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Where is little Nitty? I miss that guy and his antics.

I love the new daily episodes of House of Cards on news channel's in Canada!

Ap3 10

One of these years I'll actually remember to check in over Halloween and make a go of the zombie game. :P

Ap3 10

Happy new year everyone!

Turlmanistan and Ap3 10

Holy crap it's neas

Happy New Year Neas and everyone!


wew lad it's extra slow

'extra slow'. hah. compared to?
...frankly, I'm kind of amazed anyone bothers. :D

I thought you said brothers. I was like, you're surprised anyone brothers?!?

Big bro...

lil bro...

I don't think most of us have a choice in "brothering". Kinda like you don't get to pick your parents, birth nation, or a lot of aspects...
Now, if you mean, "who bothers to ACT like a brother"... okay, you have a point. ...but that's still not what I said. :D

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max is an awkward dude imho, but he has a couple good books

Ap3 10

yeah... we all remember nationstates 2... what a blunder!

It was So so so not ready for playing more than twice a week.

At GFs mums for her birthday. WA resolution of condemnation first one Iíve pondered over in ages

150 Days... all hail Voik. But seriously if anyone wants a re-election let me know

haha, all 5 ballots could get cast!

My free speech has been brutally repressed by Numero Capitan ;_;


>awp contains 16 nations
man we've lost some people

Ap3 10

By the way, (and if people haven't already realised) with the exception of Korovia you can comment on our allies RMBs (those we hold embassies with) if you want to join in with their discussions. They're always welcoming from my experiences.

Appreciate we may not be the most engaging bunch these days :D

Ap3 10

Anyone else checked out the April Fools Trivia Quiz today?

Must admit I'm slightly disappointed with this year's April Fools treat. Very much geared towards active players who have been around for many years when it is usually a fun new feature that anyone old or new can engage with.

As of writing, I'm currently ranked #555 on the leaderboard and satisfied with that. The questions in the "All" category are hard af.

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