud over the pub for long, and, in a few minutes, everyone resumed their lives. The only trace of something gone wrong was the torn letter, sitting on a table inhabited by two in a gloomy mood.

Cascadia and Columbia

Cricket cricket

Nearly Finland

Medinan wrote:Cricket cricket

Territorial Governor Nathaniel Haythem sat at his desk in his office. He took a sip of his tea... and then another. He looked out the window.

He took another sip of tea.

Nearly Finland, Medinan, and Sandinista Nicaragua

Well, I reckon that means Texas and some other Western states are available to claim. I'm interested.
(The Greys puppet)

The Greys and Nearly Finland

Old Frontier wrote:Well, I reckon that means Texas and some other Western states are available to claim. I'm interested.
(The Greys puppet)

I'm actually going to be claiming France and all its territories, including Louisianna, and I'd be happy to allow you to control some western states as a governor, at least at first anyway.

To whoever's getting it... can I has Nevada?

Nearly Finland wrote:To whoever's getting it... can I has Nevada?

I don't know if I can just give away land. We'll see. I'm open to it though.

Hey Tessen, are you around? You've been a bit absent these last two weeks. How's it going?


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