by Max Barry

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Region: Ziemia

Howdy Ziemia! We are honored to have a brand-spanking shiny new Embassy in Ziemia! It is so good to see you again GH! And it is nice to see some of your alter egos surrounding you as well. You even have your very own BB in residence. We also just built an Embassy in One Big Island. We are hoping to get a keg out of the deal, but expect nothing but friendship from Ziemia. (j/k, BB!)

We were followed by the Texas Taco Truck with all manner of Breakfast Tacos for Ziemia. We have everything from Fajita & Egg to Potato & Egg to Bean & Cheese to Shrimp & Egg to the always-funky Weenie & Egg Special. If you don't see it, we will make it! Eat up friends!

Cheers, Ziemia! Have a wonderful day compliments of The Great Region of Texas!