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WA Delegate: The Commonwealth of Arstozkazia (elected )

Founder: Verenigd nederland

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Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 935th Most Advanced Public Transport: 1,506th Highest Average Tax Rates: 1,673rd Most Authoritarian: 1,673rd Longest Average Lifespans: 1,795th Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 1,853rd Most Subsidized Industry: 1,880th Most Conservative: 1,964th Most Corrupt Governments: 2,359th Lowest Crime Rates: 2,361st Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 2,426th
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HAPPY NEAR YEAR from Europeia!

The Europeian Republican Navy went on the prowl to mark the beginning of 2021. Sailing through the seas, zippy as can be, switching fast and jumping past the fenders on the seas. Not even alcohol could stop the triggers from occasionally being okay!

Sailors Reporting

Grand Admiral KazamanicEuropeia (trigger)
Rear Admiral The Nation of the People of the Nation (point)
Captain Vorhollah (point)
Petty Officer Jermeny (point)

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    The True Provinces

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Embassies: Katanar and Traveling Wilburys.

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Alternative Northern Europe contains 2 nations.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Drug Use in Alternative Northern Europe

World Census experts sampled many cakes of dubious content to determine which nations' citizens consume the most recreational drugs.

As a region, Alternative Northern Europe is ranked 22,462nd in the world for Highest Drug Use.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Democratic Republic of The True ProvincesPsychotic Dictatorship“With our eyes to the future, our feet will follow!”
2.The Commonwealth of ArstozkaziaIron Fist Consumerists“Nos pati”

Regional Happenings


Alternative Northern Europe Regional Message Board


Today has been a great day for the nation of The True Provinces! Minister of Transport, Albert Bregt brought joyfull news to the citizens of the nation. A new project will be started in the Noordzee! An ambitious plan, and some would say impossible, but with their refined expertise the Dutch are determend to finish the project in less than a year! Large parts of the Noordzee will be surrounded by large dams that will be depleted by water. The new fertile lands that will be left behind will boost the living space of the ever growing population and will create jobs for all! The new province will on completion be called Noord-Zeeland.

The more in detail plans will be realesed to the population in the next few days. The world will hold its breath and pray for the Dutch to succeed.

Arstozkazia, Casiopeia, Randstedelijke provincies, and Free Keltia


This morning the first battalions of True Dutch soldiers crossed the Frysian border. They have the responsibility to escort and protect the new officers of the region to the city of Leeuwarden. They will with the support of the TPDF* regain bureaucratic control over the region. For now these officials will be put to work in large buildings that haven't been destroyed yet. In the next month a stable base for the government will be established. The request for this action has been made many days ago, but because of an unfortunate lack of response from the NECC and the RSiS. Is this the action the government has undertaken. The province needs to be stabelized and the FRA will be delt with. The peace of our time has arrived in Fryslân!

Sir. Brederode has been instated as the new head of the provincial government. In the next few days many new officers and TPMP* will come to the province to organize it and maintain stability. All foreign militairy presence in the region is requested to leave the nation in the next two weeks.

Captured FRA forces will stand trail under the NEJC when the reformation of the Alternative European council has been enacted.

All Frysians that are suspected to be FRA members will be hold in custody and questioned. For FRA forces a kill on sight order has gone out to all troops in the field. We no longer start enemy contact with requests of surrender. The FRA needs to be rooted out.

We will grant care and supply packages to all the civillians done harm by the conflict. Special subsidies are set up to get their homes and the province built up again.

"With our eyes on the future, our feet will follow!"

Arstozkazia, Casiopeia, and Free Keltia


RSIS Chairman Mirko Stanislav from The Commonwealth of Arstozkazia would like to state that it has recieved no telegrams or otherwise notifictions of this action. Whilst we find it unfortunate that we were not informed of this action, we do approve of it. Arstozkazia would like to offer it's support to The True Provinces in any help we can. The AIAF (Arstozkazian Imperial Airforce) will provide airial reconnaissance and support. The AIAF in cooperation with the AIN (Arstozkazian Imperial Navy) will start the bombing of 'Radboud's Pride', the fortress constructed on the isle of Terschelling. Arstozkazian ground forces and futher airial support are willing to help The True Provinces re-take and maintain it's territories, however if the True Provinces wish for the AIA (Arstozkazian Imperial Army) to leave the frysian territory, Arstozkazia is willing to pull back all it's troops currently on mission in the Frysian Territories.

The Commonwealth of Arstozkazia,

The True Provinces and Casiopeia

International News:

This is a message from Cillian Byrne, Minister of War from The Armed Republic of Free Keltia

The Emerald Legion has sent out a fleet of 15 warships carrying 3,000 men to the island of Terschelling.
These forces will support The True Provinces and Arstozkazia in their attack on Radboud's Pride.
This Gryffin Fleet will be under the command of Ruairi "the Red" O'Shea.

Our ministry hopes that Sir Brederode will welcome our troops with honour and respect.
We promise that our brave troops will not leave until the rebels fly a white flag from behind their fortress walls.

Unity in Strenght! Strenght in Unity!

Arstozkazia and Casiopeia


The True Provincean fleet stationed at Texel has surrounded the island with 30 warships of which 2 De Ruyter class battleships and . The TPDF is currently encamped on Texel and will launch ground assault on the fortress. The militairy personell of Free Keltia and Arstoskazia are granted welcome by Sir Brederode. A combined attack is expected to launch in the coming days. The supreme leader has promished that the rebels will be defeated before the months end.

"With our eyes on the future, our feet will follow!'

Arstozkazia and Casiopeia

The frysian freestate


This is a statement from J. Donya, leader of the FRA and his right-hand man, Floris Jelckema.

Good soldiers, good Frysian people.

We see the smokestacks over the horizon, we see the ships gathering on our neighbouring island.
They try to scare us, but they do not know what Frysian hearts are made of!
They do not know our strength! They do not know our courage!
They do not know what we will give, how far we will go to protect our homeland!

With all of our strength in Radboud's Pride, we know that our stronghold will not fall. It will hold out our wrentched invadors, no matter what metal they throw against its walls.
We will fight until the bitter end and the smoke from their ships will soon be the smoke from their defeated ashes.
Remember that after all, we have God on our side, and no man can stand against his divine favour.

Never shall we yield! We will face the morning sun with rifles in our hands and valour in our eyes!

Grutte Pier is by ús!

International News:

This is a message from Cillian Byrne, Minister of War from The Armed Republic of Free Keltia

After the initial plan for the attack on Radboud's Pride has proven less effective than hoped, the combined troops from The True Provinces, Arstozkazia and Koekefouland have entrenched themselves around the fortress.
Firing between the two opposing forces has been non-stop and brutal, claiming many lives on both sides.
Exact numbers are still unclear and will be released when the violence has stopped.

Continuous artillery attacks on the outer wall of the fortress have left many parts in shambles, but crossfire between the rubble has left attempts at breaching the fortress ineffective and costly. Our generals suspect it is only a matter of time until the Frysian Republican Army has no option but to call for a ceasefire.

Sadly, during the first days of this conflict, admiral Bran O'Neill lost his life. He and his ship 'The Scarlet Dagger' were sunk by Frysian mortars while firing on the walls of the fortress. 150 mariner lives were claimed during the battle, they shall not be forgotten. O' Neill had a long career behind him, having served during the Mariner's Strike of our Glorious Revolution. To remember his sacrifice, a statue will be placed on Rose Avenue in Cailleach. His death shall not be in vain.

United by labour! United by strength!


After days of battle the forces of the FRA are running out of ammunition. The coalition forces have managed to breach the walls and get into the fortress. Numbers are still unclear but most of the Frysian forces have been kille dor captured. A small group off Frysian forces including the FRA high command are still putting up a fight from inside the forces. It will be a matter of hours before the whole fortress has been cleared. With the silence of FRA guns, the first naval ships are being docked in the almost destroyed harbor. Military support and medical aid have arrived on the island. The FRA prisoners are for now taken away to a classified location.

Tomorrow will be the official memorial service for all the soldiers and navymen that have died during the Frysian conflict. It is not yet clear if the FRA highcommand will stand trial.

Arstozkazia, Casiopeia, Randstedelijke provincies, and Free Keltia

The frysian freestate


This is a statement from J. Donya, leader of the FRA and his right-hand man, Floris Jelckema.

The screams of cannon fire outside of barricaded doors are deafening and the handful of men, our honourable and high command are fighting with what little we have left. We fear this is the end and that God has left us, no matter how hard we pray.
We raise a white flag for the devils outside the gates.

Still, as we surrender, we are not defeated!
Let others rise to take our place until our people are free!
We may be killed, but the spirit of the Frysian people is immortal!
The blood in our scarlet hearts will scatter our own fields, our bodies will fill the earth for another generation.
This new generation will accomplish what we have not. Our homeland will be free, as we watch their struggle from the heavens.

Grutte Pier is by ús!

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