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Region: Equestria

Dragoria wrote:Those aren't residents. The residents have all been handling this spectacularly well, super proud of you guys. Hero-complex nutters coming in and junking up the RMB like those few is exactly what I don't want to see.
And it's not even about "beating" us. So long as everyone's civil and respectful, there's room for everyone at this party. That's how Equestria's always been.

Though I still say the region flag needs more pony...

Sorry for the bad wording. I meant to aim it at those who wanted to badmouth the raiders. And I know it's not about beating us, but from the raider's POV the WA system makes for a fun game, and they beat the local team. From our view a bunch of nations just came in, seized the delegate position, and changed a few superficial things around. Since we play NationStates differently from the way they play it, there's really no reason for us to be butthurt.

The new lunar republic of luna followers wrote:ya but thy are going and removing all embassy than after that thy are going to bann all of you. thats why thy have not left yet

The removal of embassies is normal after raids from what I've seen, and why would they kick us out? We're just a bunch of guys who make bad puns, do some light RPs from time to time, and discuss things. Plus, if this were the Black Knights I wouldn't be chatting to yah from this region now would I?