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Driyc Shium wrote:It’s only Texas who doesn’t like us

Can confirm

Arlandias wrote:what ancient mountain settlement do you live in, in solidarity?

I live on Government Island full time, conducting the affairs of the region using my secret cabal of government control.

When I get a nice vacation, I retreat to the snowcapped mountains of the Rocky Mountains and bug out.

Federal Eagle Empire wrote:hey why are all the older TSP players all defecting to the rejected realms?

Laughs in pain

Drystar wrote:

Older? I scoff.

Mavenu wrote:*cough* hi?

Like.. if they are older.. we must be ancient...

Federal Eagle Empire wrote:

...... why are you avoiding answering me.......

but I did!!! You just didn't like my answer :P

Federal Eagle Empire wrote:okay fair,...... but the next one you gotta have summary execution as a option

I think I'll need to move on! keep the polls varied!

Federal Eagle Empire wrote:Fantastic!…… also for the poll I think summary execution should be a option….. just saying….

sadly, I ran out of spots

Federal Eagle Empire wrote:Hello comrade, is all well in the Soviet- I mean nationstates union? All is well?……

Most well!

New poll just dropped!

New American Dictatorship wrote:But my economy is so high! If I try and reduce the black market I could hurt my economy (and my ability to buy cake!)

If anything could conceivably impact the ability of your citizens to get access to cak; prevent it at all costs.

Even if the people threaten to overthrow your government because they want pie instead of cake. You die on that hill.

Macandcheeseland wrote:Any tips on like attitudes to issues that help prevent it??Is it just legalising recreational drugs and not banning too many things??

Basically, the more free choices your citizens have in what they can purchase, make, sell, etc., the more the black market will shrink. Further, the black market is also stuff that the government does not necessarily keep track of (like lemonade stands for children) so having too much deregulation and tracking will also cause the black market to grow.

Sir Zanny wrote:Sounds like an excuse to me 🤔

Excuses? From me? Never.

The Weirdo wrote:Hey Ebonhand do you have any plans on lowering the black market in the region

Arlandias wrote:NO! my entire economy depends on the black market!

The regional black market stems from the average black market size of each nation. To lower the regions overall black market, nations need to answer issues in a way that reduces the black market! There is not any policy solution that I can offer at the regional level!

Drystar wrote:You know, you are allowed to ban people with zero influence. You are the delegate after all.

Evinea wrote:And a de facto mod team member.

See my Discord question so I might know in the future :P

Skibidi dopo wrote:no


Debate this: If I suppress all of the spam posts between my previous post and this one, does it count as a double post? :P

Sporaltryus wrote:Sorry, no can do 3645E.


*Googles: "How to overthrow tyrannical PM"*

Fortisbellator wrote:Who said I was going for a master's? Jk, it's kind of necessary these days, but I'm planning a Navy or Marines career. I'm probably going into foreign language studies or something. I'm a good student, but no way am I getting into those free military colleges lol.

Those sound like fun options!!

Novegrad wrote:Illegal. Off to the Gulag with you.

You will be Gulagicated, Ebon.

Yoyr identification number is Inmate #3645E

I hereby ask that the Prime Minister, Sporaltryus pardon me for my offense.

Driyc Shium wrote:Dude be quiet

only if you endorse me

Drop out of school while you still can, my children!

Graduate school will be the death of you!

Good morning children of the South Pacific!

How are we today?

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