by Max Barry

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Region: Australia

Our old forum was so unworkable, and I was the last MOD left. All I ask is the new forum be a lot less complicated, and be able to build on it as time and events demand it. One more thing, after all this, let's hope that this founder does not die off as often as Cremorne had. I've personally never been a fan for elections in this game, especially for the position of delegate, a position that the game has different rules for determining who is the delegate than does an election at whatever interval the region's constitution has had in mind. We could create a government, and have elections for various ministers if we like. Personally, I like the volunteer basis in the forums once they are set up. As long as the founder is alive, our forum should be basically only a few sections, Introduction Section, Delegate Business Section, Non-NS Section, NS Section, and Diplomat Section if we decide to go that route. As you can see in the old forum, it had navigation issues. The old forum was at, and it had too many sections.