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Porymonia wrote:where is your master plan to solve the bord?

Show him the big boys.

A DEROUT Absorn lands in Pluto

The Yakubatian Fedeal Republic wrote:Me

This is one of the reasons why I prefer that you never get the relevance that you once had

Oh, dear Yak.

I've got it back. And nothing will take it away from me.

Haivon wrote:Yak, who here haves moral and ethical points of view?


where is your master plan to solve the bord?

Haivon wrote:I think I can solve Bord.

*hides pet/food bord into cupboard*

Haivon wrote:I think I can solve Bord.

solve the bord Haivon!

I think I can solve Bord.

Porymonia wrote:*still bord*

wannna do something?

I'm willing, but I don't know what to do exactly

The Yakubatian Fedeal Republic wrote:it's becoming a tradition to say *bored* on the RMB

Zaberaz Hapang wrote:*bored*

*still bord*

wannna do something?


Porymonia wrote:*also bord*

*More bored*

East Cashinamasian wrote:*bord*

*also bord*



Porymonia wrote:*bord*

Zaberaz Hapang wrote:"It is, very special"





I bord


Porymonia wrote:Bord

*The Empress sits at her desk in her office. She is currently doing reports.*

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