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Region: 2022 RP Region

America 2020s RP wrote:IC: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

OOC: A beautiful ending to a beautiful tale...but perhaps this is not the final chapter.

IC: Qui vit, Qui Meurt, Qui Raconte l'Histoire


While for many the Third Time is the charm, it appears for France it took six tries to get it right. The Sixth Republic remains ironclad in it's stability, and while the majority of it's citizens remain under the belief of Democratic Fanaticism, they still live in a free and fair nation, devoid of tyranny and hatred.

France no longer bears the humiliation of WW2, and instead remains a prestigious nation at the core of the Global Democracy Front. While no longer the main player, it remains to the sidelines, handing back the unofficial mantle of "Leader of the Free World" to the United States. However it remains forever at the ready, poised and prepared to launch into the fray as the first ones into the fight for democracy.

The Barrault's

Jacques Barrault bloodied his hands in the revolution alongside his fellow Independents. Signing on with the Rebels, tales of the Shadow of The West struck fear into the hearts of the men who sided with Luis. However, soon the weight of death and slaughter finally began to weigh upon Barrault, and once the revolution was over he sunk his equipment into the sea, never to fight again. Having found peace, he returned to France, maintaining the facade of the kindly if eccentric President who shattered Tyranny and returned true Democracy to France.

Abigail Barrault rose from her coma and went to rehab, eventually regaining the ability to walk and function independently. While her soul ached after failing to watch her daughter grow from a young toddler to a young lady, she caught up for lost time and accustomed with the new world she found herself in. She and Barrault would often go sports shooting, and many a date night and movie night was had. At long last, the broken family was healed.

Still struggling from her own insecurities and agoraphobia, Carlotta took to the internet with more drawing and art. Eventually she learned basic coding and animation, and soon she assembled a Vtuber avatar. Under the name "Cottage Carlotta", she developed a modest following from playing calming and relaxing games, and serving as a role model for children who survived traumatic events. While she remained scarred both physically and mentally from the war in the Middle East, she eventually grew to live and function with her trauma.

The Independents

The Independents served with distinction throughout the revolution against Luis, but after the war they returned to their old assignments, remaining as a perpetual shield against subversive forces aiming to cause harm to the world, this time making a much harder effort to expand their ranks. Soon, Independent agents were found across the entire globe, silently watching and waiting, enjoying the lack of attention.

Oz remained under the tutelage of Monica, eventually signing on to become her full time co-worker. While his many accents would grate on her, she eventually warmed to him, and the two became cordial friends. They remained assigned to the American North. When Monica finally worked up the sufficient courage, she one day wandered to Zoe's door and knocked upon it, holding a bouquet of flowers in one hand as a smiling Oz chuckled from behind a tree.