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America 2020s RP wrote:IC: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

The United States
While the country long suffered under Luis' shadow, there was always hope in the distance, always a light in the darkness. From the Cascadian rebels led by Wallowis, to the underground groups. Luis' government could never last. For if there is one thing to take away from the tale of Luis' America, good will always rise up against evil, tyranny will fall to freedom.

Yea, the tree of freedom was watered. With the blood of tyrants and brave patriots alike, who would rather die free than live as slaves. Luis' government's deep state war went on to spiral out of control, only no side won. Instead, the people rose up against Luis' government when it was finally revealed what was truly happening. What came after, was a truly free America, shorter term limits, more political parties, open discourse. It was what the Founders, and even more recently Nelson, Bushrod, Romney, and those as they fell, wanted.

The Bald Eagle, although wounded, still flies high over the land of the free, and the home of the brave.

Although GLOBE had been given time to recover by the chaos of the revolution against Luis, the new Government had no sympathy for them. They died just as many other terror organizations had, having accomplished nothing of note. They were resigned to a footnote in history.

For their service against Luis, Cascadia was given their independence. This was bittersweet for the new Government, but there were bigger issues to deal with. Wallowis was elected as Cascadia's first Chairman, and is still fondly remembered as a brave hero and the founder of his country.

Michael White
Michael took part in the revolution against Luis' America, along with Tasha. Michael performed admirably, and many felt he should enter politics. Michael, in a decision influenced by his past life decisions, and one individual close to his family, chose not to do so. Instead using his military pension to retire early, and live out the rest of his days farming in the Midwest. He went on to marry Tasha, and they had many children. In his last moments, Michael was finally able to let go of his mixed feelings about his father. He gave thanks to Barrault, for that.

Thomas Bushrod
Bushrod, fearful of the chaos of the revolution, never was directly involved. However, there are rumors he gave up his home as a staging ground for rebels during the battle of Richmond. After the revolution, Bushrod returned home and lived out the remainder of his days. He was happy to watch the afterbirth of the new America. Could he atone for his sins? Had he? Bushrod didn't know, but there was one thing he could do, not to atone, but to make things right...

Brofyuu never truly found that sense of belonging he was searching for, he ended up moving back to Colorado, hiking the state's 14ers. It cleared his mind, made him realize maybe his sense of belonging, lied in himself. He retired there, a small cabin up in the Rockies.

The fate for Luis' favorite lapdog, was surprisingly merciful. He was exiled to Mexico, where he spent the rest of his days sipping margaritas on a beach in Veracruz. At least until the UOH noticed him...

Zoe Phelps
Zoe was able to successfully bring the Independents to the rebels side during the revolution, her named was cleared and she was given the congressional Medal of Honor. Zoe didn't know what happened to Janine, and she didn't care anymore. She retired to Montana, with a lass who treated her better than Janine ever had.

The Nelsons
Scott Nelson lived in the shadow of his father, living out his childhood in an orphanage in Boston. That was until he was adopted by one Thomas Bushrod. In the new America, Scott represented a new generation of Eastern Progressivism. He became the new United States' 11th President, he passed sweeping reforms in education, healthcare, and social security. He would later be remembered as one of the greatest Presidents the nation ever had. He hoped he had made his parents proud.

The Independents
For their service in the revolution, the Independents were given the best reward they could be. Being ignored, and allowed to continue their actions in secret. This was out of a mix of respect, and fear, from the new government. As they had struck fear into the hearts of even Luis' most loyal soldiers. It became an unwritten rule in the new U.S government, don't f*ck with the Independents.

IC: Nelson is brought back to life