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Alvaria contains 102 nations, the 140th most in the world.

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As a region, Alvaria is ranked 4,974th in the world for Most Extensive Public Healthcare.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Armed Republic of SarkaviaDemocratic Socialists“Remember the past, take action in the present.”
2.The Kingdom of LiberoInoffensive Centrist Democracy“United together we shall stand, ALWAYS!”
3.The Submerged Empire of FeysandInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Ignorance is Poison”
4.The Empire of StahlrahmInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Independencia, Unión, Religion!”
5.The Disputed Territories of ViktorovitchCivil Rights Lovefest“We are all islands - in a common sea.”
6.The Third French Republic of LevonastInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Liberté, égalité, fraternité”
7.The Communist Empire of New Soviet Socialist RepublicsPsychotic Dictatorship“Time to Declare communism”
8.The Democratic People's Republic of Za KakumeiLeft-wing Utopia“Evviva il socialismo e la libertŕ!”
9.The Constitutional Republic of Orion UnionLeft-wing Utopia“Orion is all that ever was, is, and ever will be.”
10.The United Socialist States of GlacianumLeft-Leaning College State“Abundance, in all things!”
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Controversy in the Court, General Elections, an N-Day loss-turned-victory, trouble in the Warzones, and a newly reinvigorated RP

Controversy in the Court Part 1 by The Chariot

During our recent, quite notable ministerial elections, two court cases were filed: Libertatis Regalis vs. Salibaic, and Libertatis Regalis vs. Greatest Elysium. While it is no secret that Libertatis is not the biggest fan of the defendants, these court cases have brought his distaste into the limelight.

Libertatis vs. Salibaic was an old court case that technically never came to a close, due to it being privately settled. Libertatis filed it once again due to his claim that Salibaic was, again, twisting the words of others and being dishonest. This move would bring backlash to Libertatis, the recurring nature of it making some feel it was unfair. Once the case was accepted, Salibaic, clearly frustrated, agreed to take any punishment or condition levied at him, pleading guilty in the case. He was given a 3 month ban on voting.

Shortly after filing Libertatis vs. Salibaic, Libertatis filed a case against Elysium as well. Elysium was a major supporter of Salibaic, and his campaigning is what got him in trouble. In the roleplay Discord, Elysium told Of Sgrub to vote, with the implication to vote for Salibaic. While this would not be a problem normally, at the time, Of Sgrub had ceased to exist, making him a non-citizen. Depending on constitutional interpretation, Elysium’s actions could be illegal. This, by extension, could also make actions by current Minister of Communications Loomburg in the past illegal, which could bring up further questions on the constitution.

Controversy in the Court Part 2 and General Elections in Force by Lashnakia

On October the 1st, Candidacy Announcements were officially opened for Prime Minister of Force. This was set to be a historic race, as neither Lashnakia or Libertatis Regalis, who had been criticised regarding his activity in the cabinet that term, were running. Libertatis Regalis has had 4 terms as PM, while Lashnakia had been the only person to have served as PM for a long time other than Libertatis Regalis, and he had previously stated he was planning to run. However, Lashnakia released a statement announcing he was going to step back from Governmental Affairs, and was not going to be running. With Libertatis Regalis running for the House, this produced the most wide open election for Prime Minister, really and truly, in Force history. Initially, 4 candidates made announcements stating their intention to run, however Zamperial later dropped out of the race in favour of a seat in the House of Representatives, who had only 4 candidates, and 1 ended up later being disqualified for not answering mandatory questions. Back to the race for Prime Minister however, the race was beginning to heat up. Lashnakia News Service made an offer to all three candidates to participate in a debate away from the usual questions posed on the forums. Two of three candidates accepted the offer, those being The Chariot and Salibaic. Due to technical issues, the debate was held in a voice channel, and was not published, however the substance of the debate still proved interesting. Among the main highlights, was The Chariot setting out his plans to abolish to Defense and Communications Ministry’s, Salibaic saying he would have more commitment in the job than his opponents. Both candidates seem to dismiss Salibaic’s previously infamous past, and set their sights on the future. Salibaic laid out his ambitious plans for Roleplay in both debates, while The Chariot argued his pro-independent defense policy. Had New Legland accepted the offer to participate, there could’ve been more of a debate on that, due to a differing position on defense policy. Both candidates gave slight criticisms of the outgoing PM’s activity, while not wanting to stir up conflict. Away from the LNS Debate, the normal debate questions didn’t seem to provoke much difference. Salibaic laid out his plans for RP, seemingly confident that could generate the activity the region had been lacking. Salibaic and the Chariot both stated their intent to cooperate in the case of an ally cutting ties and spreading false information about Force. Both candidates wanted to revamp Roleplay, although the Chariot had a more Culture-focused approach, and also wanted to bolster the military, which had previously had massive problems with activity. This election’s main focus was clearly on the dramatic dip in activity and how to fix it. In the days preceding the debate, Salibaic was comfortably leading in the polls, and the debate didn’t seem to swing voters any other way exactly. However one day after voting began, Libertatis Regalis dramatically took Salibaic to court, for similar charges to the case he took him to court for around 6 months ago. He also took Elysium to court for alleged voter fraud. There was drama in the cabinet, as Deputy Prime Minister Lashnakia dramatically resigned, citing his ‘displeasure’ at the PM’s decision to bring a court case, among other comments which ignited a rather fiery clash between the former Prime Minister. Despite all this controversy Salibaic was still elected Prime Minister, with 9 votes to The Chariot’s 6. The cases are still ongoing, as we wait for the Jury to rule on the case, we reached out for comment among those involved with the case, and the new PM’s previous opponent, The Chariot.

An N-Day Almost Lost by The Chariot

Who does everyone hate? Liberals. Last N-Day we set out to destroy all of them. And so, All Nations Against Liberals was formed. Consisting of several large liberal-hating regions such as Force, Free Nations Region, Alvaria, Red Wolf Alliance, and Thaecia, it was a hugely successful alliance, even reaching number one on the leaderboards multiple times.

But then the liberal establishment struck.

One person from UPPERCUTS started sending hundreds of puppets’ worth of nukes, constantly sapping our shields. Bikini Bottom, from the liberal region known as South Pacific, nuked us like the liberals they are, all directed at a single nation. After putting up a valiant fight against the liberal establishment that permeates NationStates, eventually lost to the biggest, the baddest, the most liberal: the technologically driven fully automated gay space communist known as the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. We climbed the leaderboards once again, but this time up the radiation board. Thousands upon thousands of nukes barreled in, wiping out all but few of our nations. Would the liberals prevail once again? It seemed so; all was lost.

But then… in a plan proposed by grand destroyer of liberals, Cerdenia, the liberal-fighting force made a comeback. Secretly stockpiling nukes in Ousted Nations Against Liberals, we waited until the last second. Right before the event ended, all our nukes were sent out. A torrent of liberal-killing justice, ORAL’s position as a top ten faction was secured. With a little help from our friends over at the Augustin Alliance, the third ANAL coming managed to fend off the liberals. Amid the liberal NationStates, All Nations Against Liberals has managed to come out on top, showing that even under the suppression of the liberal establishment, justice will always prevail!

The Airspace-Grounded Federation by The Chariot

Everyone knows the Warzones are fragile. Unfortunately, it’s a fact that the Warzone Federation may have forgotten. Recently, the large, formerly GCR-backed coalition for Warzone stability collapsed, but not due to raiders, no. It was due to internal conflict.

Warzones are fundamentally unstable. This is due to a couple reasons: they have no founder, there is no cost to banning, and bans are temporary. This makes is common fodder for raiders and defenders alike, as even the more peaceful side of NationStates military considers the warzones fair game. It was exactly this fundamental instability that the Warzone Federation sought to resolve. Boasting impressive update numbers and gameplay-wide support, things were looking up.

Soon, however, a series of hurdles struck the Warzones. The defection of Ballpit, the controversy surrounding the banning of Dinoium, the repeated attacks against the warzones, and the nail in the coffin: Meat’s withdrawal. Meat had been occupying and defending Warzone Airspace with its military on account of the Warzone Federation.

After an unclear conversation between former President Alnorud and Delegate Domais, Airspace decided to withdraw from the Federation. Soon, Warzone Africa decided to follow suit due to concerns over election clarity. After weeks of military struggle, the Federation eventually gave into the secessionist Warzones’ demands: impeach Alnorud and recognize Domais as the delegate of Warzone Airspace. Even though this deal went through, the fractures of the war were far from being repaired. John Laurens was appointed president, which many thought was unjust. Warzone Europe seceded from the Federation, with Alnorud at the helm. Shortly after, John Laurens disbanded the Federation.

Roleplay Reset by Renegalle

Following a long hiatus of RP inactivity, due mostly to the statistics program being down and thus a long backlog of applicants, RP is finally back. The newly re-created Ministry of Roleplay and its Minister, Alemputo, have created a new map for the RP as well as a reset, where existing lore has been vanquished and new lore is coming into being. No significant RP events have happened as of yet, but with the new activity, there will be in the days to come.

For more information, contact Loomburg through Discord (TrueParanormal#7915)
or apply to join the LinkCivil Service!




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El Imperio Mexicano
The Mexican Empire sits as one of the major powers of North and Central America seeing itself as its own unique culture and nation-state after the Mexican War of Independence. Former New Spain, now the Empire of Mexico has since then largely worked on assimilating the lands in Central America and it's Northwest Territories into being Mexican and or considering themselves as apart of Mexican culture and imperial authority. Alongside many early democratic reforms and the establishment of constitutional monarchy post independence, taking inspiration from liberal philosophers and thinkers the Mexican Empire sits as an interesting state. While having a Emperor as the seat of national power, it's mostly name only and largely for tradition while the President of Mexico is seen as the real broker of power within the country alongside the various judiciary and elective bodies that present themselves as a balance of power within the Mexican government has managed to stave off tides of various revolutions and uprisings in the past. Despite this and the stronger control of government, the church has always been an issue within the nation due to it's large amount of holdings and it wasn't until more recently 1830-present that attempts were made to reform the control of church property within the country.

Plan Economico
The economic plan of the Mexican Empire, is largely structured to significantly strengthen the industrial might of the country, while there have been boons in the past, largely mineral based the geography of the country has made many aspects of industrialization hard to establish. However, with advancements in rail-lines and construction engineering, Mexico, can now provide all regions of the country with efficient transport significantly and vastly easing the means of transportation as well as land management. Thus President Anthony de la Cavallería, has enacted a large-scale economic reform plan for the country. The following reforms are as follows;

*Finalize national rail line and transportation networks, fully replacing older and more outdated modes of transport within the country largely focusing on Mexico proper and the Northwest territories first, while allowing the capitalist and landowners focus on establishing stronger private industry and business through transportation in Southern Mexico and Central America so the government can better focus on the main industrial and population centers of the country.

*Further developing Mexican agriculture and cattle industry, in order to fully utilize the wealth of fertile land throughout Mexico and the Southwest lands

*Developing a stronger mining industry, by attracting many foreign immigrants through gold and silver rushes, calling it an adventure to carve your own success in the Mexican Empire

*Building up industry throughout the country, focusing especially on the military-industrial complex seeing it as a priority to establish a powerful military. While the current Mexican military is quite strong as a regional power, there's a greater need to establish a stronger presence with the threat of the Americans to the North East and neighbors to the South

*Establishing a strong national bank, while most banks have largely been private investment firms up to now, the government is officially establishing 2 national banks for the country, in order to have a secure and ensured centralization within the Mexican government regarding land ownership, private property, ranches and farmland. While also forcing private banks and insurance companies to be more competitive and efficient

*Crushing corruption, while corruption has always been present. the President has decided it's high time to significantly hit corruption where it hurts by breaking apart massive monopolies, establishing a subsidized higher education system for all Mexicans, providing wealth security for Mexican communal farms against the harsher and heavier handed Ranchos & Hacendados. Making both accountable under the law and restricting them from buying up all arable land within regions seeing it as a potential major threat to Government power. Limiting them to 5-10% rather than a potential 20-25% of ownership as well to also protect the peasentry and lower class Mexican citizens

*Opening immigration up to be as free as possible and allow as many immigrants as possible to come to Mexico, whether they're European, Asian or Latin American. The only requirement being they renounce all ties and citizenship to their former countries and adopt Mexican culture fully and become fully fluent in Spanish within 4 years and the Mexican dialect in 6. While this may attract many foreigners who are fleeing their countries due to a life of crime, the Mexican government has called it an opportunity to carve out a new life for themselves and renounce their past as lower class

*Encouragement of landowners to transition to more of a capitalist and upper class to further strengthen the Mexican economy, capital and industry. Such as regulating prices for agriculture to be better suited to small and medium size landowners, as well as giving more opportunities for starting a entrepreneurial business with a new term known as
Hecho por si mismo o nunca hecho
or "Self made or never made".

Incautación de bienes católicos
The President of Mexico has decided to finalize the reforms regarding the Catholic church. By fully severing Church influence and presence within the government, seizing all church assets bar places of worship and a small hectare of territory for personal church property. This move will not only root Catholic presence in the government and economy of Mexico fully but also provide people of Mexico vast swathes of land for making their own stake in life or living peacefully. While it's angered many Bishops and Cardinals within the Mexican church, the government has made a firm stance that the state is secular and will not be influenced by church officials again.

Reformas militares
Militarily, Mexico has also began many reforms. With the government authorizing multitudes of military factories to be established throughout Mexico proper, Central America and the Northwest Territories. Mexico plans on expanding the local arms and military production industry greatly. This includes larger factories for producing more firearms, artillery and the expansion & construction of wharfs for naval ships. While also providing jobs to hundreds of thousands of impoverished and unemployed Mexican citizens, it'll also vastly increase the coffers and production as well as development of military armaments.

Secondarily, the President and parliament has established a military reform to vastly reduce the power the Mexican military has in politics. Before, the military was entrusted with protecting the Imperial Authority, but recent reforms have made it so that the military is required to protect the well-being of the Empire & Mexico as a whole but also the people of Mexico and the nation's democratic principles. While initially opposed by many generals, the staunch support found among the populace and many members of Government, alongside recent discontent within ranks has caused them to begrudgingly sign the national contract. With the President personally replacing many Generals that pose a potential threat with officers who've shown themselves to truly value the principles of Mexican democracy. The generals replaced, have simply used much of the wealth they garnered through corruption to establish themselves as influential businessmen within Mexico. With one general, even establishing a private detective and investigation agency.

As far as the military as a whole goes, the government has began to move away from the more brightly colored uniforms to ones that more accurately blend in with the landscape such as matte browns, grey and black colors. This move has been due to the increasing cost of producing uniforms with bright colors for all enlisted soldiers, but also how easily military forces have been ambushed by Native & Bandit attacks in the past. While usually crushed shortly after, the proposition has been seen as being a risk in wartime. With the more brightly colored uniforms being relegated to ceremonial and parade matters than conventional. Additionally, training will also be overhauled with the Mexican military being greatly professionalized and specialized to fight in Centro-American, Mexican and Northwestern terrain. Seeing most future conflicts being relegated to the Americas rather than overseas, while also wanting to emulate the professionalism seen by the British, Prussian and French militaries. Thus, many military academies, bases and training sectors will be established throughout the Empire. To both establish a strong, well trained officer & general corp and also provide significant comprehensive training and drills to officers and grunts alike. With many studies being focused on drills, tactics, military history and theory which can be examined by current and historic wars of the past.

Get rid of more Greeks and replace it with our national animal


l Ashigaru riflemen have been assigned as main infantry units to the fledgling, uniform military institution of the bakufu recently established by the shogun's tongue, the centralized Imperial Japanese Army. Equipped with western weaponry but maintaining the traditional armor, including wooden sandals over socks and black steel jingasa, and utilizing "mino" straw raincoats as camouflage, the ashigaru are being trained with western methods of mostly defensive combat tactics adaptated to the mountainous terrain of Japan. l

l A number of the shogun's "most trusted samurai" have been reassigned to their intended purpose as warriors, serving as commanding officers of the newly-assigned infantry divisions and regiments of the army. They, also, are being trained, re-orientating to the arts of war and introducing themselves to western combat tactics. l

l Efforts at modernizing this newly-organized armed force include the purchase and employment of modern artillery weapons and adapting western strategies and tactics. l

The end of The Age of Princes

A new Solomonic emperor claims rule over Ethiopia following the defeat of Tekle Giyorgis II. Now rules Yohannes IV, uniting the Kingdoms of Shewa, Gondar, Wello, Gojjam and Tigray.
At his coronation in Aksum the Emperor proclaimed that his rule will mark the end of Ethiopian decline, that soon all the Christians of the highlands will be united under one banner.
Despite his calls for unity the new Emperor is still faced with many problems. Internally he faces dissensions in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church as well as the threat of Islam and Foreign Missionaries. Whilst externally he is challenged by neighboring Egypt and Adal. Regardless of these pressures one could argue that the rise of Yohannes IV marks the end of the Age of Princes, as his strong Solomonic lineage has proven to unite the Ethiopian Kingdoms

Kingdom of the Hellenes
Since 1453, the year of our Lord, Greece has its sovereignty taken by the Scourge of Islam that is the Ottoman Empire. The Greeks didn't just stand idle as they uprise against the Ottoman rule for several times. However, it isn't until 1814 when a secret organization called the Filiki Eteria was founded with the aim to liberate Greece. They planned for rebellions which would take place on the 25th of March 1821 although the rebellion would happen sooner as the Ottoman authorities discovered their plan. This would fire up a war 8-bloody years long. The London Conference and the Treaty of Constantinople defined the final borders of the new state and established Prince Otto of Bavaria as the first king of Greece.

King Otto's rule didn't end with his life as in 1862, the Greek army revolted for the people against the king as he was firing his prime minister, trying to vie for absolute monarchy. The replacement was King George I Glücksburg which has close ties with the British royal family. He went to replace the heavily Bavarian and Prussian dominated government with Greeks. Now the Hellenes have their sovereignty once more after almost 400 years of under foreign rule, having ambitions to carve the Ottomans Balkans and reclaim once lost territories. Will Greece rise up against the Ottoman once more and reclaim what is theirs by right?

Hellenic Army Reforms
The Hellenic Army traces its origin to the regular units established by the Greek provisional government during the Greek War of Independence (1821–1829). The governorship of Ioannis Kapodistrias (1828–1831) saw a drastic reorganization of the national military: a Secretariat on Army and Naval Affairs and the Hellenic Army Academy were created, the Army engineering corps was founded, and a concerted effort was made to reform the various irregular forces into regular light infantry battalions. Throughout these early years, French influence pervaded the Greek regular army, in tactics as well as appearance, as most of the instructors were French–at first Philhellenes, and later serving officers of General Maison's Expeditionary Corps. After Kapodistrias' assassination in 1831 and the subsequent internal turmoil over the next two years, however, the regular army all but ceased to exist.

The first king of the newly independent Greek kingdom, the Bavarian prince Otto, initially relied on a 4,000-strong German contingent. The royal government re-established the regular army and dissolved the irregular forces that had largely fought the War of Independence. After the ousting of the Bavarian king, King George I and his advisors are collecting bright martial minds of the nations alongside hired officers from France to finally reforming the army to a modern system with subdivisions such as brigades and of course, divisions. There is also a possible edict of Universal Conscription being enacted alongside the improvement to training and education for the officer corps.

Diplomacy with UK and Russia
With the Ottomans ever threatening Greece, diplomats have been sent to negotiate with the great powers of Russia and the UK.

Gil Lodihr

El Imperio Ibérico
The Iberian Empire sits as a secondary power in the ever so changing world. Since the Napoleonic Wars and the currents War between Prussia and France, the Iberian Empire has been sandwiched between Great Powers. Iberia may be reunited but that does not mean that the Iberian Empire is a Global Powerhouse by birth. Iberia is going to go through some changes to reassert it's position in the world.

Reforma Militar
Military is probably one of the most important things in the Iberian Empire. Many corrupt leaders in the Army need to be Purged and this means less Generals, but more loyalty. During the Napoleonic Wars, the army saw much disfunction and no really vague orders from the Generals. Iberia must recruit other military experts from others countries in order to get it's army up to date.

Relaciones Internacionales
With France and Prussia in a current War, Iberia worries if it wll be next, so diplomats have been sent to negotiate with Mexico and the United Kingdom.


Global Aspirations

The Ethiopian Empire finds itself sandwiched between hostile nations, with Egypt to the north and Adal to the east, both of whom threaten His Majesty's realm. The newly crowned emperor recognizes these threats and has hence, developed strategies to ensure his empire's survival. On his travels to Shewa the Emperor announced that he would open Ethiopia up to the rest of the world, citing the gains of Europe. He stated that he had sent a telegram to diplomats in Russia, as he wished to find common ground with a fellow Orthodox nation. The Emperor added later that he was not opposed to engaging with the Iberian Empire, as Ethiopia had been on good terms with Portugal in the past.

The Mehal Sefari

Originally used as elite guardsmen, the Mehal Sefari were Ethiopia's most elite soldiers. The Emperor now wishes to expand the Mehal so as to present a fighting force capable of combating colonial fingers. While many of his levies still use swords and spears, a sizable portion are armed with rifles. If His Majesty follows through with his plans, a focus on modernization is key.

Gil Lodihr

The following are the various attempts
demonstrated by the bakufu aimed at
modernizing the Japanese state.

      February 1870
      Edo Publishing House

    l The shogunate, striving to modernize the Confucian imperial island nation, is fully aware of the need for drastic transformations to achieve its targets. First, Japan needed an aspect which would define its national identity to establish a centralized state. To do so, the government has formulated a standard national dialect called "hyōjungo" (標準語), meaning "standard Japanese", or "kyōtsūgo" (共通語), "common language," from the language spoken in the higher-class areas of Tokyo, based on the patterns of Tokyo's samurai classes. l

    l The bakufu has also established public school institutions, where the hyōjungo dialect would also be employed as a norm among other realms. These free schools shall serve to teach students reading, writing, mathematics, and exercise "moral training"—enforcing their loyalty and duty to the Emperor, shogun, and the bakufu. l

    l A number of reluctant social structural changes have been enforced by the shogunate, avoiding from heavy-impacting socio-cultural changes which would've allowed for rapider industrialization. Changes in the economic system are put into place, based off of western economic models, and western-supported infrastructural projects such as the construction of railway are being carried out in order to permit effective industrialization of the economy, hand-in-hand with the modernization of Japanese society and state. l

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