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bord. *operation FTO has reaches part 3*

Porymonia wrote:*bord*




The Wires Empire wrote:Bord

wanna do something?

The Wires Empire wrote:Bord

I'm dealing with high school application stuff and classes :D






Second Transvolcanic Union wrote:*sings in the shower
“One day I was playing and then at 4:00 I ate... then a sad notice shockened me, but I continued my life and at January 18th my mother returned after 25 days... on January 27th my father returned after 34 days... and from there on I played with my buddies, but on January 30th it was time to prepare for the high school course to be admitted finally, and so I lacked of time, at the same time on February the 8th the mid-year exams came, and so I had to study and prepare for one of the most difficult challenges of my life...
*14 mentions of me:
-WHAT DO YOU WANT!??? Didn’t I told you I was occupied!!!???
But finally on February 15th I did finish all the course and from there on I lived a happy life...”

TransV News featuring today: THE RETURN, next February 15th
Only on CineTrans :>


The Galactic RepubIlic wrote:OOC: I haven’t developed the personality of Victor I before because he was disappeared by accident. Victor II actually only started because of a numbering mistake..

OOC: It feels like something that I would do

Porymonia wrote:Well yes, I am bord because I don’t have ideas

Well, what would keep you entertained?

The Republic of Osea wrote::)

I know, but you never give ideas


Well yes, I am bord because I don’t have ideas

The Galactic RepubIlic wrote:OOC: Victor I is basically Victor II but if Victor II was slightly more charming


Porymonia wrote:I’m bord

I know, but you never give ideas

Zaberaz Hapang wrote:OOC: Meh


The Republic of Osea wrote:OOC: Usually the leaders of Osea remain in the same base personality with some flashes of originality

I’m bord

*still bord*


Porymonia wrote:Bord?


Porflox wrote:Well, I can't do anything right now Ż\_(ツ)_/Ż
So... sure...


The Republic of Osea wrote:Everything is well.... okay, maybe we should go with the classic response to inactivity


Porymonia wrote:I’m bord

Would you like to finally tell me where is Gregnock?