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Region: The Free Nations Region

Hey guys!

The Region That Has No Big Banks is hosting our June Games Night on June 1st, 2024 starting at 2:00PM CDT on our Discord Server ( All who are interested are encouraged to join us, we usually have between 12-20 participants so itís a blast! :3

TRTHNBB Games Night on Saturday 1st June

All timings (below) are based on US Central (CDT) Time, Link check here to convert to your time zone.

1. Join us on the TRTHNBB Discord: from 1:55pm - Link
Join us in Voice Chat or just in our general chats whichever you prefer!

2. Gartic Phone: 2pm - 3pm

3. 3pm - 4pm

4. Chess Variant Arena (Atomic Chess): 4pm - 5pm (LinkLink to Arena here! - Passcode is nobanks)

5. Town of Salem 2: 5pm - 6pm

6. Variety of Discord Games (Death by AI, Colonist, etc.): 6pm onwards

All Embassy regions are more than welcome to participate in this event. Contact The Washington Federation with any questions!

(This format was borrowed from fellow TRTHNBBer New United Common-lands, who also hosts these; you may contact him with questions as well!)

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