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Welcome to the Realm of Albion!

Home of gallant warriors, skilful storytellers, and brave adventurers, Albion is a land of might and magic where your own legend is ready to unfold.

Check out our infamous LinkCommunity Forums for news, roleplays, gaming, random discussions, and other interesting stuff!

Please join the World Assembly, and endorse our super groovy and democratically elected Delegate Eldrahar

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    Map of Albion

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    Welcome Guide

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Embassies: Kingdom of Alexandria, Europeia, Kantrias, The North Pacific, the West Pacific, the South Pacific, The Communist Bloc, The New Galactic Republic, Equilism, The Western Isles, The Commonwealth of Crowns, Equinox, The Beach, The Allied States, Unknown, Bailiwick of New Jersey, and 3 others.Silverpine, Pax Britannia, and Ring.

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Regional Power: High

Albion contains 179 nations, the 70th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Populations in Albion

The following nations have the greatest number of citizens.

As a region, Albion is ranked 8,732nd in the world for Largest Populations.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Duchy of Grand EnwikCorporate Police State“Rule Gloriana”
2.The Old Crotchty Guy of Olde DelawareLeft-Leaning College State“The First State”
3.The Brownian Motion of BrokenspokiaLeft-wing Utopia“Freewheeling fun follows every uphill struggle.”
4.The United Kingdom of AlitoniaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Love, laugh, live.”
5.The Embassy of The Phonociefian EmpirePsychotic Dictatorship“Aurum Est Potestas”
6.The Empire of East OceaniaCorporate Bordello“Strong and Free”
7.The Principality of WallachyaDemocratic Socialists“ Virtus et Honor”
8.The Twin Realms of CalachrienCompulsory Consumerist State“Avoid the woods at night.”
9.The Steampunk Armada of Isle Of Hidden FreedomCorrupt Dictatorship“It's meant to be hidden :)”
10.The Ravenscar Lands of Christopher BishopFather Knows Best State“All shall experience peace by my hand.”
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Recent polls: “What is your nation's view on magic?”“Are you aligned with the Sith, Jedi, or in between?”

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Albion Regional Message Board

(I am assuming that resolved means past resolutions)


Can someone explain to me what the point of it is? It is literally just points but there is nothing saying what is to be done, I don't get what it is supposed to do

Tiwesland wrote:Can someone explain to me what the point of it is? It is literally just points but there is nothing saying what is to be done, I don't get what it is supposed to do

It's like a lot of WA proposals. Think United Nations. That's basically what it is, but nation states style.

Well, now I'm kind of confused by how I have a negative amount for welfare. Oh nation states, how you confuse and vex us.


Tiwesland wrote:Can someone explain to me what the point of it is? It is literally just points but there is nothing saying what is to be done, I don't get what it is supposed to do

You need to kinda read between the lines, pluck out the keywords in relation to nations, etc. Like you do with issues in a sense.


So... Majik, eh?


Withil Downs wrote:So... Majik, eh?

Majik has wares, if you have coin...

wait, that's not quite right.

Eldrahar and Withil Downs

Moly wrote:Majik has wares, if you have coin...

wait, that's not quite right.

Lol, Khajit see what you did there. Khajit is amused. ;)

Moly wrote:Majik has wares, if you have coin...

wait, that's not quite right.

Stop! You've violated the law. Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence.


Greetings from the Embassy of the Allied States!

Be sure to read up on our latest Allied Review and contact us with any questions!


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The Executive
Chancellor: Regionia Wargrave (FP-BUX)
Vice Chancellor: Steven G. Eastridge (FP-NAC)
Chief of Staff: CDland (FP-NAC)
State: Steven G. Eastridge (FP-NAC)
Treasury: Vlaska (FP-CSN)
Interior: Free States (FP-NCR)
Culture: Nicolas Drakan (RP-BUX)
Defense: CDland (FP-NAC)
Attorney General: Obito Drakan (I-BUX)
Delegate: TNR Drakan

The Judiciary
Chief Justice: CDland
Associate Justice: Mytzonia Uchiha
Associate Justice: Georgiana

The Legislative
President of the Senate: Free States (FP-NCR)
President pro tempore: Steven G. Eastridge (FP-NAC)
Senator: CDLand (FP-NAC)
Senator: Vlaska (FP-CSN)
Senator: Nicolas Drakan (RP-BUX)
Senator: JD Drakan (RP-BUX)
Senator: Christopher Habszollem (I-CSN)

Electoral News

The Allied States had its October General Elections with a fairly interesting set of results.

In the Chancellery race, incumbent Regionia Wargrave was expected to run without much strong opposition but came to find that Nosma Washington, a citizen whose voting rights were stripped due to inactivity would garner a fairly decent number of votes. In the end, Regionia would win handily a second term in office.

Regionia Wargrave (FP) 13 (61.9%)
Nosma Washington (I) 8 (38.1%)

In the Senate elections, the Freedom Party saw a majority formed in the Senate in what is the first time in months that the Allied States has seen a political party organize and do such without coalition building. Steven G. Eastridge, CDland, and Free States expectedly led the pack while Vlaska a newcomer received middle ground. Seal would end up conceding to Nicolas due to unexpected time constraints which arose.

Steven G. Eastridge (FP) 18 (21.4%)
CDLand (FP) 17 (20.2%)
Free States (FP) 17 (20.2%)
Vlaska (FP) 14 (16.7%)
Nicolas Singer (RP) 9 (10.7%)
Seal Uchiha (FP) 9 (10.7%)

Foreign News - The League puts the Allied States back on the map.

Good evening my fellow members of the League and those outside of the League! I am Interim Chairman of the League of Regions, Regionia Wargrave or for short Regionia whichever you prefer. I am proud to say thanks to all of the leaderships and legislatures of our collective regions we are seeing the first step toward a more unified cultural bond between our regions and the NS world! This wouldn't have been possible without the help of our Interim Vice Chairman, Akillian Talleyrand. Although I drafted the original charter, his amendments made this all possible!

Moving forward, where do we go from here? Well, first of all, you should all join our discord which we will use to communicate to everyone throughout the League amongst other means! (Discord: [url][/url] )

Second of all, we are all very excited to see where the League goes from here, but we must look to incorporate a few more regions as well as very basic procedural and internal structure for the League of Regions..not to be worried..we can multitask! Expect this to be done within a week or so, during that time we will also discuss the hosting region and set of events for the League Summit which will be a MAJOR cultural event that hopefully many regions and nations participate in.

We are looking for all the help we can get so get involved and be sure to contact Akillian, myself, or anyone involved in the League's staff to join our ranks whether as a commentator or serious player!

I look forward to helping bring us all closer together!

The Union of Democratic States
New Western Atlantic
Arda ení Estel

Regional News - Since Youíve Been Gone!

The Allied States has seen activity increase quite steadily up until the Columbus Day weekend where many are expected to be busy with midterms in college! SMRP has returned, States reformed, and all functions are still moving full steam!

A treaty is soon to be passed with the Union of Democratic States, other major motions are soon to be made in the Allied States as Shocktober approaches..the Allied States has begun planning its event for the Halloween time of year which is expected to draw friends from around the world!

Closing Remarks

If you would like to do any of the following, contact your Allied States ambassador who posted this or connect with our leadership on discord! (Regionia#8762).

- Connect on discord
- Organise a state visit
- Having cultural exchanges to boost activity
- Organise an inter-regional government meeting
- Develop a treaty
- Develop dual-citizenship accords, etc.

Thank you for reading! We hope to hear from you!

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