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Romaniche wrote:I won it by right and work


I am the legitimate government! Don't listen to these people!!! We have fled to exile in Coldonia!!!

Olivedrabionis wrote:I am the legitimate government! Don't listen to these people!!! We have fled to exile in Coldonia!!!

looks an awful lot like an unauthorized server promotion >.>

Koroskvy wrote:looks an awful lot like an unauthorized server promotion >.>

This is the legitimate goverment trying not to *gets sacked never to be seen again*

Romaniche wrote:I won it by right and work

No, it’s all a conspiracy

Our Throne of Lies, Part IV

No darkness, only shadows of that brilliant light.

"And your name sir?"

"Xin, Xin Tosaka."

The man looked down at his desk, stroking a long, pale beard as he did. "I don't see your name on the list."

Xin rolled his eyes. "Do you really expect that the list would be updated in a matter of days? I know the way things work around here, a month's reservation is always needed at least."

A voice called from behind a closed door, floating faintly from behind a layer of solid oak. "Let him in."


The man stroked his beard again, and grabbed an antique ink pen and dabbed it into a virtual well, watching as red light clung to its tip as he jotted down some -seemingly- invisible lines on a paper before him. Xin raised an eyebrow and looked at the man, who spoke. "Have you never seen Virtualis Paper before?"

Xin shook his head.

"It's a piece of paper that has golden circuits laced inside of it, so any motion written on it from a pen dipped in a virtual well is sent to a prechosen server."

"That sounds expensive, and somewhat redundant, no?"

The man laughed. "Some of us older folks like to have small comforts, yea."

A grinding sound echoed from the wall by the two men's side, and a moment later a solid steel door slid open. A dusty boot stepped onto the hard oak floor followed by another, dark robes drank greedily at the light, an ACEA agent looked at the two men. "Planning on being here all day?"

Xin nodded, keeping all of his features still. "Why yes, and have you ever heard of this stuff called Virtualis Paper?"

The agent nodded. "I was there when the stuff was invented. Now come along, if you want to get to the party then you're going to have to be quick."

"A party? Wasn't there one last night?"

The agent smiled. "Yes, and there will be one tomorrow as well. Diplomacy comes in many forms but it's always easiest with the comfort of others."

Xin shook his head. "My, you truly do live in a vacuum."

The agent turned his back on the Eastern Lord and looked into the room from whence he came. Dim purple lights and strange sprites floated about as the agent gestured towards Xin. "Come now."

Xin looked at the other man who nodded eagerly, then turned to the agent and followed him.

The steel door slammed shut behind him, causing his teeth to chatter as waves rippled out from where the door closed. The Agent paused shortly in front of Xin and bowed reverently towards a lone man sitting in a steel chair, no lights shone on this figure. The man in the chair waved a hand dismissively and the Agent left the room leaving the two men alone. Xin waited for the man to speak but received only silence in return. After an unspeakable number of minutes, his constitution failed him and he uttered a short phrase. "I must admit parties in the West vary a bit too much for my tastes."

A green sprite passed through the air, blurring the stranger's features as he spoke. "I'll concede that, but I'm sure you are aware that this is not in fact a party. Is that not so Lord Tosaka."

Xin looked about, seeing the droll steel decor, a lone hacksaw placed on a wide metal island, and a hundred other irregularities. He sighed deeply and turned to the man in the chair. "Let me guess? This is a setup from the mob?"

"How crass."

"Am I mistaken?"

"Dear sir, the Director took precious time out of his day to arrange this for you. I assure you, this so affair involving any mobs."

"The Director?"

The man in the chair nodded. "He heard that you were worried about some darkness at the heart of the empire, no?"

Xin's face paled. "He heard that?"

"Lord Tosaka. The Director hears all."

"Is Azoris not a land of unparalleled freedom?"

The man in the chair leaned back into it, causing the whole chair to push back leaving deep gouges on the floor. "Tell me, what is freedom? What is it really?"

"The ability to reach self-actualization through the means of self-determination."

The man reached into his obscured jacket and pulled out a cigar, he tapped on its side and watched it spark to life, before taking a drawl from it. "I agree. Now can you tell us how we interfered with that?"

"I've heard something about a Julia Voldymere?"

The man pressed the cigar to his lips but did not smoke from it. "Julia Voldymere? That doesn't ring any bells."

"She was a very prominent politician from what I gather."

"If she were so prominent then we would've taken every precaution to keep her safe."

Xin raised an eyebrow. "Are you saying you did not act to keep her safe?"

"I do not even know who you are speaking of. How am I supposed to answer your question honestly?"

"You could live up to the ideals of the ACEA, an organization which saves all of our citizens whatever the cost..."

"...Whatever the effort, yes I'm aware."

Xin pressed. "So, are you saying that the ACEA did not act to help her in this scenario?"

The man rolled his eyes and looked towards the hacksaw. "I am saying that we did everything we were supposed to."

Xin took a step back. "I am sure that you did, now why did you call me here?"

"Ah yes. The Director wanted me to pass on a message."


"There is no darkness at the heart of Empire. Only the shadows of a brilliant light."

Xin took another step back barely resisting the urge to feel for the door behind him. "How vague."

The man in the chair nodded letting his cigar go out as another sprite passed by his face. He pressed the tip of it into the strange glowing orb that pulsed by him. A moment later the cigar lit up again with the fury of a small sun at its tip. He smiled. "Oh yes, and Lord Tosaka."


"Don't go poking around where you don't belong. That's just some advice from me."

Xin's eyes narrowed. "What do you mean."

"Just enjoy your stay in our fair city, Issnicia-by-the-Lakes, Capital of the West! You didn't come here to stir up trouble, did you?"

Xin remained silent, and the man spoke once more. "Did you?"


The man smiled. "Good, now go have some fun. On the house."

He passed the Eastern Lord a silver card labelled simply with a title, 'The Dreamer's Lounge'.

Xin nodded towards the man and took the card, pocketing it away for another day. "I think I will."

"Very good, now go on then."

Xin did not need to be told twice, a moment later the steel doors opened behind him and he fled the scene like a wraith through the night. Not even bothering to wave farewell to the older man who kept him company by the door.

The snow pattered down hard, chunks of ice and wrath hit the sidewalk shattering against the steadfast concrete to no avail. The world swung rapidly between the vision of towering skyscrapers bending to pierce the heavens and one of white icy abandon. He looked towards the streets and despite the heavy snows saw them full of life, a large group of people were gathered by a street light seemingly watching it as it oscillated between neon red and electric blue lighting. He raised an eyebrow at the sight and went to approach it, only to stop dead in his tracks. At the very top of the street light, a black cat was prodding back and forth, desperately trying to cling to the top of the light as the snow battered it.

Xin looked towards the crowd of people as they talked amongst themselves, at a complete loss. He pointed towards a taller man. "You there, have you called the police?"

The man shouted back. "I have. But they won't be here for another five minutes, maybe less if they send an automated drone."

"What are those you're holding."

The man replied. "Oh these, they're ice-picks but I don't think they'd be very helpful..."

The cat began to scrabble desperately as another gale force wind struck, causing the world to turn to white once more. Lord Tosaka approached the man. "That cat is going to fall, and will die if it does."

The man raised a hand. "Relax, nothing is going to happen the police will be here soon..."

On cue, the cat fell. Heavy claws pawed at the ice as the cat lost its grip and fell to the side. Immediately Lord Tosaka grabbed the ice-picks from the man, who offered no resistance. Xin charged the light post and dug a pick straight into the thick layer of ice that had crusted over it and then flung himself upwards in a near gravity-defying gesture. He gouged the second icepick straight into the pole and looked upwards seeing the cat still flailing as it fell. A moment later he reached out and let go of the pick, or flung himself from it to be more honest.

For a moment Xin hung suspended in the air as the wind current carried him, tossing him from side to side as the cat continued to fall. The moment passed as a mass of fur struck the Eastern Lord and he curled himself around the feline. Xin fell through the air and landed on his side, sinking deeply into a pile of snow far from the street light as he did. The crowd who watched him quickly gathered by his side as he released the cat, who gracelessly ran away.

Blue-red lights appeared in the distance as an automated police drone came into view. Xin swore. "Just had to be late now, didn't you?"

A moment passed and a police car came into view and Xin struggled to his feet, leaning heavily on one of the nearby crowd members as he did. An officer stepped out of the car and looked around. "What seems to be the problem here?"

"You're late. That's the problem."

"Not very helpful Mr..."

"Tosaka, now, there was a cat on that street light over there. If I hadn't been here it would have been dead."

"Then good thing you were here then."

"God, you officers are an unrepentant bunch."

"We were trying to get here. It was this storm's fault I assure you."

"Right, now anyways I have information Tsar Aekoya needs to hear about the ACEA. You will take me to the Parliamentary Hall, and we will not be late. Do you understand?"

The Officer looked him in the eye. "Says who?"

"Lord Xin Tosaka of the Azorisian Eastern Territories. Do you refuse the order?"

The Officer blanched. "Um well, no sire. Whatever you need."

"Good, then let's go."

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Post by Bedil suppressed by Romaniche.

This is for the azeris playing in NS who think that their soldier did nothing wrong: What’s the point of making themselves appear so clever that they know what other people think? They’ve already shown their great power against teenagers

And why do people only seem to care about “war crimes” of Armenians shown on the videos made by Azerbaijanis who openly spread hatred towards Armenians?

Why is the national hero of the great Azerbaijanis someone who killed a sleeping Armenian officer in his sleep by axing him 16 times?

If there were more Armenians here I would like to kill all of them. It is a pity this was the first occasion and I hadn't managed to get better prepared for this action... My calling is to kill all the Armenians.

Safarov, national hero of Azerbaijan

Why are war crimes of Azerbaijanis completely neglected? Especially considering how they gloat about it?

Why do some people deem themselves so important that they decide who has the right to live?

Why is all this neglected?

Two elderly villagers. Tortured to death by the Azerbaijanis

Why do people think them so worthless?

Artsvik Gevorgian, 2, injured in his home with his mother

Victoria Gevorgian, 9, killed with her grandmother in their garden

Narek Arzoyan, 14, injured while working in the garden during the shelling of Vardenis city of Gegharquniq region of the Republic of Armenia

Vagharshak Grigorian, 12, attacked on his way to school during the bombardment, bled to death, his friends who had witnessed it were injured and later taken to the hospital

Smbat Cakanian, 16, ambushed and murdered by 2 Azerbaijani saboteurs

On July 21, 2016, at 17:10 p.m. the children of the Movses village of the Tavush province of the Republic of Armenia were attacked during the bombardment of the playground near the school.

Why do those noble and great and saint people deliberately attack children who go to school, children who play in the playgrounds or gardens, children that exist?

Why are certain people so important that they can call on killing children of a certain nation?

Why should a child get up on a Sunday morning and discover that his/her brother won’t come back because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Why should a child be awoken by an air defense siren and taken to a cellar to escape shelling and maybe survive?

Why should a child discover that he/she lives in a country surrounded by those who want to kill them?

Why should a teenager watch from the windows how Turkish drones are being destroyed?

Why should children hear constant reminders of what to do in case of air defense sirens?

Why is everything Turks do to Armenians perfectly accepted whereas the self-defense attempts of Armenians are used to blame them?

Why are the military airports of the great Azeris located within a city so that any attempt of Armenians to get rid of it and protect their people can be used against them?

Why do they always shift the blame of what they do to Armenians?

Another example, Khojaly

The ousted President of Azerbaijan, Ayaz Mutalibov, confessed that the Khojaly massacre was organized by his opponents to stage a coup in Azerbaijan.

The president was later banished from Azerbaijan for telling the truth about Khojaly massacre

What did he have to say about that?

The overall picture of the conclusions is as follows: the Armenians had, in any case, provided a corridor to let the civilians escape. Why then would they shoot?

As soon as Khojaly was surrounded by tanks it was necessary to immediately lead the civilians out.

Earlier I had given similar orders regarding Shushi – to evacuate women and children and to leave only men in the city.

It’s one of the laws of war – civilians must be rescued.

My conduct was appropriate and unambiguous – I gave such orders, but why they weren’t followed in Khojaly is not clear to me.

President of Azerbaijan, Ayaz Mutalibov

In spring 2005, the Azerbaijani journalist Eynulla Fatullayev visited Khojaly. Returning to Baku, he wrote a series of articles.

Years ago I met some refugees from Khojaly, temporarily settled in Naftalan.

They confessed that several days prior to the attack, the Armenians were warning the population about the planned operation through loudspeakers, suggesting the civilians leave the town through a humanitarian corridor along the River Karkar.

According to some of the Khojaly residents, they used the corridor and indeed the Armenian soldiers didn’t open fire on them”.

Eynulla Fatullayev

This, too, is worth mentioning

The corpses of civilians from Khojaly were shot for the first time on February 29, for the second time on March 2 by Azerbaijani operator Chingiz Mustafayev.

The corpses were found 10-11 km away from Khojaly, near the Azerbaijani positions in Aghdam. The Armed Forces of Azerbaijan are seen on the video.

Mustafayev just couldn’t shoot in that area, if it was under the control of the Nagorno-Karabakh forces.

How the Armenian forces could massacre the civilian population in the area under the control of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, is unclear.

When they killed around 1.5 million Armenians, they again shifted the blame on Armenians

Now, a question. What has a 4 year old done to them that she had to lose her parents and then try to survive in different places?

Why should a child survive only by hiding under the bones of the members of her family?

Why should, after all that, her grandchildren escape from the mass murders in Azerbaijan and Artsakh?

Why is that okay?

Why is it okay to deport around 1.5 million Armenians, rape, torture, murder thousands of Armenians, raid their homes?

Sasha's wife, Lola Avagyan, was taken out of the entrance without clothes. Sasha and Lola were killed after a horrific torture. Lola's body was dragged about 500 meters down Druba Street, she was still alive, she was killed near the teahouse. The police did not take any action. An old man from the same building was beaten.

Seyranyan Shahen, a survivor of the pogroms in Sumgayit

Why is it okay to attack villages with huge armies?

Soviet troops and the predominantly Azerbaijani soldiers in the AzSSR OMON and army forcibly uprooted Armenians living in the 24 villages strewn across Shahumyan to leave their homes and settle elsewhere in Nagorno-Karabakh or in the neighboring Armenian SSR. Following this, the Armenian inhabitants of 17 villages across the Shushi and Hadrut regions were forcibly removed.

Why is it okay to murder the indigenous population and then gain the lands where they murdered those people?

Why is it okay to continue murdering the indigenous population and then get other Armenian lands because of some economical advantages acquired by settling on the lands of others?

On July 4 1921, Caucasian Bureau of the Communist Party of Russia convened a plenary session, in the result of which Nagorno-Karabakh, Nakhichevan and Zangezur remained as a part of the Armenian SSR.

However, on July 5th in an effort to placate the oil-producing Azerbaijan and Bolshevik Russia’s Kemalist allies in Turkey, the initial decision was reversed, by decree of Joseph Stalin, Russia’s commissar for nationalities who placed Artsakh under the administration of Soviet Azerbaijan as an autonomous region.

Why should some tribe be driven out of some far land, come to another region and fancy themselves the most important people in the world and kill the indigenous population?

This is the place where they came from

This is the place they invaded and began killing the people that lived there for thousands of years

Analyses of mitochondrial ancient DNA of skeletons from Armenia and Artsakh spanning 7,800 years, including DNA from Neolithic, Bronze Age, Urartian, classical and medieval Armenian skeletons, have revealed that modern Armenians have the least genetic distance to them compared to neighbouring countries.

The study shows that modern Armenians have the lowest genetic distance between the ancient individuals in this dataset - followed closely by Georgians - compared to other populations such as Turks and Azerbaijanis which have the furthest genetic distance in the region.

But all that is conveniently neglected. And any attempt of Armenians to defend themselves is considered a crime.

And the situation in the Republic of Armenia is as following:

1) Ethnic cleansing and genocidal policy towards Armenians was carried out in Artsakh by terrorists with terrorizing methods and means.

2) They tortured and treated inhumanely both the civilians and the military, and committed many other atrocities (beheading people, desecration of bodies, etc.);

The Azeris kept the father in one room so that he could hear how they were burning his son alive

They called me from my son’s phone and said they were fraying my son alive

Parent of a conscript

3) Jihadists and ISIS terrorists were used against Artsakh to commit war crimes and atrocities against Armenians.

4) The civilian settlements of Artsakh were subjected to deliberate mass destruction, including with the use of banned cluster weapons.

5) From the outset, the war was accompanied and fueled by the state policy of encouraging anti-Armenian hatred and incitement of hostility towards Armenians on the basis of ethnicity (an institutional policy in place for many years).

6) During the war, more than 100,000 Armenian civilians were displaced from their permanent residences, and about 40,000 people were left homeless as the direct consequence of the war.

7) The highest authorities of Azerbaijan and Turkey also speak openly about Armenia and the entire Armenian people by using the language of genocidal threats (for example, their utterances during the military parade in Baku on December 10, 2020).

8) The highest bodies of the Azerbaijani government. as well as public figures there, go further by making statements insulting Armenians and targeting the entire Armenian people. This, in order to humiliate, to strip Armenians of their dignity, and so as to encourage same by publicly inciting hatred.

9) The process of determining Armenia's borders is taking place under the threat of war and use of force.

Azeris threatened to hit the Armenian villagers with drones and forced them to leave their homes, leave all their property, and retreat 800 meters.

Head of Aravus village, Syunik region, Republic of Armenia

10) Due to the threat of war, the borders are determined by mechanical methods and at impermissible speeds, without professional approach, and with gross violations of international rules.

11) The rights and legal interests of the border residents of Armenia are ignored.

Azerbaijanis threaten our shepherds, force them to retreat on their lands, leaving all their pasture and work behind

Head of Nerkin Khndzoresk village, Syunik region, Republic of Armenia

12) The process is accompanied by gross violations of property, economic activity and other socioeconomic rights of the border residents of Armenia (people are deprived of their property and left homeless);

Dozens of Azeris entered my house and said “if we see you here in an hour, we’ll take you prisoner”

Resident of Vorotan village, Syunik region, Republic of Armenia

13) Serious endangerment of the lives and dignity of the border residents of Syunik and Gegharkunik regions are taking place. Generally speaking, the rights of the entire population of Armenia, their physical safety, mental anguish and overall vitality are all affected;

14) There is no predictability for the residents of border areas as to any action likely to next take place, which in turn has brought to them an uncertainty as to what’s next, and whether there is a schedule of any kind for anything coming up.

Human Rights Defender

Conclusive evidence depicting the firing by Azerbaijani armed forces of both small and large caliber weapons in the immediate vicinity of villages in the Syunik province of the Republic of Armenia.

The Armenian Human Rights Ombudsman periodically receives alerts about the anger and the concerns of residents of Kapan villages over the discharging of firearms by the Azerbaijani military on a regular basis.

All of these once again confirm that in the immediate vicinity of Syunik communities, and on the roads connecting those communities, there should not be any Azerbaijani military forces.

The presence of these forces seriously endangers the rights of Armenian civilians, disturbs their peace and peaceful life.

Human Rights Defender

Now, tell me, what is there to think about?

Maybe Armenians should ask themselves this?

Is this how the great world works? With power to destroy others?



Bedil wrote:-snip-

Hello! I’m no longer a moderator, so I can’t act on this. I’d just remind you that this is not the place to discuss irl politics in this region. We have a channel for that in Discord.

Hello Bedil! If you want to discuss politics, please do it in the region's discord in the politics channel, which is a channel designated for discussing, well politics. Here in the NS region we are only RP-ing and discussing non-political stuff, unless it's for Roleplaying.


When Iroma CTE'S who is gona keep track of the levels?

The soldrania wrote:When Iroma CTE'S who is gona keep track of the levels?


The soldrania wrote:When Iroma CTE'S who is gona keep track of the levels?

I think it’s a program managed by Sebra that keeps track of levels. Iroma still logs in to NS though, so a CTE is unlikely for now.


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P.S. Ooops. Instead of quoting this message I surpressed it, but I unsurpressed it immidiately.

Hi I am well.... 😜

Romaniche wrote:Hello!
P.S. Ooops. Instead of quoting this message I surpressed it, but I unsurpressed it immidiately.

It happens more frequently than you’d think! xD

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Salve! Welcome to Rome! :D

Auld evropa wrote:Ave!


Auld evropa wrote:Ave!


Auld evropa wrote:Ave!


Poggers. New NS stats. We are also the featured region for today


Hello everyone I new to here so I hope I like it here

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