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Welcome to the wonderful world of Aelstun, a world of magic and technology.

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Current Roleplay Time: April 4323

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Established February 19, 2021. Do not use this region as puppet storage

Embassies: Aelstun RP, URA, Autropolis, the Union of Wreath and Rose, Cape of Good Hope, Aros Elyium, Gaule, and Alcris.

Tags: Anti-Fascist, Casual, Enormous, Fantasy Tech, Independent, Magical, Map, Multi-Species, Offsite Chat, Offsite Forums, Regional Government, Role Player, and 2 others.Serious, and Social.

Regional Power: Moderate

Aelstun contains 126 nations, the 220th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Cheese Export Sector in Aelstun

Qualified World Census Cheese Masters nibbled their way across the globe to determine which nations have the most developed cheese exports.

As a region, Aelstun is ranked 9,356th in the world for Largest Cheese Export Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of BarruteFather Knows Best State“Bis partis”
2.The Federation of LocryaCivil Rights Lovefest“blepe”
3.The Empire of Mogus ManInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Red sus”
4.The Republic of Shing HongCapitalizt“HYPER INFLATION”
5.The Empire of RusovianCapitalist Paradise“Might Makes Right”
6.The Republic of DiyopiaCapitalizt“Bang bang”
7.The Kingdom of AlarengiaCorporate Bordello“Uguaglianza, Libertà, e Unità”
8.The Federal Republic of BetreinCivil Rights Lovefest“One With Nature”
9.The Empire of LustsjiaCivil Rights Lovefest“We Will Endure”
10.The Republic of CyrthouradzInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Unity, Discipline, Work”
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Aelstun Regional Message Board

A message appears, many tv's appear to have a staticky video on them, as the video clears and a person standing on two legs, a visor face with blue led's, red fur and a long tail speaks
Hello from the Sendia Islands, we would like to say thank you for having us here. We hope for a peaceful coexistence with everyone.

Come visit our beautiful beaches, rich historical sites, diverse forests and learn about our history.
All are welcome here, no matter their background, gender, belief or sexual orientation.

We can't wait to see and meet the nation's that call this place home.

We deeply regret to announce the passing of Princess Amira of Destroja, a cherished member of the royal family. In light of this profound loss, an imperial funeral will be held to honor her memory and bid her a final farewell.

The imperial funeral of Princess Amira will be a solemn and dignified occasion, attended by dignitaries, heads of state, and representatives from across the realm. It will serve as a testament to her significance and the impact she made during her all-too-short life.

The ceremony will be conducted with the utmost respect and reverence, paying tribute to Princess Amira's noble character, compassion, and unwavering commitment to her people. Her legacy will be celebrated, and her contributions to Destroja and beyond will be remembered with the deepest admiration.

We invite the citizens of Destroja and well-wishers from around the world to join us in mourning the loss of this extraordinary princess. While the grief may be overwhelming, let us find solace in coming together to honor and pay tribute to Princess Amira's remarkable life.

Details regarding the imperial funeral will be shared in due course, ensuring that all who wish to pay their respects have the opportunity to do so. During this time of mourning, let us unite in supporting the royal family and each other as we navigate this period of profound sadness.

May Princess Amira's soul find eternal peace, and may her memory be forever cherished in the hearts of those who loved her.

**Aki's message to Destroja**

"This is a sad day for Destroja and its people. The Death of Princess Amira has not only affected Destroja, but also Edhellond as well, especially the people of Horrya, which is where Princess Amira unfortunately passed away while giving birth. Edhellond sends their deepest condolences to the Royal family and the people of Destroja. Let us all have a minute of silence so we may pray that Elys take good care of Princess Amira in Yggðrolin"

We are deeply saddened to announce a catastrophic incident that has befallen Destroja. The Imperial Palace, the historical seat of the royal family, has been rocked by a devastating explosion. This tragedy has resulted in significant damage to the palace and has claimed the lives of numerous individuals.

Regrettably, we must inform you that amidst the chaos, Empress Motoko Xinjang, who was already reeling from the loss of Princess Amira, has sustained severe injuries. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the empress and her family during this distressing time.

The explosion at the Imperial Palace has sent shockwaves throughout the nation, leaving the people of Destroja in a state of shock and mourning. This horrific event has not only robbed us of an architectural masterpiece but has also inflicted immeasurable pain on the entire nation.

The authorities are actively investigating the cause of the explosion, and every effort is being made to provide answers and bring those responsible to justice. We urge the public to remain patient and allow the investigation to run its course, as we seek to uncover the truth behind this senseless act of violence.

In the face of this tragedy, we call upon the citizens of Destroja to rally together, to support one another, and to offer solace and strength to Empress Motoko Xinjang and her family. Let us remember the resilience and unity that have defined our nation throughout history and draw upon these qualities in this time of adversity.

We also extend our deepest sympathies to the families and loved ones of those who lost their lives in this tragedy. Their memories will forever be cherished, and their contributions to Destroja will never be forgotten.

As we navigate this dark chapter in our nation's history, we must stand united, resolute in our determination to rebuild and heal. The road to recovery will be long and arduous, but together, with unwavering solidarity and unwavering spirit, we will overcome this hardship.

Updates regarding the condition of Empress Motoko Xinjang and the progress of the investigation will be communicated in due course. We implore everyone to remain vigilant, compassionate, and supportive as we begin the process of healing and rebuilding our beloved nation.

May Destroja find strength in the face of adversity, and may our resilience guide us towards a brighter future.

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can i help your group by being a leader

i want to help your group i have hope for your group

can i be a leader like any leader role please

Dzien dobry


Bernush wrote:snipy snipy

Your a raider????

Introducing the fictional currency of the Kingdom of Destroja: the Destril.

The Destril symbolizes the strength, resilience, and prosperity of the kingdom. Crafted with intricate designs inspired by the rich history and cultural heritage of Destroja, the currency embodies the values and aspirations of its people.

The Destril comes in various denominations, each adorned with unique motifs that represent different aspects of Destrojan culture. From majestic landmarks and natural wonders to legendary figures and symbols of unity, every banknote and coin tells a story that connects the present with the kingdom's glorious past.

The currency's robust security features ensure the integrity of the Destril, safeguarding it against counterfeiting and preserving the trust placed in it by the people of Destroja. Advanced techniques and innovative technologies blend seamlessly with traditional craftsmanship, making each Destril a work of art and a testament to the kingdom's commitment to excellence.

With the Destril, the people of Destroja have a reliable and stable medium of exchange that empowers them in their daily transactions and economic endeavors. The currency serves as a catalyst for commerce, stimulating trade both within the kingdom and with international partners.

As the kingdom continues to thrive and evolve, the Destril remains a constant symbol of the unwavering spirit and progress of Destroja. Its widespread use fosters unity, strengthens the economy, and reinforces the kingdom's identity on the global stage.

So, let the Destril be the currency that unites the people of Destroja, facilitating their aspirations, dreams, and the shared vision of a prosperous future for the kingdom and its citizens.

**Goldia news channel**

"Earlier today, *vu ma ling*, the captain of the Sankta latirano police department was found dead in his patrol care. Some day that he had it coming, considering how corrupt he was, and others believe that killing Va Ma Ling means that he won't get a trial. Effectively escaping justice. Based on how Vu Ma Ling was killed, it is believed that he was killed by *the invisible lady* who has made it clear that she will not stop until all corruption is gone"

**Goldia news channel**

"Good day everyone. My name is Hiroki and this is the news. The vote for who will fill the imperial Council has ended. According to the poles, two people has been Elected.

**Natalia** - a Female republican, Natalia is a member of the Elybian parliament with 5 years of political experience and has a deep understanding of how important democracy and free speech is. She aims to make Elybia into a nation free from sin and tyranny so all men and women may be free.

**Lunhim** - a Female socialist, Lunhim is the leader of the *Elybian Independence party* with 15 years of political experience. She cares deeply about the Elybian people and strives to make Elybia independent.

These two people will help the Empress and the council make better decisions that will benefit Elybia and the Dalek Empire.

Glory to Elybia. Glory to the Elybian people"

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