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Region: The Free Nations Region

The Orcuan Weekly:

This Week’s Advice From Orcuo:

Most entrepreneurs start out small. From a local grocery store or a town bound wholesales company, businesses begin at the bottom. But just because you start low doesn’t mean your profits have to be low. There is one industry that will guarantee that you make your investment back in no time flat! That industry is… charity fraud! It is very simply: first choose a cause to support, this can be anything from helping local firefighters to helping cancer-riddled children; next you raise funds with the claim that they’ll go towards helping your target group, you can do this by direct donations or creating consumer products that will go towards the fundraising; give 40% of your profits towards the group you were suppose to be helping, while also giving another 10% to the head(s) of that group to be silent on the matter; and presto! You’re a millionaire! And you are worshipped by the public as a hero! Now, if things were to ever break down and people were to find out about your little scheme, plausible deniability is always bound to come in handy. You may also want to consider fleeing the country if things get a little too heated. So what are you waiting for my fellow entrepreneurs! Get out there and make some money!

This Week’s Profound Quote:

“Golf courses are always better when they are built in areas with a lack of water access.”
~ Orcuo

Dispatch of the Week:

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