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1.The Nuclear Republic of Conservative States OfficerConservative Democracy“For Liberty!”
2.The Nuclear Strike Force of VaudoisNew York Times Democracy“Lux Lucet in Tenebris”

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I am for reasonable property rights to help the environment and states be responsible for poultion. I am for conservation agencyís bringing wildlife back to how it was. Tolkien conservative

under reasonable laws If a government could it should protect the family unit from being destroyed When families are strong all are strong 💪 society and grades are strong,and happy! I support mental treatment to people that need it. I am for taxpayer paid circumcision because I support this for medical and religious reasons

social Conservatism is only is good if the government policies work to protect the family unit from being destroyed.I don't think people are going to find such pro morality laws appealing anymore even if they could or did protect the family from being destroyed health laws are often moral laws such as 🚭 , no porn, street drug ban, or No prostitution, more laws to prevent stds.

Family value is dead in America and so is social conservative values. Because social conservatism is dead without a chance of revival the government should try to leave people alone as much as possible. WE MUST STOP GOVERNMENT SHOVING DOWN it's Socially liberal political- culture ideology and corrupted morals on our society and people from SJW I support A free French heritage Quebec With no Justin Trudeau! I support Canadian separation movements . I prefer pragmatism over ideology.[i]I can focus on what needs to get done first Above all else I support workers getting their Holy day off Sunday for Christians, Saturday for Jews and everyone else Freedom Of religion.
Let faith influence your politics instead of politics influencing your faith We shouldnít combine organized religion into politics or Form theological/political parties like the Pharisees and Sadducees.
Most importantly No such word is ever called separation between church and state ever existed in the united states constitution
Our founding fathers wanted Government out of Religion, not religion out of government and tended to respect the Judeo Christian values. But if Congress wishes to avoid any reference to a specific religion while still mentioning God then a clear separation between church and state exist. I am ok with the Judeo Christian values on government buildings particularly state and local governments as long if they are donated by the People. I prefer the Torah, Psalms particularly as a compromise with Jews, Muslims, and born again Christians.
most importantly during the constitutional convention era, all most all schools were not controlled by any government rather privately run. throughout most of America's history, public schools were controlled by local and state governments. So teaching from the bible would not violate the federal constitution. in fact, some states had churches sponsored by the governments after the constitution. Furthermore, readings in scripture could be apart of literature such as the mythology epics are taught in public schools I like Dr. Ron Paulís ideas about choosing your own insurance, doctors, hospitals. We need Free markets not cronyism from corporatism. We need the cost of healthcare to go down and efficiency to rise not everyoneís taxes from a single-payer health care system that would bankrupt America.

When it comes to international affairs I believe that such decisions should not be based on partisan political beliefs, but it has to go through Congress. Intervention or nonintervention should be decided on the wisdom of our military, international, advisory groups who are experts in handling these risky affairs. If they believe Congress should declare war then we should declare warRest in Peace Herbert Walker Bush America misses you
Of course, if the vets are not in favor or the debt then maybe it is not a good idea to invade. All though I might favor intervention Ron Paul received 71% Of the souldre vote during the 2012 primary I like Ron Paul he is honest,committed and a great communicator rand Paul is a less cooler yet younger more pragmatic version of him
I am against 100% against Obamaís ideology As for Ben Shapiro Is a very brilliant and intellectual man

Im far more than a balanced budget, I am strongly 100% for America making payments on the national debt and greatly lowering the govs debt 1 keep on Raising the age limit is for Social Security. Possibly cut military spending, 2 cut all pensions both current and future that means social security, unemployment benefits, income-securityís, Medicare/Medicaid turn over Medicare or Medicaid for the states responsibility Also destroy cooperate welfare, abolish Government subsidies except for farmers, Cut all federal spending, I support a counstitutional admendment allowing a line item Veto. This could curb all future spending bills
Here is how the natioal l debt is affecting Americans today.
Rising interest rates
The higher the consumer debt and interest rates on credit cards and loans, the more foreign investments the country receives. This is bad for you, but good for the federal government.
Weak job markets
High national debt means little economic growth. Unfortunately, this also means fewer jobs are created through government spending on projects like road construction and small business loans.
Higher taxes
When the government can't make revenue through typical means to pay off the debt, it will turn to raising taxes for consumers and property owners.
Interest costs are growing rapidly.
Interest costs are projected to climb from $383 billion in 2019 to $928 billion by 2029. Over the next decade, interest will total nearly $7 trillion. We will soon be spending more on net interest costs than we do in other essential areas such as Medicaid and Defense.
Key investments in our future are at a risk.

Higher interest costs could crowd out important public investments that can fuel economic growth ó priority areas like education, R&D, and infrastructure. In addition, growing federal debt reduces the amount of private capital for investments, which hurts economic growth and wages. A nation saddled with debt will have less to invest in its own future.
Rising debt means lower incomes. Government shutdowns hurt the economy

Based on CBO projections from last year, growing debt would reduce the income of a 4-person family, on average, by $16,000 in 30 years. Stagnating wages and growing disparities in income and wealth are very concerning trends. The federal government should not allow budget imbalances to harm American citizens.
Less flexibility to respond to crises.

On our current path, we are at greater risk of a fiscal crisis, and high amounts of debt leave policymakers with much less flexibility to deal with unexpected events. If we face another major recession like that of 2007Ė2009, it will be more difficult to work our way out.
Protecting the essential safety net.

A solid fiscal outlook provides a foundation for a growing, thriving economy. Putting our nation on a sustainable fiscal path creates a positive environment for growth, opportunity, and prosperity. With a strong fiscal foundation, the nation will have increased access to capital, more resources for private and public investments, improved consumer and business confidence, and a stronger safety net.

Sanders ideas and the progressive democrats would bankrupt and destroy America
Bernie Sanders or the Democrat's solution isnít the right one to solve the student loan debt or any problem in America. I favor Marco RubioĎs plans of reducing college debt . is long if we donít take from public education Iím for Vouchers

Iím strongly for chartering effective private education so all not just the rich will be Abel to attend a private school or or be homeschooled this would also the government less reliant on the Monopoly of public education
A New American Century! I supported Marco Rubio for president during the primary
I voted for Gary Johnson because he was better qualified for president Bring the election to the Congress for someone liberals and conservatives could settle such as moderate John Kasich Governor of Ohio and for a great Vice President Ben Carson

I am strongly for globalism, and commercial rights
[b]I hate tariffs

I personally canít stand Donald trump
I support Free trade to countries that donít oppress their people embargo on China 🇨🇳 I agree with

Above all else Iím pro-immigrant Iam against trumps wall and border security should be handled at the state level if we are not going to have open LAND borders. Is long if there isnít racial profiling.

We should accept refugees escaping from oppressive dictators, civil war, and from poverty screen them out America was built on immigration.
if a Moralist Muslim can respect woman and truly love his wife then I would not consider him or their people bad. As for Africa, we stopped the slave trade so no more immigration from the continent of Africa!

I support a Canadian American Union to all those who favor a compromise that would benefit both nations I favor open land borders instead of a welfare state in a heartbeat
[b]I Am For open land borders because of freedom and tradition
Immgration not only befits the immigrants Who only wish to feed their family ís. It helps the American economy from people not willing to work Interesting fact People from Central America and Mexico especially the Mexican Americans intend to have a fair deal of Native American Indian blood in their ancestry. As a society we should at least look back at horrific atrocities and injustices, we did to Native born Americans. Im not a social justice warrior however Since Latinos at tend to have at mixed Native American ancestry we should let them in since they are Native to the American continents I support in Build up nations in distute,dire poverty so they become developed
The war of drugs should be about healing people instead of arresting drug users. But we should never encourage drug usage Im
not politically correct, but I try not to be offensive like Donald Trump who canít work with people [/b]he will say anything that is on his mind
I say bring the government out of 💒 the marriage and give it back to religious institutions. I say have civil unions or economic spousal packs for optional Government benefits,tax deduction, eligibilityís and curses That way marriages can no longer be a political issue rather a moral individual Choice
I do not support government changing the definition of marriage.
However, I am for all marriages being a private non-authoritative governmental institution
but if states should provide marriage counseling programs and courtship preparations if they find it nessery to decrease divorce rates and less people on child life support and perhaps higher grades with a stable marriage.

If 2 people would like to marry let this be a private affair and not apart of the government..

I'm against a blank check to partners who are not a mom and dad who want to adopt,yet We have to at least consider safety of the children. Children can simply function a whole lot better with a mommy and a daddy than without one.
on a state and local level Iím for social welfare programs,education programs that can lift people out of poverty and Iím for charity!
States, not the federal government should be responsible providing the general welfare there for states should be responsible so children may have a decent home
states should be given the choice if people who canít provide a loving dad and mommy would be qualified to adopt. It is the states responsibility to give mutual assurance that all children may find a decent family with a Momma and a papa if states belive a mother and father is they best family structure then they have the right to make sure these children have a loveing,natural, caring environment, with a dad and mother.
If the government is going to be more liberal with our adoption standards then safety standards will go down.

regardless of all adoption agencies should always prioritize offering children to people who are a mom and dad and single before offering to people without a single mother and last Lesbians. agencies particularly religious ones should have the right not to allow their children to be given to people who can not offer a stable loving family and home of a mom and dad

Birth parents should have the right to refuse their child being brainwashed into the political/culture LGBT adoption catering agencies.

Above all else on this topic we should not tolerate Biased LGBT Adoption catering agencies who have biased unreliable statistics

[u]if 2 lesbian motherís or a single mother can provide the same background checks as mom and dad parents and pass on paper then it should be the states choice if they should be allowed to adopt

I Do not support the government taking away from already adopted children from lesbian Motherís or above all else single mothers who seem to be good parents on paper despite their absence of a Papa

Ok 2 males canít do the same functions of parenting because they donít have the martinal instinct like a woman can
[u]But likely if we prefer safety standards over political catering to the L.G.B.T community pushed by Leftists Culture
then we should care more about the safety of the children instead of political catering To the LGBT Agenda Adoption Has never been a right to anyone ,but a privilege. so overall I do disprove of same sex adopting but instead of being accused of being homophobic I support adoption agency's go over rigid safety standards that already is a sufficient number of same-sex parents that cant adopt to do to safety measures. At the end of the day, homosexuals wishing to adopt would be hurt more than helped under true safety standards, not over discrimination but over parenting statistics, they donít have a mom and dad to take care of the children
Look if you are A L.G.B.Q do whatever you want is long if you are not affecting anyone. You may certainly have children through natural means though.
I am for banning the gay conversion therapy because it teaches self-hatred, pseudoscience and is a scam!!!
But if there was such a place that would humanly help homosexual people expand their sexual horizons to herto sexual desires or attractiveness to the opposite sex then it wouldnít be bad. Homosexual male 🧬 gene i canít deny it. But with women that certainly isnít the case
. But homosexual Men have married a straight woman before and Stayed happy in the marriage before

We have the constitution for a reason and the Supreme Court is supposed to interpret the laws not make them
Liberty over security Im strongly for the Second Amendment and closing the gun show loophole as a compromise and supporting responsible gun ownership. The people have the right to form Militia I Prefer John Lock
I am enthusiastically, devoted in state rights!I believe that social welfare programs are for states not for BIG GOVERNMENTstates should have more responsibilitys not the federal government Devolution Iím a 100% for Local governments Iím for
Confederate farmersI support some private labor unions, but Iím strongly against public sector unions [IMG]
I agree closer to the libertarian party more then I lean to Republicans I agree with the libertarians around 58 percent typically 56%republican

I support the U.S populist Party Low tariffs, free trade, free coinage of silver, income tax and no monopolies, pro farmers,

Reforms to help all people particularly the farmers
classical Liberal in many respects with a personality of social conservatism, but according to i side with Quiz Iím a libertarian in American politics Im not in favor of murder called assisted suicide euthanasia LinkNationStates
1. Human offspring are human beings, persons from conception, whether that takes place as natural or artificial fertilization, by cloning, or by any other means.

2. Abortion is homicide -- the killing of one person by another.

3. One's right to control one's own body does not allow violating the obligation not to aggress. There is never a right to kill an innocent person. Prenatally, we are all innocent persons.

4. A prenatal child has the right to be in the mother's body. Parents have no right to evict their children from the crib or from the womb and let them die. Instead both parents, the father as well as the mother, owe them support and protection from harm.

5. No government, nor any individual, has a just power to legally "de-person" any one of us, born or preborn.
6. The proper purpose of the law is to side with the innocent, not against them.
Abortion Isn't A religious or theological debate itís a secular humanitarian right to live regardless of sex or [b] abortion should be banned after the third trimester as a national law. The states should care of further bans and always prevent abortions
I actually believe a government should try to leave people alone and since society tends to change let government remain neutral to it particularly in a very diverse nation with very different views and beliefs.
the pragmatist in politics. But Jeffersonian/Jacksonian 19th. centruyState rights, Strict constructionism, Limited Government, sound good money, low spending, little or no debt, low taxes, low tariffs, and Expansion! [i] [i]Jefferson and Liberty too!
Preceded by
Anti-Administration party
Succeeded by
Democratic Party (Jacksonians)[1]
Classical liberalism
Thomas Jefferson adopted many of the ideals of liberalism, but in the Declaration of Independence changed Locke's "life, liberty and property" to the more socially liberal "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness".[4] As the United States grew, industry became a larger and larger part of American life; and during the term of its first populist President, Andrew Jackson, economic questions came to the forefront. The economic ideas of the Jacksonian era were almost universally the ideas of classical liberalism. Freedom was maximized when the government took a "hands-off" attitude toward the economy.
In general, Locofocos supported Andrew Jackson and Van Buren, and were for free trade, greater circulation of specie, legal protections for labor unions and against paper money, financial speculation, and state banks I a, one
taxes,l Copperhead Democrats
Historical leaders
Clement Vallandigham
Alexander Long
State rights
Anti-Civil War
[ I donít support a draft for anyone who is forced to fight in a domestic war against Americans! I usually donít like forcing people to do things they donít wish to do in government.
yes the Dixie dragon 🐉 must be crushed,but only constitution and democracy stand in our way!Lincoln himself was certainly honest,but he dangerously violated the constitutional libertyís Empire and tyrant is kinda an exaggeration, yet they wish to not be under his rule which he is forcing . I would have advised Lincoln to do what his top general Winfield Scott believed. He proposed to surrender the southerner forts as a gesture of goodwill to the south. Lincoln actually believed in gradual emancipation to the African slaves and proposed their new home would be Liberia 🇱🇷.

]I Honestly prefer the anti-federalist . Although the constitution is a very unique document I prefer a much more limited role in government with greater participation of the common man in democracy. The constitution has plenty of elitist aspects,but it is very stabel
I like the British U.K Independence Party.
European immigration is not the same as American immigration.
I prefer the Canadian libertarian party in Canada
I prefer republican government instead of a monarchy
in the avavenger'sivil war I side with Captian America ,because I think The Avengers should not be subjected to a world government bodey . The Avengers should be a anndependent authority. I prefer captain team more anyhow
. The League of Nations meant well and so does The United Nations The current system is weak,ineffective,powerless and at anything prolongs Wars then solves them. If we are going to be subjected to a world government body then we need to put more reforms in a currently failed system. I believe in no war crimes and humanitarian mercy though. Malice to none and charity for all!

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